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Hello everyone welcome to my youtube channel is AxGamerGirl9 post the image Community Like👍 Subscribe Notification🔔 click the bells only my linked URL PS4 Account is AxGamerGirl9 I like my livestream first time playing with my friends on PC PS4 PS3 games Dead by Daylight DOA5LR SoulCalibur 6 Killk SoulCalibur 5 Yoshimitsu BO4 main Spectre Crash Firebreak Reaper Outlast and my video record title all day also guys my name is Ax or GamerGirl whatever if u want change my real name is Ava please guys I have a schedule livestream I have a Twitch is AxGamerGirl9 guys following me don’t make sure comments thank u for coming to my livestream I like Character main for DBD Quentin Steve Dwight David Jake Ashley ❤️ and Meg Nea Feng Kate Laurie Yui💓 Killer Main Legion Ghostface Wraith Demogorgon Freddy Pyramid Head Toxic!!

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