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Channels: 643846-24.00%
Views: 799,9982,061,074-61.19%
Videos: 1,6632,012-17.35%
Duration: 52:07:27:5767:00:22:07-21.94%

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Channels: 1,7941,912-6.17%
Views: 6,621,91910,946,897-39.51%
Videos: 7,7468,513-9.01%
Duration: 247:01:47:31274:14:03:51-10.02%

Channels With The Most Views

1.United Kingdom jackfrags136,287,312
2.United Kingdom SQUiD OG73,495,702
3.United States Natural Pulse47,476,574
4.United States LevelCapGaming42,103,701
5.Canada Corey Tonge36,542,107
6.Netherlands TBAG [Epic Gaming]34,233,022
7.Netherlands Maxiq32,291,837
8.Canada DooM4932,057,278
9.United States IGN18,973,821
10.Brazil Magavi FPS18,686,367

Channels With The Most Videos

1.China 高級指揮官4,598
2.Finland Ludaeus3,783
3.Spain LiZaVeTa3,539
4.United Kingdom Occasional Beast2,918
5.United States Battlefield Shorts2,681
6. The Savage Knight2,407
7. bitcloudrzr1,696
8.India InDi nOOB1,544
9. Daily Dose of Battlefield 20421,543
10.Romania BadBoyNk1,461

Latest Let's Plays For Battlefield 2042

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoNorway DasVanjenBattlefield 2042 Multiplayer 202420:220
2 days ago CheeseArchiveCheese Plays: Battlefield 2042 [15]2:07:2810
2 days ago Szabó DávidBattlefield 2042 Hungary Ps4 | Valparasido | Tank gameplay { Szabó Dávid }2:3410
3 days agoRomania BadBoyNkBattlefield 2042 Friday Nights #battefield #live #playstation3:58:01453
4 days agoIreland KamilYouTubeBattlefield 2042 on PS5 in 2024 - KamilPSX PL29:0313
4 days ago earthworm-83-jim🌎🪱 LIVE battlefield.. Chillout mode join our growing community and subscribe.. It'll help alot1:16:2214
5 days agoThailand XSOEIISJ_BATTLEFIELD 2042😁Playstation5👻เรื่อยเปื่อย🙌😄1:29:060
5 days agoUnited States JustGav🔴LIVE | Battlefield 2042 | Delta Force Alpha Test DELAYED NOOOOO!! | PS5 Gameplay3:08:10232
6 days agoSpain AQUILESS 76Team JADE RETRASA LA ALPHA DE PC y BF2042 Toca a su FIN4:553,388
6 days agoGermany KTGKrisALPHA wird VERSCHOBEN? & Urlaub INFOS! #deltaforcehawkops #battefield #news3:48718
2024-07-15United Kingdom Rebel GamerBattlefield 2042 - Dead Space: Outbreak Mode (Full Playthrough) - XBOX SERIES X34:1736
2024-07-14 Marcus - Chaîne MultigamingBATTLEFIELD 2042 FR - Découverte du Mode ÉVASION ! (Mode Zombie)41:021,401
2024-07-13United Kingdom Battlefield ClipsTOP 199 PLAYS IN BATTLEFIELD 204228:0410,388
2024-07-11 foxie the dragon foxxoDumb fox plays battlefield 2042 season 7:dead space0:021
2024-07-11United Kingdom Xbox GamingBattlefield 2042 PVP Gameplay PlayStation 522:071
2024-07-10 XxUnknowNxXXxUnknowxX lets plays battlefield 2042 dead space update44:284
2024-07-10 LightFitoBATTLEFIELD 2042 Multiplayer Gameplay Part 18 No Commentary19:471
2024-07-10 Thunderlord UnzensiertWir lesen das Grundsatzprogramm der AfD! (Teil 5) Arbeitsmarkt und Sozialpolitik20:093,068
2024-07-08Turkey Frenk Benjamin GamingBATTLEFIELD 2042 | RUSH - 78 KILL + 42 ASSIST | #valparaiso37:12198
2024-07-08United Kingdom I AM N1GHTMAR3Silencers Help So Much On Battlefield 2042... (I Didn't Fully Realise This...)17:071,400
2024-07-07United States REALiNSaNgAMingGODPrODIgY Battlefield 2042 gameplay (Walkthrough / Playthrough / Lets Play)1:34:4635
2024-07-07Portugal José NechoDelta Force: Hawk Ops ,Alpha Test11:5323
2024-07-06United Arab Emirates hec hec D EXPLORERPLAYING BATTLEFIELD 2042 ON PLAYSTATION PORTABLE3:13333
2024-07-06Mexico msd1906MXMSD - Battlefield 2042 - Conquista - msd1906mex team Random 1ros #Playstation5 #PS520:0417
2024-07-06United States ItsHapa🔴LIVE - Is It Better Than COD? Let's Play Battlefield 20423:44:531,113

