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I have ps4 if y'all wanna Add me is RickEstorra and also I play Minecraft pocket Edition , ps4 Minecraft well sometime play different Game anyhoo make sure subscribe my channel and let Hit for 7000,00 Subscribe also 400 Like

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kingdom hearts 3 Episode 2 Heartless Boss battle
Sorry For Late Upload i Was hype Everything Lol Move Set Look Amazing Also Meg She Look Thiccc Extra thiccccccc (Leave comment Drop like) Stay...
2019-02-10 4:00:31 AM ● 3 views ● 32:08 100.00% liked
Kingdom Hearts III
kingdom Hearts 3 Episode 1
OMG Finally i play Kingdom hearts 3 been Waiting Seen Tuesday Lol also if yall hear background it was My Little Sister But My Mom buy KH3 At...
2019-02-09 10:08:00 PM ● 14 views ● 31:22 100.00% liked
Kingdom Hearts III
Blazblue Episode 5
If y'all See Neol 8:59 That Gun Keep Spinning Lol idk what Going on here XD after that Marshmallow Drop That Beats 🎧 i see why Never Touch...
2019-02-09 3:00:03 PM ● 1 views ● 23:06 0.00% liked
Apex legend Part 3
My Buddy Over Here Try Carry Me Out #ApexLegend But We try Lol they Put into Work well Danm Like Nani?/?/ (Leave comment Drop like ) Stay tune...
2019-02-09 12:32:42 PM ● 6 views ● 23:11 100.00% liked
Harbinger Infinity War Episode 1
Dis Game Still Open Beta Harbinger they still Working on in Game Harbinger hopefully Because bit lag Cut Scene But i will let y'all Know Keep...
2019-02-07 9:41:19 PM ● 1 views ● 13:51
Apex legend Part 2
Our Team Ain't Sh#t Lol We Land Bad Timing Here i thought My Guy Mist Carry Me Out #ApexLegend But We All Die Same Time XD GG Again Sorry For...
2019-02-07 12:07:57 AM ● 7 views ● 28:44 100.00% liked
Apex legend Part 1
Me & my team Friends Trying Get Some Kill But i Guess Not Lol So I join Random After that We Fail XD Plus I'm level 3 (Leave comment Drop...
2019-02-05 11:35:00 PM ● 5 views ● 26:18 100.00% liked
Apex legend Training Mode Tutorial
Bro Telling you Apex legend was Fire Super Lit Just Like Black Out PUBG Real Royale H1Z1 Over Watch It Like Over Place XD First Time i play Apex...
2019-02-04 11:42:00 PM ● 95 views ● 19:09
Miracle M: Walkthrough 1
Sorry For Short just Testing graphic in game But don't Worry Next One Will Be Long One i hope 👀 (leave Comments Drop Like) Stay Tuned Next...
2019-02-04 8:21:29 PM ● 5 views ● 5:09
Fortnite Part 11 [Marshmallow Party]
#Marshmallow #Party #DJ yoooooooooo Mind Blow Everyone Dancing & Hype Like Everyone Enjoy Marshmallow Events & Me Myself Lol Let Me Know...
2019-02-03 6:39:36 PM ● 35 views ● 13:13 100.00% liked
Fortnite (2017)