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United Kingdom
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About Dan Bull

Hi. I'm Dan Bull, a British geek rapper and vlogger. I rap about games, politics, the internet, and feelings. You may know me from my Skyrim and Assassin's Creed raps, and my letter to Lily Allen. I am "BFFs" with Boyinaband, Yogscast, NerdCubed, and Boogie2988. Series I make:
- GAME RAPS - hip hop tracks about games and gaming issues
- LOVEBOMB - introducing you to amazing undiscovered YouTube channels and jizzing them with love
- LYRIC OR SATIRIC - gameshow where participants invent lyrics in the style of famous srtists
- INTERCOURSE TIME - awkward vlog chats with various guests
- OPEN LETTERS - I write musical letters to people who need schooling. As a result, I sometimes end up on the news

Issues I fight for:

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Congratulations. (Boyinaband diss track? PewDiePie parody? Roomie impersonation?)
This isn't a diss track, it's more of a miss track. Dedicated to Boyinaband. Listen to this song plus my other collaborations with Dave over...
2019-04-09 1:49:01 PM ● 179,993 views ● 6:00 96.16% liked
Somebody remix this before it's illegal... ROBOCOPYRIGHT!
► See the proper version on Grandayy's channel. https://youtu.be/VvpWQkbyW2A ► The EU is about to vote on Article 13, a law which would require...
2019-03-22 12:22:50 PM ● 179,930 views ● 4:48 99.53% liked
This is what happens when you promote an adult video game... I MADE A MONSTER!
#ad I clearly didn't learn my lesson the first time. Nutaku made me an offer I couldn't refuse, and it's even stranger than the first one. Play...
2019-03-21 2:39:46 PM ● 126,215 views ● 4:17 99.10% liked
I'M IN A VIDEO GAME! Trials Rising Rap | Dan Bull
I've been a fan of the Trials series for years so when Ubisoft and RedLynx asked me if I'd make a song for the official Trials Rising soundtrack,...
2019-02-22 9:43:13 AM ● 100,048 views ● 4:03 99.15% liked
Yes I know Apex Legends is a thing. I'm working on it. ANYWAY. D.Va was one of the most requested Overwatch heroes for me to do a song about....
2019-02-17 1:27:12 PM ● 222,759 views ● 3:04 97.32% liked
Overwatch (2016)
RESIDENT EVIL 2 RAP | "One Shot" | Dan Bull
Another Resident Evil 2 song because Resident Evil 2 rite? If you missed my previous Resident Evil songs here they are: ► Evil Feeds ft. Rockit...
2019-01-31 8:35:03 AM ● 85,177 views ● 3:16 98.60% liked
Resident Evil 2 Rap Song | "Evil Feeds" | Dan Bull vs Rockit Gaming
My first Resident Evil 2 song... there's another one coming next week! This one is a collab with Rockit Gaming. My last big collab with Rockit...
2019-01-25 2:58:50 PM ● 153,440 views ● 3:52 98.79% liked
"Call Me Mei, Bae" - Overwatch Rap Song | Dan Bull
Mei. The Overwatch hero everybody loves. Everybody. This song is called "Call Me Mei, Bae" and yet it is a parody of "Let It Go"...
2019-01-22 2:01:40 PM ● 118,888 views ● 4:24 93.22% liked
Overwatch (2016)
GRAND THEFT AUTO IV RAP | Dan Bull feat. Divide | Critical Hit #4
GTA 4 is ten years old already so I teamed up with my bowling buddy Divide to bring you this tribute to Niko Bellic. We twere inspired by the...
2019-01-12 12:11:26 PM ● 100,672 views ● 4:14 97.78% liked
My first album is 10 years old today... DAN BULL - SAFE | full album with lyrics
WARNING: This album contains extended references to self harm and suicide. ► Hear the whole album on Spotify: https://goo.gl/UmT8ba My first...
2019-01-01 2:03:07 PM ● 28,659 views ● 41:04 99.23% liked