Top 100 Channels From United States With The Most Videos

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from United States based on the most published videos on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelVideosLatest Video
1.United States HSNtv201,833HSN | Big Birthday Deals. Little Time 07.03.2020 - 12 PM1:00:01
2.United States Roel Van de Paar161,652Ubuntu: Does 'rm -fr` remove the boot loader?2:13
3.United States IGN138,181The Biggest Game Releases of July 20205:31
4.United States Audiopedia59,946Local Government Act 20001:59
5.United States DSPGaming57,570Retrospective Marathon: July 2020 pt4 - A History Of My YouTube Channels Over the Years1:11:32
6.United States Video Games Source50,865The Last of Us Part ll - The Island: Head To Haven: Workbench Location, Hunting pistol Scope (2020)3:06
7.United States News4JAX45,951Friday and your fireworks forecast1:25
8.United States nbagleague39,952Tremont Waters' Best Plays of the 2019-20 NBA G League Season8:30
9.United States VGBootCamp31,793Naifu Wars 13 Grand Finals - SSG | Maister (Game & Watch) Vs. DA | Sinji (Pac-Man) SSBU Singles23:42
10.United States Nintendo Thumb30,226♪ Gourmet Race ♪ (Revised Ver.) by Qwertyuiop 🍄 Super Mario Maker 2 😶 No Commentary #acu1:42
11.United States Old Games Database28,104198x - [Full Gameplay]1:03:37
12.United States Big Ten Network25,796J.T. Barrett on His Selection to the BTN All-Decade Team | #BTNAllDecade5:16
13.United States KING 524,706Barriers due to come down today in Seattle's CHOP / CHAZ area2:10
14.United States Chad Brown23,448Tom Clancy's The Division® 2, Expansion pt 147 Season Level Up!!3:58
15.United States iGameplay133721,949Criminal Case Hidden Objects - Examine Clues - Gameplay Walkthrough (iOS, Android)11:59
16.United States CohhCarnage21,459Let's Play Desperados III With CohhCarnage - Episode 2240:13
17.United States BlankTV21,171Dale J. Gordon - "Numbers Guy" A BlankTV World Premiere Lyric Video!5:00
18.United States USA TODAY20,708Patient sobs when he realizes paramedic is his son | Humankind3:19
19.United States Pocket Media20,689Ninjala Official Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer2:23
20.United States Ezvid Wiki20,57310 Best Skimboards 20204:46
21.United States CNET19,695Here's how I FINALLY digitized my Hi8 tapes (15 years later)4:56
22.United States Wanderbots18,795I Have A Thirst For Mushrooms, And I Cannot Be Sated! - Popup Dungeon [Demo]52:37
23.United States jasonsgroovemachine18,317Let's Play Breath Of Fire III - 02 Crime & Punishment26:47
24.United States Gaming Movie Database - IGMDb.org18,013Quake Live: TDM--=]NRG[=--bloodrun 1st game lost10:15
25.United States WUSA917,981US Peace Corps member fights government's efforts to deport her dog to Africa1:52
26.United States dankwrasslin17,764WWE 2K19 fatal4way tornado elimination tag11:29
27.United States PGA TOUR17,169Phil Mickelson's cart path ruling at Travelers Championship5:56
28.United States SpeedGaming16,815Mega Man 2 Randomizer Tournament 2020. Showcase Race 3. Pt2.52:21
29.United States FlamingGnats16,360Borderlands 2 Co-op Playthrough - 02 - Sanctuary1:12:41
30.United States Trancentral15,984[Trancentral Mix #035] DJ Steph - Positive Vibrations Mix1:58:12
31.United States Let's Play // Best of Toys & Games15,808#Toys Guide: SUMMER FUN & GAMES in Stop Motion! | World of Hot Wheels | Hot Wheels #summer10:02
32.United States Washington Post15,784On Pride anniversary, police try to disperse protesters in New York1:37
33.United States The Gaming Mole: Brad_Ry15,420Tekken 5 - Devil Within: Stage 238:48
