Top 100 Channels From United States With The Most Views

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from United States based on the most views on their videos. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelViewsLatest Video
1.United States MrBeast38,309,489,415Guess The Gift, Keep It0:45
3.United States FGTeeV24,356,096,624Trapped in Shrek's Hotel AGAIN! (Five Nights at Shrek's Hotel 2 with FGTeeV Donkey!)23:17
4.United States SSSniperWolf24,104,385,725Wholesome TikToks That Will Make You Smile11:41
5.United States Markiplier20,318,381,761THE PART WITH RAGE | A Difficult Game About Climbing - Part 427:36
6.United States Aphmau19,202,173,587Minecraft Spot The DIFFERENCE!0:24
7.United States VanossGaming15,699,495,720Cannibal Abduction: Man, I'm Not Afraid - Horror Game Playthrough w/ Lui1:03:33
8.United States Jake Fellman14,601,018,566Among Us in HD (Part 126) RAINBOW LOOP #Shorts0:15
9.United States IGN14,531,853,420Astarion’s story isn’t over? #baldursgate30:24
10.United States ItsFunneh13,090,829,821Hide from DEADLY Roblox GEF!21:24
11.United States DaFuq!?Boom!12,990,692,469skibidi toilet 72 (full episode)7:28
12.United States SSundee12,785,817,097Getting Revenge in Among Us18:36
13.United States Dhar Mann Studios12,626,220,904Parents Play GOOD COP/ BAD COP... They Instantly Regret It0:25
14.United States Lucas and Marcus12,569,052,945We CAUGHT The Thief Who STOLE My Car!11:12
15.United States Kaji Family11,760,457,847Fun Rope Swing at Waterpark! #shorts0:19
16.United States ★ Kids Roma Show11,041,982,457Bedtime Story Collection with Oliver, Roma and Diana1:00:27
17.United States Flamingo10,519,807,714ROBLOX PULL A FRIEND11:20
18.United States Troom Troom10,513,676,100Extreme Makeover From Wednesday Addams to Mermaid!40:02
19.United States Unspeakable9,579,999,441Come see us this Friday, the 12th!0:15
20.United States Guava Juice9,141,707,172Unboxing The CRAZIEST Mini Brands EVER!13:52
21.United States Preston8,863,869,388Testing 100 Real-Life SCARY Myths....38:21
22.United States A for Adley - Learning & Fun8,623,654,292TRiCKY FAiRY POTiON for PiRATE DAD!! Adley's Secret Plan to find new Hidden Gold and Beach Diamonds28:50
23.United States Daily Dose Of Internet8,572,048,020The Worst Proposal Ever3:02
24.United States HobbyFamilyTV8,200,365,587Sushi Friends and Sushi Battle on HobbyFamilyTV9:54
25.United States FaZe Rug8,075,772,089Last to Leave Arcade Keeps All Prizes!24:54
26.United States Flashback FM7,929,630,704Rodimus Prime vs Galvatron (Stan Bush - Touch) | The Transformers: The Movie (1986)5:08
27.United States Onevilage7,563,193,905When you walk into class and you see your crush 😂0:19
28.United States camman187,556,317,390the rarest minecraft account...0:37
29.United States League of Legends7,269,872,284Arena, Lee Sin & PvE Mode First-Look | Dev Update - League of Legends6:37
30.United States CoryxKenshin7,240,741,578Reacting to the Five Nights at Freddy's Movie Trailer7:03
31.United States MrBeast Gaming6,966,885,906Press This Button = Win $100,000!13:31
32.United States Поззи6,907,491,355Я ЗАСТРЯЛ В ПОЕЗДЕ С АНОМАЛИЯМИ31:16
33.United States Lifetime6,877,981,857Dance Moms: Maddie and Chloe Get Political (S3, E15) | Full Episode | Lifetime41:34
34.United States Rebecca Zamolo6,852,127,280My Husband Sent a BOUNTY HUNTER After Me20:38
35.United States Collins Key6,743,297,162This took SIX. HOURS. 🥲 #shorts0:15
36.United States Surfnboy Shorts6,700,893,557Pixels Are The Coolest #Shorts0:18
37.United States packattack040826,609,050,145Mario vs Donkey Kong - Full Game 100% Walkthrough3:27:06
38.United States Kwebbelkop6,503,189,156$1 to $1,000,000 Army Truck In GTA 521:08
39.United States Alan Becker6,127,986,032Sea Shanty - An Actual Short0:20
40.United States Stokes Twins6,083,655,965I NEED 1 MORE SUBSCRIBER!!0:50
41.United States PrestonPlayz6,025,726,544Testing All Of Minecraft’s Most Scary (True?) Seeds!41:11
42.United States theRadBrad6,009,056,982This hyper-realistic bodycam horror game is terrifying (FRACTURED MIND Full Gameplay)1:11:58
43.United States Vy Qwaint5,927,799,598Breaking My Husband Out of Prison19:16
44.United States Rooster Teeth5,851,400,978you're going to ruin the whole guise DAVID0:45
46.United States InquisitorMaster5,806,758,689Alex & The Squad in CONTENT WARNING...17:51
47.United States Nat and Essie5,743,356,814The Super Mario Brothers Movie Bowser Loves Peaches too much!5:37
48.United States BuzzFeed Multiplayer5,737,179,708Behind the scenes on making Just Dance 2023 #justdance #justdance2023 #justdancebts0:37
49.United States GameGrumps5,637,549,413Pearl is asking ALL the right questions | Ace Attorney: Justice for All [22]46:47
