Top 100 Channels From United States With The Most Videos

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from United States based on the most published videos on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelVideosLatest Video
1.United States IGN138,950PS5 Price, Release Date, and Everything Announced at the PS5 Event - IGN Daily Fix5:01
2.United States Audiopedia59,946Local Government Act 20001:59
3.United States DSPGaming57,853Batman: Return to Arkham City playthrough pt16 - Story Conclusion! Then, On To The Side Content46:50
4.United States ABC News54,923Police officers work to mend relationship between communities, law enforcement12:52
5.United States Video Games Source52,332Tell Me Why Chapter 2 Family Secrets - Trash Table, Alyson Remembers Tessa Dinner Sequence (2020)4:54
6.United States nbagleague39,958Carsen Edwards Can Take Flight On Different Stages (Gatorade)0:23
7.United States Telemundo Deportes35,095¿Suárez al Atlas? Aficionados lo quieren hacer una realidad | Telemundo Deportes1:17
8.United States VGBootCamp32,133S@X 371 Online Grand Finals - JeJaJeJa (Kirby) Vs. T3 | DOM [L] (Richter) Smash Ultimate - SSBU29:51
9.United States Nintendo Thumb30,695Pac-Land Dash by Farticus ~ Miiverse - SUPER MARIO MAKER - NO COMMENTARY 1bh2:20
10.United States Blogging Witches29,467BUBBLE WITCH 3 SAGA LEVEL 2814 ~ NO BOOSTERS3:22
11.United States Old Games Database28,104198x - [Full Gameplay]1:03:37
12.United States runsame26,727Lufthansa A320 • Crash in Berlin1:35
13.United States Big Ten Network25,930BREAKING NEWS: Big Ten Football Season to Start October 23-243:26:40
14.United States KING 525,662Teenager dies after being shot at Kirkland park, suspects on the loose1:04
15.United States Chad Brown23,448Madden NFL 21 Xbox One Weekend League Gameplay includes Kick Return for a Touchdown!4:59
16.United States SportsCarFan12922,883Asphalt 9 - Back to School: Day 11 of 15 | McLaren 570S Spyder | 00:58.2181:27
17.United States iGameplay133722,273Disneyland Adventures - The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh,A Very Blustery Day,Finding Presents14:38
18.United States CohhCarnage22,223CohhCarnage Plays Vaporum: Lockdown - Episode 528:23
19.United States Pocket Media21,400Super Mario 3D All Stars Overview Trailer Nintendo Switch2:38
20.United States BlankTV21,245Farewell to Fear - "I Won't Be Your Tragedy" Official Music Video4:50
21.United States Ezvid Wiki21,14210 Best External CD Drives 20205:18
22.United States CNET19,779PS5! Price, release date, new games, and everything to know4:00
23.United States Wanderbots19,279Square Dancing With Fire! - Let's Play Vaporum: Lockdown - PC Gameplay Part 142:23
24.United States USA TODAY18,766Hurricane Sally floods downtown Pensacola, Florida | USA TODAY0:55
25.United States jasonsgroovemachine18,630Electric Leftovers - 289 - Boat Parade32:44
26.United States WUSA918,604Prince George's neighbors feel hung out to dry after 'historic' floods1:25
27.United States Gaming Movie Database - IGMDb.org18,348Quake Live: Future crossings skn_21:15
28.United States POWERFUL dankwrasslin experience17,978WWE 2K19 catwoman v scarlet7:34
29.United States SpeedGaming17,407JSR_ vs CaptainGreen7 [1]. Zelda 1 Randomizer Random% 2020 Tournament1:20:45
30.United States PGA TOUR17,349HOW did these golf shots NOT go in?!3:50
31.United States FlamingGnats16,523Chrono Cross Boss Battles - 03 - KingMoaman4:01
32.United States PolarisZenKai’s Amiibo Fights!16,436Super Smash Bros Ultimate Amiibo Fights – Request #14714 Lpryan Araujo Birthday Tourney1:07:50
33.United States Trancentral16,366Zeridium & Cambium - Rave Reactor8:58
