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Basileous Productions is a YouTube channel which has roughly 7.68 thousand subscribers, with his content totaling around 7.41 million views views across at least 13.48 thousand videos.

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About Basileous Productions

Basileous Productions is a Video Production Group first formed in 2009 but has humble origins which root all the way back as early as 2006.

We at Basileous Productions strive to produce and feature high quality videos of different content for your enjoyment and satisfaction.

We create videos of both special events we went to and create videos of video games made by different companies, of different genres and of different platforms.

Whether its to enjoy the videos of special occasions and events to see how they are or to follow a walkthrough in case you get stuck in a game - we hope you can enjoy our videos to the fullest.

Thank you and please Subscribe to us and spread the word of our wonderful organization.

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