Top 100 Channels From United States With The Most Videos

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from United States based on the most published videos on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelVideosLatest VideoLiked
1.United States Audiopedia59,948Local Government Act 20001:5961.50%
2.United States DSPGaming54,683Metro Exodus playthrough pt16 - The Dam Escape/Turn For the Worse?46:2933.33%
3.United States Video Games Source40,026Kingdom Hearts 3 - Black Pearl & Flying Dutchman Defeat Cutler, Caribbean Ending Cutscene (2019)4:41100.00%
4.United States News4JAX29,343Should your pet try CBD?1:50
5.United States Old Games Database28,097Pac-Zuma 2019 (Atari 2600 Pac Man Hack,)5:52100.00%
6.United States Big Ten Network22,435Catching Up with Olympic Champion Kyle Snyder | Ohio State | Big Ten Wrestling3:50100.00%
7.United States VGBootCamp20,724The Script 2 - Zain (Marth) Vs. Ginger [L] (Falco) - Smash Melee Grand Finals16:2898.25%
8.United States BlankTV20,11430 Miles - "The Beasts" Ghost Factory-Far Channel-Disconnect Disconnect-Thousand Islands-20 Chords3:46
9.United States iGameplay133719,243Little Kitten,Love Balls,Wallykazam,PAW Patrol,Blaze Monster Machines,Peppa Pig,Talking News,Ginger19:3585.96%
10.United States CNET18,822Xiaomi Mi 9 hands-on2:5197.10%
11.United States ESPN18,682Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder’s claims to lineal title due to Tyson Fury | Max on Boxing3:5297.16%
12.United States Gideon Wyeth17,392Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 3 (Best Parts Only)2:3280.00%
13.United States Ezvid Wiki17,10210 Best Metal Fire Pit Rings 20194:50
14.United States CohhCarnage15,768Let's Play Metro: Exodus (Ranger Hardcore) With CohhCarnage - Episode 6139:39100.00%
15.United States PGA TOUR15,499Highlights | Round 1 | Puerto Rico 20193:0992.59%
16.United States TheGamerBay LetsPlay14,881Let's Play - Elastigirl (Cat Suit) as Haydee, White Zone9:5383.93%
17.United States Gaming Movie Database - IGMDb.org14,813Quake Live: g r o s s .15:15
18.United States A-DSplay10114,654SFV - 400 LP from Platinum - STRUGGLE39:26100.00%
19.United States TouchGameplay14,620Two Point Hospital - Live Stream - Part 12:57:2586.96%
20.United States SSoHPKC13,837The Walking Dead: A New Frontier - Ties That Bind (Part 2) Part 4 - Meeting Demands17:5295.08%
21.United States The Gaming Mole: Brad_Ry13,831Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - Ishras Ark31:08100.00%
22.United States FNTSY Sports Network13,641From Gymnastics to Esports, Don't Flip Out | Poppin' Off! Ep 921:02:14100.00%
23.United States TWiT Netcast Network12,937Brave Browser on iOS6:23100.00%
24.United States Pocket Media12,866Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Operation Grand Heist T2:21
25.United States FlamingGnats12,695Assassins Creed: Odyssey Completionist Playthrough - Part 8340:12
26.United States Vizzed Video Game Music12,556Super Nintendo Music 24/711:50:3066.67%
27.United States SpraynPray100012,357Resident Evil 2 Remake Playthrough part 7 - Claire A-21:07:26
28.United States SuperChaosControl12,246Pepsi Man Theme ~GeneSnes Remix~1:4598.25%
29.United States GaLm12,135[4] Lost In Vivo w/ GaLm28:58100.00%
30.United States dankwrasslin12,126WWE 2K19 triple threat elimination8:25
31.United States Arumba12,113EU4 Voltaires Nightmare Multiplayer 1821:00100.00%
32.United States FilthyRobot12,042Battle Brothers Season 8 Part 21429:3066.67%
33.United States Aban Tech11,900Denon DP-400 and DP-450: two new vinyl record players for this new season1:16100.00%
