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This list represents YouTube gaming videos by content creators from Canada organized by publish date and time. These include video game reviews, "Let's Plays", and other video game content. Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelVideo TitleDurationLikedCategoryGame
4 hours agoCanada VanDamnator65Batman: The Telltale Series - Part 1: Realm of Shadows36:33Batman: The Telltale Series
5 hours agoCanada VanDamnator65Fallout 3 - Part 13: Those!28:24
6 hours agoCanada Corey LosesMassive Fleet Battles! | Ep 11 | Galactic Republic | EaW Expanded: Fall of the Republic48:03100.00%
7 hours agoCanada SkidRowTrashNOM NOM APOCALYPSE 🍟 Twin Stick Food Fightin' 🍔 Let's Try Games 🍔16:20100.00%
8 hours agoCanada XEI GamingXEI Plays Assassin's Creed 2 (Blind) #1957:22100.00% Let's PlayAssassin's Creed
9 hours agoCanada Retro Gaming JunctionHeroes of Might and Magic 2 | NWC 1996 | First-Play | 12:49:18Let's PlayHeroes of Might and Magic II
9 hours agoCanada JoJo Talks Too MuchTime To FINALLY Talk About ISEKAI QUARTET S213:49100.00% Discussion
10 hours agoCanada SpyCakesGIANT SLUG MONSTER MUST BE STOPPED! - Brick Rigs Multiplayer Gameplay13:0098.63%
11 hours agoCanada Ian McAskillDeclasse Sabre Turbo|Grand Theft Auto V21:10
12 hours agoCanada GunshotThey WARNED me but I still did it| PUBG MOBILE ft @CarryMinati & @Tanmay Bhat @Sangwan Gaming4:1698.78%
13 hours agoCanada Stonebeak ProductionsFirst Look! Goblin Sword - Nintendo Switch26:16First Impressions
14 hours agoCanada PlayStation InquisitionDOOMing With Friends50:42100.00%
15 hours agoCanada Typical GamerCHAPTER 2, SEASON 2 COUNTDOWN!! Winning in Solos! (Fortnite Battle Royale)3:37:0597.06% Fortnite
16 hours agoCanada AzralynnNEW CHAPTER ON THE PTB! DEATHSLINGER!!🔪 Dead by Daylight 🔪3:55:5198.66% Dead by Daylight
17 hours agoCanada StrikernofearRisk of Rain February 17 20203:04:26Risk of Rain
17 hours agoCanada CrypticFoxSweepy! The New Robot Friend - Oxygen Not Included Gameplay - Automation Innovation Beta2:01:5198.51% Oxygen Not Included
18 hours agoCanada GingyONE PIECE World Seeker #730:29
18 hours agoCanada DeadlyCreatureTF2 | Russian Slender Fortress #613:5694.59%
19 hours agoCanada PlayStation Inquisitionhow to thumbnail on PS4 *1:06Guide
19 hours agoCanada Vegan GainsTofu Goddess Debate With ProLib1:37:2385.94%
19 hours agoCanada StrikernofearRisk of Rain 2 PS4 Pro February 17 20201:47:39Risk of Rain 2
19 hours agoCanada Dominodude55Keywii Plays Factorio (46) Passing the Torch W/Heromanbunny20:26Let's PlayFactorio
20 hours agoCanada KyuifyVRCHAT Bomb Defusal8:17
20 hours agoCanada TWEEDSUCKSSpyro: Year of the Dragon Part 41 Desert Ruins15:28Spyro: Year of the Dragon
20 hours agoCanada PlayStation InquisitionOkami HD PS41:17:24
20 hours agoCanada Clayton HoweGrand Theft Auto 5 Part 1211:54100.00% Grand Theft Auto V
20 hours agoCanada WoolieVersusWoolie VS Death Stranding (Part 61)46:5697.44%
20 hours agoCanada PuffinRaids -n- Trades with The Puffin Party - Pokémon Sword and Shield1:58:44100.00% Pokémon Sword and Shield
20 hours agoCanada KoldGenerationCORRIDOR AQUATIQUE ET USINE À REDSTONE JAPONAISE - Minecraft Survie 1.16 - Primeria - LIVE1:53:2995.71% Minecraft
21 hours agoCanada Guillaume BrienBully Trophy Skate Pro1:42:54
21 hours agoCanada StrikernofearMonster Hunter World Iceborne February 17 2020 part 21:20:00Monster Hunter: World
21 hours agoCanada BigfryTVReady or Not - Still on Track for Beta8:5298.20%
