Top 100 Channels From Finland With The Longest Duration

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from Finland based on the highest total video duration on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelDurationLatest VideoLiked
1.Finland ALFASUSI154:14:56:57APEX LEGENDS STRIIMI - Kohti 100 voittoa! (Ilmainen törkeen kova peli!) [PS4 Suomi]3:02:5489.58%
2.Finland Jerzku'sGames137:20:15:57Path of Diablo S7 (Diablo 2 mod) - HC Assassin 1 part 6 (nightmare) ► 1080p 60fps No commentary1:12:59
3.Finland TheRelaxingEnd112:00:24:18Unboxing A Game Developer (Human) - Trials Rising Interview12:2896.07%
4.Finland フィンランドのクマYazu90:14:13:12Bloodborne #10 The Finale4:22:58
5.Finland Suomalainen Pelikanava87:00:59:15Loukkasin jalkani6:54100.00%
6.Finland Timodus78:20:03:44God Eater 3 English Walkthrough part 1458:20
7.Finland Solid00775:07:00:45[MGO2] Live Commentary w/ Webcam2:11:0988.89%
8.Finland JoelPalu68:03:22:56HITMAN 2 | FINAL /w Killer ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ1:17:54
9.Finland Zemalf63:09:10:42Zemalf Plays XCOM 2 WOTC Challenge Mode - Part 124:3496.54%
10.Finland Janne Silvo58:15:45:39NHL 19 - Lausteen Luja 7. Divisioona26:25
11.Finland BelannaerTV55:13:24:50Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden - Review34:4487.50%
12.Finland SpiderMwa55:11:49:54KULT: The Temple of Flying Saucers (Amiga) | AN HOUR OF NONSENSE57:11100.00%
13.Finland NocturnalOwlie50:02:59:53Let's Stream: Elite Dangerous!5:54:37100.00%
14.Finland RauhaMees47:15:57:29"Ketkä kaikki kuoli?" - Mini video - Episodi 1970:54100.00%
15.Finland KonsoliFIN46:09:06:48Far Cry New Dawn - New Start27:39100.00%
16.Finland KideRusha45:20:08:16Prince of Persia - The sands of time [Stream 1]2:49:12100.00%
17.Finland Rapsu42:04:05:37▶️SUNNUNTAIN SPONSORIPELIT!▶️3:38:0595.07%
18.Finland M3RQuR37:10:44:20RE2 Livestream NYT0:1880.00%
19.Finland ★Forever on the Road of Playing★36:13:23:21Mass Effect: Andromeda - #113 - The World is Waiting (FINAL)43:06100.00%
20.Finland Amadin Pelailut36:00:50:30Ni No Kuni II - Osa 25 - Finnish Commentary1:19:15100.00%
21.Finland Sami Hartikainen35:11:12:41KIVUN ALKU | Dark Souls Remastered | #159:11100.00%
22.Finland Pelaajainen32:20:21:18South Park: The Fractured But Whole Osa - 21 | NINJACA!30:3390.00%
23.Finland MrEgomies29:10:46:21Apex Legends rage - father and son squad - against all odds - bad start, great win !20:01100.00%
24.Finland TemetzuPlays29:08:14:18TUTKITAAN AUROORAA - Subnautica Suomi - OSA 6 (PS4)39:13100.00%
25.Finland Housukoira29:08:11:02UNBOXING MUG MERCH by streamlabs11:17100.00%
26.Finland Firemoomi28:08:33:33Streamikooste || Muumit: Nintendo DS35:01100.00%
27.Finland fluojn27:23:07:04Let's Play eli pelataan: Final Fantasy V osa 11:02:06100.00%
28.Finland Lambert219127:20:36:43Let's Play EU4 Ep15 Voltaire's Nightmare with Arumba, Steejo and Zippy22:43100.00%
29.Finland Jan Glad27:12:52:33PS2 Destroy All Humans! 2 Kenji Mojo Called Out7:17
30.Finland matsku8426:09:39:50Let's Play OpenRCT2 (Big Mountains) - Ep. 79: KONG VS SKULLCRAWLER17:1295.00%
31.Finland ButcherT25:17:15:41Let's play Grand Theft Auto III Episode 8 sayonara Salvatore13:27100.00%
