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2023-03-24[TF2] Cloak and Dagger Command11:44225,657Team Fortress 2
2023-03-16[Valheim] The Ted Bruise Pig Incident of 19879:02101,142Valheim
2023-03-09[TF2] Live Cloak and Dagger Reaction14:11373,324Team Fortress 2
2023-03-01DYNAMITE SPAGHETTI8:59187,859Garry's Mod
2023-02-17[TF2] The Cow-Mangler Battalion Returns - Meatloaf8:05281,248Team Fortress 2
2023-02-07Breaking Games with Concerning Regularity - SoundBytes Vol. 113:49229,537Team Fortress 2
2023-02-03[Elden Ring] Handsome Squidward, Scoundrel of the Lands Between9:2569,412Elden Ring
2023-01-22[TF2] MvM Shenanigans - The Three-Legged Gamer20:01277,227Team Fortress 2
2023-01-19[Darktide] Big Guy, Big Stick8:35131,070Warhammer 40,000: Darktide
2023-01-14[TF2] Extremely Chaotic Frying Pan Moments9:06285,544Team Fortress 2
2023-01-06[TF2] Huntsman Funnies That Altered My Brain Chemistry8:57260,174Team Fortress 2
2022-12-30[TF2] We Have Market Gardens at Home - Meatloaf8:16292,166Team Fortress 2
2022-12-18THE RAGE MAGE - D&D 5e Sound Design Process16:1992,546Rage
2022-12-18[TF2] FUNNY RAGDOLL9:01426,530Team Fortress 2
2022-12-12[TF2] All I Want for Smissmas is More Meatloaf8:48301,664Team Fortress 2
2022-12-07[TF2] Critical PP Shenanigans8:15329,060Team Fortress 2
2022-12-04[Elden Ring] Handsome Squidwa Begins11:5282,389Elden Ring
2022-11-16[Payday 2] Golf Cart Goofin'8:07147,281Payday 2
2022-10-26[TF2] ERROR8:43351,379Team Fortress 2
2022-10-09[TF2] I UNBOXED 50 Scream FORTRESS Crates and THIS Happened.... (UNUSUAL?!?!?! (GONE WRONG (OMG?!)))12:48434,368Team Fortress 2
2022-10-06[TF2] Force-a-Nature Bullying - Meatloaf8:15391,584Team Fortress 2
2022-09-19[TF2] Goofballs, Inc. (ft. Flava)9:01404,878Team Fortress 2
2022-09-13[TF2] Breaking the Sound Barrier for Exactly 0.1 Seconds8:53599,950Team Fortress 2
2022-09-03[TF2] Trashmann Rising9:07655,982Team Fortress 2
2022-08-27GTA V is Still Delightfully Chaotic9:28129,477Grand Theft Auto V
2022-08-20[TF2] Fresh From the Garden: You Are Going to Basil8:23295,874Team Fortress 2
2022-08-13[TF2] "Fresh" From the Garden: It's About Thyme8:09323,394Team Fortress 2
2022-08-08[TF2] MvM Shenanigans but We're the Robots8:40442,184Team Fortress 2
2022-07-19Tower Unite is Ridiculous8:38173,399Tower Unite
2022-05-31[TF2] The Enforcer Re-Revisited8:06532,501Team Fortress 2
2022-05-02Blunderlands8:11168,621Tiny Tina's Wonderlands
2022-04-09[TF2] Dane's Achievement Farm - Meatloaf8:55789,907Team Fortress 2
2022-03-25[Sea of Thieves] The Rat Update8:32559,603Sea of Thieves
2022-02-23[Payday 2] Direct Deposit Dummies10:04449,928
2022-02-09[TF2] The Original Casual Meta9:10572,078Team Fortress 2
2022-01-30[TF2] The Human Stickytrap10:16757,726Team Fortress 2
2022-01-08[TF2] 2Fort Tomfoolery - Meatloaf13:34914,800Team Fortress 2
2021-12-24[TF2] MvM Trolldier15:41637,266Team Fortress 2
2021-12-11I Want to Speak to the Hitmanager8:48186,382Hitman 3
2021-11-10[Garry's Mod] Getting Terrorized by Insane NPCs - Sandbox Shenanigans9:02861,347Garry's Mod
2021-10-23[TF2] One Mann's Trash: Mann's Guide Bonus Clips 317:191,559,480GuideTeam Fortress 2
2021-10-16[TF2] A Mann's Guide to the Big Earner15:323,145,750GuideTeam Fortress 2
2021-10-06[TF2] Scream Fortress XIII UNBOXING!! (CRAZY LOOT!! (UNUSUAL?!?!? (GONE FISHING)))11:30886,313Team Fortress 2
2021-09-29What if an Artificer Cast Guiding Bolt? - D&D Sound Design Process10:46126,906Artificer
2021-09-25Hitman: Agent of Grease8:22203,361Hitman
2021-09-11[TF2] An Intense Duel Consisting Entirely of Shortstop Shoves - Meatloaf10:28728,363Team Fortress 2
2021-08-26[Garry's Mod] Every Early 2000s Discovery Channel Show11:13293,656ShowGarry's Mod
2021-08-13[TF2] "Samurai" Bros - Meatloaf10:23658,307Team Fortress 2
2021-08-02Whodunnit? (Spoiler: It Was the Hitman)8:44280,235Hitman 3
