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About HalfEYEProduction

Welcome to the HalfEYEProduction's Channel!
Here you can expect to find everything noob in almost any game I play.
I spend most of my time in games confused, on fire or in general peril so if that's the sort of thing you enjoy then good luck putting up with me =P

- These can be found on the various social media pages above.


When do you upload videos?
- I try to upload every 3 days but if issues arise expect the gap between videos to be larger.

What is you main outro music?
- Reaktor Productions - Can't Slow Down

Do you livestream games?
- Currently I do not livestream but it is something I'd like to do in the future, as and when I do I'll be sure to announce it.

What are your PC specs?
- Processor = Intel i7 4770k (4.0GHz)
- Memory = 16GB
- Graphics Card = Nvidia GTX 1080

More FAQ's when they appear...

I hope you enjoy the game failing content.
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Simple Planes! | Monster Truck Madness Challenge!
"A gymnast in the making!" Today in Simple Trucks eh, I mean Planes... Simple Planes. I'm going to try my hand at making my first ever...
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Kerbal Space Program! | Dogfighting Challenge 2!
"Runways are for the weak! =P" Today I'm revisiting an older challenge I've previously done but with new stuffs. I'll be trying to...
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The Forest! | Part #13 | One Last Look!
"The time has come to leave... For now that is ;)" Welcome back to The Forest this is the mid-series finale video so not very much...
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The Forest
The Forest (2014)
GTA V Mods! | Quantum Break Mod! | Slow-mo Carnage!
"Time powers are a little OP! =D" Today In Grand Theft Auto V I'm taking a look at the Quantum Break mod from the video game released...
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Kerbal Space Program! | Operation Death Part #3 | The Motherships First Steps!
"WARNING! Lots of building ahead...x(" Today on Operation Death I'm beginning the incredibly difficult job of building what is essentially...
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The Forest! | Part #12 | All Fun & Games!
"🎵I've got the golden key card!..🎵" Welcome back to The Forest this time I'm continuing to construct parts of the tree house...
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