Top 100 Channels From United States With The Longest Duration

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from United States based on the highest total video duration on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelDurationLatest VideoLiked
1.United States DSPGaming486:14:16:34Metro Exodus playthrough pt16 - The Dam Escape/Turn For the Worse?46:2933.33%
2.United States Audiopedia481:12:01:49Local Government Act 20001:5961.50%
3.United States Lord Rage353:16:53:56⚔️ Battlerite Royale - Free Weekend, Come Play /w Me - #Sponsored ⚔️4:10:5688.00%
4.United States CohhCarnage325:18:44:29Let's Play Metro: Exodus (Ranger Hardcore) With CohhCarnage - Episode 6139:39100.00%
5.United States RabidRetrospectGames282:23:55:34The LEGO MOVIE 2 VideoGame Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - No Commentary2:07:2193.51%
6.United States Tulus Hairston273:10:05:10Destiny 2/ Crucible/ Forges/Escalation Protocol 2/15/20193:21:51100.00%
7.United States JacksawJack259:20:07:23Let's Play Metro Exodus (Part 14)1:05:53
8.United States the Hood Of GamingX248:10:43:27Ps4 the division agent2:16:43
9.United States FilthyRobot239:07:24:06Battle Brothers Season 8 Part 21429:3066.67%
10.United States Rydo235:05:42:54Hearthstone & Video Game News (HD 1080p 60fps)2:13:50100.00%
11.United States Lamar7Up Townsell227:13:46:48Put your gamer tag in my Live chat next to the amount of money i am given you k ...22:51100.00%
12.United States Chris Adams226:11:33:18Monster Hunter World (02-20-19)7:01:160.00%
13.United States SuperMutant2099223:02:36:41Life Is Strange 2 Episode 23:26:55
14.United States RotoGrinders221:17:27:10AAF Fantasy Props w/ Evan Silva, Eric Crain, and Nick Mensio52:1062.50%
15.United States TWiT Netcast Network221:08:06:48Brave Browser on iOS6:23100.00%
16.United States Ninja Flips213:00:36:37Fallout 4 | Dirty, Filthy, NC-17 | Hardcore Survival in the Commonfilth | XBox One8:20:1284.09%
17.United States Lonewolf Brinstar211:22:25:00RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER || Blind Play1:57:29
18.United States Grahamtams210:21:14:02Resident Evil: Revelations (PS4) part 44:53:18
19.United States iGameplay1337210:10:23:01Little Kitten,Love Balls,Wallykazam,PAW Patrol,Blaze Monster Machines,Peppa Pig,Talking News,Ginger19:3585.96%
20.United States ZackScottGames209:19:46:08WALL-NUT HILLS RETURNS! - Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 - Gameplay Part 403 (PC)39:5898.74%
21.United States crysknife007209:09:50:49Small Deep Fan Sounds for 12 Hours11:59:5883.10%
22.United States GaLm206:23:37:28[4] Lost In Vivo w/ GaLm28:58100.00%
23.United States Keith Ballard206:15:58:40Let's Play Overwatch Part 14 - Infanty Food28:57100.00%
24.United States Gaming Philosophy205:00:27:422500+ milestone live stream1:28:41100.00%
25.United States PaleRider559204:00:29:22PaleRider Live: Assassin's Creed Odyssey3:37:28100.00%
26.United States The Strategy Professor203:07:52:522/15/19 -- Working through P2! -- In-Depth Support Commentary -- League of Legends4:35:1898.36%
27.United States shenryyr2192:07:20:05Streaming on Twitch 9am Pacific Every Day!0:1392.73%
28.United States Bears Den190:21:26:41[Bears Den]GT3 - Jr & Sr's Late night GT3: Starting IC2 Machines3:37:16100.00%
29.United States FSD2000186:00:05:36BORDERLANDS (PS3) PART 7- HAIR OF THE DOG1:07:56100.00%
30.United States WifieAndHubster185:23:03:54League of Legends Gameplay - ARAM or ARURF! Worst player NA! Let's play!2:54:28100.00%
31.United States NukemDukem185:01:10:41Official Mozzie & Gridlock Gadgets Reveal ASH ACOG REMOVED Review Rainbow Six Siege1:2595.86%
32.United States Bacon Creepy183:13:29:19He Thought I Was A Hooker ?!5:26:2594.74%
33.United States Marstead183:04:43:32Wizard of Legend (Episode 1) [Blind] - Start Playthrough3:26:09