34.United States Let's Play // Best of Toys & Games11,784Barbie Fashionistas Doll the New Crew 2019 Collection - New Friends, New Fashions!0:31100.00%
35.United States Maximumandroid - Just Good Games11,532Mr Banana6:54100.00%
36.United States Game Guides Channel11,450Anthem Fortress of Dawn Explorer Challenge All Districts, Landmarks And Hidden Places3:49
37.United States 2pFreeGames11,424My Talking Tom 2 - Outfit7 Limited Day 2 Walkthrough3:0580.00%
38.United States Viva Sigal Sahar11,397reel big fish, Sacramento CA 20191:20100.00%
39.United States MOJ21Gaming / TheRockierPodcast11,332Kingdom Hearts 3 | Proud Mode | BLIND Playthrough | Part 48 |17:37
40.United States gocalibergaming10,855KINGDOM HEARTS 3 PS4 Walkthrough Proud Mode - Part 5 - Kingdom of Corona - The Forest1:00:3092.06%
41.United States Keith Ballard10,739Let's Play Overwatch Part 14 - Infanty Food28:57100.00%
42.United States SuperMutant209910,521Life Is Strange 2 Episode 23:26:55
43.United States GooshiGaming10,417VTT #56 GF: Ksev (Snake) vs Daybreak (Palutena/Wolf/Cloud)9:51100.00%
44.United States Breaking News 24/710,363Breaking News | First time, first place: Pair of debut Run The Rockies entrants win half-marathon t5:42100.00%
45.United States TapGameplay10,292Free Fire: Battlegrounds - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 18 - Jankenpon Solo Win (iOS, Android)13:1997.99%
46.United States Funimation10,246Pekoms | One Piece (Official Clip)1:5988.39%
47.United States MidasHim10,118Alliance vs Chaos Esports Club ESL One Katowice 2019 Highlights Dota 222:14
48.United States OPLOLReplay - LoL LCS LCK Esports Highlights10,108SKT (Faker Lissandra) VS KT (Bdd Sylas) Game 2 Highlights - 2019 LCK Spring W5D17:11100.00%
49.United States JacksawJack10,064Let's Play Metro Exodus (Part 14)1:05:53
50.United States AngryBirdsNest9,939Angry Birds Transformers - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 64 - Ironhide Unlocked17:1295.68%
51.United States ArcadeGo.com9,904Granny Funny👍Kids Play Bendy Slendrina Attack,Hello Neighbor,Hide and Seek,Baldi, Friday The 13th29:4689.74%
52.United States Walkman 12869,874WWE 2K19 The Great Khali VS Donald Trump 1 VS 1 No Holds Barred Match8:59100.00%
53.United States Breaking News 24/79,858Breaking News | A Note On Making Discussions Here Better9:160.00%
54.United States Breaking News 24/79,712Breaking News | - Malik Hall visiting Purdue today1:44
55.United States TmarTn29,607MAN'S BEST FRIEND33:0699.39%
56.United States jasonsgroovemachine9,522Let's Play Burning Heroes - 32 Shenanigans41:10
57.United States Jinzuro9,496(Vanquish) Act 11:20:25100.00%
58.United States Team Spooky9,494UMVC3 Tournament - Top 4 Finals ft. Crazy Joe, RayRay, Escalante - NLBC 152 (TIMESTAMPS)48:0996.06%
59.United States RandomTopicsWithHumor9,456The Latest: US To Ignore Maduro Order To Remove Diplomats1:1766.67%
60.United States Rockiwan19839,443Mega Man 10 - Strike Man (Extended)30:00100.00%
61.United States OfficialTGAvideos9,392FINAL FANTASY XV Driving Gameplay Trailer5:16100.00%
62.United States Trone Hunter9,356DRAGON BALL FighterZ - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 7 (1080p60FPS) LETS PLAY42:27
63.United States Noire Blue9,332Tales of Symphonia Walkthrough Part 78 No Commentary13:22100.00%
64.United States Duxativa9,264JUMP FORCE MODO HISTORIA -PRIMEROS MINUTOS1:04:3897.99%
65.United States Scotty's HD Gaming Channel!9,209RESIDENT EVIL 2 Remake Ghost Survivors All Missions (PS4)55:47100.00%
66.United States Sovereign Sage9,126WO3U: Bao Sanniang Causes Nezha To Experience The Slow Dying Glitch!0:13100.00%
67.United States ZackScottGames9,124WALL-NUT HILLS RETURNS! - Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 - Gameplay Part 403 (PC)39:5898.74%
