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Welcome to BensTechTips on Youtube. Here we post loads of videos where you can find out some neat little tricks, tutorials and other computer related stuff to try out. All of our videos are now available on the YouTube EDU.
We try and post at least once a week, but sometimes more frequently. On the channel, we post videos such as:

-Windows 8 tutorials and tricks
-Linux tutorials and tricks
-Web Hosting tutorials
-PC software reviews
-Many more computer related how-to's and tutorials!

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CUSTOM Windows 10 Boot Logo! [How To]!
This tutorial will allow you to change your Windows 10 boot logo. Please note that this tutorial will only work if you're running a legacy boot...
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Download Windows 10 Directly From Microsoft
Thanks for viewing this video! This tutorial shows you how to download the official ISO file for either the Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro....
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Upgrade Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 RTM without Losing Data! | Step by Step
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Windows 10 RTM Download Link!
So this video is purely for those who want to download Windows 10. This link is for the Pro 64 bit version:
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Convert Windows 10 Free Upgrade to ISO File or DVD
Looking to easily convert your Windows 10 free upgrade to an ISO file? It's very simple with the ESD decryption tool. Follow the steps shown...
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Windows 8.1 - Change PC Settings Won't Open Fix (EASY)
Have you upgraded Windows 8 to 8.1? Refreshed or reinstalled Windows 8.1? Occasionally, the 'Change PC Settings' metro application will fail...
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Windows 8 / 8.1 'Insert Media' Message Fix (Easy)
If you're getting the 'Insert Media' error message when trying to refresh or reinstall Windows 8 or 8.1, this tutorial will show you how to fix...
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OFFICIAL: Windows 10 Technical Preview! Part 2 - Review
Looking for Windows 9? Is Windows Threshold on the horizon? Well, sort of. The new version of Windows will be called Windows 10. This is the...
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OFFICIAL: Windows 10 Technical Preview! Part 1 - Installation
Looking for Windows 9? Is Windows Threshold on the horizon? Well, sort of. The new version of Windows will be called Windows 10. This is the...
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Office 2013 - Disable Cloud Sign in
Free Tech Advice! - Support us here - Yes I'm back! It's been a long time since the last...
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