Top 100 Channels From United States With The Most Videos

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from United States based on the most published videos on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelVideosLatest Video
1.United States Associated Press143,026Tagged white shark in Atlantic may be pregnant1:41
2.United States IGN142,200Andrew Garfield Returning as Spider-Man or Not? - IGN The Fix: Entertainment5:31
3.United States CNBC Television63,079Murder hornets in Washington worry experts and beekeepers2:56
4.United States Audiopedia59,946Local Government Act 20001:59
5.United States DSPGaming59,186Street Fighter Throwback Session: May 7, 2021 pt21:04:46
6.United States Video Games Source58,606Resident Evil Village - Mother Miranda, Alicina Dimitrescu, Angie, Boneviento and Eisenburg Cutscene2:47
7.United States WikiTubia58,159Act of Settlement5:03
8.United States CBS49,805Magnum P.I. - We'll Be Together2:49
9.United States What Is Free On My Birthday48,490¡Feliz Cumpleaños Agustyn Martinez! (Perros hablando gracioso) ¡Muchas Felicidades!2:34
10.United States nbagleague40,925League Ready: episode 2 preview4:13
11.United States Telemundo Deportes38,755Raúl Jiménez y su visita clave ¡al médico! ¿Cuándo podrá jugar? | Telemundo Deportes1:07
12.United States daytrotter36,398ChessBoxer - Full Concert - 08/29/13 - Troy High School (OFFICIAL)4:41
13.United States Nintendo Thumb34,915もっと腕が長ければ、隣のツタに手が届くのに by かいしゃ 🍄 Super Mario Maker ✹Wii U✹ #apb3:24
14.United States VGBootCamp34,269King 2021 GRAND FINALS - Myran (Olimar) Vs. ESAM (Pikachu, Min Min) SSBU Smash Ultimate18:16
15.United States Blogging Witches31,969TOY BLAST LEVEL 5047 ~ NO BOOSTERS1:15
16.United States KING 530,139Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant acknowledges ethics violations, must pay back city funds0:34
17.United States Big Ten Network28,040On The Mat Marathon | Big Ten Wrestling1:36:46
18.United States SportsCarFan12927,572NFS: The Run - Stage 7: Chicago Approach: Kennedy Expressway4:23
19.United States CohhCarnage25,872CohhCarnage Plays The Binding of Isaac: Repentance - Episode 4729:03
20.United States Ezvid Wiki23,7628 Best Zip Line Kits 20214:02
21.United States Chad Brown23,519Ghost of Tsushima pt 5!9:45
22.United States iGameplay133723,513Apollo - Android Gameplay Walkthrough Part 112:53
23.United States Howcast22,611Top 4 Lessons to Train Your Cat | Behave | Bathroom | Leash | Spraying8:35
24.United States PolarisZenKai’s Amiibo Fights!21,892Super Smash Bros Ultimate Amiibo Fights – Request #18005 Lemmy vs Yoshi4:08
25.United States BlankTV21,605Bajo Custodia - "Despertar" Grabaciones Mohicano - Official Music Video3:05
26.United States Wanderbots21,256The Most Adorable Roguelike! - Let's Play Patch Quest - PC Gameplay Part 131:48
27.United States SpeedGaming20,391The Super 16 #5 A race of 16 Super Nintendo games1:10:41
28.United States CNET20,153The best new features of the Apple iPad Pro (2021)5:37
29.United States Gaming Movie Database - IGMDb.org19,681Quake Live: [PQL] Clan Arena Duel AriosJentu vs okkam [Fuse] (07.05) [p2]12:41
30.United States Ask About APPS19,530Can you talk on ps4 without a mic?0:26
31.United States Trancentral19,319Vertical / Visuals: Delta Process @ ReUnite Sessions57:55
32.United States Paste Magazine19,046Moon Vs Sun - I'm Gonna Break Your Heart - 4/2/2021 - Hotel Cafe - Los Angeles CA3:38
