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I am a gamer who plays games of all shapes and sizes, whatever and whenever I feel like. I enjoy violence, calling out special moves, decent challenges, binge gaming, going super saiyan, training, space sims, rpgs, Dynasty Warriors, racing, and grappling moves. I constantly power-up as I fight, so each and every time in my videos I get continuously and progressively stronger and stronger, but I need to yell for a few episodes first, it's an important ritual to getting stronger!

I also have Brain Damage and will say many unusual things.

Usernames I go by in various platforms:
League of Legends: Lü Bu, ROCK LIZARD
PSN: LuBuFengXian - Steam: LuBuFengXian - Wii-U: FengXian

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Langrisser M Playthrough 17 - Co-op Gameplay - Langrisser Mobile
Today, I journey with my heroic friends and some randoms to play some co-op Fire Emblem. Hmm, has Fire Emblem ever had any Co-op in the past?...
2019-02-12 9:52:35 PM ● 130 views ● 1:55:38 100.00% liked
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Langrisser M Playthrough 16 - The EVIL Timeless Trial - Langrisser Mobile
In today's episode, we look at the various events that Langrisser M has to offer, things like Joint Battle, Goddess Trials and of course the...
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Langrisser M Playthrough 15 - HARD HEART BURN - Langrisser Mobile
Today I suffered so much HEART BURN that the map was lit on fire while I was doing a friendly battle. After that we go back to more Langrisser...
2019-02-10 5:27:06 PM ● 1,736 views ● 1:27:42 100.00% liked
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Thoughts on Darting Blow + Aerobatics seals + Warm Titania and Chat - Fire Emblem Heroes
Despite everything, thankfully Tempest Trials allows us to enjoy new mechanics for the low low price of FREE to customize our characters further....
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Langrisser M Playthrough 14 - AUTO HARD ARENA? + Liana vs Elite Four - Langrisser Mobile
50:13 - AUTO HARD ARENA FRENZY Join us today as we go through Liana's Brain damaged memories and fight the Elite Four to become the ULTIMATE...
2019-02-09 7:02:45 PM ● 1,537 views ● 1:58:59 100.00% liked
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300 F2P Orbs TRUE HEALER MASTER vs Hostile Springs for Dr. Nino - Fire Emblem Heroes
THIS! IS THE POWER OF THE SIX PATHS OF PAIN+ Witness in awe as 300 Spartans DO BATTLE with the Hostile Springs banner in order to release the...
2019-02-09 7:12:37 AM ● 6,340 views ● 19:17 99.32% liked
Langrisser M Playthrough 13 - Crazed Statue Person Soul Carver - Langrisser Mobile
In today's episode, someone set us up the bomb while we were defending a fortress, then we ran into a horrible crazy person who wants to show...
2019-02-08 7:22:23 PM ● 1,327 views ● 1:51:57 96.97% liked
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$300 Langrisser M - 6 Stars Ledin or 4 Stars Liana? - Defenders of Light Summoning
Today the most horrible person in the universe is back with YET another round of summoning for Liana and Ledin. Why? Well I think that Defenders...
2019-02-08 2:21:25 PM ● 2,251 views ● 16:27 97.37% liked
Langrisser M Playthrough 12 - Tough PVE: Swain & Lusz Twins Battle - Langrisser Mobile
As we continue our slow journey into Langrisser M, I find that the difficulty for PVE content is really starting to ramp up. In particular this...
2019-02-07 6:32:56 PM ● 1,846 views ● 2:20:09 100.00% liked
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Defenders of Light Round 2 - After suffering from BRAIN DAMAGE in the last summoning session, I broke down and decided to embrace the evil ways...
2019-02-07 2:41:44 PM ● 3,163 views ● 27:43 93.10% liked