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About Nightmare Expo

My name's Ryan and welcome to Nightmare Expo.

This is an analytical channel where I cover everything eerie that I come across on YouTube and the Internet. Here, you'll find my take on unexplained internet mysteries, webseries, disturbing channels, creepy websites, and really anything else that you or myself might stumble upon from the dark side of the web.

Sit back, grab a fizzy drink, and let's have some fun.

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The Curse of Evil Otto | Console Conspiracies
Join the club for just $5: In the early 1980s, an arcade game by the name of Berzerk took the video-game...
2019-03-08 4:58:55 PM ● 253,361 views ● 18:41 97.37% liked
What Really Happened with u/YAYVIDEOGAMES?
In 2010, a Reddit user by the name of YAYVIDEOGAMES shook the Internet with a very ominous outburst that left Redditors completely dumbfounded....
2019-02-22 5:12:54 PM ● 1,030,021 views ● 26:13 97.20% liked
Felicity Rossi’s Zombie Doll: Explained in Three Minutes or Less
Recently, a bizarre Facebook profile has surfaced, displaying many photos of a relationship between a woman and a creepy doll. Tonight, we're...
2019-02-10 8:46:16 PM ● 281,230 views ● 2:38 97.68% liked
Down the AshVlogs Rabbit Hole
Last year, an “innocent” channel sprouted on YouTube that consisted of ordinary vlog-style videos surrounding a girl by the name of Ash....
2019-02-08 3:43:52 PM ● 468,429 views ● 42:19 98.54% liked
What is POSTcontent?
In December of last year, a channel would sprout on YouTube that follows a man as he documents some strange activity taking place in his home....
2019-01-24 5:35:31 PM ● 683,723 views ● 31:11 96.97% liked
Disturbing Things from Around the Internet [Vol. 6] (ft. ScareTheater)
Across the Internet, strange and obscure oddities can surface in the darkest corners of the net. Tonight, I’m joined by ScareTheater to share...
2019-01-12 8:55:40 PM ● 1,587,639 views ● 18:29 97.00% liked
Magibon's Online Stalker
During the early days of YouTube, a creator by the name of Magibon found herself gaining a hefty amount of fame, primarily due to the strange...
2018-12-31 1:19:30 PM ● 475,303 views ● 15:38 98.29% liked
Who Really is Orie Chef?
For years now, a peculiar Facebook profile by the name of Orie Chef has been weirding out online users with her strange backlog of extra Facebook...
2018-12-19 8:38:40 AM ● 1,273,940 views ● 12:14 96.46% liked
TimmyThick's Strange Disappearance: Solved in Three Minutes or Less
In March of this year, social media personality "TimmyThick" would vanish under mysterious circumstances. On today's episode of "Three...
2018-12-12 2:41:07 PM ● 384,761 views ● 3:38 98.12% liked
Why Resident Evil 6 Failed
Join the Club for only $5: Thanks to our sponsor Dollar Shave Club, new members get their 1st month of...
2018-12-11 3:00:09 PM ● 628,624 views ● 35:01 83.16% liked