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Why is a 50 year old women playing with dolls and toys? Because I love them and I love making kids and moms laugh. My dolls were my favorite toys as a kid and I just never grew out of it. Because no matter how old you get, you never have to grow up. In Mommy's World we can all have fun and be kids.

One great thing about being a grown up is that I get to choose what to do with my life and I'm choosing to try new things! There are so many places I haven't been, foods I've never tasted, hobbies I've never tried and we are going to do them together!

We will also meet some family members you have never met before. You might not think they are nice, but I know they will make you laugh! And all of your old favorites are still here, Miss Robin, Guh Guh, Sweet Willy and if you look and listen very closely, Gracie is still a part of this channel in a whole new way!

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