34.United States TouchGameplay15,377Little Orpheus (by the Chinese Room) - iOS (Apple Arcade) - HD Gameplay Trailer33:14
35.United States PolarisZenKai’s Amiibo Fights!15,102Super Smash Bros Ultimate Amiibo Fights – Special Min Min & Co #13 Arms vs Pokemon4:15
36.United States TWiT Tech Podcast Network15,012NASA's Pulse Warns You About Face-Touching3:19
37.United States A-DSplay10114,676I forgot to upload this24:49
38.United States 8WAYRUN VODs14,614The Break #553 SSBU G1 TSB Chaos VS NGG Chrismus9:17
39.United States 2pFreeGames14,553Assassin’s Creed Rebellion - Ubisoft - Loot Mission 16-17 Recommend index four stars4:24
40.United States Walkman 128614,450Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Story Mode Part 14 Rooftop Assault Spidey,Hulk Cpt.Marvel,Deadpool16:15
41.United States BUILD Series14,403The X Change Rate: Lady Bunny & Mariah1:01:57
42.United States Keith Ballard14,069Let's Play Halo 2 Co-op Part 4 - Delta Halo & Regret1:05:53
43.United States 123Pazu14,068The Hand Of Glory - Part 10 Let's Play Commentary Walkthrough31:24
44.United States GaLm13,994I was put in a psych ward; Taking a step back from YouTube17:44
45.United States 2GGaming13,904Fight for Rights West Coast - Lui$ (Dr. Mario) Vs CLG | Void (Pichu) Losers Finals - Smash Ultimate19:36
46.United States SSoHPKC13,862Resident Evil 2 Claire 'B' Part 7 - The Almighty Stairs20:16
47.United States Game Guides Channel13,628The Last of Us 2 All Ellie's Weapon Locations (High Caliber Trophy)5:52
48.United States GooshiGaming13,613GooshiGaming Pandemic Update #24:16
49.United States YESNetwork13,3766/28: Cubs vs. Yankees - MLB the Show 201:44:41
50.United States SiIvaGunner12,926Course Clear (JP Version) - Super Mario Bros 30:05
51.United States JBG TRAVELS12,889June 28, 2020/273 Trucking. Your Grace and I are Back on the road again .37:10
52.United States Viva Sigal Sahar12,878lake worth may 2020 bird and turtle time0:26
53.United States Noire Blue12,719AI: The Somnium Files Walkthrough Part 53 No Commentary19:17
54.United States SpraynPray100012,667All My Homies Hate The Safari Zone || 🤡🌎10/10 Wouldn't Stream Again🤡🌎3:36:24
55.United States Vizzed Video Game Music12,556Super Nintendo Music 24/711:50:30
56.United States Onivia LEC, LCS, LCK, LPL Highlights12,500WE vs JDG Highlights All Games LPL Summer Season 2020 W5D3 Team WE vs JD Gaming by Onivia15:11
57.United States FilthyRobot12,377Greece | Old World | Stream Highlight15:42
58.United States SuperChaosControl12,214Crypt of the Necrodancer - A Hot Mess (3-3 Hot) ~Sega Genesis Remix~3:01
59.United States ZaFrostPet12,020All Side Missions Gehenna Borderlands 3 Helpful Hunter1:50:00
60.United States Drazzlook11,959CarEatsCar3 Car EatsCar 3 E03 Overview Best Android GamePlay HD11:25
61.United States ManOfJustice21 Gaming11,844Road To Crash Bandicoot 4 It´s About Time | Crash Bandicoot | Part 1 | First Island26:01
62.United States SuperMutant209911,819Persona 5 Royal Part 8940:09
63.United States AuraChannelerChris11,738Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Spirit Board - ARMS Spirits (DLC)14:18
64.United States TapGameplay11,711Call of Duty: Mobile - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 44 - Attack of The Undead (iOS, Android)16:08
65.United States gocalibergaming11,495Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition Switch Walkthrough - Part 21:01:29
66.United States Trone Hunter11,294Hitman: Absolution GAMEPLAY PART 7 LET"S PLAY (1080p60FPS)25:19
67.United States aulddragon11,189Albion (DOS) — Part 47 - Confrontations30:38
