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I upload editted Kerbal Space Program videos every 2-3 days and I sometimes will upload a minecraft video too! Watch my latest videos, my latest videos are always the best ones! If you like them videos, you will like my upcoming videos even more so hit that subscribe button and the bell button so you can see when I upload!

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The server hater plays "Who wants to be Sebba141?"
Today, I have a close call with the server hater nearly besieging my channel! Luckily, I managed to keep my channel with the help of some German!...
2019-02-10 6:58:01 PM ● 2 views ● 4:30 100.00% liked
Let's Play
Apollo 13 in KSP
This was probably the worst re-make of apollo 13 but... At least it's free!
2019-02-07 10:37:07 PM ● 15 views ● 4:40 100.00% liked
Playing Fortnite with the server hater!
Now, I never thought I would even see him online, let alone end up playing Fortnite with him! This is probably the worst Fortnite video ever...
2019-02-06 5:10:48 PM ● 25 views ● 6:00 100.00% liked
Fortnite (2017)
Sebba tries to save Germany from zombies!
Now we know who exactly NOT to trust when dealing with zombies! Blowing up cars, failing to fly helicopters, riding on bikes with 4% health and...
2019-02-02 6:54:14 AM ● 31 views ● 3:37 100.00% liked
Surgeon sebba transplants almost EVERYTHING!!
For some reason, I can transplant eyes and brains but I fail to play every other game I get my hands on...
2019-02-01 12:15:21 PM ● 26 views ● 3:52 100.00% liked
After DAYS of work in Geometry Dash, this happened...
Fails, fails, fails and even more fails... After DAYS of work, that happened to me...
2019-01-26 3:39:23 PM ● 50 views ● 4:13 100.00% liked
My average KSP flight...
In KSP, things go wrong almost every time! This can be a little bit of a problem if you are one of them players in the 0.001% that make KSP cinematics...
2019-01-26 3:03:00 AM ● 51 views ● 1:01 100.00% liked
Sebba141 has a disaster at moho!
5 parts to moho, what could possibly go wrong? Sebba makes a mistake on kerbin ascent and in orbit, messed up the encounter of moho (Almost all...
2019-01-20 3:52:30 PM ● 41 views ● 3:03 100.00% liked
The stress test - Episode 1: Minecraft skyblock
So this is my attempt at my own skyblock going quite badly... Uploads will be a bit slower until I get my minecraft movie out, it should take...
2019-01-19 12:48:11 PM ● 44 views ● 5:59 100.00% liked
Minecraft (2011)
Playing terraria with mods fails MISERABLY!!
Here, I get loads of mods that I have never heard of and I just started to play them in MEDIUMCORE! This can certainly not end well...
2019-01-09 4:16:01 PM ● 70 views ● 9:08 100.00% liked
Terraria (2011)