33.United States Bloomberg Quicktake: Now18,569Bloomberg Green: Nuclear Power Problem24:05
34.United States dankwrasslin experience18,557WWE 2K19 goldberg v stone cold steve austin cage match6:56
35.United States Zodd The Destroyer18,252Minion Masters 1551:14:18
36.United States PGA TOUR17,968Highlights | Round 2 | Wells Fargo | 20213:03
37.United States FlamingGnats17,849Mafia 3: Definitive Edition Playthrough - Part 456:44
38.United States Walkman 128616,577WWE 2K Battlegrounds Mark Henry VS Gronkster 1 VS 1 Match5:12
39.United States ZaFrostPet16,515Duke's Reaction on Angie Remains Resident Evil Village0:51
40.United States Let's Play // Best of Toys & Games16,431#Bandai Guide: JUMP FORCE Yoruichi Launch Trailer #JUMPFORCE #Yoruichi1:00
41.United States Los Angeles Times16,194The ink therapist2:11
42.United States The Gaming Mole: Brad_Ry16,190TMNT IV: Turtles in Time Arcade (Michelangelo) - Very Hard (MAME)1:06:27
43.United States TWiT Tech Podcast Network15,969The End of Passwords?12:25
44.United States SiIvaGunner15,813Gate - Animal Crossing: Wild World2:35
45.United States TouchGameplay15,542Star Trek Legends - Tilting Point - Gameplay - PvP Part 535:50
46.United States Keith Ballard15,520Let's Play Portal Reloaded Part 2 - Time to Get Weird32:07
47.United States Game Guides Channel15,473Resident Evil Village All Treasure Chest Locations & Solutions11:23
48.United States 2pFreeGames15,313Subway Surfers Oxford Day 2 Walkthrough Join the endless running fun! Recommend index four stars2:05
49.United States Reuters15,291Kamala Harris discusses migration issue with Mexican president2:05
50.United States A-DSplay10115,163Making Zucchini Noodles #chicken #everythinghealthy33:25
51.United States 123Pazu15,085Whispered Secrets 12: Ripples Of The Heart - Part 8 Let's Play Walkthrough19:25
52.United States Live Storms Media14,90705-05-2021 Cedar Rapids, IA - Chinese rocket booster passing overhead4:18
53.United States TopClips14,836REVIVE - Grand Theft Auto V / Raided0:30
54.United States Onivia LEC, LCS, LCK, LPL Highlights14,696MSI Highlights Day 2 All Games MSI 2021 by Onivia35:35
55.United States YESNetwork14,665DJ LeMahieu on his performance at the plate1:44
56.United States SSoHPKC14,644Resident Evil Village PS5 Playthrough Part 2 | Welcome to Stress Town40:07
57.United States 8wayrun [VODs]14,614The Break #553 SSBU G1 TSB Chaos VS NGG Chrismus9:17
58.United States 2GGaming14,445MSM Online 53 - 9SuperPie (Donkey Kong) Vs. Iluz | Jake (Donkey Kong) - Grand Finals34:46
59.United States BUILD Series14,424The X Change Rate: The Queens of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 1338:50
60.United States House of Highlights14,420Michael Porter Jr. Dunks on Rudy Gobert!0:37
61.United States GaLm14,374Talking about my current life situation after being Detained and put through another psychward11:24
62.United States Noire Blue14,250Assassin's Creed Odyssey Walkthrough Part 60 No Commentary15:54
63.United States Magic Fabric14,222Catholic Mass Today | Daily TV Mass, Thursday April 9 202128:45
64.United States DPCcars13,829CUPRA De Antonio Yachts D28 Formentor1:46
65.United States GooshiGaming13,613What you've been missing from the GooshiGaming Twitch channel.12:53
66.United States Paul79UF13,444Morning Play Time For Five Adorable Puppies in the Backyard - 5 To 6 Weeks Old1:05
67.United States JBG TRAVELS13,327May 7, 2021/164 Trucking, The serpentine maneuver. Fort Worth Texas36:48
