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2023-10-13SMITE - POSEIDON TANK WORKS??!!1! **EMOTIONAL?!**27:477Smite
2023-09-24Lies of P - First Playthrough part 228:542Let's Play
2023-09-24Lies of P - First Playthrough30:150Let's Play
2023-04-16Dead by Daylight - Pyramid Head Jumpscare0:3247Dead by Daylight
2022-11-11Apex Legends - Sheila go brrrr19:554Apex Legends
2022-09-11Apex Legends - Why thank you Lobaaah22:0218Apex Legends
2022-08-07SMITE - Eset Support23:2228Smite
2022-08-07SMITE - Joust (Eset)30:1717Smite
2022-07-23Apex Legends - Biggest SUCC of my career?!22:3611Apex Legends
2022-07-12Apex Legends - Newcastle and his Bitches23:286Apex Legends
2022-07-01Dead by Daylight - Da Toctor43:424Dead by Daylight
2022-06-21Apex Legends - Gas Daddy Arena12:219Apex Legends
2022-06-19Apex Legends - More Gas Daddy Gaming2:28:238Apex Legends
2022-05-12Apex Legends - Gas Daddy Gaming2:47:4917Apex Legends
2022-04-23Elden Ring - Progression with a Voice in my head53:173Elden Ring
2022-04-23Elden Ring - Progression with a Voice in my head3:181Elden Ring
2021-12-11Dead by Daylight - Tha Docta12:454Dead by Daylight
2021-11-28Apex Legends - Pre-buff Fuse 1v120:144Apex Legends
2021-11-28Apex Legends - Drunk Mirage35:406Apex Legends
2021-11-28Apex Legends - FusexCrypto PAWGERS24:355Apex Legends
2021-11-07DBD - The Beginning...27:304Dead by Daylight
2021-08-26Apex Legends - FusexCrypto PAWGERS24:353Apex Legends
2021-07-16Apex Legends - The Fuse Juice20:0035Apex Legends
2021-07-11Apex Legends - Fusey24:062Apex Legends
2021-07-05Apex Legends - The Meta Weapons no one talks about!40:563Apex Legends
2021-04-24Apex Legends - Drunk Mirage35:4010Apex Legends
2020-09-12Apex Legends - "What the Hell Are You?"24:1032Apex Legends
2020-09-01Apex Legends - The Bang That Banged20:075Apex Legends
2020-08-29Apex Legends - The Crypto that Could21:189Apex Legends
2020-08-23Apex Legends - Blood Hound23:064Apex Legends
2019-12-14Smite - Hirez and their Buggy Patch3:099Smite
2019-10-24Smite - Conquest Sobek29:1011Smite
2019-10-23Smite - Poseidon Mid41:5219Smite
2019-09-20Smite - Loki Jungle18:3414Smite
2019-08-30Smite - Ares against Toxic Izanami24:2838Smite
2019-08-28SMITE - Conquest1:23:432Smite
2019-08-24SMITE - Conquest2:09:091Smite
2019-08-21Smite: Casual Conquest1:35:576Smite
2019-08-03SMITE - NOT EVEN A POWER SURGE CAN STOP ME!!!14:382Smite
2019-08-03Smite: Casual Conquest31:263Smite
2019-07-21Smite: Casual Conquest4:18:0115Smite
2019-05-18SMITE - Xbalanque_clip1 The game with a Ra "Support"33:136Smite
2017-11-13Smite - Discordia glitch1:0297Smite
2017-01-19Dark Souls III classic PVP52:2115Dark Souls III
2016-11-20Dark Souls III™ Heysel isn't the brightest...3:1710Dark Souls III
2016-11-14Dark Souls III classic PVP2:207Dark Souls III
2016-11-09DARK SOULS™ III testing new "poise" on my baby, the Great Lance. #MAKE GREATLANCESGREATAGAIN1:3878Dark Souls III
2016-11-05DARK SOULS™ III glitches aint shit but... flying chicks?1:013Dark Souls III
2016-11-033 weird glitches from pre-patch Dark Souls III1:1143Dark Souls III
2016-11-02DARK SOULS™ III highlight: just watch the clip…0:223Dark Souls III
2016-08-05Dark Souls 3 stream highlight: Giants like to duel…5:2520Dark Souls III