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Hello! I like doing advanced, technical and combo gameplay videos of various action games—notably KOEI's Musou/Warriors games. I will also upload reviews, guides, tips and tricks, showcases, cutscenes and other miscellaneous videos dependent on what's currently available on YouTube.

Don't forget to visit my blog for news, announcements, tutorials, game reviews and other cool stuff: http://wonderpierrot.blogspot.com

Do NOT follow any people on Twitter or Facebook under my name, they are not me and I do not use these services and quite frankly never will.

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Samurai Warriors 2 - Musashi Miyamoto, The Egotistical Jokester
Can't believe I couldn't find this anywhere, but some of the lines Musashi Miyamoto makes in Samurai Warriors 2: Empires was just downright ridiculous...
2018-11-30 4:10:09 PM ● 2,248 views ● 0:33 100.00% liked
$100 Wang Yuanji Dynasty Warriors 8 Figure Unboxing and Giveaway!
The giveaway is closed, congrats to NightBlack23 for winning! Thank you for everyone that participated!
2018-11-29 8:06:17 PM ● 3,549 views ● 11:53 99.10% liked
2018 Channel Updates, Hiatus Reasons & Your Suggestions Welcomed! (feat. MHW Gameplay)
Time stamps are in the description if you don't wish to listen to me blab about stuff you don't care about! Overdue video where I explain reasons...
2018-11-10 3:21:28 PM ● 1,836 views ● 22:36 95.00% liked
Monster Hunter World - Craziest Monster AI Glitch I've Seen!
Saw this strange phenomenon while hunting with a friend. Believe it or not, it was doing this for more than five minutes until it snapped out!...
2018-11-03 9:24:59 AM ● 405 views ● 0:15 100.00% liked
Warriors Orochi 4 (無双OROCHI3) - Athena, Ares, Zeus (Greek Gods Combo Gameplay Chaotic Difficulty)
Athena is a bae.
2018-11-03 1:36:27 AM ● 2,196 views ● 8:07 100.00% liked
Warriors Orochi 4 (無双OROCHI3) - Sun Quan, Xu Shu, Cao Pi (Combo Gameplay in Chaotic Difficulty)
I know, I owe a huge apology and explanation for the long absence, but that will be saved for the following video. Right now I really need to...
2018-10-22 4:57:10 PM ● 4,045 views ● 12:09 98.43% liked
Arslan: The Warriors of Legend Video Review
A surprising little hack and slash gem from the Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors creators. Note: This review is based on the Japanese version...
2016-02-11 8:25:55 AM ● 21,658 views ● 8:38 91.63% liked
Dynasty Warriors 8 - Guan Yinping Gameplay (Extended Demo with NO AFFINITY Mod)
Song & Many Others Available for Free at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/71f5mqv0wj0fb3k/Songs.zip?dl=0 Not too many people liked the weapon affinity...
2015-10-11 8:54:50 AM ● 32,961 views ● 5:27 93.87% liked
Samurai Warriors 4-II (Sengoku Musou 4-II) Video Review
Is this "another side of the game" worth another playthrough or purchase? Find out in this brutally honest review! P.S: This review...
2015-09-28 4:53:46 AM ● 114,989 views ● 9:26 92.69% liked
Feeding a TON of Feral/Stray Kittens and Cats!
Hey! It's not a gaming video for once (don't worry, I'll get back to those shortly). Our house has been a giant HAVEN for cats lately. Since...
2015-09-19 4:39:02 PM ● 6,399 views ● 3:11 97.58% liked