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Alpha Beta Gamer is a YouTube content creator with around 612 thousand subscribers. His content totals at least 179.64 million views views across approximately 3.71 thousand videos.

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2023-11-08THE INVINCIBLE - Retrofuturistic Hard Sci-Fi on a Planet Where People Lose Their Minds! [Final Part]1:50:3710,794
2023-11-08Beyond Sunset - A Synthpunk GZDoom Cyber-Samurai FPS with Yakuza, Zombies & Robots!54:5715,393
2023-11-07THE INVINCIBLE - A Retrofuturistic Hard Sci-Fi Space Odyssey! #gaming #shorts #TheInvincible0:423,863
2023-11-06THE INVINCIBLE - A Hard Sci-Fi Atompunk Space Adventure About a Deadly New Form of Life! [PART 2]1:46:3616,916
2023-11-05Suspicious Person Information: A Very Weird Japanese Horror Game About a Suspicious Person! (2 Ends)10:5313,035Guide
2023-11-04You Will Die Here Tonight - Resident Evil Inspired Survival Horror with Multi-Character Permadeath!2:36:5748,165
2023-11-02THE INVINCIBLE - A Hard Sci-Fi Retrofuturistic Space Odyssey Based on the Novel by Stanisław Lem!2:19:2452,391
2023-11-01JUSANT: Climb a Gigantic Vertigo-Inducing Tower in a Bone Dry World in this Beautiful Climbing Game!2:13:5126,038
2023-10-31FAITH: SURVIVAL (+ Happy Mode) - John Exorcises All Monsters From the FAITH Games & Has a Day Off!37:5035,671
2023-10-30THE RAINMAN: An 80's Slasher Movie Inspired Horror Game from the Happyhills Homicide Dev! 7 Endings31:4427,242
2023-10-29FAITH 64 - A Nintendo 64 Styled Remake of the Original FAITH Game! #gaming #indiegames #shorts0:5212,903
2023-10-29FAITH 64 - The Original FAITH Game Gets a Full Nintendo 64 Styled Remake! (All Endings & Secrets)43:5077,208
2023-10-28GYLT - Spooky Survival Horror with Light-Phobic Monsters! #gaming #indiegames #shorts #videogames0:3022,008Gylt
2023-10-27Abscission: An Unsettling Eldritch Body Horror Game Where Fleshy Plants Infect People! (All Endings)2:58:5827,453
2023-10-26Selfloss - Whale Gods Roam the Skies in this Stunning Slavic & Icelandic Folklore Inspired Adventure40:0211,154
2023-10-25Divine Frequency - A Terrifying GZDoom Survival Horror FPS Inspired by System Shock & Bloodborne!44:0543,775Bloodborne
2023-10-24RipOut: Fleshy Biomechanical Sci-Fi Horror FPS Where Your Gun's Alive & You Send it to Kill Monsters37:0626,389RIPOUT
2023-10-23Decimate Drive - Cars Are Alive and Want Blood in this Intense Hit 'n Run Horror Game! (Update)9:1115,489Vlog
2023-10-22One-Eyed Likho - A Surreal Slavic Folklore Inspired Horror Game About a Creature of Evil Fate!15:5711,270
2023-10-21PAPERHEAD - Cardboard Bleeds in this Papercraft FPS! #gaming #indiegames #shorts #videogames0:3749,070
2023-10-21Cavern of Dreams - Hunt Dragon Eggs in this Mario 64 & Banjo Kazooie inspired Adventure! (All Eggs)2:30:1013,744Super Mario 64
2023-10-20PAPERHEAD - Cardboard Can Bleed in this Brutal Sci-Fi Horror FPS with Papercraft Visuals! (Alpha)27:1827,898Let's Play
2023-10-19IRON MEAT - Contra Inspired Action with Monsters Made from Meat & Metal! #gaming #indiegames #shorts0:5723,476
2023-10-18Slender: The Arrival 10th Anniversary Update - Slenderman Gets A Full Revamp & a Whole New Chapter!1:56:1924,446VlogSlender: The Arrival
