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2023-11-02Hurricane Mk IIB on Stalingrad | Enlisted27:25132Enlisted
2023-11-02Hurricane Mk IIB is glitched #shorts0:5874Enlisted
2023-11-01T-60 is good!? | War Thunder22:0124War Thunder
2023-11-01I'm going HAM on them #shorts0:5820War Thunder
2023-10-31I'm stuck using penetration rounds all the time | World of Tanks14:1219World of Tanks
2023-10-31I killed three tanks while my whole team killed only two #shorts0:4724World of Tanks
2023-10-30My thoughts about the events | Enlisted26:2724Enlisted
2023-10-30Omg this LMG is OP #shorts0:5943Enlisted
2023-10-29He didn't even notice me | War Thunder17:4730War Thunder
2023-10-29I tried so hard but I failed #shorts0:44130War Thunder
2023-10-28Team save me please | World of Tanks17:5240World of Tanks
2023-10-28Tried my best to do as much as I could #shorts0:5151World of Tanks
2023-10-27I got 1 of the guns from the event | Enlisted20:2730Enlisted
2023-10-27Voevodin pistol #shorts0:3154Enlisted
2023-10-26Back to Arcade mode | War Thunder19:0776War Thunder
2023-10-26First ever proper plane kill #shorts0:37186War Thunder
2023-10-25He really hates me | World of Tanks19:5228World of Tanks
2023-10-25Oh god i'm dead #shorts0:51193World of Tanks
2023-10-24Trying out mosquito III | Enlisted21:1445Enlisted
2023-10-24Where do I look the center of the scope #shorts0:5722Enlisted
2023-10-23What round should i use i'm so confused | War Thunder23:22221War Thunder
2023-10-23They really wants their Revenge #shorts0:36194War Thunder
2023-10-22Mirny: Lost Hope event | World of Tanks14:5411World of Tanks
2023-10-22Mirny: Lost Hope is so much fun #shorts0:5831World of Tanks
2023-10-21The worst golden weapon but it's good | Enlisted22:0992Enlisted
2023-10-21KB-P-135 is a good gun #shorts0:5515Enlisted
2023-10-20I still don't know how he did it | War Thunder16:3852War Thunder
2023-10-20I didn't think hard enough #shorts0:5064War Thunder
2023-10-19Am I better at this game? | World of Tanks19:5339World of Tanks
2023-10-19they hate me so much everybody's focusing me #shorts0:5854World of Tanks
2023-10-18Heroes & Generals but in VR | We are back13:43224
2023-10-18How to use a tank in H&G #shorts0:5963Guide
2023-10-17I truly just downgraded | War Thunder19:16118War Thunder
2023-10-17I don't know what to do now #shorts0:33160War Thunder
2023-10-16KV-1 is to easy | World of Tanks26:1288World of Tanks
2023-10-16KV-1 wins #shorts0:5937World of Tanks
2023-10-15Conquest is too short of a game mode | Enlisted12:3674Enlisted
2023-10-15I want Revenge #shorts0:5922Enlisted
2023-10-14Progress has been made | War Thunder24:40151War Thunder
2023-10-14I thought I was dead there #shorts1:0080War Thunder
2023-10-13Thank you for all your service choo choo Charles | World of Tanks17:509World of Tanks
2023-10-13When you get surrounded and you panic #shorts0:5873World of Tanks
2023-10-12More events and level 6 plain | Enlisted22:5920Enlisted
2023-10-12Bot got him i can't believe it #shorts0:5424Enlisted
2023-10-11Best spot for choo choo Charles | War Thunder17:2341War Thunder
2023-10-11I see you but you can't see me #shorts0:58120War Thunder
2023-10-10How to make choo choo Charles better | World of Tanks22:3061GuideWorld of Tanks
2023-10-10Oh so i can shoot there #shorts0:5329World of Tanks
2023-10-05I believe the bomber is better | Enlisted25:2929Enlisted
