Top 100 Channels From United States With The Most Videos

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from United States based on the most published videos on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelVideosLatest Video
1.United States IGN137,027Doom Eternal Finished in Under 33 Minutes36:55
2.United States Audiopedia59,947Local Government Act 20001:59
3.United States DSPGaming57,134Nioh 2 playthrough pt24 - Tatarimokke (Owl) Boss! The One EVERYONE FEARS!1:19:47
4.United States Video Games Source49,012Resident Evil 3 - Uptown: Put Out The Fire: Reach Garage Safe Room, Bolt Cutters Location (2020)2:11
5.United States News4JAX42,924Everything 4 Spring: Keep Your Pool Clean1:59
6.United States nbagleague39,874Milton Doyle Top Assists of the Month: March 20203:44
7.United States VGBootCamp30,987The Grind 119 Online Grand Finals - Mj (ROB) Vs. Jerry (Wolf, Joker) Smash Ultimate - SSBU1:00:05
8.United States Nintendo Thumb28,945Treasure Mansion by Morstle 🍄 Super Mario Maker 2 🍄 No Commentary AAD7:54
9.United States Old Games Database28,103Part of my game retro collection - Updated October 20191:33
10.United States Big Ten Network25,576Zack Baun is Ready for the NFL | Wisconsin | B1G Football6:53
11.United States runsame25,273Aeroflot 777-300ER Crashes 40 miles from Kuwait1:24
12.United States USA TODAY22,050President Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force provide further updates | USA TODAY2:43:04
13.United States Ezvid Wiki21,60110 Best Aerobic Steppers 20204:42
14.United States iGameplay133721,295Toby & Nia - Thomas & Friends: Go Go Thomas - New Engines - Number One Engine22:48
15.United States BlankTV20,990NAMM 2020 - New Charvel Guitars - A BlankTV Exclusive!7:56
16.United States CohhCarnage20,505Let's Play Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord With CohhCarnage - Episode 4929:56
17.United States Pocket Media19,600Apex Legends Stories from the Outlands – “The Old Ways”10:37
18.United States CNET19,565Apple Watch 6: Everything we know8:21
19.United States Wanderbots18,040Let's Play Animal Crossing: New Horizons [Co-Op] - Switch Gameplay Part 14 - Bee-nied!41:01
20.United States Gaming Movie Database - IGMDb.org17,415Half Life 2 DeathMatch: HL2DM: Devastated vs Hypernova15:13
21.United States dankwrasslin17,260WWE 2K19 AOP v new day11:47
22.United States PGA TOUR17,035One hour of PGA TOUR's best holes-in-one1:00:01
23.United States WUSA916,533Nats fans celebrate the home opener that didn't happen1:41
24.United States jasonsgroovemachine16,381Let's Play Minecraft - 16 The Elder Gods32:18
25.United States FlamingGnats15,939Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones - Chapter 1822:52
26.United States SpeedGaming15,600N Type-R vs rot_ta. Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts 1 Loop Tournament 202019:47
27.United States The Gaming Mole: Brad_Ry15,155Tekken Tag Tournament - Arcade Opening0:29
28.United States TouchGameplay15,145EndZone A World Apart Live Stream Early Access - Gentlymad Studios3:30:39
29.United States TWiT Tech Podcast Network14,668Zoom Video Conferencing Security9:56
31.United States 8WAYRUN VODs14,614The Break #553 SSBU G1 TSB Chaos VS NGG Chrismus9:17
32.United States 2pFreeGames14,201Zombie Catchers Day114 Walkthrough Let's Start The Business! Recommend index four stars4:01
33.United States BUILD Series14,198Actor-Singer Joshua Bassett Chats About His Debut Single, "Common Sense"22:04
34.United States GaLm13,910[18] Gears 5 w/ GaLm and Goon33:24
