Top 100 Channels From United States With The Longest Duration

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from United States based on the highest total video duration on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelDurationLatest Video
1.United States SpeedGaming1020:14:40:22Goomba vs daaanty. match 1 ALTTPR Tournament 20211:35:06
2.United States DSPGaming684:23:05:42Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition playthrough pt35 - Taking Down Cerberus, For Good!1:02:34
3.United States Vector Play645:06:40:46MINECRAFT ANGRY DOLPHIN IN REAL LIFE: Minecraft vs Real Life animation13:14
4.United States Onkarian's Twitch.TV Archives614:12:05:19The King Of Fighters All Star - "Dead Or Alive 6" Collaboration & 3rd Anniversary [Part 106]7:28:25
5.United States CohhCarnage571:18:28:02CohhCarnage Plays Chivalry 2 Full Release - Episode 5829:03
6.United States the Hood Of GamingX471:09:47:08Ps5 more with Watch dogs legion the bloodline wrench2:06:24
7.United States Beyond the Summit462:10:19:19Team SMG vs OB.Neon Game 2 - Pro Series 7 SEA: Group Stage w/ MLP & johnxfire38:13
8.United States Wanderbots450:22:02:53BEHOLD MY CHISELED PERFECTION - Let's Play GRIME - PC Gameplay Part 132:42
9.United States Gaming Philosophy449:15:36:53New DLC, Skill tree and more! (FT DaggerFreak_47)6:58:16
10.United States IGN425:09:54:00VAL - Official “Val Meets His Daughter” Clip (2021) Val Kilmer Documentary0:58
11.United States Zodd The Destroyer385:22:47:21Phantasy Star Online 2 Video 11352:20
12.United States The Strategy Professor380:05:35:198/2/2021 Support Rakan and Friends Hard Carry! Friendly, Interactive Stream =) -- League of Legends1:25:52
13.United States Lamar7Up Townsell379:21:06:49Every $1 U Donate; i Will Give You $250,000 GTA$ Buddy Buddy Buddy No Cap1:08:03
14.United States Match Replay Analytics372:09:01:20Irelia vs Gwen Top - NA Challenger 7/2/2 Patch 11.15 Gameplay21:33
15.United States RabidRetrospectGames369:21:52:47TRANSFORMERS WAR FOR CYBERTRON Full Game Walkthrough - No Commentary (T: WfC -Full Game)5:43:00
16.United States Jeff Hoogland369:01:21:53Is Pokemon Unite Pay to Win? Monetization Explained17:34
17.United States LUMAS EATER360:17:04:32MY PS4 NAME IS ANGELDAIGLE1 GTA 5 its a dead walking tesla coil2:40:40
19.United States Dark Fiber356:15:27:35Quake Live Live Stream!7:30:10
20.United States MonsterFox2012354:21:53:46GTA V Online: MondayStunts2:09:01
21.United States Keith Ballard354:18:50:23Dialog Choices Podcast #31 - This May Be Beyond the Scope of This Podcast3:08:51
22.United States Chris Adams348:12:41:01Destiny 2: Beyond Light (39)50:05
23.United States Bears Den348:11:01:09Bears Den Gregtech 6 Patreon Server - Factory Upgrades Cont.6:56:17
24.United States LobosJr347:11:57:58Persona 5 Royal First Playthrough (Pt. 17) - Shido's Palace6:28:27
25.United States Wappen346:18:41:20The Ascent - Part #245:53
26.United States HEAVENSARMY343:13:45:38Deemo Reborn: E2 (Exploring And Music)4:08:05
28.United States SuperMutant2099336:11:34:50Mass Effect Legendary Edition Part 90_2021080223510439:25
29.United States ZeroAbyss334:20:18:22#ZeroAbyssPlays - 07/8/21#WoW #SanctumOfDomination, #PUBG, or something else5:58:26
30.United States Sports Gaming Universe333:22:32:40San Francisco Giants vs Arizona Diamondbacks - MLB Today 8/2 Full Game Highlights (MLB The Show 21)1:24:07
