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Welcome to our channel! Get to know our family, Daddy, Mommy, Leland ( kid temper tantrum ), Leanna, and London the baby. We like to do skits and make up crazy things to do! We also do challenges, reviews and post vlogs of our life! *The Kid Temper Tantrum videos are acts.* We post these videos for entertainment.Sometimes we have stuff that breaks and it is more fun to destroy it than just throw it away. Be sure to connect with us on social media to stay updated on everything!

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Kid Temper Tantrum Throws Uncle Jay's Birthday Cake On Family Van Cus He wanted The Spider-Man Cake
Today is uncle Jay's birthday. Daddy had a birthday cake him and the kids needed to pick up from a local bakery before they could head out to...
2018-10-18 2:59:09 PM ● 4,266 views ● 15:32 93.68% liked
Kid Temper Tantrum Reacts To Youtube Outage On 10/16/18 - Daddy Freaking Out! [ Original ]
Is this the end of youtube? Some might have thought so on Tuesday night when youtube was down on 10/16/18 for about 90 minutes. Check out Leland's...
2018-10-17 2:59:32 PM ● 19,732 views ● 12:01 95.93% liked
Kid Temper Tantrum Breaks A Pumpkin At A Pumpkin Patch [ Original ]
Last year Leland throw a pumpkin out the car window after visting a pumpkin patch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QA4ashmVrPk , this year, he...
2018-10-15 2:59:27 PM ● 18,048 views ● 14:19 97.23% liked
Kid Temper Tantrum Doesn't Want To Get Off PS4 Then Gets LOST Inside A Corn Maze [ Original ]
This morning Leland didn't want to get off of his new PS4 as the family was getting ready to leave for a pumpkin patch that also had a corn maze....
2018-10-13 2:59:11 PM ● 48,594 views ● 15:56 93.86% liked
Kid Temper Tantrum Gives Haunted House Tour 2018 [ Original ]
Vote now and tell us which homemade haunted house you guys like better, this year's or last year's 2017 - WATCH HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCQeaT6MfjY...
2018-10-12 3:07:08 PM ● 18,110 views ● 19:29 95.65% liked
Kid Temper Tantrum Returns To Spirit Halloween Store And Got LOST! [ Original ]
Do you guys remember kid temper tantrum spirit halloween from last year? Well the family returns to spirit halloween store to check out the latest...
2018-10-09 2:59:06 PM ● 73,919 views ● 14:30 92.15% liked
Kid Temper Tantrum Gets NEW PS4 DONATED After Not Taking Out The Trash [ Original ]
Just like the time when kid gets xbox donated, today kid gets his new PS4 donated funny skit. Also check out our new PS4 gameplay videos new...
2018-10-06 2:59:19 PM ● 76,028 views ● 16:31 92.11% liked
Kid Temper Tantrum STEALS $500 From Dad, Goes To Gamestop To BUY PS4 & NEW Spider-Man Game SKIT!
Today Leland wanted to get the new spider-man game as well as a PS4. However he only has around $10. Check out our gaming channel at "Oh...
2018-10-04 2:58:11 PM ● 43,138 views ● 20:50 93.48% liked
Kid Temper Tantrum Won't Get Off Forza Horizons 4 To Do Homework   [ Original ]
Here we go again. But this time it's with the new Forza Horizons 4 game that just came out a few days ago. Do you guys remember last year when...
2018-10-02 2:59:10 PM ● 24,150 views ● 15:12 94.35% liked
Kid Temper Tantrum Finds A Secret Path During A Family Hike [ Original ]
It's the weekend and today the family wanted to go for a hike. At first Leland didn't want to go because he wanted to eat more food at home....
2018-09-30 1:59:34 PM ● 12,422 views ● 22:31 96.16% liked