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About BrainScratch Commentaries

BrainScratch Commentaries is a group of unprofessional, loudmouth nerds goofing off on Skype to a bunch of gameplay videos, plus the occasional motion picture--you know, for a pinch of variety and and a touch of "culture."

Inspired by the awesomeness that is Hellfire-Commentaries, we gather every couple of weeks and waste hours upon hours recording random, obscene conversations that often stray into topics completely unrelated to what we're watching. Every weekday at 12 PM sharp (Eastern Standard Time), a new commentary part goes live... and sometimes we upload other content in addition to schedule.

Channel logo, banner, and other assets were commissioned from Switchback Designs:

Thumbnail art for Part 1 of any given playthrough is usually fan-drawn; check video descriptions for credits.

NOTE: We have no affiliation with the "BrainScratch" video series on YouTube channel "GeekenDorx." The similar naming is coincidental.

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Pirate Queen's Quest - Part 6:  Ewnd of da Pwaythruwu UwU
Twanks vewy muwch fow jowning dis pwaythruwu!!! uwu - We have a Twitter! And a Facebook!
2018-09-13 4:00:01 PM ● 3,930 views ● 17:48 97.77% liked
Pirate Queen's Quest - Part 5: The Sonic Tangent Episode
Every playthrough needs to have at least one, right? We'll talk about Shantae next time (probably). - We have a Twitter!
2018-09-11 4:00:00 PM ● 5,097 views ● 16:11 99.07% liked
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Pirate Queen's Quest - Part 4: Hanna-Barbera vs. Capcom
Man, EVO is going to be so boring this year. Nothing but Barney dittos and Dick Dastardly/Shaggy infinite juggles. LAME. - We have a Twitter!...
2018-09-06 4:00:04 PM ● 5,028 views ● 20:21 98.03% liked
Pirate Queen's Quest - Part 3: "Award Winning"
This playthrough has been given the BrainScratch Award for "Best Thing to Ever Exist on the Face of the Planet." - We have a Twitter!...
2018-09-04 4:00:00 PM ● 5,755 views ● 19:35 98.78% liked
Let's Play
Pirate Queen's Curse - Part 2: Squid Baron for Smash
In this part we lament having spent a buttload of money on Shantae: Half Genie Hero early so we could have instead spent a buttload of money...
2018-08-30 4:00:02 PM ● 7,699 views ● 16:18 98.39% liked
We'd like to thank Shade1602 for her work on this playthrough's thumbnail! You can check her DeviantArt page out here:
2018-08-28 4:00:00 PM ● 10,027 views ● 13:13 99.16% liked
Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2 | Me and the Hee-Homeboy
Download Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2 for free here: Thank you SEGA for sponsoring this video! Hee-hey...
2018-08-24 4:00:03 PM ● 2,950 views ● 36:58 95.80% liked
Mario Tennis (N64) - N̴͎̔6̸̻͌4̴̯͊ ̴̗̓4̶̞͝0̷̫̕,̸̹̊ ̶̼̍B̶͕̾Ș̴͘C̶̐͜ ̶̯̄L̷͍̀ō̴̠v̶̧̍ḙ̵̈́
Looks like the N64 didn't want to end the craziness with just crashing our Mario Party board. - We have a Twitter!
2018-08-23 4:00:00 PM ● 10,878 views ● 34:05 99.59% liked
Mario Party 3 (Creepy Cavern) - Part 4: Crash and Burn
Well that happened. - We have a Twitter! And a Facebook!
2018-08-21 4:00:05 PM ● 7,887 views ● 15:24 99.48% liked
Mario Party 3 (Creepy Cavern) - Part 3: Unusual Developments
Ryan NOT winning?? Could this truly be??? - We have a Twitter! And a Facebook!
2018-08-18 4:00:03 PM ● 6,645 views ● 15:17 99.59% liked