34.United States TouchGameplay182:13:33:28Two Point Hospital - Live Stream - Part 12:57:2586.96%
35.United States FightinCowboy181:01:10:54Resident Evil 2 - Let's Play Livestream Part 1158:2596.55%
36.United States Day9TV178:01:03:03MTG Arena - Jank Mythic - Azorius Mill P21:50:54100.00%
37.United States FNTSY Sports Network176:18:17:13From Gymnastics to Esports, Don't Flip Out | Poppin' Off! Ep 921:02:14100.00%
38.United States GameDojo176:13:58:12Apex Legends // PC // Respawn Games Titanfall BR // Live Stream Gameplay #42:08:2493.75%
39.United States Jayclassics172:17:33:17METRO Exodus Playthrough PART 6+ENDING1:56:22
40.United States Arumba172:10:37:01EU4 Voltaires Nightmare Multiplayer 1821:00100.00%
41.United States wappen4d170:23:21:25Anthem - Part 31:14:24
42.United States ZeroAbyss170:14:44:02#ZeroAbyssPlays - 02/11/19 #Overwatch, #PUBG or something else.6:32:58
43.United States SpraynPray1000168:14:33:35Resident Evil 2 Remake Playthrough part 7 - Claire A-21:07:26
44.United States Easelm166:16:33:24Apex Legends - Wingman & Peacekeeper Win10:57100.00%
45.United States Darth Xile166:15:28:45Highlight: 🔴 Subnautica : Below Zero2:06:25100.00%
46.United States bisnap163:21:00:08Bisnap Streams Enter the Gungeon - Part 5531:06:04100.00%
47.United States Funky G163:15:33:10If My Heart Had Wings (BLIND) Part 18 - LOVE IS IN THE AIR1:08:07100.00%
48.United States Kang Gaming162:10:16:33I'm Bad at Apex Legends | The Kangdom Hype! - Monthly Prizes & Giveaways!7:42100.00%
49.United States Easy Allies Plays161:21:08:18Easy Allies Plays Apex Legends - Squad Night2:10:4797.21%
50.United States KreekCraft159:13:35:22🏦 JAILBREAK NEW BANK ROBBERY UPDATE... | Asimo3089 (Roblox Jailbreak)6:1097.75%
51.United States Tetsamaru158:23:11:03Tetsamaru Plays Growlanser part 7 (Undub)4:57:18100.00%
52.United States VGBootCamp158:23:09:18The Script 2 - Zain (Marth) Vs. Ginger [L] (Falco) - Smash Melee Grand Finals16:2898.25%
53.United States Michael Reinert157:22:00:57Horizon Zero Dawn: 3 more days to pick up Anthem!2:15:59
54.United States Savage154:13:01:34NEW CLOSE QUARTERS FRENZY // 607 Blackout Wins!! // PS4 Gameplay // Aggressive Squads5:39:2695.57%
55.United States Sports Gaming Universe153:16:29:05Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics – NBA Live 19 Gameplay Lakers vs Celtics Full Game37:08100.00%
56.United States Br0ken153:09:13:24Avada Kedavra! - #Spellbreak - A CLOSED ALPHA Magical Battle Royale4:37:2883.33%
57.United States Adam The Great152:19:53:44Far Cry New Dawn: First Look! My Thoughts On It...4:26:2492.86%
58.United States vegsmashed152:01:44:17Earth Defense Force 5 English Version Double Player Mission 34 onward2:03:00100.00%
59.United States Firesnakearies151:20:24:59Beneath the Yawning Portal: Dungeon of the Mad Mage D&D 5E - Josiah Plays! - Part 9 [Roll20]4:23:5050.00%
60.United States Benz419420151:07:41:11Realm Royale: *Squad Up Or Lay Down* FEB LootGaming Unboxing Today32:22
61.United States A-DSplay101150:23:18:09SFV - 400 LP from Platinum - STRUGGLE39:26100.00%
62.United States Sovereign Sage148:16:16:44WO3U: Bao Sanniang Causes Nezha To Experience The Slow Dying Glitch!0:13100.00%
63.United States Wolfpack Pro Gaming148:06:25:19🔴 METRO EXODUS - GAMEPLAY EN ESPAÑOL - DIFICIL - PARTE 22:31:4696.97%
64.United States rocksoldier97145:20:43:40Xbox Gaming! Episode 1106 Outtake8:19100.00%
65.United States aulddragon144:16:41:20Stellaris: Megacorp — Part 94 - Back To War34:12100.00%
66.United States Chrises Face144:09:46:1813 Wins APEX LEGENDS - Aggressive Games - -#Respawn - Apex Box Opening8:56:4893.39%
67.United States Segata Ichigo, The Tenkaichi144:06:55:36Let's Play Samurai Warriors 4 #64-Battle of Yanagawa (EX Mission #5, True Final)30:28