68.United States Gogeta Superx11,050Dwerve gameplay - GogetaSuperx17:41
69.United States JacksawJack11,048Let's Play Monster Train (Part 1)1:22:45
70.United States SCAPAD Lover 202010,960Simon's Cat Crunch time and Garfield Snack Time and Cut the rope experiments (7/1/20)13:06
71.United States MidasHim10,944Nigma vs Secret Game 3 Beyond Epic League Highlights Dota 215:38
72.United States Team Spooky10,870Dragon Ball FighterZ Grand Final - Legendary Pred vs Double LL @ NLBC Online Edition #1417:45
73.United States Loleventvods - LoL Esports: VODs & Montages10,843Dynamics vs SANDBOX Game 2 - LCK 2020 Summer Split W3D4 - DYN vs SBG G238:01
74.United States TmarTn210,701Call of The Wild - Part 2 - Pesky Black Bear Hunting25:06
75.United States Chaosinthesky1310,499Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Playthrough with Chaos part 202: Central Factory Uniques19:48
76.United States AnonymousAffection10,443Marvel Strike Force (iOS) - Domino Campaign Event: Serendipity (Hard)21:46
77.United States Paranoia's Dungeon10,400Helping Players in Save the World! Come say Hi!5:55:02
78.United States Breaking News 24/710,362Breaking News | First time, first place: Pair of debut Run The Rockies entrants win half-marathon t5:42
79.United States DragonDan9010,291GRID 2019 Ultimate Edition - Career Mode (Part 6)1:04:22
80.United States ZackScottGames10,182Peach Tour Week 2! - Mario Kart Tour - Gameplay Part 88 (iOS)37:22
81.United States Sports Gaming Universe10,135Pocono 350 Full Race Highlights - Nascar Cup Series 6/28/2020 (Nascar 4)13:26
82.United States ArcadeGo.com10,134Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle Daily Death June 29 2020 Walkthrough0:41
83.United States GameSpot Trailers10,091Stranger Things 3: The Game - Official Trailer0:46
84.United States Sovereign Sage10,074Sengoku BASARA 4: Sumeragi: Sen No Rikyu -Full Moveset With English & Japanese Translations32:25
85.United States GameNews10,041PlayStation Plus Free Games - July 20200:56
86.United States AngryBirdsNest9,952Angry Birds Transformers - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 76 - Kup Unlocked12:43
87.United States Duxativa9,908VOY A JUGAR TODOS LOS JUEGOS DE PS1 Parte 51:19:34
88.United States Breaking News 24/79,858Breaking News | A Note On Making Discussions Here Better9:16
89.United States Games and Toilets Productions9,768Self Study Spanish - Unit 1, Lesson 3: Grammar17:18
90.United States Jinzuro9,741(Halo: Reach) Part 3: Nightfall36:31
91.United States Breaking News 24/79,712Breaking News | - Malik Hall visiting Purdue today1:44
92.United States biohazardisonline9,707Mutants Genetic Gladiators (Raid Verne's World) Levels 121-13019:14
93.United States PS2SPORTSINFOSTATION9,697New York Jets vs New England Patriots Madden NFL 20 Franhise Mode Reboot 2020 2021 Season Week 337:27
94.United States House of Highlights9,676JR Smith IS BACK! BEST Highlights & CLUTCH Shots! Welcome to Los Angeles Lakers!11:20
95.United States Scotty's HD Gaming Channel!9,549FINAL FANTASY VII Remake Playthrough Part 11 Sector 7 Slums Pillar, Boss Battle Reno & Rude (PS4)1:56:55
96.United States Rockiwan's Music Room9,535Metal Gear Solid 4 - The Hunted (Extended)31:10
97.United States The 8-Bit Arcade9,535The Amazing World of Gumball: How To Draw Darwin - Draw Your Own Darwin (CN Games)5:09
98.United States brandon lee9,445I Was Mention On Purple Roads Podcast1:55
99.United States Tigerfrost9,416Let's Play Satisfactory (BLIND) - Episode 7019:16
100.United States Collider9,394Eurovision Director David Dobkin on the Songs, Accents, Extended Cuts, and Filming in Iceland58:57