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Channels With The Most Views

1.United Kingdom jackfrags198,309,440
2.Sweden Battlefield137,045,465
3.United States LevelCapGaming108,516,529
4.United Kingdom Westie62,753,349
5.United States OverSimplified53,742,250
6.Spain Taison TV52,039,325
7.United Kingdom TheBrokenMachine49,826,495
8. TheRussianBadger48,353,779
9.United States M3RKMUS1C40,873,712
10.United States Simple History40,509,414

Channels With The Most Videos

1.Spain Taison TV1,517
2.Sweden MattiAceGaming1,324
3.Sweden MattiAceGaming #2984
4.Taiwan, Republic of China Minidoracat800
5.United Kingdom TheBrokenMachine684
6.Ireland Philanx_86 Gaming644
7.France BF1 TELEVISION635
8. Kayyy em7557
9.Chile Trimex00492
10.United Kingdom Westie478

Latest Let's Plays For Battlefield 1

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
5 days agoUnited Kingdom AKA-ARTLuck is all you need! - Battlefield 1 Top Plays10:3718,739
6 days agoUnited States Hurricane RonnieBattlefield 1 PlayStation 552:573
2021-06-14India LoneWolfAZ Plays4K/60FPS Battlefield 1 - Animated Wallpaper3:3024
2021-06-07Turkey GamagazineKEEP THEM COMING Vehicles Destruction Epic moment Battlefield 1 short0:401,011
2021-06-06 Marco ZolezziBattlefield 1 - Playstation5 - PS5 - 4K9:4721
2021-04-13Russian Federation Crazy КреветкаBattlefield 1/ PS5/ Девушка стримит/online1:46:01167
2021-04-12Germany THUNDERBattlefield 3 Top Plays | Short F2000 Killstreak | Operation Metro1:48124
2021-04-11Russian Federation TheOldGamerBattlefield 1 Life stream on PlayStation 5 enjoy )37:312
2021-03-19United Kingdom TheBrokenMachineBattlefield 1: 41-1 Beasting on PlayStation 5 🤩9:0230,339
2021-03-17United Kingdom Fun_GuyBattlefield 6 news: Studios, Reveal, Alpha and More!6:32478
2021-03-15United Kingdom SMK GAMINGCommunity Clips & Top Plays | How To Enter | Battlefield & Call of Duty2:21239
2021-03-14United States King JosiahBattlefield 1 "I CAUGHT THE WHOLE TEAM" 10 KILLSTREAK #SHORTS BEST WAR MOMENTS PS4, PS50:48835
2021-02-23United States Robozombie360Battlefield 1 live - battlefield pro plays with john... lol2:08:0821
2021-02-10United Kingdom Aiden SlaterMuffin the Mule - Peregrine Helps Out (2005)10:121,285
2021-01-15United Kingdom GetGoodGuyBattlefield 1 ULTIMATE 2021 Settings Update Guide (Best Xbox & Playstation Settings)25:5828,617
2021-01-11Russian Federation KIKKETBattlefield 1 / TUGADI #7 / Uzbekcha letsplay51:37359
2021-01-03Hungary Isaac97 - No Commentary GameplayBattlefield 1: Air Assault Gameplays (No Commentary) I XBOX SERIES X 4K 60FPS15:32794
2021-01-01United States WaddupQLast live stream of 2020! Operations on Battlefield 1 PlayStation!37:4529
2020-12-20 DrftBattlefield V: Firestorm Master2:46479
2020-12-20United States FPS Game ChannelBattlefield 1 Revolution Victory Team deathmatch Gameplay 79:5541
2020-12-10Poland PiwnaRecenzjaBattlefield 1 #2 na PlayStation 52:23:50263
2020-12-06Portugal RdGuima YT Gaming ChannelBATTLEFIELD 1 - Remember US | End of Story (PS4/2020)18:07105
2020-11-27Greece GeorgeKGamingBattlefield 1 LiveStream 1440p. #battlefieldgreece #playstationgreece3:24:2282
2020-11-17 ƒ r u 7 7 y[4K HDR] Battlefield 1 \ Xbox Series X Enhanced Loading Times BF1 XSX Gameplay42:401,626

Latest Reviews For Battlefield 1

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
5 days agoAustralia BillyEatWorld5 Years Later... Is BATTLEFIELD 1 Still Worth It In 2021? [Review]13:32646
2021-05-01United States Jimmy a GeekBattlefield 1 GTX 1660 Ti 4K GamePlay 💻 Gigabyte AERO 15 OLED i7-9750H Gaming!21:3934
2021-04-27 Skycaptin5Battlefield 1 Xbox Series X FPS Boost vs Regular10:012,330
2020-11-08India OMEGA BABA YTBattlefield 1 Mission Avanti Campaign Machine Gun Gameplay | BF 119:5449
2020-11-01Brazil TereGamesBF 1 Xbox One - Modo Espectador, assistindo partidas, conferindo texturas e detalhes etc....1:05:44111
2020-10-20United Kingdom PC CentricIs 4K Gaming FINALLY Worth It? - LG GN950 144hz Gaming Monitor Review! (HDR)11:35139,602
2020-10-12Netherlands Pockify - Tech & GadgetsRazer DeathAdder V2 Pro Review: Is DRAADLOOS het waard?10:32195
2020-10-06India Mr. PhoneHyperX Cloud Stinger Core 7.1 review: the best 'gaming' headset under Rs 5K?7:395,884
2020-09-27United States The TechneA DREAM COME TRUE, Razer Deathadder V2 Pro Review9:0038,704
2020-09-24United Kingdom The Tech ChapThe Perfect 4K 144hz GAMING Monitor!? (LG 27GN950 Review) | The Tech Chap8:25560,745
2020-08-16United States Cubold GamingWhy Battlefield 1 is a Masterpiece2:45149
2020-05-23United States Catalyst_HDWas BF1 Really THAT Good? - Battlefield 111:041,391
2020-05-17United Kingdom GetGoodGuyBattlefield 6 Needs A SECRET GUN Like THIS10:317,489
2020-05-11Turkey MikroyunBattlefield 1 - İlk izlenim [First review]13:4624
2020-04-14 Defined Disaster[BF1] Battlefield 1 IN 2020 - ALIVE & AWSOME: The GOOD & BAD + BF1 Fresh Gameplay!10:543,678
2020-04-08United States Nude Clan Gaming#050 - Battlefield 1 Review1:56:051
2020-04-07Hungary Anyuci82BF1 - some rounds on BoB 22:09:389
2020-03-16France Esilecoronimpotkoi de mars14:46244,334
2020-03-16Belgium GAME LOVER94Battlefield 1: Обзор игры.Game Review. Battlefield 512:33110
2020-02-24Canada Jared BuschMaingear Vector Review // Best Bang for $1000!4:1813,045
2020-02-03Netherlands Gamekings VaultBattlefield 1: They shall not pass DLC Review18:0937
2020-01-27 Wannabe ReviewerUnder the Gun & in the Trenches (1917 Review)10:3265
2020-01-14United Kingdom justnvcRazer DeathAdder V2 Review: My #1 Mouse!10:2828,953
2019-12-15United States Charged ShotVoices of the Vanguard 13:Season of Dawn Early Review37:2518