68.United States Paranoia's Dungeon9,089Crackdown 3 Playthrough Part 28 - City Locked Down Again9:17100.00%
69.United States WUSA99,076Most DC Thing: 404 Store not found0:52
70.United States biohazardisonline9,028Fairy Tail Dice Magic フェアリーテイルダイスマジック (SSR Full of Love Event Summons) 6000 Stones9:0483.33%
71.United States RabidRetrospectGames9,018The LEGO MOVIE 2 VideoGame Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - No Commentary2:07:2193.51%
72.United States ShowdownGG9,016GENESIS 6 Slap City - Pool G2: Nihilus (Ittle Dew) vs TJ4 (Jenny Fox)5:04100.00%
73.United States TYT Sports8,831Nike Unveils Limited Edition Kaepernick Jersey3:2285.60%
74.United States Adult Swim8,727Haram “الحل المقاومة The Solution (Is Resistance)" | Adult Swim Singles 2018/20192:2469.83%
75.United States Red's 3rd Dimension Gaming8,665Death End Re;Quest English Walkthrough Part 3: Chapter 3 (English, PS4 Pro)4:16:05100.00%
76.United States Breaking News 24/78,495Breaking News | Sources Say Your Dreams Are Coming True with a Switch Version of Fortnite2:40
77.United States aulddragon8,493Stellaris: Megacorp — Part 94 - Back To War34:12100.00%
78.United States rocksoldier978,427Xbox Gaming! Episode 1106 Outtake8:19100.00%
79.United States GameNewsOfficial8,309FAR CRY New Dawn Customization Trailer (2019)1:2067.44%
80.United States AginoEvolutionHD8,266Dragon Marked For Death Walkthrough Part 8 Witch Brother and Sister 4K 60FPS11:38100.00%
81.United States ballerscuba8,252Beachcomber - Let's Play Stardew Valley Part 27720:56
82.United States REACTION FACTION8,251REACTION VIDEO | "MHA #42" - This Story Of Heroism Got To Me! - REVIEW & REDIRECT CRAZY REACTION!!!7:2237.50%
83.United States JustWant2PlayAGame8,242MIRACLE INVOKER - Divine Rapier + Refresher Game - Liquid vs Newbee MDL Macau19:34100.00%
84.United States kootra8,226My thoughts and stuff29:1233.06%
85.United States shenryyr28,192Streaming on Twitch 9am Pacific Every Day!0:1392.73%
86.United States TimTheTatMan High Octane Gameplays8,155Ninja said "Tim Choked" - TimTheTatMan (Apex Legends)21:54100.00%
87.United States Sports Gaming Universe8,142Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics – NBA Live 19 Gameplay Lakers vs Celtics Full Game37:08100.00%
88.United States Tyrone Magnus8,106Family Guy - Best of Season 12 - TRY NOT TO LAUGH - REACTION6:2498.31%
89.United States 【XCV//】8,056RESIDENT EVIL 2 (2019) · Rocket Launcher Gameplay AKA "Commando" (ATM-4 vs. Bosses) | 【XCV//】2:47100.00%
90.United States Rooster Teeth8,029Apex Legends is Overrated - RT Podcast1:38:5264.30%
91.United States 2GGaming7,945MSM 177 - ImHip (Pikmin & Olimar) vs Mastamario (Mario) Grand Final - Smash Ultimate35:0996.43%
92.United States HT Family7,931Vật Lý 8 Bài 10 Lực đẩy ác si met10:20100.00%
93.United States casualgamerreed7,759Hyrule Warriors Gameplay Walkthrough Part 17 Ganon's Tower24:55100.00%
94.United States GamerSpawn7,752Battlefield V - Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes1:4470.00%
95.United States Mercury News7,738Gilroy Police cleared in killing of Stevie Juarez2:5155.56%
96.United States packattack040827,667Super Mario 3D World - Final Castle (2 Players)10:1692.70%
97.United States Encyclopegames7,560NES - Final Combat .flv0:33
98.United States MegamanNG7,444February 14th Valentine’s Day Mid-Month Update13:19100.00%
99.United States GhostRobo7,413Resident Evil 2 The Ghost Survivors DLC Gameplay | CAN WE SURVIVE!?24:1994.62%
100.United States Tigerfrost7,374War Thunder - Upcoming Content - Leningrad Leningrad-Class Destroyer (Event Reward)5:16100.00%