32.Finland TheNOOB Official25:16:27:21Fallout 76, Base Building S01 E13 | TheNoob Official33:09100.00%
33.Finland JohnnyDFox25:12:20:50God of War: Ascension - Part 2/23:14:0689.58%
34.Finland Romu25:10:58:30Pelataan The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Osa 7817:18100.00%
35.Finland FSClub_ FIN25:05:31:35FS-19. GIANTS Editor. Eli Kuinka Convertoidaan FS17 kartta FS 192:05:05100.00%
36.Finland Mythrell24:18:20:34Magic the Gathering Arena - First Draft2:04:28100.00%
37.Finland Kepponen24:17:30:36SUORITETAAN SUPPORTIN TEHTÄVÄ | Battlefield V12:37100.00%
38.Finland _LaZu_24:14:41:11Streamailin - Mount & Blade: Warband [24h Stream 2018 7/12]1:32:08100.00%
39.Finland Lopsa23:19:38:02Crash Bandicoot 2 (NST) -8- FINALE16:20
40.Finland Luugi22:02:06:25Yoshi's Crafted World Demo19:4198.15%
41.Finland TheKiHo8921:19:11:09NHL 18: Franchise Mode Jakso 8 "3. kausi päätökseen"39:2397.24%
42.Finland Ganmue21:13:57:5713.1.2019 STREAM HIGHLIGHT: Pathfinder Kingmaker[BLIND][2/2]1:02:22
43.Finland Tire Gaming21:08:27:29Tire Plays: Genesis Alpha One #12 NEW CAPTAIN35:35
44.Finland Mara Let's Play21:01:25:47The Sims 2 // BACC New Haven 🏘 // 57 // Drama in New Haven! 💔 (Livesimming)3:48:29
45.Finland SuoluPelaa19:09:48:29Shadow of the Tomb Raider | Läpipeluu | Osa 23 | Hyökkäys! | Suomi/Finland/FIN28:0385.71%
46.Finland josafa19:00:17:45Just Cause 4 #73 (Altoyaku) Tumba de la Princesa6:07
47.Finland Remo Christian18:01:23:34SUPERFUKSI 201857:36100.00%
48.Finland Mestari Amatöörit17:14:34:58Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee - Nyt se Mewtwo kiinni! #13 (Suomi)2:06:4896.55%
49.Finland eeddplays17:07:50:49Onks tää pappa kuvitelmaa? - The Long Dark Redux #930:1099.22%
50.Finland Nindis17:02:52:22Reaktiot: Nintendo Direct 13.2.201917:36100.00%
51.Finland Masentaja17:02:28:33Pelataan Call of Cthulhu [stream ripoff] - Pt. I3:47:23100.00%
52.Finland Benny Holmström16:19:42:12APKEX2:26:58100.00%
53.Finland J0P16:15:03:29Mihin tää portaali vie? - J0P Pelaa Minecraftia | #19717:2598.99%
54.Finland deliwien16:10:05:35Survisarja - Ep38 - Ellua pelastamaan!1:28:4196.51%
55.Finland Paqpa15:11:45:44MAAILMAN ISOIMMAT KALAT | Pelataan Feed and Grow #2219:5999.34%
56.Finland Rantsi15:09:44:39Kingdom Hearts 3 - All Gummiphone Entries1:41:38100.00%
57.Finland K-9Gamer14:14:16:35Let's Play Dark Sector: Part 2 Powers activating26:44
58.Finland drsalvador8914:06:52:52DOUBLE LEIA AND CHEWIE PROBLEM :D | Star Wars Battlefront II Heroes vs Villains11:06
59.Finland JayEm14:06:14:04REFLECTIONS - pimeä puoli1:2793.18%
60.Finland Glyffi14:04:09:19NÄKYMÄTÖN VARAS - Pelataan Thief Simulator - Osa 521:5398.89%
61.Finland UWG Nick13:23:50:13We are SO boned. || Resident Evil 2 remake Ep. 0535:28100.00%
62.Finland Stumbel9113:14:33:15NHL 19 HUT I MESTAREIDEN KAUSI 21!!1:49:3599.19%
63.Finland Myy10013:01:35:16Kid Icarus: Uprising - Part 1 - Chapters 1-334:24
64.Finland 2xMerezone12:22:06:53I'll Be There - SSO Music Video #IllBeThereChallenge1:1799.21%
65.Finland Klapa12:19:19:22Gta San Andreas | Huipulta Pohjalle!17:2594.89%
66.Finland Nedde12:19:18:10The Sims 4 | Kohti kuuluisuutta - #23 Säveliä kaupungissa 😅😅35:0499.64%
