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Number 1 Uploader of 4K Gaming Content. Also owner of the #1 CSGO Archive: CSGO Competitive Extreme. Variety to the extreme.

This channel updates with content extremely frequently.

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As of now, this channel is not accepting MCN partner solicitations.

"Retsupurae" videos or reaction/criticism videos can "fair use" my content without notice; I only ask you PM me or email me so I can be informed.


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car wash yeah
2019-02-21 8:02:54 PM ● 15 views ● 0:21
The Return of Let's Board Star Wars: The Old Republic
The original Let's Board Star Wars: The Old Republic was taken down due to copyright issues with the music. So, with MandaloreGaming's permission,...
2019-01-31 8:30:01 PM ● 39 views ● 1:01 100.00% liked
WoW - Waiting In Queue for a Rare Mists of Pandaria Mob
A group of World of Warcraft players wait for a rare mob, including players from the highly popular Aerie Peak server. I think it was a Sha......
2019-01-30 6:30:01 PM ● 8 views ● 3:23
WoW 14th Birthday - Everyone Turns Into Corgis
This video shows an example of near everyone in Stormwind turning into corgis, with the help of the Overtuned Corgi Goggles. A bit clickbait,...
2019-01-30 5:00:01 PM ● 8 views ● 1:59
WoW - What Happens If You Run ("What Book? I Didn't See Any Book")
Don't. But if you must: In Shattrath City, Ezekiel loses his book (which he probably didn't need anyway given his place in the city) and taken...
2019-01-30 4:30:00 PM ● 3 views ● 2:20
"Forever Marilyn" (National Harbor, MD)
This is the sculpture of Marilyn Monroe at National Harbor, Maryland. It was given the name "Forever Marilyn" by the sculptor, J. Seward...
2019-01-25 6:30:03 AM ● 16 views ● 0:10
Embracing Peace (National Harbor, MD)
Another beauty, the way I tracked this shot was really good too. This sculpture, located in National Harbor, Maryland, is life-sized. Sculpture...
2019-01-24 11:00:00 AM ● 11 views ● 0:18
Yoda @ MAGFest
This had to do with the YouTube Poop game @ MAGFest 2019. Many people sign their names to it, yours truly included, and it was a great honor....
2019-01-24 6:30:01 AM ● 4 views ● 0:12
gamers rise down
2019-01-24 12:36:48 AM ● 12 views ● 0:10 100.00% liked
hey kids, Warren Buffett here
This is a short clip from "Jay-Z Recruits A Group of Children Into The Illuminati", which was a 2012 video that was taken down by YouTube...
2019-01-23 11:43:17 PM ● 11 views ● 0:07