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Joshua Curtis is an American YouTube channel which has 558 subscribers, with his content totaling roughly 61.27 thousand views views across 508 videos.

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2018-01-10Shining Live Global Twitter and English facebook page launched - Amisbro's UtaPri News8:09162
2018-01-0936 Fragments of Midnight - Amisbro's Game Reviews11:3919Review
2018-01-09Life is Strange (Season 1) - Amisbro's Game Reviews19:3823ReviewLife Is Strange
2018-01-06Energy Invasion - Amisbro's Game Reviews20:3911ReviewEnergy Invasion
2018-01-04Wrestle Kingdom 12 - Amisbro's New Japan Reviews44:4429Review
2018-01-012018 UtaPri Predictions/Speculation29:1197
2018-01-013-2-1 -Amisbro's Game Show Reivews12:1610Show
2017-12-26Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (Playstation 4) - Amisbro's Game Reviews19:239ReviewEverybody's Gone to the Rapture
2017-12-25Pitfall - Christmas Game Show Review #311:3816ReviewPitfall!
2017-12-24Thoughts On - Uta no Prince-Sama: Maji Love Kingdom29:43523
2017-12-23Talkabout - Christmas Game Show Review #213:4921Review
2017-12-22Broccoli's UtaPri countdown - Amisbro's UtaPri news15:3428
2017-12-22The Mad Dash - Christmas Game Show Review #113:5926Review
2017-12-21Tsukiuta: 12 Memories (PS VITA Import) - Amisbro's Game Reviews19:0562Review
2017-12-13UtaPri Season 4 missing from Crunchy and Shining Live's Mysterious Countdown18:0386
2017-12-04Lego City Undercover - Amisbro's Game Reviews18:1113Review
2017-11-16Gamstop Pickups: 11/15/2017 + some PSN pickups18:1531The Sexy Brutale
2017-10-06K Project's "7 Stories" Format and release dates revealed - Amisbro's Anime News22:2474
2017-10-05TsukiPro: The Animation - Anime First Impressions21:59208First Impressions
2017-10-04Sengoku Night Blood - Amisbro's Anime First Impressions13:1592First ImpressionsSengoku Night Blood
2017-09-29Amisbro's Game Show Memories - BULLSEYE!13:0038Show
2017-08-28UtaPri WTF - Shining Live's Sudden Release10:03160
2017-08-17Gamestop Pickups: 8-16-201711:1916
2017-08-11Gamestop Pickups: 8-11-201715:4710
2017-08-03GameStop Pickups: 8-2-20177:2017
2017-07-25Collar x Malice countdown and Code Realize's Importance in the west16:17221
2017-07-12Gamestop Pickups - 7/11/2017 and LET THE FUN BEGIN!19:4817
2017-07-07HEAVENS to get a new Drama CD in November + a new site16:1048
2017-07-04Pushsquare tries it: Insulting the playstation fanbase17:4534Let's Play
2017-07-03Masquerade Mirage Shining Theater to get a Stage Play in October11:2498
2017-07-02Aksys Games announces 10 new game localisations10:53220
2017-06-29Discussion: Are Anime viewing habits changing in western audiences?20:2613Discussion
2017-06-28Joshua Curtis Live Stream0:000
2017-06-25NEW Uta no Prince-Sama Dolce Vita info revealed!14:5790Discussion
2017-06-25New Shining theaters announced with POSSIBLE new guests?!5:3711
2017-06-25Shining Live first MV revealed and English Release is confirmed!6:29108
2017-06-25Uta no Prince-Sama Special Stage and Exhibition announced!5:1049
2017-06-13UtaPri Theories: Breaking down Broccoli's Messages25:1153
2017-06-12UtaPri Analysis: Confessions vs. Character episodes27:0042Show
2017-06-06Show By Rock to get a new project15:2322ShowShow by Rock!!
