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Jeane Genie is a Dutch content creator on YouTube with 397 subscribers, with his content totaling more than 180.95 thousand views views across at least 2.42 thousand videos.

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About Jeane Genie

"I do dumb things, you watch me doing dumb things..."

Lovely to see you here.

To be clear I'm NOT a David Bowie fan! I'm just a Genie called Jeane. In fact in Dutch Genie means Genius, so I am a Genius Jeane. Right, do you believe it? Jeane is taken from the Dutch Ja/Nee which means Yes/No.

Do you want to know more about me? Keep reading then..

I started out with Minecraft and over the years I wandered off to several other games. Check the home page. I love Survival, Adventures and Puzzles, Hidden Object Games and RPG's. I alternate between games to keep me, and hopefully you, interested as I don't want to get burned out on playing any game I love.

Other games I play are stored under "Fun games I play too".
If you have suggestions do tell me, you can always ask me.
If you want to embed a video, play with me or tell me something nice, place a comment,, email me or contact me on Discord: Jeane Genie#4424

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