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Hello friend! Welcome to Dingo Bongo Productions.

We currently create a podcast called the Always Running Podcast and make various videos of us playing games

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Blowing up a Nuclear Reactor: Factorio
In today's science experiment we destroy a Nuclear reactor in Factorio using a rocket launcher. Music: Hans Zimmer - Time Movie Explosion Clip...
2018-06-11 12:55:31 AM ● 532 views ● 2:02 100.00% liked
Factorio (2013)
We infect the world! Plague Inc: Evolved Gameplay
We attempt to spread dingo bongo to the rest of the world and leave the shadows of a small youtube channel behind for bigger thing
2018-03-09 7:58:40 PM ● 2 views ● 11:01 100.00% liked
$200,000 or 50c?? Deal or No Deal DVD Gameplay
Deal or No Deal is the name of the game and the rules to play, It's Peter vs Luke on the search for the most cash as they try to swindle Walter...
2018-03-02 4:30:00 PM ● 467 views ● 12:22 100.00% liked
Murder Mystery? GTA V Treasure Hunters
Dingo Bongo detectives are on the case to solve the case and find the treasure. See the struggles and solve the mystery as Peter and Jesse bumble...
2018-02-25 1:23:08 AM ● 7 views ● 11:14 100.00% liked
Prison Architect Episode 9: DOUBLE SHAKEDOWN
2018-02-19 5:00:00 PM ● 3 views ● 16:57 100.00% liked
Prison Architect Episode 8: Grants, Redecoration and Plenty of Hair
A HATRICK: Jesse is back on board with Luke and Peter, polishing one hell-hole of a prison into (hopefully) something livable. This episode we...
2018-02-05 7:11:14 PM ● 15 views ● 13:37 100.00% liked
Prison Architect
Portal 2 Best Bongos
We play Portal 2 and things go as expected; downhill fast with a lack of coordination.
2018-01-31 11:00:01 PM ● 21 views ● 5:42 100.00% liked
Portal 2
Portal 2 (2011)
Gucci Gang in GTA V
GTA V is on the way from Dingo Bongo Productions. Here is a small taster of what is coming your way.
2018-01-30 4:19:44 AM ● 14 views ● 0:57 66.67% liked
Prison Architect Episode 7: Repair, Depair and an excellent schnitzel
We attempt to repair the damage caused in last episode whilst doing something that our prisoners have struggled with ... eating.
2018-01-29 5:00:00 PM ● 9 views ● 19:15 100.00% liked
Prison Architect
Always Running Podcast Episode 14: New Meta Heat Policy
A slightly distracted episode of the always running podcast as we talk about the next step of daily vlogs, Australian Open heat policy and the...
2018-01-27 3:48:11 AM ● 5 views ● 28:01 100.00% liked