2023-10-17The Bridge Curse 2: Twisted Asian Horror Game where a Broken-Necked Spirit has a Freaky Floppy Head!46:2132,604
2023-10-16SIREN - A Jaw-Dropping Sci-Fi Horror FPS DOOM Total Conversion Mod Inspired by Aliens & FEAR!2:02:5094,136Half-Life
2023-10-14Forgive Me Father 2 - A WWI Era Lovecraftian Horror FPS with Comic Book Visuals & Brutal Headshots!32:4324,459
2023-10-13Perennial Order - A Plant-Based Eldritch Horror Boss-Rush Adventure Where a Single Hit Kills You!28:3727,045
2023-10-12EMPTY SHELL: Expendable Volunteers Enter a Derelict 1950s Facility in this Survival Horror Roguelite13:5723,622
2023-10-11The Holy Gosh Darn - Help Death Save Heaven From Annihilation in this Absurd Time-Bending Adventure!43:4219,926Let's Play
2023-10-10Darkest Abyss - Chop The Head Off a Gigantic Horse Monster in this Castlevania Inspired Adventure!19:444,270
2023-10-09Crime Scene Cleaner - Dispose of Bodies & Evidence for the Mob in a Blood-Splattered Cleaning Game!37:1716,543
2023-10-08American Arcadia - A First, Second & Third Person Sci-Fi Thriller Cinematic Platforming Adventure!18:4817,376
2023-10-07AFTERDREAM - A Lucid Dreaming Horror Adventure Filled with Strange Spirits That Need Your Help!2:10:2713,499Let's Play
2023-10-05RoboCop: Rogue City - A Brutal Head-Popping Narrative-Driven Open World RoboCop FPS!1:36:53138,053
2023-10-03CULTIC: INTERLUDE - Eldritch Monsters & Cultists Invade in this Crunchy Cultic Interlude Episode!23:2121,716Half-Life
2023-10-03The Windows Are Gone - House-Moving Horror About a House You Discovered in Your Dreams! (2 Endings)56:5942,080Gone Home
2023-10-02Realm's Deep 2023 Highlights: Boomer Shooters & Monster Games! #gaming #indiegames #shorts0:4328,522
2023-10-01Ion Fury: Aftershock - Ride or Die and Run 'N Gun with the Long Awaited Return of Shelly Bombshell!31:3516,898Ion Fury
2023-09-30Phantom Fury - Ion Fury Goes Fully 3D & You Get a Robotic Arm in this Bombastic FPS Sequel! (Alpha)13:5323,848Let's Play
2023-09-29While We Wait Here - Food Serving Psychological Horror in a Diner At The End of The World!21:1118,217Vlog
2023-09-29Something in the Well - A Dog-Lover Found Footage Horror Game with a Special Secret Ending!10:2215,778Slender: The Arrival
2023-09-28The Last Exterminator - A Duke Nukem Inspired Chunky Sci-Fi FPS with Lots Familiar Voices!14:0624,447
2023-09-27TEKE TEKE - A Japanese Folklore Inspired Horror Game About a Half-Lady Who Cuts People In Half!13:0232,346Slender: The Eight Pages
2023-09-27Venturous - A Superb Indiana Jones Inspired DOOM Total Conversion Mod Where You Hunt For Atlantis!59:0143,057Serious Sam 3: BFE
2023-09-25Vengeance of Mr. Peppermint: An Ultraviolent Hard Boiled Beat ‘Em Up Inspired by Oldboy! (Alpha)10:5224,003Let's Play
2023-09-24Invaders From Uranus - A Halo Inspired Parody B-Movie Sci-Fi FPS Where You Fight Aliens from Uranus!33:3415,632
2023-09-22The Bunny Graveyard - A GBA Inspired Horror Game About a Hand Cursor in an Idyllic Bunny Garden!1:39:0037,007
2023-09-21Seedlings - A Chill Sci-Fi Xenobiology Adventure with a Beautiful Photo-Collage Visual Style!26:1711,733Vlog
