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Pony Style Gaming
(Thanks to NeverChoo for the style name.)

Computer: Asus - ROG Desktop
Recording: Nvidia Shadowplay, Bandicam, FRAPS
Editing: Adobe Premier Pro, Vegas Pro

Kon' nichiwa, everybody! My name is Daring Hooves, I love to play video games and share having fun with all of you! Thank you so much for stopping by, I truly hope you enjoy the show, if you like watching an idiot losing his mind and screaming like a girl at video games, you have come to right place! Some series get postponed, but that is because I am scatter brained and get excited about other games, series will be finished sooner or later! Enjoy the show!


(Side note: Daring Hooves may be a white unicorn, but it isn't strictly based from MLP. Trixie and all other characters are voiced by me and are parodies, NOT meant to sound like the original characters from MLP.)

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Haha! Fooled ya! That isn't what this video is reaaaally about!
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Katsuragi The Cat!
This is a remaster? of the first Senran Kagura game in the line. Had a lot of fun with it! Also... I got the highest score with Kat... Weird....
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WHERE Did This Game Come From | Bloody Mary
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