67.Finland Malix8212:19:14:02Pelaillaan: Batman: Arkham City - 0041:07:49100.00%
68.Finland Old Guardian12:12:52:42Nerfed Odd Rogue to Legend with 70% winrate! (Hearthstone Rastakhan deck guide)38:59100.00%
69.Finland L00kkino12:11:18:54Pelataan - Leisure Suit Larry: Love For Sail p224:34
70.Finland DraQu12:10:52:59Apex Legends - Let's Win This22:4197.42%
71.Finland RaZzi12:06:02:38ALL HEROES & SKINS IN ARENA OF VALOR - Nintendo Switch16:16100.00%
72.Finland HandeToon12:05:55:06The Weirdest Metal Album (maybe)?3:18100.00%
73.Finland Gamer's Log12:02:09:12Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive | Using only Doc (Demo)46:33
74.Finland Samura1man11:15:19:49Twilight Princess Any% Speedrun in 3:01:433:02:37100.00%
75.Finland [ PLAY ]11:14:37:59Resident Evil 2 - Remake - переносной сейф (Код)0:4950.00%
76.Finland JennaPara11:07:13:46CUTENESS OVERLOAD - Journey - Part 233:57100.00%
77.Finland TenhoPro TV11:03:06:07The Grand Tour Game - Season 1 | Onko 15€ Wörtti?28:59100.00%
78.Finland Flamu11:03:02:06USS Wichita - Not Baltimore, But Not Bad22:0398.13%
79.Finland Lord Archantos11:01:53:59Let's Play Planescape: Torment - 500 Subscriber Special - Part 2324:25100.00%
80.Finland Revonlieke10:15:41:40Soulcalibur VI - Kilik SC Full Healthbar Combo0:1787.50%
81.Finland Roni Back10:09:30:52Tubettajat "kerjäävät" rahaa Suomessa? Mitä tapahtui Haluatko Miljonääriksi? -ohjelmassa..12:2498.32%
82.Finland jonikon10:09:12:59Jump Force Gameplay Ichigo,Sabo,Yugi5:06100.00%
83.Finland Miltonizer10:05:16:47Milton's QW/QC stream (11.11.2018)2:48:05100.00%
84.Finland OrcCorp10:04:35:23The Division 2 - National Archives side mission (PC Beta Gameplay)14:01100.00%
85.Finland Elyas GamingPC10:03:14:37Unboxing the BEST PUBG MOBILE TRIGGERS! 😍🔥 Cheap and fordable4:5087.50%
86.Finland Bhaalspawn8410:00:28:43Korpiklaani - Vodka@Lutakko 31.1.20194:26
87.Finland Youtube Gaming Compilation9:20:24:361 HOUR OF CS:GO Funny Moments & Fails (Featuring: Fitz, SwaggerSouls & Wildcat)1:00:0175.93%
88.Finland Silrace9:14:33:42Mechwarrior Online - Stormcrow D (3LRM20) Gameplay #17:17
89.Finland Roponen9:14:14:05JÄIN POLIISILLE KIINNI! | Thief Simulator #612:0798.82%
90.Finland Major Thriftwood9:11:49:30Dungeon Hack (PC/DOS) "Demo" 1993, SSi, DreamForge36:46100.00%
91.Finland TheCrow Gamefun9:11:00:49Two buildings in one ❧ 7 Days to Die A17 ❧ S04E1556:31100.00%
92.Finland TheOVJM9:10:06:35Fucking Awesome Git-gud Guide on Touhou #10 Alice Margatroid8:05100.00%
93.Finland Marko Koivikko9:09:04:44Battlefield 4 ps4 multiplayer1:02:40
94.Finland MadFinnTech9:07:22:22Resident Evil 2 Remake - E3 2018 - MadFinnTech25:5622.22%
95.Finland AnyloPelaa9:06:39:59Osa 33: Raaka-aineet tyhjästä [Direwolf20] [Minecraft] [Suomi]25:17100.00%
96.Finland Cearadeth8:21:03:30Dishonored 2 - NP NLG Speedrun 35:35 WR47:53100.00%
97.Finland Wolfie Cascade8:16:13:42dw these weren't my relatives6:12
98.Finland NXT Gaming8:13:51:11Ty Vision - The Division 2 Beta2:04:05
99.Finland Turmio18:12:07:04Bowsers Offspring (Mario World Metal Remix) by bXmMusic in Audioshield5:12
100.Finland RaitzeR18:11:16:55VirtaCast - Episodi[0] - Esittely22:3498.08%