2023-09-20Lorraine - A Diabolical Gothic Widow Does VERY Bad Things In This Dark & Twisted Horror Game!19:4919,757The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
2023-09-19Endless Blue - Resident Evil & Metal Gear Inspired PS1/2 Styled Deep Sea Survival Horror! (Beta)25:0725,505Metal Gear Solid
2023-09-19Big Boy Boxing - Punch-Out & Cuphead Inspired Boss Rush Arcade Boxing! #gaming #indiegames #shorts0:263,096,456
2023-09-18Party Animals - Beat Up Cute Animals in this Ridiculous Gang Beasts Inspired Physics-Based Brawler!19:3314,396
2023-09-17ABRISS: Use Weapons of Mass Demolition in this Game with Spectacular Destruction Physics! [UPDATE]10:0416,175
2023-09-16Ghostrunner 2 - Become a Ghostrider in this Cyberpunk Ninja Parkour Cyberbiking Action Game!13:4714,220Ghostrunner
2023-09-15Fear The Spotlight [Full Game] - Stealthy Survival Horror Where a School Hides a Horrifying Past!2:08:5327,222
2023-09-14UGLY: A Dark, Twisted & Beautiful Hand Animated Puzzle Adventure About Uncovering an Ugly Truth42:3719,720
2023-09-14Ugly - A Jaw Dropping Hand Animated Adventure! #gaming #indiegames #videogames #shorts #sponsored0:41500,555
2023-09-12Samurai Unicorn: Dead Space Inspired Sci-Fi Survival Horror with a Parasitic Gauntlet & Limb Removal16:4634,309
2023-09-11Echo Point Nova: A Hoverboarding Sci-Fi FPS With Smashable Walls & Epic Amounts of Mobility! (Alpha)21:4913,031Let's Play
2023-09-10Seamongrel - A Wholesome Aquarium Horror Game Where Mutant Fish-Monsters Disturb Your Date!32:2415,488
2023-09-08The Many Pieces Of Mr. Coo - Go to Pieces for an Apple in this Bizarre Hand-Animated Adventure!15:1635,855
2023-09-07Eclipse The Cat - This Superb Mascot Platformer Has The Best Mid-Level Checkpoints I've Ever Seen!11:5212,793
2023-09-06Tenebris Somnia - Silent Hill Inspired Retro Survival Horror with a VERY Cool Trick Up Its Sleeve!16:2237,850
2023-09-05Holstin - Incredible 3D Pixel Art Survival Horror! #shorts #holstin #gaming #indiegames #videogames0:30270,233
2023-09-05Gunbrella - Bloody Noir-Punk Action Where You Use Your Wife's Murder Weapon to Hunt The Killer!1:24:2226,700Gunbrella
2023-09-04Chicken Police: Into The Hive - Enter a Sleazy Insect Underworld in this Chicken Noir Thriller!39:3014,095
2023-09-03Big Boy Boxing - Knockout 3 Kids in a Trench Coat in this Cuphead & Punch-Out Inspired Boxing Game!8:46308,699
2023-09-02Absorb Freaky Fish in this Grotesque Katamari Fish Horror Game! - The Last One and Then Another14:4524,996
2023-08-31HOLSTIN - Festering Ooze Survival Horror with an Awesome 3D Pixel Art Visual Style! (Alpha Update)13:5358,739Let's Play
2023-08-30Fear The Spotlight - High School Survival Horror Where a Ouija Board Session Goes VERY Badly!20:4923,241
2023-08-30Blessed Burden: Brutalist First Person Horror Platforming Adventure Where You Reverse an Apocalypse!3:1319,117Amnesia: The Dark Descent
2023-08-28Tempest Rising - Finally Someone’s Made a Great New Command & Conquer Game! (In All But Name!)33:0734,900
2023-08-27DECIMATE DRIVE - The Cars Are Alive in this Vehicular Manslaughter Horror Game! (Early Alpha)8:0610,909Let's Play
2023-08-26Greener Grass Awaits: A Terrifying Golfing Horror Game Where You Sneak In For a Little Night Golfing56:5138,321Slender: The Eight Pages