50.United States Watch Me5,405,820,502Cool and Nerd in Video Games! #funnymoments #sonic #eggman0:07
51.United States Greg Renko5,382,259,745When the loading screen gives you useless tips 30:35
52.United States Infinite5,362,538,839YOU HAD ONE JOB..12:19
53.United States Caylus 5,247,585,124I FOUND THIS IN MY CRAWLSPACE..16:25
54.United States SpongeBob SquarePants Official5,232,906,229Every Krabby Patty in NEW SpongeBob Episodes 🍔 | 60 Minute Compilation | SpongeBob1:00:55
55.United States JRE Clips5,182,994,762OJ Simpson's Death and Norm Macdonald's Relentless Jokes3:13
56.United States Jaden Sprinz5,173,661,278I can’t believe tlee found those!!0:17
57.United States People Vs Food5,161,655,805Americans Try Korean Snacks For The First Time! | People vs Food17:59
58.United States Wild 'N Out5,152,747,579These references are outta controllll 😂 #WildNOut0:40
59.United States Beast Reacts5,143,882,527Funniest Animals On The Internet!9:01
60.United States Tannerites5,072,799,062Trapped In Barbie Dream Camper!14:19
61.United States UnspeakableReacts5,003,192,90510 of TikTok's Weirdest Games11:36
63.United States Trinity and Beyond4,713,420,388Insane GIANT Lego Fort Drive Thru!8:56
64.United States Rotten Tomatoes Family4,700,420,989The Garfield Movie Music Video - "Let It Roll" Keith Urban and Snoop Dogg (2024)2:44
65.United States Rosanna Pansino4,651,021,038I Tested Viral TikTok Food Hacks24:31
66.United States Diana and Roma PRT4,624,306,220Especial de aniversário de 3 anos do Oliver12:56
67.United States PlayStation4,612,289,055Stellar Blade’s terrifying Naytiba first came to life as 3D clay models #stellarblade #PS50:18
68.United States Insider4,534,942,438How Chicago Cleans 1.4 Billion Gallons Of Wastewater Every Day | Deep Cleaned | Insider10:54
69.United States WooHoo4,481,234,803Superhero Snack! #superhero #food #woohoo #spiderman #gwenstacy #marvel0:08
70.United States GamingWithKev4,372,486,052I Spent 24 HOURS As Spider-Man! (Miles Morales)43:35
71.United States FamousTubeFamily4,357,608,747We TRIED to SAVE HIS LIFE... it WORKED!!5:51
72.United States Screen Rant4,356,432,864New Kurt Sutter Show to Reunite Sons of Anarchy Stars - ScreenRant2:20
73.United States Genieland4,350,436,876Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Friends Learn Numbers and Colors GOLD15:13
74.United States Thinknoodles4,238,536,665I Found DREAD + SECRET EASTER EGG In ROBLOX DOORS!24:46
75.United States James Charles4,234,455,5315 Minute Craft Makeup Hacks... Blink Twice If You Need Help16:40
76.United States Brianna4,231,570,487Trying EVERY Kids Meal!21:31
77.United States PDK Films4,172,990,099NERF War: Among Us In Real Life23:51
78.United States Bratayley4,037,477,221The End of an Era (WK 465) | Bratayley7:09
79.United States BeamngShorts4,019,244,237Presidents vs MrBeast Challenge 😂 #shorts0:30
80.United States CaptainSparklez4,019,164,672The Final Minecraft Let's Play (#14)44:44
81.United States Looper4,019,159,766Actors Who Apologized Profusely After Taking These Roles11:03
82.United States MrLololoshka (Роман Фильченков)3,994,180,672😱 Майнкрафт, но Я Могу Улучшать ТЕЛО [Живой Киборг] + Фиксплей36:09
83.United States The Game Theorists3,984,718,530Game Theory: The Minecraft Sniffer Is More Important Than You Think...18:39
84.United States GrayStillPlays3,973,094,880GTA 5 but chaos happens every 5 seconds24:36
85.United States FunnyMike3,971,359,722We took the mask off the creepy man😱 #shorts0:19
86.United States Denis3,956,779,955My Next Chapter3:53
87.United States KatieAngel3,934,487,226RETO: ADIVINA CUAL ES MI CANCIÓN FAVORITA! 🎵0:27
88.United States videogamedunkey3,867,024,795Making the Most Viral Video on Youtube10:01
89.United States Jack Doherty3,866,939,255When You Don’t Know Where to Look… @michellexscott0:09
90.United States EeOneGuy3,834,109,364У МУЖЛАН НЕТ ПРАВ10:11
91.United States Captain Tate3,832,133,404Sonic Steals the Moon #Shorts0:07
92.United States windy313,828,882,517ПОПРОБУЙ НЕ УМРИ ЧЕЛЛЕНДЖ 3 - НОВЫЕ ПРЕДМЕТЫ!32:35
93.United States WIRED3,781,461,938Paleoanthropologist Answers Caveman Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED17:37
94.United States Sky Does Everything3,730,342,776Indian food :)10:31
95.United States GameToons3,702,693,210CATNAP's SUMMER VACATION! (Cartoon Animation)8:10
96.United States Love, Diana3,648,387,756Magic Balloons Cube Challenge with Diana and Roma15:02
97.United States HiHo Kids3,646,759,063Kids Try Pacific Islands and Asia Snacks | HiHo Kids5:53
98.United States LaurenZside3,625,602,591DO NOT Watch This YouTube Video Left 509 People PARALYZED23:03
99.United States Smosh Games3,625,554,292She's sooo relatable0:59
100.United States Kay3,598,263,583My School Served Me Human Meat!0:53