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You like Nintendo stuff? Us too! We are just a group of dads, with guests, that have grown up playing Nintendo games and are now raising our own little gamer's. We provide reviews, unboxing, commentary and a weekly podcast. Enjoy.

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Nintendo Switch Online February 2019 Update
We show the NES application launching after the February update with the new games. What are the new SP games for the month? Let's find out.
2019-02-14 3:22:28 PM ● 40 views ● 17:59 100.00% liked
Nintendo Direct - February Predictions!!!
We run down our expectations for the February Nintendo Direct!
2019-02-13 4:24:58 AM ● 202 views ● 6:47 100.00% liked
Blazblue centraIfiction | Nintendo Switch Gameplay
Hey all! Hope you like Anime style beat 'em ups! you do? well Blazblue Centralfiction might be for you, take a look see!
2019-02-12 3:41:38 PM ● 26 views ● 11:38 100.00% liked
Let's Play - When Ski Lifts Go Wrong (Nintendo Switch)
What happens when inexperienced ski lift builders get a crash course in making sure people don't die on the slopes? When Ski Lifts Go Wrong,...
2019-02-12 8:47:26 AM ● 30 views ● 15:08 100.00% liked
Let's Play
Nintendo Dads Podcast #216
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2019-02-08 1:21:42 AM ● 148 views ● 2:02:48 100.00% liked
3 Exciting New Switch Accessories
hey all! Gary here, want to know what i'm looking forward to? wonderful new toys for the Nintendo Switch! Question is, what are you looking forward...
2019-02-06 2:01:27 PM ● 261 views ● 1:50 100.00% liked
Snowboarding The Next Phase | Nintendo Switch Review
Time to shred the hill DUDE!!! Big thanks to the development team and PR firm for providing us a review copy of Snowboarding The Next Phase
2019-02-06 3:17:38 AM ● 54 views ● 10:32 100.00% liked
Pokemon: Let's go Pikachu | Episode 1
HEY LISTEN! Gary is back once again and joined by his daughter Baba to bring you a patron first let's play! this episode sees us getting our...
2019-02-02 7:45:48 AM ● 84 views ● 8:32 100.00% liked
At Sundown | Nintendo switch let's play
Hey all. Tim is back with another let's play, this time for at sundown.
2019-02-01 5:19:25 PM ● 49 views ● 19:57 100.00% liked
Let's Play
Nintendo Dads Podcast #215: McDonald's Direct
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2019-02-01 12:22:07 AM ● 191 views ● 1:44:40 92.86% liked