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Since its inception in March 2010, has covered all the biggest sports stories and personalities. With much heralded coverage of the 2010 World Cup, followed by the 2012 European Championships and London Olympics, the website has seen year on year growth double to where it is today -- 8m pageviews each month

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We Reveal Sheffield United's Ireland Players' FIFA 19 FUT Items
With Sheffield United flying high in the Championship this season, we thought we'd pay Bramall Lane a visit to meet some of their Irish contingent...
2019-04-11 7:54:26 AM ● 131 views ● 1:01 100.00% liked
Northern Ireland fans sing 'We hate Catholics, everybody hates Roman Catholics'
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2019-03-26 4:50:36 AM ● 15,562 views ● 0:21 22.81% liked
Thinking Clear Quiz With Eddie O'Sullivan
Eddie O'Sulllivan was our guest this week for our Guinness Clear Hydration Station event at the Old Storehouse Temple Bar. He presented Wales...
2019-03-18 8:42:40 AM ● 3,460 views ● 1:01 58.82% liked
Guinness Clear Hydration Station With Eddie O'Sullivan
Eddie O'Sullivan joined us for our final Guinness Clear Hydration Station event this weekend, where we watched Ireland's closing game in the...
2019-03-17 2:54:04 PM ● 4,147 views ● 2:03 65.22% liked
World In Union: France Aftermath & Wales V Ireland Preview
This week Maurice and Mick are joined by Josh Gardner from the Mud and Blood Podcast. The lads discuss Ireland V France, the welsh perspective...
2019-03-14 7:16:25 AM ● 149 views ● 1:00:46 0.00% liked
Think Clear Quiz with Peter Stringer
Congratulations to Stephen who won our Thinking Clear Quiz at our Guinness Clear Hydration Station on Sunday after a tense tiebreaker. He's off...
2019-03-14 3:34:33 AM ● 3,812 views ● 1:01 47.06% liked
Guinness Clear Hydration Station with Peter Stringer
A big thanks to Peter Stringer for joining us in the The Old Storehouse Temple Bar for the Ireland v France game over the weekend! Peter feels...
2019-03-13 4:29:54 AM ● 5,669 views ● 1:57 71.79% liked
World In Union: Rugby World League & Six Nations Preview
This week Maurice and Mick are joined by journalist Paul Baines. The lads discuss the Rugby World League leaks, a Six Nations Preview and Maurice...
2019-03-06 9:19:53 AM ● 133 views ● 52:19
Thinking Clear Quiz with Máire Treasa and Paddy Wallace
There was high drama in our Thinking Clear Quiz on Sunday after the Italy vs Ireland game as one lucky attendee walked away with a trip to Wales...
2019-02-27 10:59:55 AM ● 1,379 views ● 0:59 83.33% liked
World In Union: Italy Vs Ireland Six Nations Aftermath with Alan Kingsley (Dragons)
This week Maurice and Mick are joined by Dragons skills and kicking coach Alan Kingsley. The lads discuss Italy vs Ireland, kicking tactics in...
2019-02-27 4:21:31 AM ● 93 views ● 48:30 100.00% liked