31.United States Diana45251329:13:01:29Fortnite Easy Dubs21:20
32.United States Bacon Creepy322:15:50:10🔴 Spacelady McShootsalot🔴 // Part20 // ME:3 Legendary Edition2:01:29
33.United States KingGeorge2320:15:57:57I Got 17 Frags in Ranked and Lost | Villa Full Game39:32
34.United States Loleventvods - LoL Esports: VODs & Montages319:15:02:24CLG vs FLY - LCS 2021 Summer Split Week 9 Day 3 - Counter Logic Gaming vs FlyQuest1:10:45
35.United States MasterLL317:21:22:02「 Genshin Impact (PS5) 」 Inazuma Day 02 ~ "Version 2.0 Release!"5:00:45
36.United States PaleRider559316:22:17:18Journey to the Savage Planet (Ep 8) :: PaleRider Live w/Darslyn3:21:25
37.United States Grahamtams313:21:20:53Yakuza: Like a Dragon (PS4) Chapter 23:16:13
38.United States JacksawJack313:14:01:30Y's IX Monstrum Nox Part 131:04:05
39.United States PS2SPORTSINFOSTATION310:14:11:04NCAA Football 12 Real Rosters West Virginia Mountaineers vs Michigan State Spartans1:25:20
40.United States SoCaLove307:16:14:52WARZONE: | The Push For 3K Wins!!! | Ranked #6 Worldwide In Wins | (2,947+ Wins)9:32:53
41.United States Android & IOS Games305:10:24:55Car Stunts 3D Free Extreme City GT Racing - Android Gameplay 2021 - Car Game Racing3 August 202110:40
42.United States Raptor302:14:36:35I Think This Is The Absolute MOST INCREDIBLE New Game I have Ever Seen...4:08:38
43.United States Unknown406302:02:56:09Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End™ - I'm Cutting You Out8:22
44.United States WifieandHubster301:23:55:06New World Closed Beta Gameplay LIVE - first impressions and more by request7:32:36
45.United States SNVKE301:08:11:49Full Contra Warrior | SUPER C42:53
46.United States NeopantomIme299:19:44:532021 06 21 17 131:48:37
47.United States Marstead299:10:38:31▶️ Start Playthrough - Brogue [Blind] (Episode 1)2:01:12
48.United States Kismet297:04:49:55BSE 1192 | Valheim | Explore Everything 5th Boss? | JOIN US | MAKE ODIN PROUD6:26:16
49.United States Rydo290:15:16:57🎴Shadowverse CCG & Video Game News3:24:38
50.United States FSD2000289:06:01:53FORTNITE (PS5) CHAPTER 2 SEASON 7 8-2-2159:41
51.United States Funky G286:20:53:38Let's Play Dragon Quest IV (BLIND) Part 10: PURPLE HAIRED TWINNING41:57
52.United States Batista_Harpu286:14:50:44Middara: Unintentional Malum | TTS 13 | Upgrades for me, and the enemy.3:14:04
53.United States Vicious Destroyers284:13:31:08DESTINY 2 GRANDMASTER & MASTER NIGHTFALL HELP STREAM!!!! CONQUEROR TITTLE???6:53:24
54.United States Easy Allies Plays281:11:34:43Easy Allies Plays Final Fantasy XI - It's Finally Happening3:00:36
55.United States CDJAndybot279:22:37:51AC Odyssey [Livestream]11:54:58
56.United States Cory Campbell278:02:00:20MLB The Show 21 - Pittsburgh Pirates vs Milwaukee Brewers1:48:12
57.United States VGBootCamp272:14:32:10SWT S. America RF GRAND FINALS - Br1 AV (Steve) Vs. Frido (Game & Watch) SSBU Ultimate Tournament13:45
58.United States MrLlamaSC272:07:17:06Path of Exile - BATTLE ROYALE TWITCH RIVALS w/ Teo1904! - FIND ME A TREE4:24:24
59.United States gtasthehunter271:12:37:05Genshin Impact - Part 180 (Quests & Exploration)4:09:04
60.United States DarkJake13271:09:58:03Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Live Stream Blind Playthrough #8 (Halo 3 ODST Pt. 2)2:10:19
61.United States ZackScottGames271:07:30:23Absolutely Winning with Absol! - Pokemon Unite - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 13 (Nintendo Switch)30:45
