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Welcome to our channel! Get to know our family, Daddy, Mommy, Leland ( kid temper tantrum ), Leanna, and London the baby. We like to do skits and make up crazy things to do! We also do challenges, reviews and post vlogs of our life! *The Kid Temper Tantrum videos are acts.* We post these videos for entertainment.Sometimes we have stuff that breaks and it is more fun to destroy it than just throw it away. Be sure to connect with us on social media to stay updated on everything!

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Kid Temper Tantrum Over Fortnite Delaying Season 8 [ Original ]
Today Leland learned that fortnite has delayed season 8 for another two weeks passing the release date for the end of the month. Leland didn't...
2019-02-14 2:52:13 PM ● 46,384 views ● 20:10 94.93% liked
Leland is bad at Fortnite - countdown to season 8
**CHECK OUT OUR NEW TWITCH CHANNEL FOR MORE LIVE VIDEOS! https://www.twitch.tv/ohshiitakemushroomslive** Hey everyone! Thanks for watching...
2019-02-13 6:39:28 PM ● 24,704 views ● 10:02 94.62% liked
Kid Temper Tantrum Put Xbox On Top Of Van Before Car Wash [ Original ]
Kid gets his Xbox destroyed after placing it on top of the family mini van before going through a car wash. Today the family had to leave the...
2019-02-11 2:51:41 PM ● 56,632 views ● 23:33 93.73% liked
Kid Temper Tantrum's House For Sale - Family Living In The Van [ Original ]
Today the Oh shiitake Mushrooms house is on the market and is for sale. See the step by step process of how the house goes up for sale. The family...
2019-02-09 12:51:32 PM ● 87,659 views ● 29:44 94.65% liked
Kid Temper Tantrum Puts Soap In Dad's Mouth Because He Said A Curse Word  [ Original ]
You've heard rare cases of parents putting soap in their kid's mouth of cursing, but have you ever seen a kid doing the same thing, but to their...
2019-02-06 2:53:11 PM ● 93,019 views ● 14:29 92.70% liked
Kid Temper Tantrum Didn't Want To Go See A Broadway Play [ Original ]
Today the family went to see the Broadway play Wicked. Yep, Wicked was in town and this is Carole's favorite play. Salt Lake City has a new Broadway...
2019-02-03 12:55:46 PM ● 48,191 views ● 17:39 94.81% liked
Kid Temper Tantrum Gets Another Flu Shot [ Original ]
It's a little late, but the family was way past due to get their yearly flu shots. Today each the kids needed to have their doctor check up as...
2019-02-02 1:52:27 PM ● 134,827 views ● 25:20 92.27% liked
Kid Temper Tantrum Has Lice And Gives It To Whole Family [ Original ]
Today the family discovers that Leland and Leanna both have lice and likely got it from other kids at school. The oh shiitake mushrooms house...
2019-01-30 2:55:55 PM ● 104,929 views ● 23:43 94.09% liked
Kid Temper Tantrum Ditches Family So He Could Stay Home Alone And Play Fortnite [ Original ]
Today Leland didn't want to come along with the family to run some errands. So instead he came up with a plan to trick the family in thinking...
2019-01-28 2:55:23 PM ● 93,879 views ● 18:05 94.10% liked
Fortnite (2017)
Kid Temper Tantrum New Toy That Farts On Daddy - Really Rad Robots [ Original ]
Today Leland got a new toy in the mail that he wanted to show as as a unboxing video. Little did Leland know that this really rad robots toy...
2019-01-26 3:52:25 PM ● 72,400 views ● 15:14 94.64% liked