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United States
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I think I've done as many Left 4 Dead videos that I can do, the others are just repetitive or story related that everyone will get simply by playing through the game. Though I'm welcome to any suggestions.
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Fallout - New Vegas: Exploit This exploit is used to earn 29 total perks instead of the usual 15 you're allowed. **Caution**This may cause an...
2010-11-30 4:52:05 PM ● 145,729 views ● 7:18 96.40% liked
Fallout - New Vegas: Exploit This exploit is used when you don't want to waste any more points on a skill to get a certain perk. Say for instance...
2010-11-14 10:54:12 AM ● 25,422 views ● 2:22 92.95% liked
Removing patches to exploit a game. Glitches and exploits never go out of style, but they do become obsolete when the developers patch the software....
2010-11-14 5:52:09 AM ● 2,451 views ● 2:08 85.71% liked
Fallout New Vegas I had a hard time finding the clinic, so I figured I'd make a guide to make it a little easier for other to find it. I hope...
2010-10-24 10:42:56 PM ● 73,664 views ● 6:40 78.11% liked
Fallout New Vegas is finally here!! This is the official intro the game.
2010-10-19 8:09:04 AM ● 4,156 views ● 4:51 100.00% liked
My cat Commander Bun Bun is a little afraid to be left alone outside. Recorded from my iPhone 3GS so the screen format isn't ideal.
2010-09-22 3:23:27 AM ● 920 views ● 1:19 81.82% liked
Dead Rising 2 - Case Zero This is a guide on how to acquire the achievements "A taste of things to come", and "A bigger taste"....
2010-09-15 2:23:26 AM ● 1,075 views ● 10:33 80.00% liked
Just wanted to see what the quality was on the footage from an iPhone. Nothing funny, just some target practice.
2010-09-02 5:21:54 PM ● 500 views ● 0:54 100.00% liked
Just a small video of my girlfriend. She's a funny little girl, it's what makes her so adorable. Usually sparklers are simple and harmless...meaning...
2009-07-16 12:48:37 AM ● 678 views ● 1:03 78.57% liked
These are some tips when playing Left 4 Dead on the Expert difficulty. Just some helpful advice to help prepare people for the finale on the...
2009-06-11 4:59:00 PM ● 25,820 views ● 6:57 97.17% liked