Latest Reviews For Battlefield 2042

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2024-07-15Poland Houndlander GamingBattlefield 2042 Outbreak Mode Review | Dead Space Crossover | Is It Worth Playing?10:0395
2024-07-13Germany KTGKrisDAS ENDE VON BATTLEFIELD! Dead Space Zombie Modus (Review) #battlefield2042 #battlefield68:162,764
2024-07-12 Killer J Gaming 2Killer J And Infamous Breaks Bloodhound On PS5 Lets Play And Review Episode 417:1620
2024-07-12India DYSING GAMERBattleField 2042 Review New Shooting Game with New Experinse FPS Adventure Gameplay #0012:07:1777
2024-07-09 Ger ThunderlordDead Spacefield 2042: Das Battlefield PVE-Event (Full Run & Review)32:0918,461
2024-07-06 Cornel PalmieriThe DEFINITIVE Battlefield 2042 Review | Cornel Reacts1:16:5525
2024-07-02United States Neon PWA@EndersFPS Battlefield 2042 Review Reaction...3:03:21583
2024-06-29United States EndersThe DEFINITIVE Battlefield 2042 Review34:1667,427
2024-06-28United States GAMEKOD3I am Cat | Live Review w. My Daughter51:03116
2024-06-19 FrostyGaming Battlefield 2042 my honest review41:4728
2024-06-04Iceland GhostGamingBattlefield 2042 In Retrospect ► The Definitive Review16:5411,403
2024-06-01Turkey Trend BilgilerDiscover Battlefield 2042's New Game Modes and Maps! | Season 7 Updates | Review and Guide39:484
2024-06-01Netherlands JixawThe question about battlefield 20426:517,331
2024-06-01 RoiDeCoeursTOUT ce que J'ADORE dans Battlefield 2042 (Review Finale Partie 2)12:521,299
2024-05-31United States USA SpecialistStadium Review #battlfield2042 #gaming0:4496
2024-05-30Australia SkylineFreakBattlefield 2042 Online 3 | A43, Kung Fu Panda 4 & Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes reviews soon1:09:494
2024-05-25Sri Lanka RockEpzTrying New Ubisoft XDefiant - PC1:42:4412
2024-05-16United States Tanner RichinsBattlefield 2024 The Quick Game Review! #shorts #gaming #battlefield20420:49156
2024-05-15United States Odd HourBattlefield 2042 for PlayStation! #gaming #review0:37458
2024-05-14United States Rush in TigerBattlefield 2042 Live Stream: XFAD-4 Draugr Gameplay and Review0:0047
2024-05-07Germany SooxzayBattlefield 2042 Stadion Review, Cheater und mehr13:132,887
2024-05-04Australia FoxPurpleEnemies dropping faster than Helldivers 2 reviews #shorts #battlefield20420:35773
2024-05-01Russian Federation SILVERWOLFcrazy vanshote #battlefield #battlefield2042review #shorts #battlefield2042 #shortvideo #tiktokvideo0:44943
2024-04-28Israel Reaper Gaming🔴Live Cold War: A Review of the Multiplayer Experience 🔴 Live1:10:2313

Most Viewed Battlefield 2042 Video on YouTube

The most viewed Battlefield 2042 video on YouTube is When Battlefield 2042 launches with 27,463,775 views, published by Canada Corey Tonge on September 9, 2021.

Most Liked Battlefield 2042 Video on YouTube

The most liked Battlefield 2042 video on YouTube is When Battlefield 2042 launches with 1,024,093 likes, published by Canada Corey Tonge on September 9, 2021.

10,000 Videos on YouTube Milestone for Battlefield 2042

On June 13, 2021, Battlefield 2042 reaches 10,000 videos on YouTube with the release of Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Reveal. by United States White_Wolf, which has 4 views and 1 like.

100,000 Videos on YouTube Milestone for Battlefield 2042

On November 25, 2021, Battlefield 2042 reaches 100,000 videos on YouTube with the release of Battlefield 2042_20211125121828 by F14lover, which has 1 view and 0 likes.