Top 100 Channels From United States With The Most Views

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from United States based on the most views on their videos. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelViewsLatest Video
2.United States FGTeeV23,381,829,8792 Secret Doors in Garten of Ban Ban & Roblox Doors Hotel Update A-000 (FGTeeV 2 Games in 1)16:48
3.United States SSSniperWolf22,351,468,309Cool Things You've Never Seen Before9:06
4.United States MrBeast22,300,060,6631,000 Blind People See For The First Time8:01
5.United States Markiplier19,167,345,393Dead Space: REMAKE - Part 542:14
6.United States Aphmau15,490,134,567Raised by my WEREWOLF DAD in Minecraft!19:06
7.United States IGN13,424,971,197Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania - Official Teaser Trailer (2023) Paul Rudd, Jonathan Majors0:31
8.United States ItsFunneh11,731,226,399The WORST School to ever exist... Garten Of Ban Ban!20:11
9.United States SSundee11,387,164,485Destroying The Earth in Among Us16:57
10.United States Jake Fellman11,311,142,365Minecraft RTX 186% SHARING IS CARING #Shorts0:08
11.United States Kaji Family11,276,391,579ALONE in Japan with SHARKS!4:45
12.United States Dhar Mann10,247,755,568POOR DAD Has His SON TAKEN AWAY | Dhar Mann19:53
13.United States Troom Troom10,033,565,631My Boyfriend Skincare Routine! 🤤🤤#skincare #asmr0:59
14.United States Lucas and Marcus9,752,166,396We will never stop missing you grandpa 🕊❤️0:08
15.United States Flamingo9,645,775,126Roblox NPCS are getting TOO SMART...8:25
16.United States Guava Juice8,889,176,982Eating MREs From Around The World // Korea, Japan, France, America10:21
17.United States ★ Kids Roma Show8,814,323,822Roma and Diana visit Oliver's Cafe5:05
18.United States Unspeakable8,292,199,721Will I SINK!0:15
19.United States HobbyFamilyTV8,066,807,033Over 60 Minutes of SpongeBob Cosmic Shake on HobbyFamilyTV54:22
20.United States VexTrex7,781,375,907Lion Family | Yes Yes Save the Earth! Plastic Age | Cartoon for Kids0:00
21.United States Flashback FM7,463,214,500Black Adam meets Man of Steel | Black Adam1:46
22.United States Preston7,347,625,978Escaping 1,000 Layers of Cardboard!14:09
23.United States A for Adley - Learning & Fun7,236,777,658GUMMY or REAL?! ADLEY vs ALLi Food Challenge! a delicious Movie of Adley's crazy gummies and games1:02:02
24.United States Lifetime6,944,503,269Whitney | Stars Yaya DaCosta | Full Movie | Lifetime1:28:03
25.United States FaZe Rug6,818,538,751Extreme Try Not To Laugh Challenge - IN REAL LIFE13:26
26.United States League of Legends6,764,310,884Happy Lunar New Year 2023 | Dev Video - Riot Games5:16
27.United States Onevilage6,659,323,210When you come home after a long day again 😂0:18
28.United States Поззи6,621,832,271ИГРЫ из ТИК-ТОК РЕКЛАМЫ27:50
29.United States Collins Key6,498,379,975The only correct way to leave a drive thru #shorts0:19
30.United States CoryxKenshin6,468,348,811Something is WRONG with this train... [The Ghost Train - Full Game]43:48
31.United States packattack040826,400,296,720SpongeBob Final Boss Comparison - Battle for Bikini Bottom vs The Cosmic Shake16:04
32.United States Kwebbelkop6,389,574,914I bet you weren't expecting that... #kwebbelkop #makeover #shorts0:13
33.United States Rooster Teeth5,818,402,403Secret Gus - Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures1:56
34.United States theRadBrad5,813,438,745DEAD SPACE REMAKE PS5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 9 - WHEEZERS (FULL GAME)35:26
35.United States BuzzFeed Multiplayer5,697,973,893Behind the scenes on making Just Dance 2023 #justdance #justdance2023 #justdancebts0:37
36.United States Vy Qwaint5,667,197,551The End of Regina...18:21
37.United States Rebecca Zamolo5,595,260,156Transforming Into a Dancer For My Daughter22:44
38.United States InquisitorMaster5,563,091,698Fooling my Friends with a BLOCK MORPH Mod in Minecraft!11:35
39.United States Hola Amigos5,493,880,364¡Diana conecta corazones! ¡Habrá un beso! ¡Todas las porristas de vuelta con los chicos sin solteros14:50
40.United States MrBeast Gaming5,459,436,572If You Build It, I'll Pay For It!11:42
41.United States GameGrumps5,429,726,258Forest Level: impossible39:00
42.United States PrestonPlayz5,270,879,370ULTRA REALISTIC vs MOST SATISFYING in Minecraft23:55
43.United States camman185,167,410,499my best opinion that everyone will hate0:33
44.United States Nat and Essie5,138,660,788My Little Pony MLP Pinkie Pie VS Twilight Sparkle DIY Squishy Making Pink Purple10:13
45.United States People Vs Food4,996,695,950Try Not To Eat - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Pizza Gyoza, Super Macho Burrito, Pizza On A Sword)13:23
46.United States JRE Clips4,937,917,737Free Climber Emily Harrington Talks About Alex Honnold3:51
47.United States Surfnboy Shorts4,891,053,875How To Draw A Girl0:40
48.United States Daily Dose Of Internet4,883,206,364A Boneless Nose0:10