68.United States FlamingGnats144:01:05:20Assassins Creed: Odyssey Completionist Playthrough - Part 8340:12
69.United States AbdallahSmash026143:15:23:06All Mirapo Locations & Where To Find Them In Yo-kai Watch 3!34:4199.51%
70.United States VertigoTeaparty143:14:50:47Let's Play Yakuza 0 [PC] | Part 13 | Hard Difficulty Playthrough6:03:07100.00%
71.United States HypnotizdLIVE143:08:44:25Project Ozone 3 - Day 413:42:14100.00%
72.United States Skilled Apple143:01:31:43Division 2 - Fresh Gameplay - No overlay27:1693.33%
73.United States Worsnytmair ESO Life WorstNightmareGuild142:08:05:54Walking Dead Season 21:14:01
74.United States Henley139:23:44:22Solar Ascendancy ~ Electric boogaloo - Stars Without Number Revised | Week 093:39:5066.67%
75.United States Pudge007139:14:06:24Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots - The Boss Extreme | Metal Gear Marathon [Release Order]3:09:44100.00%
76.United States OneManCast139:06:27:17JUMP FORCE | ULTIMATE EDITION | EPISODE 1-REVOLUTION MERU3:45:5862.50%
77.United States Giant Bomb138:10:14:17Giant Bombcast 571: It's Like a Big Slider2:36:4086.59%
78.United States The Angry General137:07:39:28Fortnite | Back at it | Squads4:18:31100.00%
79.United States Hyper RPG135:08:46:38Star Wars Episode IX, Ben Affleck Retires Batman, Giveaway - Hyper Heroes58:3297.00%
80.United States Kismet135:00:55:06BSE 519 P2 7 Days to Die | HORDE NIGHT Auto Defenses2:02:47
81.United States Tiegon134:04:30:41Pandemic! | TableTop Simulator1:11:33100.00%
82.United States Red's 3rd Dimension Gaming133:19:20:27Death End Re;Quest English Walkthrough Part 3: Chapter 3 (English, PS4 Pro)4:16:05100.00%
83.United States AwesomeMattG132:13:44:01Let's Play: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (016)1:03:29100.00%
84.United States SuzyQ _3131:08:06:18NEW DEEP SEA DESTORYER/DOMINATOR!! BRO & SIS DUO GRIND 1511 WINS!! FORTNITE BATTLE ROYAL!!3:13:42100.00%
85.United States Boomer130:15:01:42🎮 Dead By Daylight 🎮 How to get 50k+ bloodpoints almost every game - 5600+ hours3:50:04
86.United States TheBrainDit130:04:34:17ВОЛГА. ЛОГОВО ДЕМОНА ● Metro Exodus #31:26:1998.65%
87.United States MathasGames129:15:50:41Kenshi | Reaching Ever Further | Let's Play Kenshi Gameplay Part 2947:5799.30%
88.United States Hadriex129:04:20:23113 Rapid climbing - Idling to Rule the Gods1:03:20100.00%
89.United States Trone Hunter128:04:21:30DRAGON BALL FighterZ - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 7 (1080p60FPS) LETS PLAY42:27
90.United States Flapper127:18:40:10Princess Crown (Saturn) - #3 | A princess' job is never done8:57:42100.00%
91.United States Cheswolf127:15:21:02Skyrim Legendary Survival Pt 103:06:1790.00%
92.United States SkyDemonAirPirates / SkyDemonCaptain127:11:59:45Half-Life Test15:16
93.United States Renegade Media Group127:03:55:00Renegades React to... Mini Ladd - Meme Stream Compilation #523:1999.47%
94.United States SnakeEyesBP1980126:16:19:50Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force Part 1? / 2-15-20192:45:1155.56%
95.United States RockLeeSmile126:01:57:01Resident Evil 7 - Beginning Hour (Blind First Play)4:11:0697.06%
96.United States Smight Stream Archive125:20:45:14[Mega Man 1 and 2 reviewed]2:35:1390.91%
97.United States HikePlays125:16:23:34Red Dead Redemption 2 Part 8 - Never Ending Fight #RDR2 Walkthrough PS4 Pro1:29:4897.35%
98.United States P1 Gamer125:08:53:32Apex Legends | APEX PLAYER VS FORTNITE PLAYERS!!! WHO WINS!!!2:10:5051.06%
99.United States Duxativa125:05:15:17JUMP FORCE MODO HISTORIA -PRIMEROS MINUTOS1:04:3897.99%
100.United States ʟօֆȶ ֆօʊʟֆ124:19:29:49UPDATE 1.13 OPERATION GRAND HEIST / CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 4 18+CONTENT3:27:1794.87%