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Rick M is an Australian YouTube channel which has over 2.58 thousand subscribers, publishing 674 videos which altogether total more than 688.46 thousand views.

Created on ● Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/@rickmAussie

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2022: I’ve decided to do short videos on the latest movies coming out, too keep people up to date on new blockbusters on any platform (Netflix, Apple TV, Cinema), etc. People are actually loving the 10 second videos, which show you certain dates when closer too release, and stills of the upcoming movie/tv series!

I also cook, and do short videos on our life living in Australia on the Gold Coast!

2016: New XR6 SEDUCE MANUAL TURBO also on this page!

My Huge 6ft fish tank filled with cichlids, big ghost knife and huge yabbies. 4ft tank with dwarf gouramis and gouramis, and one enormous gold fish! 2ft for my shrimp!

I also place a lot of where I go on holidays every year.

Haven’t this year apart from a cruise, during the time I was injured and stayed on the boat most of the time, as I didn’t want to make the infection worse.

Long story short, short vids!

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