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What's up. We're Idiot Proof and we're just a bunch of dudes

What's our upload schedule you ask? Oxbones computer exploded Q-mans at cool lodge and Norway is still an alchy!

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Best Of Idiot Proof | 1000 Subscriber Special
Here are Idiot Proofs highlights from this channel. What is your favorite moment? Let us know in the comments. We made it to 1000 subscribers!...
2017-12-08 2:03:40 PM ● 735 views ● 10:07 97.37% liked
SOMETHING UNGODLY | Among the Sleep - Part 3
After 2 months of no uploads and everyone being very busy, Fanta finally got around to finishing a video. And its a spooky one. Follow us on...
2017-04-19 10:00:01 AM ● 513 views ● 26:01 100.00% liked
WE SUCK AT THIS GAME | H1Z1: King of the Kill
We try out H1Z1 for the first time and it does not end in pretty flowers and confetti flying across the screen. That is if you don't count the...
2017-02-17 10:00:01 AM ● 323 views ● 11:56 100.00% liked
WHEN SKYNET ATTACKS | Move or Die - Part 3
We play move or die and things get spicy, the A.I takes over and IP doesn't know what to do! HOTUU DOGGU!!! Follow us on Twitter:
2017-01-25 8:48:56 PM ● 239 views ● 14:40 100.00% liked
THIS DOESN'T MAKE SENSE | $10 and Under - Ep.1
Welcome to our new series $10 and Under. During this series, games that are $10 and under will be randomly picked for us to play. We have no...
2017-01-22 10:00:30 AM ● 215 views ● 24:02 100.00% liked
TRUCE | Garry's Mod Melonbomber
We drop and kick melons. And we suck at it. Follow us on Twitter: This video features: Gamertag FantaClaus Press...
2017-01-20 12:03:32 PM ● 503 views ● 12:53 100.00% liked
Welcome to Idiot Proof (feat. Big Man Tyrone)
Welcome to Idiot Proof. This channel is basically a bunch of friends just playing games and having a good time. Please make sure to subscribe....
2017-01-19 2:06:13 PM ● 1,422 views ● 0:30 96.77% liked
LUIGI'S PRO TIP | Super Mario 64 Co-op - Part 2
We have finally achieved synchronization, now we can see the whole map and do the leap of faith. Oh wait. This isn't Assassin's creed? Follow...
2017-01-12 8:42:33 AM ● 160 views ● 16:04 100.00% liked
EASY QUESTIONS | Trivia Murder Party
I don't know if our lack of random trivia makes us seem more stupid or the trivia more difficult. Follow us on Twitter:
2016-12-30 2:36:56 PM ● 180 views ● 28:07 100.00% liked
THE DESYNC | Super Mario 64 Co-op
Mario and Luigi team up in this old ass game to beat some bad dude that's probably Bowser. But instead of actually completing the levels, Mario...
2016-12-28 4:20:00 AM ● 229 views ● 21:14 100.00% liked