21 hours agoCanada ChasecL0cKCrimson Doubles Highlights/Clips2:47100.00%
21 hours agoCanada BlueFire - MMOs Coverage and Games ReviewsManifold Garden Let's Play Review Copy Ep 9 - 0% Run - BlueFire - MMOs Coverage and Games Reviews3:23:26100.00% Review
22 hours agoCanada EvilCronos13Let's Play Chrono Trigger [SNES] - Part 62 - The Successor of Guardia7:46100.00% Let's PlayChrono Trigger
22 hours agoCanada Traz107PlaysStoneShard: Convicts Hand quest Dungeon Run - Success11:41100.00%
22 hours agoCanada BirdyroxasWarcraft 3 Reforged Custom Map Anime Gears Of Destiny3:34:3775.00% Destiny
22 hours agoCanada Super Hopped-UpAs Close as We're Getting to a Water Level | Pokemon Sword Nuzlocke (Part 17) - Super Hopped-Up28:59100.00% Pokémon Sword and Shield
22 hours agoCanada Akabane101FINAL FANTASY VII (Modded) 10 - Invading Shinra Headquarters30:36Final Fantasy VII
22 hours agoCanada Krendar's AdventuresDevil May Cry #6 - Contra Hearts1:03:28Devil May Cry
23 hours agoCanada Top Shelf HockeyNHL Trade Rumours - Habs, Bruins, Sens, Islanders, Avalanche12:03100.00%
23 hours agoCanada PlayStation InquisitionAmazing Horror Game In Dreams: Insane The Hell11:32100.00%
23 hours agoCanada KyuifyOctodad bullshit - Co-op10:51100.00% Octodad
23 hours agoCanada DangerouslyFunnyWhen You Evolve Into The Tier 10 Whale Shark in Deeeep.io18:2996.93%
23 hours agoCanada StrikernofearMonster Hunter World Iceborne February 17 2020 part 11:29:00Monster Hunter: World
23 hours agoCanada Dominodude55Keywii Plays Terraria (73) Forreal W/The Friend Zone25:22Let's PlayTerraria
23 hours agoCanada AerobrakeStream: GD and osu! Galaxy Collapse Sequel?1:06:38100.00% osu!
23 hours agoCanada Paulie EstherDead By Daylight| Deathslinger lore! Chains of Hate chapter 15 DLC7:3698.37% Dead by Daylight
23 hours agoCanada Psychedelic EyeballDoosk Stream - Play Doom 2 With Dusk's Weapons3:20:54100.00% Doom
23 hours agoCanada Missy_ Of_StrangeYou Don't Know Jack Vol 4 The Ride Lets Play This Classic1:54:52100.00%
1 day agoCanada Quesnel theGamerThe Monthly Mag - Feb/March 20203:37
1 day agoCanada Stonebeak ProductionsFirst Look! Reed Remastered - Nintendo Switch27:13100.00%
1 day agoCanada MontoNEW MORI & MAP! | CHAINS OF HATE PTB15:1798.71%
1 day agoCanada Samara Redway GamesThe Sims 4 - OUR NEW HOUSE! Sims 4 Gameplay (Episode 2)45:4098.21% ShowThe Sims 4
1 day agoCanada Top Shelf HockeyNHL Trades - Dillon traded to Caps, Scandella traded to Blues4:58100.00%
1 day agoCanada GunshotFamily and Friends Show Ft Pratham3:35:3098.41%
1 day agoCanada 2nafishMaster Road Story Quest #13 - Eve8:33100.00%
1 day agoCanada Tenzen gamingNINJA LEGENDS EP12 | ALL THE ELEMENT RANKS| ROBLOX15:28Let's PlayRoblox
1 day agoCanada TF2 PencilTF2: Murder Mod - Assault24:20100.00%
1 day agoCanada Combo HivemindHaul breach!! | DAY 10 | SUBNAUTICA25:29Subnautica
1 day agoCanada AnthomniaSubnautica Below Zero - THEY'RE BACK!! - New Creature Concept, New Updates! - Below Zero24:3699.08% VlogSubnautica: Below Zero
1 day agoCanada YouAlwaysWinZOMBIE NEIGHBORHOOD 2 (Call of Duty Zombies Mod)28:35100.00% Call of Duty
1 day agoCanada Papa JakeBILLIONAIRE SNOW FORT IGLOO! 24 Hour Challenge - Secret Tunnels & Underground 📦⛄️14:2998.63%
1 day agoCanada HeroTheyCallMeBorderlands 3 Part 43 - Pain & Terror24:36100.00% Borderlands 3
1 day agoCanada AnthnwamCollapse Of The Federal Government || Ep.5 - Kaiserreich Synarchist Mexico HOI4 Lets Play21:0996.49% Let's Play