2023-10-05Couldn't you just let me have fun #shorts0:4221Enlisted
2023-10-04My redemption ark with T-50 | War Thunder19:0083War Thunder
2023-10-04I accidentally almost shot my teammate #shorts0:5364War Thunder
2023-10-03I can't do damage | World of Tanks16:42112World of Tanks
2023-10-03Critical hit but zero damage #shorts0:5857World of Tanks
2023-10-02I'm enjoying playing the bomber plane | Enlisted29:2655Enlisted
2023-10-02100 kg boom tank kill #shorts0:5650Enlisted
2023-10-01Thanks for 800 Subs!4:5121
2023-09-30I was wrong about KV-1 | War Thunder17:13322War Thunder
2023-09-30I learned how to fight you #shorts0:5425GuideWar Thunder
2023-09-29Got the next tank | World of Tanks15:3740World of Tanks
2023-09-29When you realize you're screwed #shorts0:44212World of Tanks
2023-09-28I'm so evil white Engineer | Enlisted21:0364Enlisted
2023-09-28I'm a such a menace #shorts1:0057Enlisted
2023-09-27T-50 has bad armor | War Thunder17:18328War Thunder
2023-09-27It's always my Canon #shorts0:4943War Thunder
2023-09-26The game mode is so much fun | World of Tanks23:3727World of Tanks
2023-09-26Project Hyperion is so fun #shorts1:0054World of Tanks
2023-09-25GOLD Weapon SVD-38 | Enlisted22:51111Enlisted
2023-09-25If i don't do it nobody will #shorts1:00148Enlisted
2023-09-24I will never be number 1 again | War Thunder17:0557War Thunder
2023-09-24I'm unstoppable today #shorts0:55106War Thunder
2023-09-23It was refreshing to play | World of Tanks20:1531World of Tanks
2023-09-23I can't do everything | Enlisted18:1035Enlisted
2023-09-23I figure out I have Splash damage #shorts0:4766World of Tanks
2023-09-22I really have to do everything #shorts0:4356Enlisted
2023-09-21I guess it's going to help | War Thunder20:4037Let's PlayWar Thunder
2023-09-21How does this work #shorts0:5989War Thunder
2023-09-20Artillery tanks are not OP | World of Tanks19:03199World of Tanks
2023-09-20How it feels to play artillery tanks #shorts1:00244World of Tanks
2023-09-19I am UNKILLABLE!!! | Enlisted20:3627Enlisted
2023-09-19How to get stuck | War Thunder16:5825GuideWar Thunder
2023-09-19This is my point #shorts0:5324Enlisted
2023-09-19I can squeeze through here #shorts0:5334War Thunder
2023-09-17See i play other tanks too | World of Tanks18:3716World of Tanks
2023-09-17What am i supposed to do #shorts0:3439World of Tanks
2023-09-16sniper 2 added to the squad | Enlisted24:1721Enlisted
2023-09-16Did i go tank for no reason? #shorts0:4936Enlisted
2023-09-15Choo choo Charles 2 | War Thunder15:5948War Thunder
2023-09-15What is that tank i can't penetrate it #shorts0:58195War Thunder
2023-09-14It's raining artillery shots | World of Tanks16:07261World of Tanks
2023-09-14Shooting them out #shorts0:58105World of Tanks
2023-09-13My engineer skills helps us win the game | Enlisted22:5455Let's PlayEnlisted
2023-09-13Welp he has a death wish #shorts0:48130Let's PlayEnlisted
2023-09-12We meat again choo choo Charles | War Thunder20:08158War Thunder
2023-09-12Never shoot in to the engine #shorts0:36382War Thunder
2023-09-11I am in love with artillery tanks | World of Tanks18:08253World of Tanks
2023-09-11Time to run #shorts0:5422World of Tanks
2023-09-10New event is time gated | Enlisted19:5259Enlisted
2023-09-10I'm so bad XD #shorts1:005Enlisted
2023-09-09Who is alive and who is dead | War Thunder18:0914War Thunder