2023-08-25DREAMCORE - Liminal Space Horror in a Gigantic Underground Swimming Pool Complex (Secrets + Endings)32:0634,499
2023-08-23SPRAWL - A Brutal QUAKE Inspired Industrial Cyberpunk Parkour FPS Set in a Huge Sci-Fi Megalopolis!40:5813,558Quake
2023-08-22Voidborn - Slay Demi-Gods For The Divine Lord in this Intense Dark Fantasy FPS Roguelite!18:2814,504Voidborn
2023-08-20Bad Flesh - DO NOT EAT BAD FLESH in this Deeply Unsettling Super Low Rez 64x64px Body Horror Game!8:1423,564Dead Space
2023-08-20DoubleWe - A Paranoia-Inducing FPS Where You Kill Your Evil Clones Before They Kill You!8:2811,723Minecraft
2023-08-18Night Freak: A Kid Makes Bad Choices When His Parents Are Away in this Freaky PS1 Styled Horror Game34:0624,835Minecraft
2023-08-17The Last Faith - A Brutal Bloodborne & Castlevania Inspired Dark Gothic Soulslike Adventure! (Beta)21:55231,442Bloodborne
2023-08-16Night People - A Freaky Jump-Scare Horror Game About a Family that Turns Into Dogs!9:1413,386Slender: The Arrival
2023-08-15Liminal Gallery - A Viewfinder Inspired Spooky Experimental Puzzle Adventure in a Weird Art Gallery!13:5512,085
2023-08-13Liminal Mystery Box: Incredible Non-Euclidean Liminal Space Horror Made in PlayStation Dreams!54:1823,484Let's PlayThe Liminal
2023-08-12Slender: Return to Rosswood Park - Terrifying Found Footage Horror That Makes Slenderman Scary Again22:4233,116Slender: The Eight Pages
2023-08-11TURBO OVERKILL - Become a Chainsaw Man in this Carnage-Filled Duke Nukem & Serious Sam Inspired FPS!50:2823,860Turbo Overkill
2023-08-09Zorovan Powerplant - Investigate Alien Sightings in this Intense Urbex Horror Game! (2 Endings)15:2317,616Slender: The Eight Pages
2023-08-09INCISION - A Fleshy Industrial Horror FPS with a Pet Gun That You Feed Blood! (Big Update)34:2021,165VlogHalf-Life 2
2023-08-07Fold Your World Like Paper in this Stunning Papery Puzzle Adventure! - Paper Trail19:067,117Paper Trails
2023-08-06DEATHBULGE - Slay Monsters with Music in this Awesome Heavy Metal RPG Adventure!1:43:0624,907
2023-08-05TEST TEST T̵̻̔E̵̛͕Ṣ̶̓T̷̂ͅ - A Dark Sci-Fi Adventure About an Office Worker Trapped in a Time Loop!25:5615,449
2023-08-04Endure a Flesh Apocalypse, Follow the Ducks, Sit in a Hole & Escape a Cave in 4 Freaky Horror Games!13:4416,358
2023-08-03XENOTILT - Knock The Face Off a Cosmic Robot Queen in this Brutal Sci-Fi Pinball Game! (All Bosses)14:1918,100Star Pilot
2023-08-01Tartarus Engine - Industrial Espionage Sci-Fi Horror Set Inside a Digital Prison For Peoples’ Minds!13:0529,917Espionage
2023-08-01The Complex - Found Footage Liminal Space Horror Set Across Multiple Levels of the Backrooms!17:3224,133
2023-07-31Web of Metal: Enter a Massive Deep Sea Megastructure in this Horror Game Made in PlayStation Dreams!11:3823,172Let's PlayDreams
2023-07-30DEADLINK - A Carnage-Filled Cyberpunk FPS Roguelite Set in a Seedy Yakuza Cyberworld!16:3714,738Doom
2023-07-29Keepsake County - Steal Anything That's Not Nailed Down in this Excellent Midwestern Thief Game!12:3417,771Keepsake
2023-07-28Pachinko Man - Become a Cursed Pachinko Ball & Fight Your Way Of Hell! (All Endings & Bonus Modes)54:2421,630