49.United States Alan Becker4,781,863,620Music Lesson - An Actual Short0:39
50.United States UnspeakableReacts4,775,442,198Error 404 Gravity Not Found #shorts0:52
51.United States Infinite4,751,055,7316 Cursed Items I Bought From Amazon.. #shorts0:56
52.United States Wild 'N Out4,595,821,161Hood Jeopardy’s Juiciest Answers 🥵Wild 'N Out15:02
53.United States SpongeBob SquarePants Official4,579,086,619BEST of SpongeBob Season 10! (Part 1) 🥇 | 50 Minute Compilation | SpongeBob SquarePants49:28
54.United States Trinity and Beyond4,443,190,145Last to Catch It! #shorts0:41
55.United States GamingWithKev4,443,121,455Do NOT Trust Squidward.. (FULL GAME)18:51
56.United States Rosanna Pansino4,384,308,078ITS CUDDLE TIME! 🤗 ft @husky #shorts #comedy #sketch #relatable #boyfriend #girlfriend #couple0:13
57.United States Diana and Roma PRT4,336,566,565Diana Perdeu o Bebê Oliver / Diana Lost the Baby4:47
58.United States Genieland4,335,014,966Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Friends Learn Numbers and Colors GOLD15:13
59.United States Tannerites4,322,487,870BiRTHday BOY Controls Our Day! We Can't Say To CanYon for 24 Hours!14:54
60.United States Screen Rant4,258,536,818Titanic: History vs Movie7:03
61.United States PlayStation4,236,053,349Tekken 8 - Nina Reveal & Gameplay Trailer | PS5 Games2:12
62.United States Insider4,233,473,765Slicing Open A $1,100 Gucci Bag To See If It's Worth It | Refurbished | Insider7:05
63.United States Rotten Tomatoes Family4,200,553,986The Amazing Maurice Exclusive Featurette - Emilia Clarke (2023)1:58
64.United States Kideo Games4,140,618,163Super Hero Driving School - All Levels Gameplay Android,ios Walkthrough Game #20971:56
65.United States Greg Renko4,049,083,697When your friend doesn't share his diamonds in Minecraft0:34
66.United States Power Rangers Official4,039,149,604Power Rangers Jungle Fury Full Season | Episodes 1-38 | 🔴 LIVE 24/7 | Power Rangers Official0:00
67.United States PDK Films4,038,562,827NERF Call of Duty in Real Life | Winter Battle14:45
68.United States Bratayley4,014,289,370The End of an Era (WK 465) | Bratayley7:09
69.United States CaptainSparklez3,951,373,965Minecraft But It's One Modded Block (#19)33:52
70.United States Jaden Sprinz3,899,008,625McDonald's Be Fooling Us!0:50
71.United States Denis3,893,502,057Roblox but my fans gang up on me..8:16
72.United States Looper3,883,430,828How Emily Blunt Got Ripped For Edge Of Tomorrow9:08
73.United States James Charles3,824,921,468THE SECRET TO PERFECT SELFIES 🤫0:56
74.United States EeOneGuy3,817,596,181ТРОЛЛЬ БОТ ЗАКОНЧИЛ ВОЙНУ7:11
75.United States FamousTubeFamily3,799,475,939Siblings Make LITTLE SISTER CRY, She TEACHES THEM an Important Lesson5:45
76.United States Sky Does Everything3,725,826,660Them: Minecraft 2012 was the Golden Age Bro0:06
77.United States Stokes Twins3,718,033,394Breaking 100 World Records In 24 Hours!20:42
78.United States The Game Theorists3,717,716,147Game Theory: Sonic BROKE His Own Lore! (Sonic Frontiers)13:54
79.United States WooHoo3,674,245,616Wednesday Addams! Thing Is Missing! Pokemon in Real Life!26:22
80.United States videogamedunkey3,637,602,136Forspoken5:08
81.United States Captain Tate3,598,952,683Roblox TOY LIFE STORY?!10:12
82.United States Caylus3,589,307,837I Became The Worlds Worst BABYSITTER!12:21
83.United States BigSchool3,493,727,128Monster School : A Sad Love Story - Herobrine And Sadako - Minecraft Animation11:30
84.United States Thinknoodles3,479,146,357I BEAT DOOR A-1000 + GOT SECRET TABLET ENDING in DOORS!55:45
85.United States HiHo Kids3,455,959,530Happy #blackhistorymonth ! #shorts0:59
86.United States Andre se hace Gamer3,452,387,139POR FIN tenemos CASITA NUEVA en MIGA (Parte 3) Andre se hace gamer15:05
87.United States Smosh Games3,427,978,545What would you do for a million dollars?0:54
88.United States WIRED3,396,680,220Kevin Hart Reveals Why He Started Acting #autocomplete0:31
90.United States LankyBox World3,346,049,462BEST NOOB vs. PRO vs. HACKER GAMES ON YOUTUBE! (TOP 5!)44:05
91.United States MrLololoshka (Роман Фильченков)3,328,739,048Lp. Голос Времени #17 ЛУЧШАЯ ГИЛЬДИЯ • Майнкрафт21:27
92.United States Love, Diana3,326,214,529Diana and Roma Trick or Treat Halloween Adventure7:24
93.United States The Fizzy Show3,301,713,158Fizzy The Pet Vet Helps a Sick Horse | Funny Stories for Kids10:13
94.United States Beast Reacts3,270,327,563Extremely Satisfying Workers!8:06
95.United States DangMattSmith3,229,239,152How the Universe is WAY Bigger Than You Think10:56
96.United States Watch Me3,225,636,668Wednesday power in real life school0:58
97.United States EthanGamer3,213,892,948Chomp 🍌14:13
98.United States HISTORY3,204,203,347Ancient Peruvian Warriors Explained | Digging For The Truth (S4, E1) | Full Episode43:42
99.United States gameranx3,195,065,726HiFi RUSH - Before You Buy11:55
100.United States ZackScottGames3,177,894,234Mr. Freeze Finale! - Gotham Knights - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1746:26