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Lu Bu Feng Xian

United States
United States

Lu Bu Feng Xian is an American YouTube content creator with over 68.5 thousand subscribers, with his content totaling around 41.26 million views views across around 3.71 thousand videos.

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About Lu Bu Feng Xian

I am a gamer who plays games of all shapes and sizes, whatever and whenever I feel like. I enjoy violence, calling out special moves, decent challenges, binge gaming, going super saiyan, training, space sims, rpgs, Dynasty Warriors, racing, and grappling moves. I constantly power-up as I fight, so each and every time in my videos I get continuously and progressively stronger and stronger, but I need to yell for a few episodes first, it's an important ritual to getting stronger!

I also have Brain Damage and will say many unusual things.

Usernames I go by in various platforms:
League of Legends: Lü Bu, ROCK LIZARD
PSN: LuBuFengXian - Steam: LuBuFengXian - Wii-U: FengXian

If you are looking to use silly Vtuber Models, you can find them here
Credits: mihoyo, bladed6, and taramiko

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