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About Niceguy Eddie ASMR

Hey there! I'm Eddie from Canada! And I do ASMR videos mostly focused on...

- Roleplays
- Soft Spoken and Whispered Video Game Let's Plays
- History and Education
- Relaxing Sound Therapy

But primarily, I just wanna help you fall asleep :)

What the heck is ASMR? It stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response... which really doesn't help explain what it is at all!

Essentially, it's a relaxing tingling sensation some people get that starts in your scalp and can work it's way down your back. It's usually triggered by external stimuli such as when you go for a haircut, or have an eye exam, or watch someone concentrate on a task. I remember getting it as a child when my friends would trade letters and words on my back and I had to guess what they wrote.

Not everyone gets ASMR tingles, but the videos can be used for relaxation, and to help shut your brain off at night.

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