34.United States Let's Play // Best of Toys & Games15,8852020 Nintendo Guide: The Long Dark Launch Trailer Nintendo Switch #TheLongDark #NintendoSwitch2:12
35.United States Zodd The Destroyer15,760Krosmaga 77 Human Trash STILL Loses!!!1:04:47
36.United States The Gaming Mole: Brad_Ry15,560Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness #20 - The Zigzagoon Guy35:42
37.United States TouchGameplay15,435Death Stranding (by Kojima Productions) - Walkthrough Part 4: Amelie (PlayStation 4 Pro)34:31
38.United States TWiT Tech Podcast Network15,247Google Play Music is Starting to Die10:17
39.United States Walkman 128614,811Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Campaign Chapter 7 Lights Out22:10
40.United States A-DSplay10114,736THE FEELS: PS5 Showcase: FFXVI, God of War Ragnarok, PS5 Price & More49:48
41.United States 8WAYRUN VODs14,614The Break #553 SSBU G1 TSB Chaos VS NGG Chrismus9:17
42.United States 2pFreeGames14,560Talking Tom Hero Dash Run Day 103 Walkthrough Golden Tomb Recommend index five stars3:15
43.United States BUILD Series14,411The X Change Rate: Monique Heart1:14:28
44.United States Keith Ballard14,339Let's Play Final Fantasy XIV Online Co-op Part 12 - On to Little Ala Mhigo1:35:44
45.United States 123Pazu14,271Mystery Case Files 3: Ravenhearst - Part 11 Let's Play Walkthrough24:34
46.United States GaLm14,088[564] Tank Busters (Let's Play ShellShock Live w/ GaLm and Friends)18:11
47.United States SSoHPKC13,996Super Mario World ROM Hacks | Super Luigi Land Part 7 - The Search for the Grind21:15
48.United States 2GGaming13,964DI Radio Episode #5 - CharlieDaKing1:51:07
49.United States Game Guides Channel13,925Wasteland 3 100% Exploration - Ranger HQ - 1st Visit (All Collectibles, Chests, Companions)15:47
50.United States YESNetwork13,652DJ LeMahieu on his multi-home run game1:16
51.United States GooshiGaming13,613GooshiGaming Pandemic Update #24:16
52.United States SiIvaGunner13,475Thraddash Theme - Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters1:52
53.United States daytrotter13,354Motel Motel - Kaimanu / Ocean - Daytrotter Session13:46
54.United States Onivia LEC, LCS, LCK, LPL Highlights13,2502020 World Championship Draw Show9:05
55.United States NBC Sports13,068Chelsea's start, Manchester expectations and Gareth Bale rumors | The 2 Robbies Podcast | NBC Sports40:01
56.United States Noire Blue12,975The Unfinished Swan Walkthrough Part 5 No Commentary14:41
57.United States JBG TRAVELS12,954September 16, 2020/380 Trucking and cooking on Hotlogic mini. Octopus 🐙 hamburger 🍔9:55
58.United States Arumba12,880Insane BUG (?) in Battlegrounds: Rafaam and Pirates2:04
59.United States Viva Sigal Sahar12,878caryn and nala playtime villages fl july 20200:08
60.United States SpraynPray100012,741Live In Your World, Pay For Ours (PS5 Price Reveal) || Streeeeams for Thee, & Also For Me2:05:38
61.United States ZaFrostPet12,593WANTED The Key of Eyes WoW Quest2:00
62.United States Vizzed Video Game Music12,556Super Nintendo Music 24/711:50:30
63.United States FilthyRobot12,403Filthy's First Look : As Far As The Eye | Stream Highlights14:32
64.United States SuperChaosControl12,223Sonic 2 (Game Gear/ Master System) - Sky High Zone ~Chill Remix~3:00
65.United States Drazzlook12,011Steel Rage Mech Cars PvP Wars 2020 E03 Cobra and Mongoose Best Android Gameplay FHD12:30
66.United States SuperMutant209911,914Pop Culture Reaction Episode 42: 9/16/20 Playstation 5 Showcase1:23:37
67.United States ManOfJustice21 Gaming11,898Marvel's Avengers | BLIND | PS4 | Part 9 |The Chimera Is Going Down!1:35:26
68.United States AuraChannelerChris11,872Fire Emblem: Three Houses - 240 - Part 1, Ch. 11-29: Mission - Conflict at the Holy Tomb (1/4)6:40