2021-08-01Mann's Guide 3 Teaser0:16245,222
2021-07-17[TF2] Cursed Happenings8:10923,852Team Fortress 2
2021-07-01[TF2] Shortstop Shove is Actually Kinda Good - Meatloaf10:371,374,140Team Fortress 2
2021-06-19[Garry's Mod] The Curse Exterminators - Sandbox Shenanigans8:54349,780Garry's Mod
2021-06-13[Music] Requiem for a Pizza 2 - Original Soundtrack1:13178,294
2021-06-01Him, Man12:20371,369Hitman 3
2021-05-23The Unfortunately Named Spew Hard Benson - Sea of Thieves11:26316,429Sea of Thieves
2021-05-18Sound Re-Design: Carmilla vs. Isaac (Castlevania S4 Spoilers)0:57102,499
2021-05-14hey what's up1:00326,680Team Fortress 2
2021-04-30[TF2] MvM Shenanigans - The Huntsman is Surprisingly Good14:471,156,156Team Fortress 2
2021-04-18Abusing Valheim's Physics Engine to Land a Market Garden12:291,219,825Valheim
2021-03-27[Valheim] Tree v. P10:23333,961Valheim
2021-03-11500k Q&A21:17267,712Team Fortress 2
2021-03-06Flava but it's Socially Distanced13:281,338,405Team Fortress 2
2021-02-13[TF2] Ranged Flava12:321,119,814Team Fortress 2
2021-01-23I Finally Got Around to Playing GTA V9:13254,949Grand Theft Auto V
2021-01-09[Cyberpunk 2077] Entomology with CDPR12:09327,478Cyberpunk 2077
2020-12-26[TF2] How to Trolldier: Market Gardener Basics15:362,037,093TutorialTeam Fortress 2
2020-11-14Himbo Man14:43538,524Hitman 2
2020-10-24[TF2] Assorted Huntsman Funnies12:301,721,944Team Fortress 2
2020-10-03Hitman With the Hit Plan10:48360,293Hitman 2
2020-09-13Hitman, from the Hit Game: Hitman10:24391,264Hitman 2
2020-08-30[TF2] The Flava Flav Scout Strikes Back13:44535,493Team Fortress 2
2020-08-15[Sea of Thieves] Legendary Incompetence12:06336,065Sea of Thieves
2020-08-01[G-Force] Creating Some Awesome Guinea Pig OCs10:49260,231G-Force
2020-07-21[Music] Smoothie Madness! - Ice Cream Man OST0:41109,491
2020-07-04[G-Force] The Dark Souls of Guinea Pig-Themed Action Games12:02431,451G-Force
2020-06-13[TF2] Misc Stereotypes! Episode 10: The Spy14:202,428,236ShowTeam Fortress 2
2020-05-30[Fallout 76] Working as Intended10:20305,095Fallout 76
2020-05-16[Fallout 76] Ted Bruise, Wastelander Extraordinaire10:29254,429Fallout 76
2020-05-02[Payday 2] Robbing a Train in the Least Efficient Way Possible10:31255,131Payday 2
2020-04-18[Human: Fall Flat] The Strange World of Workshop Levels11:02213,793Human: Fall Flat
2020-04-04[Human: Fall Flat] The Man Behind the Ragdolls10:31317,707Human: Fall Flat
2020-03-21[TF2] Trolldier Hackusations - Meatloaf10:342,056,506Team Fortress 2
2020-03-07[Deep Rock Galactic] Goofing Off on Company Time10:25574,389Deep Rock Galactic
2020-02-29[TF2] Speedy Sewer Surfin' (Clip Dump)4:18284,041Team Fortress 2
2020-02-15[Payday 2] Super Stealth Heisters13:09648,282Payday 2
2020-02-01[Sea of Thieves] The Incredible Dancing Monkey11:55473,329Sea of Thieves
2020-01-18[TF2] 2020 Q&A for No Particular Reason15:03428,001Team Fortress 2
2020-01-04[TF2] One Mann's Trash - Mann's Guide Bonus Clips 213:161,428,096GuideTeam Fortress 2
2019-12-21[TF2] A Mann's Guide to the Beggar's Bazooka14:384,972,335GuideTeam Fortress 2
2019-12-14[TF2] MvM Shenanigans - The Money Heavy11:291,149,378Team Fortress 2
2019-11-30[TF2] Ragdolls 2 - Extra Floppy Edition10:051,107,234Team Fortress 2
2019-11-23[Music] Operation Concrete Jungle: Main Theme2:06113,568Rainbow Six Siege
2019-11-16[TF2] This Game is Extremely Cursed - Meatloaf10:051,698,927Team Fortress 2
2019-11-02[TF2] Snorkel Snipers13:24887,651Team Fortress 2
2019-10-26[TF2] Schedule Update (+ Mann's Guide 2 Teaser)3:2883,760VlogTeam Fortress 2
2019-10-19[TF2] Notably Overweight Scouts10:561,300,758Team Fortress 2
2019-10-05[TF2] Mildly Overweight Scouts10:25781,933Team Fortress 2
2019-09-21[TF2] MvM Shenanigans - Randomizer was a Mistake13:081,889,130Team Fortress 2
2019-09-07[Human: Fall Flat] Idiots Attempt Puzzle Game10:18182,369Human: Fall Flat