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Hey! I animate and do Gachaverse videos! Be sure to check out my friends!

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Welcome to My Channel!
Hey! If you are just visiting my channel, I do Gacha Series, Gacha Music Videos, and Gacha Mini Movies! I really hope you decide to subscribe...
2019-01-08 9:00:33 PM ● 11 views ● 0:33 100.00% liked
Assassin ~ GLMM
Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been posting. I was working on this! I hope you enjoy it! By the way, Angelina and Serena are both straight. They just...
2019-01-08 8:01:35 PM ● 6 views ● 9:55 100.00% liked
I'm Not Gay ~ Gacha Life ~ Episode 2
Hey guys! I finished this just on time for New Years! So Happy New Years! I hope you guys enjoy this episode. I worked really hard on it. I also...
2018-12-31 11:06:55 AM ● 23 views ● 5:09 100.00% liked
Christmas Special ~ Gacha Life
Hey guys! So I wanted to make a christmas special, but I didn't have enough time to make a GLMV. So what did i do? I made something in 10 minutes...
2018-12-23 10:56:13 AM ● 16 views ● 1:15 100.00% liked
Still Into You ~ GLMV
Hey guys! So I just got into this song and wanted to make a video with it! It's a bit off beat at some parts but oh well. My semester exams just...
2018-12-21 11:39:02 PM ● 26 views ● 3:46 100.00% liked
I'm Not Gay ~ Gacha Life ~ Episode 1
Hey guys! You all asked for it! Jamie's backstory! I hope you enjoy it! I worked really hard on it. Songs- BGM- School...
2018-12-16 8:12:39 PM ● 67 views ● 5:50 100.00% liked
TOY ~ Gacha Life ~ Music Video
Hey guys! I hope you guys enjoyed this music video! I worked really hard on it! Have an amazing day and don't forget to like and subscribe! Next...
2018-12-15 3:41:26 PM ● 34 views ● 3:09 100.00% liked
I'm back!
Im back my dudes
2018-12-13 8:20:43 PM ● 23 views ● 0:15 60.00% liked
I Love Play Rehearsal! [Gachaverse]
Hey guys! This is a reupload since last time I uploaded a video I don’t think anybody got notified. Anyways have a great halloween! Song-
2018-10-28 10:30:34 AM ● 53 views ● 2:54 100.00% liked
When Me and My Brother Play The Wii - Gachaverse
This was fun to do Music- I use Gachaverse and Videoshow for my gacha videos
2018-09-25 7:40:44 PM ● 130 views ● 0:50 100.00% liked