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Hello everyone, my name is Chris Gildart and I love video games.

On this channel you can expect weekly let's play challenges to be uploaded every Friday. The best thing about those let's play challenges is that they are made by viewers like you! Want to challenge me? Leave a comment on any video and you may get a shout out if I do your challenge.

But that's not all, there are regular let's plays that happen every Tuesday. These are usually games I really want to play or games provided by publishers and developers.

There are also three fully scripted and edited shows that get uploaded less frequently due to how heavy their production is. These include Pros vs. Cons (or PvC Reviews), Comparison, and Discussed It. All of which have playlists for you to explore! Another show is H.I.F.A or How I Feel About. This is an unscripted reaction show where I discuss news in gaming.

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Thanks for all the support!

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Dynasty Warriors 9 | Hypothetical Let's Play #1 | Guo Jia is cured!
It was only a matter of time until I started up a let's play of the hypothetical stories for DW9. Check out the devs... Twitter:
2019-02-13 4:00:12 AM ● 86 views ● 26:47 100.00% liked
Dynasty Warriors 9
Let's Play
Atelier Rorona DX | Let's Play #4 | The hunt for King Puni
New schedule boys and girls! We got let's plays every Monday and Wednesday now, with let's play challenges on Fridays still. Hope you enjoy the...
2019-02-11 4:00:05 AM ● 15 views ● 22:02 100.00% liked
Let's Play
Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires | LightyTheNube's Raid Challenge
I'm definitely not prepared for this challenge. I haven't played DW8E much. Maybe this should become a let's play on the channel to get me further....
2019-02-08 4:00:12 AM ● 139 views ● 11:08 100.00% liked
Dynasty Warriors 8
Let's Play
Warriors Orochi 4 | Let's Play #14 | I hate the boots!
[INSERT DESCRIPTION] Check out the devs... Twitter: Official site: Check out...
2019-02-05 4:00:00 AM ● 100 views ● 39:05 87.50% liked
Let's Play
Dynasty Warriors 6 Special | Fresh Hard Mode Challenge
Playing the PS2 version of Dynasty Warriors 6 because I can. Check out the devs... Twitter: Official site:
2019-02-01 4:00:09 AM ● 223 views ● 13:07 83.33% liked
Atelier Rorona DX | Let's Play #3 | Hiring Sterky
The audio kinda desyncs at parts of this let's play, but that's alright, we still got to hire good ol' Sterky. Check out the dev... Twitter:...
2019-01-29 4:00:05 AM ● 29 views ● 1:20:51 83.33% liked
Let's Play
DISCUSSED IT | Warriors Orochi 4 review
The review is finally here! It's been a long time coming for this one. I appreciate everyone's patience with this as it was a little more difficult...
2019-01-27 4:00:05 AM ● 582 views ● 11:45 98.00% liked
Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate | Chaotic Orochi X Challenge
Thanks to Orochi X for this challenge. Have a challenge for me? Leave it down in the comments! Check out the dev... Twitter:
2019-01-25 4:00:07 AM ● 138 views ● 14:43 100.00% liked
Warriors Orochi 4 | Let's Play #13 | Keeping things fresh
Keeping things fresh with new party members! Check out the devs... Twitter: Official site:
2019-01-22 4:00:13 AM ● 78 views ● 33:34 81.82% liked
Let's Play
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary | True Marine Challenge
Thought I'd do a Halo let's play challenge. I've been planning this one for a while now. Hope you enjoy. Check out the dev... Twitter:
2019-01-18 4:00:00 AM ● 36 views ● 24:21 100.00% liked