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About Niceguy ASMR

Hey there! I'm Eddie from Canada! And I do ASMR videos mostly focused on...

- Roleplays
- Whispered Video Game Let's Plays
- Tapping
- History and Education

But primarily, I just wanna help you fall asleep :)

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ASMR Dad Tucking You Into Bed
A highly requested roleplay... no idea why. I guess you guys think I'm old. Dad comes and brings you tea, tucks you in, gives you some positive...
2018-02-11 4:00:00 PM ● 4,292 views ● 20:03 99.52% liked
ASMR Toys R Us Store Closing Roleplay LIQUIDATION!
Looks like I'm the last employee at this Toys R Us location. We're closing in a few days and I'm gonna be jobless, but let's find you some toys...
2018-02-06 9:01:06 PM ● 3,718 views ● 19:03 95.42% liked
[ASMR] Celeste on Nintendo Switch - Whisper Play
I know, Celeste isn't the most ASMR friendly game to play (it's quite challenging and I was fighting the urge to curse) but it's been a while...
2018-02-06 1:00:04 PM ● 840 views ● 25:45 95.12% liked
ASMR Retro Gaming Store Roleplay
Another ASMR Game Store roleplay but this time it's retro - featuring games from the 80s and 90s. I do some stellar case tapping, mechanical...
2018-02-05 10:04:57 PM ● 1,977 views ● 30:42 97.59% liked
[ASMR] Baking An Invisible Magic Cake - Hand Movements, Invisible Objects, and Miming
Hey guys! I'm not sure what the term is for this, but it's like miming instructions and creating invisible objects through hand movements and...
2018-02-03 3:54:07 PM ● 1,589 views ● 16:10 97.75% liked
ASMR Scalp Massage (No Talking)
An epic hour long scalp massage, scratching, and ear massaging to help get you to sleep. No talking from me, but you do get to watch as I help...
2018-01-31 9:44:40 PM ● 2,353 views ● 57:11 98.10% liked
Let's Play
[ASMR] Sketching You - Let Me Draw Your Face ✏️
Sit down and let me sketch your face. Whispering at you with pencil sounds, erasing sounds, and a bit of page turning. You'll get to see what...
2018-01-31 1:28:28 AM ● 1,815 views ● 21:46 97.83% liked
ASMR Reiki - Plucking, Pulling, Relaxing Hand Movements
Just pulling out your bad energy and putting back in all the positive vibes. Filled with lots of soft spoken relaxing talk, and hand sounds &...
2018-01-27 1:23:02 AM ● 2,948 views ● 20:09 99.06% liked
ASMR Best Friend Does YOUR Makeup! (Whispered Roleplay)
Need help with your makeup? Sure, I'll try my best since you trust me. Have some very personal attention along with face touching, tapping, rubbing,...
2018-01-24 10:25:00 PM ● 8,716 views ● 22:33 98.44% liked
ASMR Doctor Eye & Ear Exam - Video Game Themed Roleplay
It's-a me, Dr. Niceguy! I had a lot of fun doing this so hopefully you have as much relaxing fun watching it. Think of this as a cranial nerve...
2018-01-23 10:00:00 AM ● 3,447 views ● 30:09 98.61% liked