Top 100 Channels From United States With The Most Views

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from United States based on the most views on their videos. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelViewsLatest VideoLiked
1.United States PewDiePie22,869,692,622YouTube Rewind 2019 failed and its my fault!14:4599.17%
2.United States Markiplier11,185,157,383Granny Simulator20:2099.16%
4.United States FBE8,134,076,024College Kids React to Doja Cat (Juicy, Rules, Mooo!)14:0795.95%
5.United States HobbyKidsTV6,203,517,187HobbyKarate VS HobbyFlappy! Plushie Battles Dog - Limited Edition Plush Toy4:5392.96%
6.United States Guava Juice5,704,768,094I Ordered Everything from McDonalds11:0696.81%
7.United States Rooster Teeth5,669,766,918Who Got Fired? - CHUMP | Rooster Teeth34:5997.85%
8.United States Jelly5,118,188,254GUESS The IO GAME I Am DRAWING! (Skribbl)15:2698.52%
9.United States BuzzFeed Multiplayer4,696,839,738Single Girl Starves Six Toddlers In The Sims 4 | Ep 4929:0598.96%
10.United States Ryan's Family Review4,366,581,208PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE Christmas Edition ! Learn how to do DIY Pancake Art!18:2281.18%
11.United States packattack040824,354,392,886Cuphead - Full Game Walkthrough1:28:1994.10%
12.United States SuperMarioLogan4,247,648,844Go Watch!0:0790.30%
13.United States Wassabi4,233,120,324Lie Detector Test on MY PARENTS!12:4798.37%
14.United States SSSniperWolf4,122,048,859CRAZY Satisfying Food Stop Motion Cooking12:0498.08%
15.United States theRadBrad4,094,972,217RESIDENT EVIL 3 NEMESIS REMAKE TRAILER & GAMEPLAY REACTION13:1798.68%
16.United States Kwebbelkop3,962,942,733The FUNNIEST MINECRAFT ANIMATION You Will 100% Laugh At!12:2895.94%
17.United States SSundee3,766,840,925CAN I BEAT The WORLDS HARDEST QUIZ17:4199.00%
18.United States REACT3,753,210,449Guess That Celebrity Favorite Food | Holiday Edition10:4798.74%
19.United States Sky Does Everything3,684,990,669ALL MY FRIENDS ARE DEAD.... (Epic Jump Map)11:0999.24%
20.United States Bratayley3,658,652,288The End of an Era (WK 465) | Bratayley7:0993.07%
21.United States ItsFunneh3,390,705,179The weirdest game we ever played...18:1997.67%
22.United States CaptainSparklez3,382,520,380Cursed Minecraft Confusion17:5797.96%
23.United States FRESH Movie Trailers3,337,582,791IN THE HEIGHTS Trailer (2020) Musical Movie2:4995.35%
24.United States MrBeast3,334,707,736Last To Leave Toilet Wins $1,000,00015:4698.71%
25.United States EeOneGuy3,296,798,630IVAN - My Heart2:4691.55%
26.United States Nickelodeon3,280,200,245Snowball DUNK TANK w/ Gavin Magnus & Sophie Michelle! 🎁 Nick Holiday Melee Episode 2 | Nick4:3796.35%
27.United States Preston3,048,417,319Surprising My Little Brother with $10,000! *2 hours to spend it*15:4997.72%
28.United States Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper)3,040,739,333The Lipoma that Came To Play9:0091.82%
29.United States League of Legends3,004,806,791Aphelios, The Weapon of the Faithful | Champion Theme - League of Legends4:0199.13%
30.United States Smosh Games2,936,150,224We Draw the New Map of Europe15:3898.26%
31.United States Ray2,914,178,138FAT DAMON - My Life is Dope (Official Music Video)3:3741.06%
32.United States Denis2,880,097,015Roblox CAMPING at the CASTLE..18:3298.15%
33.United States Philip DeFranco2,785,777,116UHOH! Youtube's New CRACKDOWN, iDubbbz Content Cop REMOVED, Viral Slapper Exposed, Anthony Padilla &19:0696.29%
34.United States ArcadeGo.com2,753,369,187Tour Challenge 1 completed!! Crazy Combos on Rainbow Road - Mario Kart London Tour 522:5886.67%
