REAL RACING NEXT Gameplay Early Access

REAL RACING NEXT Gameplay Early Access

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Genshin Impact
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REAL RACING NEXT Gameplay video (Early Access) on Android SD 865 Ultra Graphics. Game by Electronic Arts.
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Published by: Electronic Arts
Size: ~ 1.1 GB

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Available in Australia
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Real Cars. Real Tracks. Real Time. Real Racing Next.

Real Racing Next is the newest installment in the award winning EA racing franchise that shifts mobile racing games to the next gear. Show off your driving skills and race real cars on real tracks - anytime, anywhere.

Read on for important info below!

Race cars from top manufacturers like McLaren, Porsche, Chevrolet and Ford. Customize your driving controls to suit your driving style. Upgrade your car to match your driving preferences.

Race on popular tracks from all across the globe, including Circuit of the Americas, Hockenheim, Lime Rock and more, in all types of weather conditions - from dusk to dawn, rain and shine - and in multiple track configurations. Enjoy console-level graphics in this authentic experience that is unparalleled in any other game on mobile.

Progress through the Trophy Road by collecting trophies for each of your cars and earn the coveted champion title in your race to the top. Climb the racing leaderboards as you face off against advanced AI opponents and show you’ve got the speed to compete against the best in racing.

Real Racing Next. Real racing meets mobile games.


McLaren, Porsche, Chevrolet, Ford & other top manufacturers
Vehicle customization with elite upgrades to improve your car stats
Driving controls are customizable and fine-tuned for you


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