35.United States Walkman 128613,889Mortal Kombat 11 Armored Up Spawn VS Sonya Connor 1 VS 1 Fight1:59
36.United States SSoHPKC13,837The Walking Dead: A New Frontier - Ties That Bind (Part 2) Part 4 - Meeting Demands17:52
37.United States 2GGaming13,7742GG Crisis Core - LGCY | Sonix (Sonic) Vs. enhancedpv (Falco) Grand Finals - Smash Ultimate15:42
38.United States 123Pazu13,724Reflections Of Life 9: Utopia - Part 11 END Let's Play Walkthrough14:36
39.United States Keith Ballard13,663Let's Play Paladins Part 2 - Bringing in the Group1:26:11
40.United States GooshiGaming13,610"What Happened?" (GooshiGaming Community Mario Kart Stream Highlights)15:38
41.United States Game Guides Channel13,137Commandos 2 HD Remaster All Bonus Book Locations Mission 10 Is Paris Burning?6:26
42.United States Arumba12,829Electable! Quickie Achievement Run (Part 2)22:06
43.United States Viva Sigal Sahar12,826boat times lake worth fl march 2020 20:12
44.United States JBG TRAVELS12,765April 3, 2020/155 Trucking. Pepperoni cheese omelette on the hotlogic mini15:29
45.United States PolarisZenKai’s Amiibo Fights!12,690Super Smash Bros Ultimate Amiibo Fights – 5pm Poll Red vs Dr Mario4:06
46.United States SpraynPray100012,631Fire Emblem: Three Houses Blue Lion #8 ||🐬 So Long, & Thanks For The Streams🐬2:28:51
47.United States Vizzed Video Game Music12,556Super Nintendo Music 24/711:50:30
48.United States FilthyRobot12,337How's your health? Urtuk | Stream Highlight21:25
49.United States Noire Blue12,238Murder by Numbers Walkthrough Part 59 No Commentary14:34
50.United States SuperChaosControl12,205Sonic Spinball (GG/SMS) - The Machine ~Sega Genesis Remix~3:09
51.United States Onivia LEC, LCS, LCK, LPL Highlights11,914T1 vs GRF Highlights ALL GAMES LCK Spring 2020 W7D3 T1 vs Griffin LCK Highlights 2020 by Onivia17:54
52.United States Drazzlook11,852Merge Truck E01 Overview Best Android GamePlay HD10:24
53.United States ManOfJustice21 Gaming11,768Resident Evil 3 (2020) | PS4 | BLIND | FINALE/REVIEW | The Final Escape1:33:55
54.United States SiIvaGunner11,712Special World 8 (Crown) (Beta Mix) - Super Mario 3D Land2:06
55.United States GamerFuzion11,614Call of Duty Mobile HOW TO LEVEL UP SEASON 2 GET XP FAST and RANK UP4:59
56.United States SuperMutant209911,5544-2-20 edition of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Racing with TheGreatGQ3:00:57
57.United States ZaFrostPet11,552Audiocassette Tape Resident Evil 3 (How to use Audiocassette)2:41
58.United States TapGameplay11,533Clash of Clans - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Tutorial (iOS, Android)16:08
59.United States AuraChannelerChris11,489Fire Emblem: Three Houses - 78 - Part 1, Ch. 5-19 (End) - After Battle (Blue Lions)11:39
60.United States gocalibergaming11,410Disney Sorcerer's Arena Android iOS Walkthrough - Part 3 - Heroes Campaign Ch116:32
61.United States JacksawJack11,014I'm (kinda) recording again.5:08
62.United States Trone Hunter10,933VAMPYR Walkthrough Gameplay Part 22 PS4 PRO (1080p60FPS19:03
63.United States MidasHim10,850Nigma vs OG ESL One LA 2020 Online Highlights Dota 222:47
64.United States Gogeta Superx10,760Path of Giants gameplay - GogetaSuperx10:46
65.United States aulddragon10,720CKII: The White Huns of Britain — Part 131 - Sakastan Revocation31:23
66.United States SCAPAD Lover 202010,641Playfirst Games And Super Smash Bros Melee1:49:11
67.United States Team Spooky10,628[GBVS] NecroUndine (Ferry) vs Sytorias (Lancelot) @ NLBC Online Edition #26:57
68.United States Loleventvods - LoL Esports: VODs & Montages10,552G2 vs MAD, Game 5 - LEC 2020 Spring Playoffs Round 1 - G2 Esports vs MAD Lions G51:11:42
