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Hello, everyone! I am The Bearded Beast!
This channel is focused on lets plays, game reviews and perhaps future challenges that anyone could set for me.
Welcome - and enjoy your stay ;D

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SPACE SAUSAGES & WATER TANKS! | Simple Planes #52 | YOUR Creations!
Hey guys! :D I have taken yet another wave of your creations and tested them like never before! Or... you know... like we usually do... My Social...
2018-05-16 1:56:02 PM ● 2,692 views ● 16:16 96.64% liked
MY PUNISHMENT FOR NOT UPLOADING! | Getting Over It With Benneth Foddy #1
Hey guys! :D I figured it was time to pull my sh!t together, so I have made a little punishment video for myself - I thought playing this game...
2018-05-13 1:19:39 PM ● 1,112 views ● 14:08 98.78% liked
PLAYING THE NEW EVENT! | Overwatch Retribution Gameplay!
Hey guys! I thought I would try out the latest event in Overwatch, and it's really fun :D I think Reinhardt is the best hero to play in that...
2018-04-23 2:16:33 PM ● 713 views ● 11:49 95.00% liked
Overwatch (2016)
HOVERPAD MADNESS! | Trailmakers #8 | Messing With Hoverpads!
Hey guys! :D I thought it would be fun to mess around with the hover pads a bit, and I think I was right xD Game link
2018-04-17 5:21:07 PM ● 2,312 views ● 10:43 99.03% liked
Scrap Mechanic SKYBASE BUILDING - with YOU! :D
Hey guys! :D It's time for a long awaited Scrap Mechanic Livestream! :D Discord Spiderling Games
2018-03-25 9:25:03 AM ● 2,201 views ● 1:35:40 98.11% liked
WORLD MAKER UPDATE! :D | Scrap Mechanic #45 | Update + Stream Announcement!
Hey guys! :D I forgot to make the announcement, but I am streaming on Sunday, from 3pm to 4:30pm :D Also, an amazing update to Scrap Mechanic...
2018-03-22 3:56:00 PM ● 1,553 views ● 15:54 97.06% liked
Scrap Mechanic
RACE ISLAND UPDATE!! | Trailmakers #7 | Discovering The New Island!
Hey guys! :D There has been an update to Trailmakers not too long ago, and I thought it would be cool to check out! It's the Race Island Update!...
2018-03-19 10:28:45 AM ● 1,188 views ● 14:22 100.00% liked
THE ENDING OF SUBNAUTICA! | Subnautica #23 | Rocket Building & Escaping The Planet! :D
Hey guys! :D It took some time to get this one out, but here it is! :D After 2 failed attempts, I did it!! The ending is amazing, and it feels...
2018-03-17 4:50:26 PM ● 770 views ● 23:19 96.30% liked
Subnautica (2018)
PLAYING WITH PHYSICS! | Besiege F*ckaround #11 | Trying To Break Physics!
Hey guys! :D I would still very much like your ideas for Besiege F*ckaround, so feel free to post them below! :D Game link
2018-03-07 2:59:09 PM ● 4,428 views ● 12:26 99.43% liked
Besiege (2015)
THIS THING WORKS?! | Trailmakers #6 | Updated & Awesome!
Hey guys! :D I thought of picking up Trailmakers again, since it got updated not too long ago :D It seems like a very good game to mess around...
2018-03-01 3:10:53 PM ● 1,627 views ● 10:11 98.92% liked