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i like megaman and now decided to make a walkthrough based on megaman battle network 4 Red Sun i may not be the best but i will get the job done i have just learn to record my destop screen with hyper camera 2 so bear with me also i no my voice and studdering problem but i will get over it and get better also i may also do MMBN 3 and 5 walkthrough maybe some megaman zero games
My inspiration for me to do this in the begging is that i was watching video's in timaeus 2222 and that inspired me to do my own walkthrough and maybe ill get into hacking to if i can just learn but all my inspiration to start this was from timaeus 2222 so i give him credit and i rlly don't want to steal his thunder so if u sub to me and like my vid's u will love his so should also sub to him if u already haven'tand the reason i talk is because i was inspired also by thesuper duliest

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This is my first AMV and i hope u like it give me feed back nothing i used in this video is mine credit of song goes to Song: Animal I Have...
2009-09-25 1:41:55 AM ● 18,630 views ● 4:17 90.16% liked
Mega Man (1987)
My work in progress Patch i just need a couple of changes in some battle chip and i'm done but to show u how much is done i will show u a battle...
2009-09-19 2:47:44 PM ● 1,099 views ● 3:17 100.00% liked
Yea me and my friend had a netbattle we both experince horrible lag so i had to change the music but i think it fit fine
2009-08-30 10:46:39 PM ● 768 views ● 5:49 50.00% liked
well i did good but i will do better hopefully the link is right here for his channel Megaman Battle Network...
2009-08-22 8:36:28 PM ● 1,533 views ● 1:09 75.00% liked
in a few min/hour/days whatever this will be the old record albon trying rlly hard but so am i but in the end i believe he will win he's just...
2009-08-22 6:05:47 PM ● 831 views ● 1:01 80.00% liked
yea i did my last one was a rank 7 with 11 seconds IDK how the freak that is possible but this one an S rank at 13 seconds yea i tried hard and...
2009-08-22 4:03:00 PM ● 1,456 views ● 2:15 100.00% liked
i did it with the rules sent 1. no mega chip 2. no giga chip 3. no PA 4. No Navi Crust 5. No Double soul (my own twist to show how cofident...
2009-08-20 4:00:50 PM ● 2,100 views ● 4:18 100.00% liked
yea it was tough i was planning on using dark neo but the pit hockey thing worked just as well i give it a 4/5 cause it was hard but not as...
2009-08-20 12:43:56 PM ● 1,658 views ● 4:22 62.50% liked
im still new to this so send me a pm and we try to connect and if ur an expirence person who linked up before i'd ike u to pm and we can link...
2009-08-19 7:44:29 PM ● 277 views ● 1:45 100.00% liked
ok supersonic6262 gave me my first challenge and the condition were this no recovery except 10 or 30 deafeat Duo no Double Soul i rate it...
2009-08-19 5:55:20 PM ● 2,990 views ● 4:39 100.00% liked