68.United States Chaosinthesky1313,307Toontown: Corporate Clash Playthrough with Chaos and Friends part 78: Infinite Loan Sharks27:05
69.United States Arumba13,048Tiefling Turmoil [Pathfinder WotR (Beta)]34:00
70.United States Viva Sigal Sahar13,031chris demakes guanabanas jupiter fl dec 26 20202:23
71.United States AuraChannelerChris12,856Bravely Default II - 218 - Chapter 7-10 - Halls of Tribulation V - Boss: The Wicked Ones (Hard)19:01
72.United States Jasyn Wicklund12,831SVR 11: Michelle McCool VS Gail Kim VS Melina10:35
73.United States SpraynPray100012,757Nier Replicant ver 1.22474487139 Playthrough part 9 (Ending A)1:18:32
74.United States MasterLL12,742「 NieR Replicant Ver1.22 (PS5) 」 HARD Playthrough Day 04 ~ "Five Years"5:32:33
75.United States Vizzed Video Game Music12,556Super Nintendo Music 24/711:50:30
76.United States FilthyRobot12,524PAIN!!! Mythic Drafting | Magic: The Gathering Arena52:15
77.United States SuperMutant209912,466Yakuza 4 Day 32:21:19
78.United States aulddragon12,406Metal Marines (SNES/Stream) — Session 5 - Retro Variety Stream2:56:08
79.United States Gogeta Superx12,261The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk The Amulet Of Chaos gameplay - GogetaSuperx10:42
80.United States SuperChaosControl12,249Sonic Robo Blast 2 - Castle Eggman Act 2 ~Chill Remix~5:08
81.United States Games and Toilets Productions12,228Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened - Part 247:50
82.United States RubyBadger223 Main Channel12,163playfirst games and etc1:26:58
83.United States ManOfJustice21 Gaming12,126Days Gone1:35:30
84.United States Trone Hunter12,051Battlefield™ 5 - Gameplay PS4 (1080p60FPS)40:09
85.United States Sports Gaming Universe11,863Los Angeles Lakers vs Portland Trail Blazers | NBA Today 5/7 Full Game Highlights (NBA 2K21)1:03:16
86.United States gocalibergaming11,812Shortcut Run Gameplay4:07
87.United States brandon lee11,551WWE 2K20 Throwback Smackdown 5-7-2021 10 Man Tag16:14
88.United States BusinessWire11,491JetBlue Takes Delivery of First Airbus A321LR Aircraft Enabling Airline to Launch First-Ever ...1:00
89.United States ComicBookCast211,474James Gunn Reconfirms Guardians of the Galaxy 3 on Track to Start Filming2:45
90.United States Team Spooky11,442Granblue Fantasy Versus Grand Final - Teiga vs Joon @ NLBC Online Edition #5828:30
91.United States Sovereign Sage11,435SB4S: Sengoku Creation Route [Part 3] Kenshin Uesugi Gameplay -Bishamonten!35:06
92.United States GameSpot Trailers11,4038 Minutes Of Hood: Outlaws & Legends Gameplay8:25
93.United States JacksawJack11,325Wolfenstein Blade of Agony Part 51:17:27
94.United States TmarTn211,308MLB 21 Road to the Show - Part 30 - The Dream is Down Abysmal22:07
95.United States Fandom Entertainment11,236Netflix & Disney+ Switch Up Release Strategies | SJU33:26
96.United States Tara The Gamer Girl’s 1st Channel11,189Mario Party Island Tour - Toad In Xylophone Home1:14
97.United States Paranoia's Dungeon11,027Resident Evil Village Playthrough - Part 4 - Castle Dimitrescu40:23
98.United States MidasHim11,003Alliance vs NiP ESL One Germany 2020 Highlights Dota 233:48
99.United States USA TODAY10,860Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas says Biden administration needs a clear plan2:09
100.United States AnonymousAffection10,811Cyberpunk 2077 (PS5 1080p 60FPS) - Gig: Playing For Keeps8:04