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Channels With The Most Views

1.United Kingdom jackfrags146,673,127
2.United Kingdom Apollo43273,693,070
3.Sweden Battlefield63,630,538
4.Netherlands TBAG [Epic Gaming]40,400,142
5.United Kingdom Westie40,073,102
6.Japan ソバルト / SoVault38,393,350
7.United States LevelCapGaming38,090,412
8.United Kingdom Niccaman35,088,423
9.Germany TheEkwah27,894,775
10.United Kingdom AKA-ART26,275,484

Channels With The Most Videos

1.Romania Noobs Killa828
2.Spain Taison TV812
3.Japan ONE-EYED-FUKUROU/フクロウチャンネル741
4.United States JROBtheFinesser618
5.Netherlands DANNYonPC572
6. AQUILESS 76558
7.Japan もんきーえっぐ528
8.United States ALKA593513
9.United States SoCaLove510
10. taro maiti503

Latest Let's Plays For Battlefield V

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1 day agoRomania Noobs KillaPlaystation 5 | 4k 60fps | Battlefield V | Max level | road to 10k Subscribers5:58:514,982
1 day agoPoland JACHU GAMINGCROSSPLAY w BATTLEFIELD 6? | HOTFIX w BFV | Obecna sytuacja w DICE | Zabawa pracownika konta EA HELP5:041,304
4 days agoSpain MR JavcaBattlefield V ONLINE DISPAROS DE FRANCOTIRADOR Playstation 43:270
4 days agoUnited States hXc HectorLet's play Battlefield V MP1:31:1118
6 days agoUnited Kingdom SMK GAMINGBattlefield 5 Live | Astro Headset Giveaway | PlayStation 5 Gameplay4:02:09367
2021-01-06Brazil Corre CrudoTOP PLAYS BATTLEFIELD V - Alegrias de um Noob - Highlights 708:20188
2020-12-09United Kingdom AKA-ARTLuck or skill? - Battlefield 5 Top Plays11:2853,710
2020-12-04Russian Federation forvald79Battlefield V (на русском) на Playstation 4. Большие Операции41:269
2020-12-04Sweden LoganTheBrawler GamingBattlefield Top 5 Plays #89 | BATTLEFIELD3:59134
2020-12-01France Eckinox RediffBATTLEFIELD V FR : Assaut + Sniper1:59:55124
2020-11-30United States OriginalHumanRoyal Marine Plays THE END of BATTLEFIELD 5 (XBOX SERIES X!) For The First Time!24:2634,693
2020-11-28Canada Mr. SujanoSaudi Arabian Prince buys SNK, Xbox Series S Emulation, PS5 Scalpers6:191,157
2020-11-28United States LevelCapGamingThis Week In Gaming - Battlefield Players React to Team Balancer - eBay vs Scalpers9:0166,256
2020-11-22United Kingdom GetGoodGuyIs Battlefield 5 NEXT GEN worth YOUR TIME? (Playstation 5 & Xbox Series X)10:4516,104
2020-11-21 Lex - GamingWallpaper Engine Best Wallpapers Part 466:33413
2020-11-21Netherlands MaxiqLEVEL 500 PLAYER Plays Underground With Nice Aim! - Battlefield 59:2315,992
2020-11-18India Techno WindowHow to Change Wallpaper in iPhone 12 Pro | LIVE Wallpapers iPhone 12 Pro2:203,235
2020-10-25United States Baranox[BFV] 16 Minutes of Aimbot Aim, Crazy Streaks, and Big Brain Outplays16:211,674
2020-10-21Brazil RejogavelBATTLEFIELD 5 1800P 60 FPS NO PLAYSTATION 5 ?10:34164
2020-10-20Spain JosanguzPLAYSTATION 5 😐 NO LLEGA a 4K y SÍ en XBOX SERIES X en BATTLEFIELD 5 CIERTO? Vale la pena PS5?9:419,636
2020-10-19Netherlands Gamekings VaultBattlefield 5 Firestorm Let's Play: "Grafisch verreweg de mooiste BR"30:55171
2020-10-18 DrftBattlefield V: CRAZY TROLLS & PLAYS! (Firestorm)8:39523
2020-10-14Israel دوش DOSHمونتاج باتل فيلد 5 - مونتاج خرافي 💣 - BATTLEFIELD 5 MONTAGE10:54255
2020-10-11Brazil Jhoownildo GamerBATTLEFIELD V - HAWK HIGHLIGHTS Roterdã - PlayStation 4 Pró2:4557

Latest Reviews For Battlefield V

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-12-30United Kingdom GetGoodGuyBattlefield 5 Full 2020 Year In Review (The Good, Bad & Ugly)13:2412,372
2020-12-11Saudi Arabia Games mr_10BATTLEFIELD V:Gameplay games mr_10-31 Kills34:333
2020-12-04 BenchmarksGeForce GTX 1660 ti -- Intel Core i3-10100F -- Battlefield V BFV FPS Test5:18823
2020-11-26United States Mr Saint JakeBattlefield 5 Hardcore Gameplay Review18:47764
2020-11-19Australia BillyEatWorld2 Years Later... is BATTLEFIELD V Dead or Still Worth It? (2020 Review)10:2269,029
2020-11-18Canada Mr. SujanoStreet Fighter 6 leaks and Nintendo Switch Joy Con lawsuit3:393,601
2020-11-17United States BosscineratorBattlefield V FINAL Review18:376
2020-11-17Hungary Isaac97Battlefield 5: "Community Games" review / Custom Gameplay (No Commentary) I 4K 60fps44:451,165
2020-11-16 Skycaptin5Battlefield V Xbox Series X Gameplay Review [Xbox Game Pass]16:386,014
2020-11-13United States PopontopFALLOUT 4 MOD REVIEW BFV STG446:29468
2020-11-10United States Gamers NexusShould Be Better for $810: PCB & VRM Review of EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra27:40117,677
2020-11-09 Wade CuevasBattlefield V - PlayStation 4 review1:530
2020-10-11Iceland Ghost GamingIs Battlefield Dead? - Worth Buying in 2020? ► Steam Reviews BF4 vs BFV21:202,567
2020-10-06United Kingdom AKA-ARTTo catch a cheater in Battlefield (reviewing cheaters)13:5817,484
2020-10-02United Kingdom RatherAverageI'll be good at Battlefield on PC one day...3:11:0933
2020-09-02Romania Noobs KillaBattlefield 5 Live Max Rank ps4 pro multiplayer gameplay5:09:27717
2020-08-31United Kingdom Krii Daah JoorBattlefield V: Weeks Best Moments 31/8/2010:015
2020-08-31United States BravoMisfits3How and why I die is unknown (Battlefield V)0:305
2020-08-23Pakistan V 4 VAILAYKhuda Haafiz Movie | Review | Vidyut Jammwal | Shivaleeka Oberoi | Faruk Kabir | V 4 VAILAY8:29197
2020-07-29United States TE BenchmarkAMD Ryzen 7 4700G (Pro 4750G) Review (iGPU Gaming) Part 2 - CS:GO and Battlefield V (64 Player)22:409,886
2020-07-25United Kingdom That's Us GamingBattlefield V : Highlights1:3010
2020-07-22 finntroll 1984MG 42 REVIEW, WITH FINNTROLL 1984 (BATTLEFIELD V) *Creator: Jeff Wijns*3:17123
2020-07-09Australia Sammy Plays🔴 BATTLEFIELD V Live - Going for the Gold Welgun!2:31:10169