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1.United States cobanermani45694,265,963
2.United Kingdom Sonic Central36,802,217
3. borjito333,194,766
4.Canada DeoxysPrime31,437,593
5.Bolivia VicenticoTD30,441,969
6.United States JoeTE26,783,977
7.Spain Oscar Gonzalez Quesada22,340,228
8.United States iGameplay133722,256,265
9.France Blue Vivacity16,303,266
10.United States ChimneySwift1114,650,664

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1.United States DGF465
2.Greece Frokenok3399
3. Mario Tainaka344
4. MegaSonic Swordsman290
5.United States Cherrim277
6. SonicJGB235
7.United States cobanermani456219
8.Australia SuperSaiyanSonic215
9. TheJoueur1180
10.United Kingdom Sonic Central177

Latest Let's Plays For Sonic Generations

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day ago LETSPLAYmarkus Streams🔴 SONIC GENERATIONS 🦔 Twitch-Livestream # 459 vom 09.06.214:48:19118
4 days agoIreland RockPaperMarioLet's Play Sonic Generations, Part 10 - Dragoon Lance14:4326
2021-07-08Netherlands KinanPlaysGamesI want to go fast tonight - Sonic Generations1:48:237
2021-07-05United States Emerald MastersShadow plays Sonic Generations as himself!11:1010,940
2021-06-23United States ZonicTHedgehog【Vtuber】Sonic Generations 3DS! - Full Playthrough2:50:19699
2021-06-03United Kingdom PureChaosXSonic Generations 3DS - Citra Emu Test16:1753
2021-05-30United Kingdom Gotta Go Fast!ESPIO IS BACK! Espio Plays Sonic Generations10:1323,899
2021-05-07United States OVA Let's PlayMost RAGEiest Level Yet- Sonic Generations pt 1324:4154
2021-04-30Canada MaskedMetaKnight4An Improvised Incomplete Sonic Generations Playthrough [Stream 520]1:52:2792
2021-04-30Portugal FaKirMultiShow🔴 Sonic Generations - Livestream Playthrough #51:15:5418
2021-04-05United States TheGamedawgLet's Play Sonic Generations - Part 933:0748
2021-03-12United Kingdom Masterath GamingLet's Play Sonic Generations part 23/23: Stuck in Time Purgatory34:1928
2021-01-09Belgium CN Play[4K/HDR] Sonic Genarations / Playstation 5 Gameplay (via PS Now)9:276,394
2020-12-28United Kingdom Sonic CentralSonic Generations: Episode Shadow (Game Playthrough)36:11144,147
2020-12-23United States The BombadiersSonic Generations Let's Play - Final Boss Time! - PART 19 (FINALE)15:52312
2020-12-21Russian Federation Dmitry BabakSonic generations letsplay part 02 hd hq1:35:160
2020-12-07United Kingdom Retro Cheating :DSonic Generations One Level Playthrough with no Cheats on the Xbox 360 :D13:3768
2020-11-02United States Joseph SMASH!!Sonic Generations PC Let's Play PART 6 | DEATH AT SEASIDE HILL!! | JOSEPH SMASH!!!18:505
2020-11-02United States Mr. NidokingLet's Play - Sonic Generations (Episode 5) Rolling Around At The Speed Of Sound!17:4845
2020-10-17France Game Movie LandSONIC GENERATIONS fr - FILM JEU COMPLET47:2051,350
2020-09-18United States Nater Baiter GamerSonic Generations (PS3) Play through: Rooftop Run (Act 1) Classic Sonic7:293
2020-09-16United States MadhatterniSonic Generation Full Playthrough : No Commentary5:45:58852
2020-09-14United States Lightning FarronSonic Generations (PS3) Playthrough Part #7 Finale2:27:51177
2020-08-22Australia Rosy Girls 763Sonic Generations - Full Blind Playthrough (763 SUBSCRIBERS SPECIAL) [LIVE]5:04:46425

Latest Reviews For Sonic Generations

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-07-01United States Jimmy a GeekSonic Generations GTX 1660 Ti 4K GamePlay 💻 Gigabyte AERO 15 OLED i7-9750H Gaming!7:1521
2021-01-09United States TooterpSonic Generations is a Perfectly crafted Game for all Sonic fans! - Sonic Generations review (PC)10:30355
2020-12-12 Skycaptin5Sonic Generations Xbox Series X Gameplay Review15:002,710
2020-10-19Brazil MBJMBJ REVIEW • SONIC GENERATIONS • O MELHOR SONIC foi esquecido... feat. @Megga9:3015,840
2020-10-09United States OlympusGamingTVSonic Generations [Review] - Best Of Both Worlds?4:5265
2020-10-04 Garrulous64The Last 2D Boost Game! (Sonic Generations 3DS Review)15:1097,059
2020-08-24Canada ZOx0[Short Review] Sonic Generations, a 2D, & 3D Sonic game with a cool throwbacks.0:297
2020-08-09United States TwistedSonic Generations Review - Twisted5:49190
2020-04-22United Kingdom Sonic CentralSonic Generations: Choose Your Favorite Classic Design (Designs Compilation)1:567,794,696
2020-02-13Australia Pokéwood Theatersonic generations throwback & sonic movie review29:199
2020-02-08United States Mr WiiSonic Generations PS3 Review Mr Wii Reviews Episode 13 (Reupload)5:4517
2020-02-08United States The CompletionistSonic Generations: A Worthy Tribute | The Completionist20:03358,836
2019-11-14United States Fries101ReviewsFries Plays: Sonic Generations #11 (Finale) - Time Eater (With Fries101Reviews)22:5329
2019-02-25 Jlink Master ArchiveSonic Generations Steam REVIEW1:4713
2018-12-20Germany NoNiCSonic Generations Review3:4829
2018-12-02United Kingdom Dr SayusSonic Generations - Unleashed Project (PC Mod) Review2:2049
2018-11-19United States ZAGSonic Generations PC Gameplay & Review Highest Settings47:355
2018-08-11United Kingdom Robo Space KittySonic Generations - PC Review - 1080P13:15226
2018-04-21United Kingdom Jack's GamingSonic Generations Review: Is It (Good Or Not?) Xbox 3609:338
2018-03-17Canada Dirt Bag GamingSonic Generations Mini Review3:4443
2018-02-06United States The Catholic Gaming NerdSonic Generations (3DS) Review8:3323
2018-02-04 LJN DefenderMARIO VS. SONIC - New Super Mario Bros. Wii VS. Sonic Generations!10:2510,618
2018-01-03United States CHEESY124 EntertainmentGligar13Vids' "Sonic Generations Review" video (Censored Version)28:0834