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About Niceguy Eddie ASMR

Hey there! I'm Eddie from Canada! And I do ASMR videos mostly focused on...

- Roleplays
- Soft Spoken and Whispered Video Game Let's Plays
- History and Education
- Relaxing Sound Therapy

But primarily, I just wanna help you fall asleep :)
*Formerly known as Niceguy ASMR
**Briefly known as EddieSpaghetti... but we see how well that worked out ;)

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ASMR After-Hours Mall Tour: Toronto Eaton Centre
Hey guys! Let me take you on a relaxing walking tour of the Toronto Eaton Centre mall at night time, when it's practically empty. Sadly all the...
2018-05-21 12:31:26 PM ● 1,973 views ● 16:51 99.06% liked
ASMR Classic Cranial Nerve Exam
Doctor Niceguy just wants to give you a classic, simple, and straightforward Cranial Nerve Exam. All your favorite triggers are here: light triggers,...
2018-05-10 12:48:17 AM ● 9,398 views ● 26:17 97.35% liked
ASMR What It's Like Being Canadian 🍁 Eating Butter Tarts with Bagged Milk!
Hey guys! Just a quick video where I eat some Canadian treats and tell you about my perspective of what being a Canadian is like, with some random...
2018-05-02 11:36:10 PM ● 4,772 views ● 28:54 97.18% liked
Hey gang! Thought I'd do a relaxing video where I draw some awesome ASMR artists that you may know: asmr zeitgeist, Peace and Saraity ASMR, and...
2018-04-27 1:18:16 PM ● 613 views ● 1:02:40 100.00% liked
You've all been asking for another episode of Real Mysteries, so here we go! Nearly everyone knows about the haunted Amityville house, so much...
2018-04-25 8:17:12 PM ● 278 views ● 13:31 100.00% liked
ASMR Apple Store *REALISTIC* Employee (Roleplay)
In addition to this *ahem* very realistic roleplay, we'll be doing an unboxing of the new 2018 iPad and the Apple Pencil near the end. Thanks...
2018-04-21 10:30:05 PM ● 1,245 views ● 23:48 95.51% liked
ASMR Let's Go Camping ⛺ Rain & Campfire Sounds - Ghost Stories
It's almost spring which means it's almost time for camping. But let's go now! I'll tell you a couple of my favourite ghost stories by the roaring...
2018-04-18 3:15:00 PM ● 1,539 views ● 29:06 99.11% liked
Hey guys! How's your week? Since it's been requested so many times now, here's me, eating and talking while eating Canadian Taco Bell. I think...
2018-04-16 10:09:36 PM ● 629 views ● 30:32 96.88% liked
ASMR Game Store Roleplay 🎮 PS4 Xbox One & Switch Games
Ok, we've already established how terrible I am at Fortnite, so let me sell you some video games instead.
2018-04-10 3:15:00 PM ● 2,640 views ● 26:48 99.24% liked
ASMR Painting Your Face ? Roleplay - Face Brushing Sounds!
Hope you're having a great week so far! :) Much like my makeup video, you'll hear the lovely sounds of the brush gently tapping and going across...
2018-04-09 4:04:30 PM ● 2,914 views ● 21:11 98.58% liked