69.United States TmarTn210,473Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Part 9 - The New April Update!31:09
70.United States AnonymousAffection10,424Marvel Strike Force (iOS) - Toad Campaign Event: Misfit Adventures (Hard)17:32
71.United States Breaking News 24/710,362Breaking News | First time, first place: Pair of debut Run The Rockies entrants win half-marathon t5:42
72.United States Paranoia's Dungeon10,255DOOM ETERNAL Playthrough Part 9 - Taras Nabad1:21:20
73.United States Daniel Reid10,082Try Not To Laugh Challenge 114:04
74.United States ArcadeGo.com10,075Angry Birds Casual Walkthough Level 11-20 (iOS Android Gameplay)15:42
75.United States ZackScottGames10,007Resident Evil 3 Remake - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Jill Runs from the Nemesis!49:38
76.United States AngryBirdsNest9,952Angry Birds Transformers - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 76 - Kup Unlocked12:43
77.United States GameNews9,950DRAGON BALL Z KAKAROT "Accolades and DLC" Trailer (2020) PS4 / Xbox One / PC2:01
78.United States Funimation9,939Burn! (Endeavor and Hawks) | My Hero Academia Season 4 (Official Clip)1:37
79.United States Breaking News 24/79,858Breaking News | A Note On Making Discussions Here Better9:16
80.United States Duxativa9,796RESIDENT EVIL 3 REMAKE HARDCORE Modo Historia Parte 839:19
81.United States Jinzuro9,741(Halo: Reach) Part 3: Nightfall36:31
82.United States Breaking News 24/79,712Breaking News | - Malik Hall visiting Purdue today1:44
83.United States GameSpot Trailers9,656Final Fantasy VII Remake - Official Final Reveal Trailer4:22
84.United States Sports Gaming Universe9,651MLB The Show 20 Today | Oakland Athletics vs Minnesota Twins Full Game - 4/4/201:11:51
85.United States Chaosinthesky139,593Persona 5: The Royal Playthrough with Chaos part 27: The Seeds of Lust19:51
86.United States biohazardisonline9,588Bleach Immortal Soul (Soul Jade Summons) Part 11:26
87.United States Rockiwan's Music Room9,535Metal Gear Solid 4 - The Hunted (Extended)31:10
88.United States Scotty's HD Gaming Channel!9,484FINAL FANTASY IX Playthrough Part 13 Treno, Card Game Tournament & Alexandria Under Attack (PS4)1:55:44
89.United States House of Highlights9,462Ranking The Top Centers In The NBA | Through The Wire Podcast1:04:05
90.United States OfficialTGAvideos9,391FINAL FANTASY XV Driving Gameplay Trailer5:16
91.United States Collider Videos9,332New MCU Movie Release Dates Revealed in Updated Disney Schedule12:06
92.United States ShowdownGG9,331GENESIS 7 Rivals of Aether - Workshop - L Semis: Protagify (Zetta) vs Windows (Hime/Bird Guy/Targma)6:44
93.United States TYT Sports9,306SHAQ MEETS JOE EXOTIC3:50
94.United States National Geographic9,285Jack Black's Musical Influences | Brain Games2:09
95.United States RabidRetrospectGames9,241Nemesis Kills Tyrell - Resident Evil 3 Cutscene (#ResidentEvil3Remake Tyrell Death)2:39
96.United States PS2SPORTSINFOSTATION9,203The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA Tour Golfing Simulator First Look Menu7:28
97.United States rocksoldier979,187X360 Gaming! Episode 952: WWE 2K1637:09
98.United States The 8-Bit Arcade9,165Animal Crossing New Horizons - Scared of my New Reaction... Fearful! (Switch Gameplay)18:19
99.United States Tigerfrost9,123Shingeki No Kyojin 3 Part 2 | Attack On Titan Season 3 Part 2 (Thoughts/Opinions)3:00:14
100.United States Games and Toilets Productions9,020Baron Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok - Part 2626:22