1 day agoCanada CthuLoopsSkaven Santa Claws - Part 5 - Total War: Warhammer 259:44100.00% Total War: Warhammer II
1 day agoCanada MajorSlackVideosOuter Worlds Walkthrough SUPERNOVA Part 45 - The City & the Stars 125:4299.15% Walkthrough
1 day agoCanada Paulie EstherDead By Daylight live stream| Chains of Hate Chapter 15 PTB with Deathslinger killer!3:33:2996.51% Dead by Daylight
1 day agoCanada DBC ReplaysApex Legends - when you play bad, play smart!3:14100.00%
1 day agoCanada Skippy0330Satisfactory | Space Elevator | S4 Episode 534:1398.53%
1 day agoCanada JaganX[Epic Seven] GVG | yggy vs Purge - Sore Throat Post Match Commentary24:5697.10%
1 day agoCanada UmidahLove Live! All Stars No Gacha Challenge: Episode 329:42100.00%
1 day agoCanada CthuLoopsBuffoon's Journey: Strategos Konstantinos II - Part 10 - Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury42:15100.00% Crusader Kings II
1 day agoCanada XenoSupremeCanadianPokémon Masters Episode 40 (The Adventures Of Mew)14:07
1 day agoCanada ChristopherOddSUNWARD ISLES. IS THAT A SHARK? | Modded Darkest Dungeon 2020 Campaign | Let's Play | Part 11 |54:3599.23% Let's PlayDarkest Dungeon
1 day agoCanada DzaranBulb Boy Part 3 - Sewer Survival23:28100.00%
1 day agoCanada Top 10 GamingTop 10 Sonic Movie Sequel Ideas10:2297.29%
1 day agoCanada WoolieVersusRace Wars: Garfield Kart Furious Racing + Bonus Episode1:16:5098.71%
1 day agoCanada Top Shelf HockeyNHL Trade - Sens trade Demelo to Jets2:31100.00%
1 day agoCanada Super Hopped-UpANGEL | Killer7 (Part 4) - Super Hopped-Up28:43100.00%
1 day agoCanada MajorSlackAttackSkyrim Walkthrough of THE LAZY ARGONIAN Part 16: Bleak Falls Barrow (Batter Up!!)26:0498.76% WalkthroughThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
1 day agoCanada BlueFire - MMOs Coverage and Games ReviewsKingdom Come: Deliverance Let's Play Ep 2 Full Release - BlueFire - MMOs Coverage Games Reviews1:42:06100.00% ReviewKingdom Come: Deliverance
1 day agoCanada IlserwinCHANGING PERSPECTIVES : The Fall part 2 | Unbound Shenanigans part 1713:23
1 day agoCanada rooflemongerDragon Ball FighterZ - The new "Limit Break" mechanic explained! & new training mode incoming4:2197.26% Dragon Ball FighterZ
1 day agoCanada Top Shelf HockeyNHL Trade - Canes & Rangers Swap Prospects5:0297.26%
1 day agoCanada THE VR GRIDScraper: Gauntlet | 1st Impressions | PCVR39:24100.00%
1 day agoCanada BanAnERpH0N3Saving My Friends Far Cry 3 PS4 Part 3 Twitch Stream4:22:56Far Cry 3
1 day agoCanada BanAnERpH0N3Lets Dream PS4 Part 2 Twitch Stream1:47:11
1 day agoCanada BirdyroxasFate/Grand Order Valentine 2020 Wonderful Valentine Eighth Passage Epilogue31:48100.00%
1 day agoCanada Rival QuynnSword and Shield WiFi Battles Episode 9 - The Wash Cycle17:49100.00%
1 day agoCanada JoJo Talks Too MuchThis Just Became A Buddy Cop Series | ID: INVADED11:26100.00%
1 day agoCanada Clayton HoweSmash Bros Ultimate Multiplayer 86 (Online)8:27100.00%
1 day agoCanada AnthnwamCleaning Up The Rabble || Ep.7 - Star Wars: Executor HOI4 Lets Play25:0396.88% Let's Play
1 day agoCanada Dominodude55Keywii Plays Graveyard Keeper (63)33:05Let's PlayGraveyard Keeper
1 day agoCanada Thrash94 GamingNHL 20 | PACK DISCARD CHALLENGE : ROCKET LEAGUE13:3592.38% Rocket League
1 day agoCanada Golf CanadaKids Get In Free at the RBC Canadian Open0:38
1 day agoCanada TGN10 Things You Didn't Know Happen in Overwatch13:1796.71%
1 day agoCanada Average GamerAverage Investor? (pt-1-)6:43100.00%
1 day agoCanada Average GamerSupreme Ruler Ultimate: Côte d'Ivoire (Pt-25)28:56100.00%