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Gamer - I will share my best and most interesting moments whilst playing a variety of games

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Battlefield 1
- Bomber Pilot
- Attack Plane Pilot
- Gameplay
- Killstreaks
- Tips / Tutorials

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The GREATEST Battlefield 4 server OF ALL TIME
"The WAR is OVER". Uninstall the game, and come home, boys!! Find out why in the greatest Battlefield 4 BF4 server of all time! p.s....
2018-04-15 12:12:38 PM ● 3,298 views ● 4:11 97.40% liked
Can YOU win with just a PISTOL? - Hunt Showdown
"Ambushed" - This is a cool game, and I decided to try and kill off my character. Of course if my aim is to die, im gonna give him...
2018-03-17 11:49:46 AM ● 4,718 views ● 13:33 98.36% liked
These fights are why I want to play Fortnite
These fights are rare, and I LOVE when they happen. I'm not quite TSM Myth, but am improving every time i play. "A Challenger Approaches"....
2018-03-05 3:50:55 PM ● 2,881 views ● 3:22 97.25% liked
Fortnite (2017)
How YOU won't lose ANY sectors - Battlefield 1
The enemy couldn't take a SINGLE sector in Operations over all 3 battalions!! How is it possible? BF1 AC-130 Spectre Gunship, i mean, Heavy Strategic...
2018-03-04 6:58:29 AM ● 25,245 views ● 13:30 96.48% liked
I'm simply getting GOOD at Fortnite now!
Chill video with my new best record kill count so far playing solo Fortnite Battle Royale BR on PC. I'm kinda addicted to this game, can't wait...
2018-02-28 10:00:04 AM ● 2,953 views ● 11:13 94.39% liked
Fortnite (2017)
Is the NEW Heavy Strategic Bomber BROKEN!? - Battlefield 1
BF1 Heavy Strategic Bomber has some new updates in the Battlefield 1 Apocalypse DLC. Mortar loadout front facing cannon. But is it too weak?...
2018-02-26 4:40:37 PM ● 35,676 views ● 10:04 91.14% liked
I learnt this from TSM Myth - Fortnite Highlights
Funny moments and highlights from my time playing Fortnite Battle Royale BR. Learning by watching the best players like TSM Myth Yung Architect...
2018-02-21 3:30:26 PM ● 2,763 views ● 10:10 94.24% liked
Fortnite (2017)
David Attenborough narrates Fortnite
A solitary hunter, he stalks his prey... in Fortnite Battle Royale and a WILD TROLL APPEARS
2018-02-19 3:46:23 PM ● 3,239 views ● 0:32 88.16% liked
Fortnite (2017)
Top of the Food Chain in Heligoland Bight BF1 DLC
How you can be the APEX predator in the new BF1 Turning Tides Battlefield 1 DLC. With so many BF1 Torpedo Boat's in the Battlefield 1 seas, you...
2018-02-12 12:30:01 AM ● 22,294 views ● 11:13 98.22% liked
The REAL Dogfighters of Battlefield 1
I meet some of the top tier 0.01% of competitive pilot dogfighters in the NEW AIR ASSAULT Game Mode coming soon to Battlefield 1 in the BF1 Apocalypse...
2018-02-03 11:44:16 AM ● 71,239 views ● 22:40 95.48% liked