Podcast - Episode 192: E3 2019, FFXIV, Bless, & More Podcast - Episode 192: E3 2019, FFXIV, Bless, & More

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Episode 192 of the weekly podcast! TimeStamps in Description!

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0:00 Banter / Catch up
1:22 Google Stadia discussion
8:36 It's very hard to play with friends in any modern MMORPG. Too much stuff at the start to do.
12:00 PSO2 Finally coming to the West... likely to do Microsoft bribing Sega.
16:35: CrossFire X coming to consoles in 2020.... Microsoft also pushed for this most likely.
18:25 Remo discusses the Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers launch trailer
21:50 Story in FFXIV and MMOs
28:30 What's the deal with Empyrean? Blade and Soul expansion uses it, Warframe expansion named after it, and a new mobile game named Empyrean too.
31:30 AvA Dog Tag shutting down less than 2 weeks after launching, LOL
33:50 Bless is shutting down in the West too. Finally. good riddance
36:40 Legend Fantasy - the most generically named game ever
40:50 Auto chess mobile launched. Auto chess genre booming now
46:00 Novaquark raises another $11m in funding for Dual Universe
49:10 Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Remo is hyped
51:05 Not sold on Tales of Arise yet
54:22 Commander Keen mobile lol
59:15 Millennials Gaming Media Consumption report
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