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I'm nothing but a Celestial, looking down above the sky - showing you humans music from the Heavens. ---Error--- No more **** ** ********! Promise!

ー This Channel is based on Touhou doujin music, but there'll be other doujin music (that is not Touhou related ) here I might upload. "Be nice & be kind to everyone, including the people you don't know/hate or I will judge u.U towards justice!" - said Iku Nagae herself.

⇨ Note : If the music, artwork or anything inside this video is yours and want the video to be taken down, please contact or message me in the comment area below. ✘

Thank You.

*Hope you enjoy this channel ^.^

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You can contact me at : hinanawixtenshi@gmail.com

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【東方Vocal/Eurobeat】 Hotel Labyrinth 「Crazy Beats」
ー Oh, a Eurobeat song for “The Concealed Four Seasons!” I must say, I started to enjoy listening to Tsukasa Eurobeat arrangements. It is...
2019-02-09 9:31:19 PM ● 7,098 views ● 4:28 100.00% liked
【東方Vocal/Eurobeat】 1,2ダークネス 「A-ONE」
ー Back from about a month of relaxing and sleep. Now, I’m back and 2nd semester has started (for me at least). - - - How I enjoy listening...
2019-01-29 11:00:57 AM ● 4,976 views ● 3:54 99.18% liked
【東方Orchestral/Symphonic】 さくらさくら ~ Japanize Dream... 「Melodic Taste」
ー An orchestral arrangement of “Sakura, Sakura ~ Japanize Dream...”?!!? I can feel the (instrument) emotion pouring throughout this song....
2018-12-31 8:52:14 AM ● 5,103 views ● 2:58 100.00% liked
【東方Orchestral/Traditional】 東方妖々夢 ~ Ancient Temple 「Melodic Taste」
ー Orchestral with traditional instruments makes this song sound amazing, even though “Eastern Mystical Dream ~ Ancient Temple” isn’t...
2018-12-31 7:50:21 AM ● 5,636 views ● 4:13 100.00% liked
【東方Orchestral/Symphonic】 無何有の郷 ~ Deep Mountain 「Melodic Taste」
ー Happy New Year!! Melodic Taste is back with their delicious orchestral arrangements. They have improved so much ever since when they started...
2018-12-31 7:21:04 AM ● 4,713 views ● 4:38 100.00% liked
【東方Off-Vocal/UK Hardcore】 SUPERSONIC [Tracy Instrumental Remix] 「Amateras Records x 556mm」
ー I'm pretty bad at figuring out the genre of these type of songs. Let me know if it's wrong :D Just a repeat what I said earlier... *“There...
2018-12-07 3:16:08 PM ● 4,700 views ● 3:51 99.63% liked
【東方Off-Vocal/Hardstyle】 Zip it [Tomoya Instrumental Remix] 「Amateras Records x 556mm」
ー There are some songs I usually prefer instrumental (off-vocal) instead of vocal, but that’s just me - mostly commonly, electro-type of...
2018-12-07 3:12:34 PM ● 3,727 views ● 3:59 99.07% liked
【東方Vocal/Eurobeat】 Super EGO 「A-ONE」【JPN Subtitle】
ー Turn on caption for Japanese lyrics. I must say, this song sounds pretty good. It’s not as epic as other A-ONE songs, but the way how the...
2018-11-27 12:29:30 PM ● 11,792 views ● 4:16 99.77% liked
【東方Off-Vocal/Hardstyle】 Dependence 「EastNewSound」
ー Turn on the caption to see the official lyrics. An off-vocal version of Dependence. How I enjoyed listening to their Instrumental version...
2018-11-16 12:06:06 PM ● 4,794 views ● 3:45 98.63% liked
【東方Vocal/Orchestral】 Sigh Dreamily 「紺碧studio」
ー I was speechless how beautiful this song is from start to finish. So much emotion pouring out - how I love their (Epic) Orchestral arrangements...
2018-10-30 3:59:52 PM ● 8,597 views ● 4:44 99.19% liked