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1.United Kingdom jackfrags119,981,583
2.Sweden Battlefield56,980,009
3.United Kingdom Apollo43255,089,017
4.United Kingdom Westie38,316,478
5. LevelCapGaming34,481,399
6.Germany TheEkwah25,908,402
7.Spain Taison TV25,666,049
8.United Kingdom AKA-ART21,846,184
9.United Kingdom Niccaman21,379,665
10.United Kingdom Stodeh20,715,076

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1.Spain Taison TV858
2.Romania Noobs Killa639
3.United States JROBtheFinesser589
4.Netherlands DANNYonPC511
5.United States SoCaLove Entertainment505
6.United States Rogan US486
7. AQUILESS 76481
8.Russian Federation Rubiroid394
9.Netherlands Maxiq390
10.Canada CrafterOfSwords368

Latest Let's Plays For Battlefield V

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-06-28United Kingdom AKA-ARTCampers on the roof! - Battlefield 5 Top Plays14:2326,669
2020-06-26Sweden LoganTheBrawler GamingBattlefield Top 5 Plays #71 | BATTLEFIELD V3:05225
2020-06-23Germany GametesterBattlefield V (5) | Gametester Lets Play [GER|Review] mit -=Red=-1:01:546
2020-06-20United Kingdom That's Us GamingBattlefield V: Highlights2:1513
2020-06-18 SebasVader( LIVE ) BATTLEFIELD V |HELP ME GET TO 750 SUBS PLZ39:1927
2020-06-14Greece Giorgos78GRBATTLEFIELD V GREECE PS4 PLAYSTATION καντε subscribe να παρω σερβερ στο warzon58:1794
2020-06-13 yagami games brLive Battlefield 5 Online PlayStation 4 Pro2:08:47138
2020-06-13Ukraine PlayStation UkraineBATTLEFIELD V — ЧЕРНОВИЙ ОГЛЯД ЗАВЕРШЕННЯ6:02370
2020-06-11 Metzger3000Battlefield V: #38 Neue Map neues Glück ? |Enzi & Metzger |German| |Lets play|16:282
2020-06-08France Eckinox RediffBattlefield V c'est fini :'(2:10:53336
2020-06-01 LabiumminusBattlefield 5 Sanitäter Main1:52:36176
2020-05-28United Kingdom No CommentaryAWESOME KILLSTREAKS - Battlefield 5 Top Plays10:08784
2020-05-22United Kingdom TheBrokenMachineBattlefield 5 Rendezook! Battlefield Top Plays 14910:1413,897
2020-05-13United Kingdom SMK GAMINGYouTuber Analysis, Top Plays & Funny Videos | Looking To The Future | Battlefield 5 Plans10:03471
2020-05-13France El Tonio GamingBattlefield V Mode Solo #11 Épilogue Let's play live fr6:5331
2020-05-13Netherlands Gamekings VaultBattlefield V Closed Alpha Hands-on29:5059
2020-05-12United Kingdom STORM FireFallNEW Alpine Ascender StuG iv Tank dressing Gameplay! | Battlefield V15:47561
2020-05-08Netherlands MaxiqInsane FLANK streaks and Plays! - BATTLEFIELD 5 CRAZY KILLSTREAKS9:1518,977
2020-05-03 DrftCRAZY FIRESTORM PLAYS - Battlefield V Top Plays8:02321
2020-04-24Spain MR JavcaBattlefield V ONLINE TORMENTA DEL PACIFICO KA-MI TANK Playstation 4 Pro5:223
2020-04-15 TheZguyBattlefield V Livestream(PS4). Big Brain plays only.4:23:49289
2020-04-10United Kingdom Maclad1888Maclaad's Live PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Battlefield V)1:48:1127
2020-03-30Canada AdiGames[RESHADE] Battlefield 5 RAY TRACING ON PC Playthrough Part 5 - The Last Tiger51:3353
2020-03-29India JOVABATTLEFIELD 5 Sniper Montage By Jova3:2646
2020-03-27Germany ScrawlÜber Panzer macht man keine Späße!! [Let's Play/german] Battlefield V #00415:2929

Latest Reviews For Battlefield V

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-06-28United Kingdom WestieReviewing Battlefield 5 now it's over... Was it EVER a good game?19:45114,884
2020-06-08United Kingdom GetGoodGuyNEW CHAUCHAT IS BEING USED WRONG? (2 Tap Kill LMG) - Battlefield 5 Final Update11:4434,112
2020-05-12United States The Daily Rage QuitBattlefield V Review and Reactions Part 114:4627
2020-05-12 19 StanleyBattlefield V Elites Character - Steve Fisher review4:45241
2020-04-26Netherlands DANNYonPCTHE BEST MEMES FROM BF5 DYING - Battlefield V2:4310,132
2020-04-08United Kingdom LCTRgamesBattlefield 5: Is It Worth Playing? [Battlefield 5 Review 2020]9:3229,768
2020-02-25United States Unison GGBattlefield V 2020 experience - BFV is Unplayed because of frame drop12:2931
2020-02-23United Arab Emirates FOG of GAMINGBATTLEFIELD V MODEL 37 REVIEW - Best Shotgun!8:13909
2020-02-12Netherlands GamekingsBattlefield V Into The Jungle DLC Review17:562,548
2020-02-06 LevelCapGamingChapter 6 Weapon & Gadget Reviews - Lunge Mine FTW! | Battlefield 510:3399,845
2020-02-06United States Gaming Johnny*9 HOUR STREAM* BATTLEFIELD V/STAR WARS & MORE...9:18:16117
2020-02-04Australia BillyEatWorldNew Map: "SOLOMON ISLANDS" - Honest Review | BATTLEFIELD V (Chapter 6)5:492,218
2020-02-03United Kingdom RedArrowbattlefield 5 chapter 6 review of the trailer its looks cool8:287
2020-01-06Moldova, Republic of Chris T | Gaming Zone➤STILL BAD - Battlefield V Detailed Review27:08132
2020-01-03United States Kahliek ClemmonsBattlefield V :: BFV :: With KahlKahl PS41:31:5135
2020-01-03Sweden LoganTheBrawler GamingTYPE 2A REVIEW - Insane Rate Of Fire, Best SMG? | BATTLEFIELD V2:22764
2019-12-16Pakistan [Best Gamer416]Battlefield 5-NORDLYS |Mission 2| Part#3-(Full HD)42:162
2019-11-20United States VGamingJunkieBattlefield V 1st Year Anniversary Review (Spoilers)14:1113
2019-11-10United States Crazy Chimp [Official]Pacific Theater MONTAGE - Battlefield V Pacific Gameplay4:4074
2019-11-04Czech Republic Game-Star. czBattlefield V PS416:1313
2019-10-26United States TheRealFxdeBattlefield™ V | 1 shot 2 kills0:2958
2019-10-24United Kingdom AKA-ARTBattlefield V The Pacific - Gameplay Reveal, Review and Opinion9:0827,739
2019-10-23Greece Proedros_47GRBattlefield V War In The Pacific Is Coming 31 October!!!Official Trailer3:3249
2019-10-08United Kingdom MZKBattlefield V Remasters Operation Metro - "Operation Underground" Review11:51164