2017-06-05Voltage to open up an Anime Division and K: Return of Kings release date announced11:1511The Division
2017-06-03What does Uta no Prince-Sama mean to me?35:4165
2017-06-02Black Butler "Book of the Atlantic" dub trailer streamed feat. Ronald Knox6:14209Preview
2017-06-02Broocoli Tries It: Apologizing for 6th you accept it?20:5793Vlog
2017-06-01Let's discuss: Are there really Antagonists in UtaPri?27:3724Discussion
2017-05-28Broccoli Tries It: Creating a train wreck at 6th stage22:08119
2017-05-26Does UtaPri's World Expansion mean "More HEAVENS"?23:3931
2017-05-25Thoughts On: The 6th stage weekend23:3336
2017-05-20VLOG: Why do I cover UtaPri News13:3924
2017-05-13E2 Gaming Tries it: Censoring comments and deleting their FB Page!17:2074
2017-05-12Jay Street Video Games and Gamestop Pickups: 5/11/201714:5449
2017-05-10Utapri's Amazing Aria and Sweet Serenade VITA Ports get release dates - Amisbro's Gaming News12:0447
2017-05-10E2 Gaming Tries It: Creating a dumpster fire called Taisho x Alice21:48341
2017-05-07Sentai's UtaPri DVD schedule and How to end HEAVENS' Story - Amisbro's UtaPri Tinfoil31:2429
2017-05-01ス タ ン ド マ イ ヒ ー ロ ー ズ (Stand my Heroes) - Game Overview/Review16:3215Review
2017-05-01Tsukino Paradise (TsukiPara) - Amisbro's Game reviews19:50209Review
2017-04-29The power of hype...and some disappointment14:3224
2017-04-29Code Realize and UtaPri News Spectacular25:1629
2017-04-15Code:Realize Anime Site Launched! - Amisbro's Anime News11:1340
2017-03-19VLOG: Gaming knows no gender12:5820
2017-03-19UtaPri vs. DreamFes: Which rhythm game is better13:1639
2017-03-17A UtaPri Shining Theater to get a Stage play and the history of the UtaPri April Fool's Prank11:5846
2017-03-16Let's discuss: HEAVENS' Character design and story direction29:2330Discussion
2017-03-12Broccoli Hinting at Haruka's next group? - Amisbro's UtaPri Theories26:4886
2017-03-06Did the Otome Genre forget about the Younger Audience11:0845
2017-03-06Viz announces K Missing Kings for 3/14 - Amisbro's Anime News3:4110
2017-02-27VLOG: Why the hate on Female Leads in Otome Games (Otoges)?22:0881
2017-02-24QUARTET NIGHT to get new singles in May - Amisbro's Anime News11:1354
2017-02-23Lara Croft Go! - Amisbro's Game Reviews15:120ReviewTomb Raider
2017-02-21Hitman Go!: Definitive Edition (PS VITA) - Amisbro's Game Reviews9:419Review
2017-02-15Avex Group Export Ban and why this concerns me33:04268
2017-01-19HEAVENS' story in UtaPri and how it needs to end in the Anime24:22136
2017-01-16Amisbro's Game Reviews: The Guardian Legend (NES)21:4419ReviewThe Guardian Legend
2017-01-14The impact Anime has had on the rest of the world20:1019
2017-01-12Jay Street Gaming Pickups: 1/12/201721:2943Dead or Alive 2
2017-01-10VLOG: The search for Education through Japanese Media20:1511Discussion
2017-01-08VLOG: My New Year's Anime/Otome Resolution17:2731
2017-01-06Amisbro's Anime Reviews - Tsukiuta: The Animation (Series Review)24:1391Review
2017-01-03VLOG: Let the 2017 Anime Backlog begin!11:4811Vlog
2016-12-22Amisbro's Anime Reviews: Yuri On Ice18:14101Review
2016-12-06Amazon and CDJapan Pickups: 12/6/201630:4859
2016-12-02Thoughts On: Writing in Anime and the fans role with heroes and villains27:0420
2016-11-28Final Thoughts On: The UtaPri Duet Project25:2378
2016-11-01UtaPri Theory: Ren's Episodes are the most important to the plot28:2287Show
2016-10-29My 5th Season Plan for UtaPri (Revised)22:40117
2016-10-28Did Broccoli make a mistake with UtaPri this season?25:1748
2016-10-27The UtaPri Rant: HEAVENS' (Lack of) Exposure20:0152
2016-10-11Why do I like HEAVENS in UtaPri?31:43231
2016-10-07All Out! - Amisbro's Anime First Impressions12:5214First Impressions
2016-10-06Yuri on Ice!! - Amisbro's Anime First Impressions12:0188First Impressions
2016-10-03Magic Kyun Renaissance - Amisbro's Anime First Impressions13:1999First Impressions
2016-10-02Uta no Prince-Sama: Maji Love Legend Star - Amisbro's Anime First Impressions22:35326First Impressions
2016-09-28Thoughts On: Where the UtaPri story is going18:4934Discussion
2016-09-26Tales of Zestiria X - Amisbro's Anime Reviews23:2612Review
2016-09-25Cute High Earth Defense Club Love Love! - Amisbro's Anime Reviews16:5316Review
2016-09-19VLOG: A Fun Week Ahead9:0316Vlog
2016-09-18A Message to those not hyped about UtaPri anymore19:2440
2016-09-16VLOG: Pickups for 9-12-16 to 9-15-1615:4915Vlog
2016-09-11VLOG: The Crunchyroll/Funimation agreement...what does it mean?18:2527
2016-09-10VLOG: UtaPri's acknowledgement of male fans and how to keep them18:4855