69.United States gocalibergaming11,536ASPHALT 9 Legends Switch Walkthrough - Part 93 - Special Event: Network Chiefs I23:04
70.United States GamerFuzion11,519Warch Dogs Legion Walkthrough Recruit Dorota Wisniewski Part 5 Mission Gameplay12:03
71.United States Trone Hunter11,417Mortal Kombat X Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4 PS4 PRO44:24
72.United States aulddragon11,399The X-Com Files (Veteran/Stream) — Part 62 - Exalt Slumber Party51:10
73.United States Gogeta Superx11,272Kingdoms of Amalur Re Reckoning gameplay - GogetaSuperx18:41
74.United States JacksawJack11,130Let's Play King's Bounty The Legend (Part 27)1:05:03
75.United States RubyBadger223 Main Channel11,1102020 09 16 19 27 0140:54
76.United States Chaosinthesky1311,069Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition Twitch VOD [August 31st, 2020]3:30:57
77.United States Loleventvods - LoL Esports: VODs & Montages11,0642020 Worlds Group Draw Show43:51
78.United States MidasHim10,979OG vs Secret Grand Final OMEGA League Highlights Dota 234:50
79.United States Team Spooky10,969Dragon Ball FighterZ Grand Final - LegendaryyPred vs AMiniassassin @ NLBC Online Edition #2520:26
80.United States Jasyn Wicklund10,938Drive with Me to Walgreens, Spirit Halloween, and My Grandmas1:18:52
81.United States TmarTn210,852God of War 2: Ragnarok (PlayStation 5 Exclusive)1:14
82.United States Paranoia's Dungeon10,554Wasteland 3 Playthrough - Part 18 - Smuggler's Camp and Bizarre Pass (Unwelcome Guests)57:56
83.United States AnonymousAffection10,492Marvel's Avengers - Harm Training: Hulk7:57
84.United States Sovereign Sage10,437Hyrule Warriors: Random Lana Gameplay [Hard Difficulty] [Part 2] Dark Link Hits Like A Truck!27:26
85.United States Sports Gaming Universe10,437WWE 2K Battlegrounds Gameplay- 1v1 The Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt (SGU vs TubbyEmu) NEVAH LOST!!16:38
86.United States DragonDan9010,384Louise - Plankton Yes!0:59
87.United States Breaking News 24/710,362Breaking News | First time, first place: Pair of debut Run The Rockies entrants win half-marathon t5:42
88.United States GameSpot Trailers10,349Rune Factory 5 - Official Gameplay Trailer1:03
89.United States House of Highlights10,307Greatest GAME 7 Moments of the NBA!10:47
90.United States ArcadeGo.com10,273Apple Arcade - A Monster's Expedition Gameplay Review12:17
91.United States ZackScottGames10,250Super Mario Bros. - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 8 - World 8! ENDING! (NES)12:19
92.United States Games and Toilets Productions10,202Learn to Speak Spanish - Extended Courses: Planning a Trip Part 52, Grammar and Drill 36:36
93.United States GameNews10,098CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS COLD WAR Gameplay (NEW, PS5)4:16
94.United States PS2SPORTSINFOSTATION10,087(Connecticut Sun vs Los Angeles Sparks) Wubble Playoffs RD 2 Simulation Game 1 (NBA 2K21 WNBA)1:00:25
95.United States Duxativa9,965Hablemos del evento de PS5 y sus juegos10:33
96.United States AngryBirdsNest9,952Angry Birds Transformers - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 76 - Kup Unlocked12:43
97.United States Breaking News 24/79,858Breaking News | A Note On Making Discussions Here Better9:16
98.United States Lifetime9,818Little Women: LA - On Thin Ice (Season 6, Episode 4) | Full Episode | Lifetime41:12
99.United States biohazardisonline9,778Runelords Arena (Android/iOS) Gameplay Part 157:36
100.United States The 8-Bit Arcade9,751Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - Farah wants back the Dagger of Time (Xbox One Gameplay)19:02