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1.United States FightinCowboy6,164,427
2. PowerPyx5,470,011
3.United States PWARGaming4,560,914
4. IGN3,915,979
5.Japan よしなま3,735,421
6.United States Boss Fight Database3,649,385
7.Brazil BRKsEDU3,038,695
8.United States theRadBrad2,845,744
9.Croatia RPG Division2,695,742
10.United Kingdom Shirrako2,627,035

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1.United States Sovereign Sage448
2. Kagerasimaru437
3. Fredchuckdave357
4.New Zealand TheGamesEntertainer331
5. PenMaster3000246
6.United States CohhCarnage241
7.United States All The Shinies205
8.Brazil Romar Jogos185
9.Croatia RPG Division176
10.United States Kevfactor167

Latest Let's Plays For Nioh

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
6 days agoGermany CaistLPNioh [015] Sam U. Rai: Unbesiegbar und wunderschön [Deutsch] Let's Play Nioh3:02:3071
6 days agoGermany MatsurikaGamingNioh [6] - Viel zu lernen | Let's Play mit Facecam30:166
6 days agoGermany SPoOkY 4FNioh 2 #08 Jetzt wirds Masocore - Let's Play Nioh 221:1614
2020-03-23 Seld KLet's Play: Nioh - 1st Playthrough2:59:041
2020-03-22Germany AnGeLuS GamingNioh 2 LIVE Stream #04 - Schwert & Speer - Let's Play Deutsch4:13:34419
2020-03-18United States Colin's Last Stand: Side QuestThe Finer Points of Nioh 223:316,314
2020-03-18Germany GraumenGaming"Stich mir doch nicht dein Schwert in die Möppies!" - Let's play Nioh 2 #003 [german deutsch]25:079
2020-03-18United States Krist the 30 Year Old BoomerKrist Plays Nioh 11:50:5646
2020-03-18Canada rubhen925NIOH 2 (2020) Gameplay Playthrough Full Game Part 8 (Postgame) - True Nioh Experience [PS4 Pro]2:23:30749
2020-03-17 Time WarriorsLet's Play Nioh Episode 31: Sekigahara33:31424
2020-03-17Brazil Lucky SalamanderNioH 2 - Parte 7: O Guerreiro do Fogo e Gelo!!! [ PS4 Pro - Playthrough 4K ]2:33:1820,360
2020-03-17France E.M.BPremier Boss Mezuki - Nioh 2 #02 Let's Play FR59:132,300
2020-03-13Germany MikeimInternet - GamingNIOH 2 GAMEPLAY GERMAN 05 FLAMMEN UND RAUCH ! LET'S PLAY NIOH 2 - PS4 PRO27:28129
2020-03-12Germany TraschHeadsNIOH Lets Play Deutsch - Part 10 - NIOH Gameplay PS4 - NIOH Gameplay Bossfight31:289
2020-03-11France PlayStation FranceNioh 2 | Bande-annonce de lancement | PS41:331,655
2020-03-09Australia GeekAloudLet's Install - Nioh1:23:2464
2020-03-05Germany HijugaNIOH (PC) #019 ⚔ Panik in der Silbermine - Let's Play Nioh Deutsch25:26565
2020-03-01Austria CerealkillerzNioH 2 Last Chance Trial Gameplay Playthrough1:01:4896
2020-02-29Brazil Ricardo GameplaysNioh 2 Testando a Demo Final #011:59:1083
2020-02-29Spain GuiltyBitNioh 2 - Enfrentamiento contra Ryomen Sukuna - PlayStation 43:3551
2020-02-23United Kingdom matthew paceNioh Playthrough7:12:163
2020-02-23Italy ScottiBiscuiTNIOH #11 - Salpiamo verso nuove avventure43:059
2020-02-19United States SVGWATCH THIS BEFORE YOU BUY NIOH 210:5819,199
2020-02-18United States Kokesher3Koke Plays Nioh - Samuria Tenderizer - Stream Vod4:44:5811
2020-02-18 killer clown3344Nioh plays and rages58:430

Latest Reviews For Nioh

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-03-21United Kingdom Silver MontNioh 2 - Review20:164,161
2020-03-12United States MrMattyPlaysThe RPG That Completely Blew Me Away - Nioh 212:5221,224
2020-03-11United Kingdom NewsBOT GamingNioh 2 Reviews Round Up, All The Scores...1:4329
2020-03-10Argentina Malditos NerdsNIOH 2 TE VA A DESTROZAR: NINJAS, YOKAI Y MUCHO CHOCOLATE | Review | Malditos nerds18:561,610
2020-03-10Germany GamersGlobalNioh 2 im Test: Das Soulslike weckt den Yokai in dir! (Review, German, 4K)10:112,061
2020-03-05Netherlands Gamekings VaultNioh Defiant Honor Review17:2226
2019-11-01United States The Golden BoltPLUSone - Nioh and Outlast 2 Review - PlayStation Plus November 201912:141,663
2019-03-14Australia Dave Talks Video GamesShould you play Nioh? (Impressions / Review)5:1946
2018-11-26Czech Republic JARYNŽUPURECKA - Nioh3:2337
2018-07-11United States Mekel KasanovaNIOH Complete Edition w/ Mekel Kasanova1:11:4326
2018-05-31 Nino's Play4FunNioh Critical Review 21:921:50640
2018-04-25Germany Cubi ReviewsNioh | Mehr als ein Samurai Souls | Cubi Reviews10:4019
2018-04-02United Kingdom ConsolevaniaNioh and Torment: Tides of Numenera Review - Consolevania S04E023:44122
2018-03-23 Rak Doom55Nioh29:595
2018-02-25United States ANPA USNioh Gameplay Review Part XI39:0610
2018-01-25Indonesia DTekku_NIOH Complete edition - quick review Indonesia7:40759
2018-01-22United States MightyNiftyNioh Review | MightyNifty15:55367
2017-12-22 KotakuNioh is my Christmas present to myself8:3418,212
2017-12-12 FextralifeA Year In Reviews (DKS3, DOS 2, Nier Automata, Nioh, Horizon & more) - Fextralife 201724:562,325
2017-12-02 MaddmikeNioh Review | Maddmike16:46251
2017-11-25 HOLYONE A.K.A Ultimate GamerNioh Complete Edition Review:When Ninja Guiden Meets Dark souls8:08261
2017-11-23United Kingdom LpgardianNioh: Complete Edition Review8:1115,545
2017-11-17Mexico Spartan GeekNioh: La Jodiste en PC Aunque Tengas Historia y Gráficos Chingones | Review | Spartan Geek12:0423,869
2017-11-16United States aarcadeeTwo Cent Review: Nioh6:37149
2017-11-15 Pablo InterNioh PC Review34:39346