35.United States Rosanna Pansino2,740,569,010Combining Every Gingerbread House Into A MANSION21:2998.87%
36.United States iHasCupquake2,638,567,722This Game Made Us Rage!12:4698.76%
37.United States FaZe Rug2,638,389,024Santa Buys Random Strangers ANYTHING They Want! **unexpected**14:0098.76%
38.United States Aphmau2,616,859,984This Game IS CRAZY! | Minecraft CHALLENGE14:4099.15%
39.United States FV FAMILY2,590,310,455SANTA'S BREAKFAST! and a Christmas Scavenger Hunt! (BUDDY the ELF on the SHELF)13:3495.23%
40.United States SeaNanners Gaming Channel2,550,384,810Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Mobile Gameplay (PUBG Mobile) - MOBILE HOME GAMING?5:2894.91%
41.United States Screen Rant2,538,611,484Home Alone 3 Pitch Meeting5:5998.49%
42.United States How It Should Have Ended2,465,570,218How Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Should Have Ended3:3791.93%
43.United States Sony Pictures Entertainment2,453,440,539JUMANJI: THE NEXT LEVEL - ASMR Trailer2:4695.47%
44.United States UnspeakableGaming2,351,819,58540 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR MINECRAFT ROOM!20:2198.47%
45.United States Screen Junkies2,341,236,029Honest Teaser | Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker3:4887.82%
46.United States ONE Media2,230,937,544THE WAVE Official Trailer (NEW 2020) Justin Long, Sci-Fi Movie HD2:0894.85%
47.United States TheSkylanderBoy AndGirl2,227,646,018Skylanders Imaginators Balloon Toss & Game Day Lightcore Chase & Shawn (Lost Imaginite Mines)13:3692.89%
48.United States The Tube Family2,212,878,240CHLOE GOT SKUNKED!!! How To Get Rid of Skunk Smell Fast!9:1797.70%
49.United States TrapMusicHDTV2,165,345,904D.Mave - Christmas Spirit2:2997.84%
50.United States videogamedunkey2,152,519,948Pokemon Sword and Shield5:4698.69%
51.United States The Game Theorists2,129,748,517Game Theory: The Tragedy of Minecraft's Sunken Tomb (The Drowned)15:2399.21%
52.United States Netflix2,117,993,290What To Watch In January | Netflix7:4976.09%
53.United States Chad Wild Clay2,093,023,12710 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS REVEALS PZ9 SECRET & YouTube Throws Party to Give Speech to Movie Executives!17:2597.85%
54.United States ZackScottGames2,067,785,631OK Boomer! Gingersun Flower! - Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville - Gameplay Part 8232:1797.82%
55.United States DashieGames2,044,721,943THIS BOSS GOT ME RUNNING FOR MY LIFE!! [LUIGI'S MANSION 3] [#07]41:3799.16%
56.United States RiceGum2,002,921,283Reacting to 2019 YouTube Rewind (THEY FINALLY PUT ME IN IT)4:4684.50%
57.United States TheAtlanticCraft1,976,481,620Sword INFUSED with Dragon BLOOD! (Minecraft Dragons)19:0198.80%
58.United States Ninja1,958,285,594NINJASHYPER IS BACK!? - Halo Reach PC13:1096.92%
59.United States VenturianTale1,956,520,144DOES ACACHALLA LIKE WENDY'S?16:0299.40%
60.United States LetsPlay1,953,046,596Taking Photos Kills Demons? - Deceit35:3692.27%
61.United States Smosh Pit1,936,622,550Try Not To Laugh Challenge #35 - Gauntlet w/ our CREW!12:0299.47%
62.United States JustKiddingNews1,935,598,428Woman is Going to Jail After LYING on Resume to Get a Job!?13:2498.73%
63.United States UberHaxorNova1,918,048,717[ 5 ] MAKING SOME ENEMIES • Minecraft Loot Randomizer44:3599.13%
64.United States Joey Graceffa1,886,006,127My party ended up in Drama... Again24:3398.55%
65.United States GamingWithKev1,874,271,003I got 20,000 HEAD SIZE and became the SMARTEST PERSON in the WORLD.. (Roblox)22:3698.04%
66.United States Rfm VS Games1,861,718,572PEA POD ATTACK – PvZ vs Minecraft vs Smash5:4291.40%
67.United States KinoCheck International1,846,004,647SPIES IN DISGUISE All Clips & Trailers (2019)11:4198.31%
68.United States MrLololoshka (Роман Фильченков)1,838,755,851Lp. #Магический Майнкрафт #32 ГОРОД ОЖИВИЛСЯ20:3899.06%
69.United States EverythingApplePro1,794,792,982iOS 13.3 Released! Final Review3:4997.57%
70.United States CoryxKenshin1,793,978,233DASHIE AND I ARE NO LONGER FRIENDS AFTER THIS | Ghost Recon: Breakpoint #28:1198.28%
71.United States M3RKMUS1C1,780,214,908INFECTED is CRAZY! (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Infected)11:5798.58%
72.United States Nintendo1,745,031,362Bravely Default II – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch1:1898.36%
73.United States McJuggerNuggets1,742,551,218Psycho Kid Ruins Thanksgiving 27:0795.68%
74.United States DOPE or NOPE1,694,677,882I Bought 10 Friends A Mystery Gift From Their Amazon Wishlists!24:0098.74%
75.United States Brent Rivera1,631,187,464Surprising my Friends with Ariana Grande!? (Pranking ALL my Friends) | Brent Rivera8:2697.92%
76.United States CJ SO COOL1,620,977,796iphone Versus Android Which One Is Better To Give Away?15:1198.84%
77.United States I AM WILDCAT1,604,196,101Modern Warfare but we CHEATED and still lost...13:1499.01%
78.United States gameranx1,558,298,233MechWarrior 5 - Before You Buy6:5698.14%
79.United States Thinknoodles1,549,423,969INTELEON!! (Pokémon Sword And Shield #13)32:1497.15%
80.United States EthanGamer1,529,541,097Getting TAGGED in Roblox BIG Paintball!11:2793.93%
81.United States WIRED1,465,976,186Every Stormtrooper in Star Wars Explained By Lucasfilm | WIRED22:2896.49%
82.United States GQ1,462,841,518Glasses Experts Break Down Celebrity Sunglasses (Robert Downey Jr, Spike Lee) Part 2 | Fine Points11:0692.11%
83.United States TmarTn21,446,006,562CRAZY BMW i8 BUILD - Need for Speed: Heat Part 3322:0797.84%
84.United States Cinemassacre1,418,479,579The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (N64) - Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)41:0597.59%
85.United States TED-Ed1,416,894,618The Train Heist | Think Like A Coder, Ep 46:0097.09%
86.United States PlayCow.com1,409,129,024Kick The Buddy vs Racemasters: Clash of Cars All Weapons vs Boss15:1777.78%
87.United States Vox1,406,786,232Why German spies blew up this US island7:2797.62%
88.United States Annoying Orange Gaming1,385,024,224Sausage WARS.IO | Gaming Grape Plays10:5193.13%
89.United States Vy Qwaint1,382,166,094CAN YOU BEAT THIS GIRL at ARM WRESTLING? Surprising my Friends SPY NINJAS vs Giant Hacker Challenge18:1394.82%
90.United States DroidCheat1,374,644,201Free Fire Android Gameplay #1218:1191.94%
91.United States InquisitorMaster1,373,587,410i copied someones art and won12:4296.90%
92.United States h3h3Productions1,369,253,354Cringing at Rick & Morty Memes w/ The Show's Creator Justin Roiland19:4697.71%
93.United States Flamingo1,357,439,125ROBLOX MAZE...11:0798.95%
94.United States Team Edge1,347,096,958Golf up a Mountain Challenge!!10:0498.58%
95.United States GTA Series Videos1,340,896,257RDR2 PC - Mission #104 - American Venom [Replay & Gold Medal]27:0197.88%
96.United States FilmSpot Trailer1,329,768,911THE WAVE Trailer #1 Official (NEW 2020) Justin Long, Sci-Fi Movie HD2:0994.90%
97.United States Dorkly1,316,346,975Pikachu Has Too Many Knockoffs1:2898.95%
98.United States The Pals1,279,865,322Why we removed Corl from The Pals6:0094.23%
99.United States The Infographics Show1,277,071,949How a Soldier Survived a Fall Into An Active Volcano (True Survival Story)4:1395.61%
100.United States iGameplay13371,254,875,248Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - Chapter 10 - A Message from 20208:0588.89%