62.United States KwingsLetsPlays269:14:54:59Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin Walkthrough Part 23 Elder Dragons (Nintendo Switch)2:12:28
63.United States DKT GAMING268:21:46:49Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss: First Time Clear28:44
64.United States Atheenon268:01:52:32Days to Die - Navezgane Nomad - Day 941:14:14
65.United States FightinCowboy266:11:48:54Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - DLC 2 Livestream1:10:49
66.United States FuturemanGaming VOD Archive265:08:51:47[2021-07-23] Futureman - Blasphemous7:57:48
67.United States Tealaian264:21:12:13Let's play TF21:01:45
68.United States Pudge007263:04:19:38Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty - European Extreme [Part 2]3:26:58
69.United States aulddragon263:03:41:58Final Fantasy Legend (WSC) — Part 17 - Back to the Tower26:04
70.United States Day9TV263:03:06:10Boros Equipment - AFR Standard 2022 | MTG Arena1:51:25
71.United States Costin Gaming262:23:18:39Tier 5 PTR, Serpentshrine Cavern - Leothras, Fathom-Lord Karathress - Burning Crusade Classic12:28
72.United States Pixologic ZBrush261:14:29:00Critique Session - Submit Files for Review: - T.S. Wittelsbach - ZBrush 2021.65:17:36
73.United States Kratos Aurion Plays259:09:06:12Kratos Streams The Sly Collection Part 4: The Beginning of Sly 3!11:54:24
74.United States JD Gaming255:05:57:14someone please help me understand20:41
75.United States Ray Narvaez Jr255:04:13:02Twitch Livestream | Pokémon: TCG Unboxings! [8/1/21]5:29:34
76.United States Applebread254:14:34:29[Applebread] HighFleet - Lunar Lander with Weaponry #13:05:42
77.United States Lightning Farron254:10:14:22Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers 5.58 (PS4) Playthrough Part #794:21:01
78.United States iGameplay1337253:05:39:35Count Masters Crowd Runner 3D - iOS-Android - Levels 1-3112:20
79.United States T.A.P. Gaming250:22:47:23😍 Legends of Skyrim EP 178 😍5:09:04
80.United States Punfucius249:18:23:03Fortnite Fashion Show LIVE! *NEW!* GOLF SKINS! 1 WIN = GOLF SKIN5:13:06
81.United States Hadriex249:13:03:20Changing the number of opponents and world size changes everything - Caster of magic2:24:25
82.United States Nitro Online249:10:35:57GTA RP | Rich Rollin | RedZoneRP 3.0 | Big Drip Owner | Nitro Online5:17:43
83.United States Cyberdemon531249:07:22:04Andrea & Erin Green Laugh At Ben Burgis Losing To JLP - Retro Debate Review1:10:07
84.United States markeedragon248:17:31:18Quiver Quest - Crowfall 165:31:35
85.United States FN Shop247:11:54:09Fortnite Item Shop *NEW* FEARLESS FAIRWAY BUNDLE! [August 1st, 2021] (Fortnite Battle Royale)2:15
86.United States Strippin246:10:07:35[Strippin] Guilty Gear: Strive/XCOM2 : Man desperately searches for a main (Jun 28, 2021)11:03:48
87.United States FlamingGnats246:00:31:00Elder Scrolls Online Re-Run - 45 - Land Dispute1:06:49
88.United States GaLm245:17:54:13[41] Broken Bonds (Let’s Play NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 w/ GaLm)34:13
89.United States DooM Mallo245:14:52:47Merry Christmas! | Mallo WRLD RANKED #44 in the WORLD for WINS | Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 (PC)11:55:00
90.United States FilthyRobot245:14:22:34The Last Spell - Filthy's First Look and Development Suggestions32:37
91.United States trixz2007243:20:11:07Mobile Knockout city || $25 !vipgiveaway1:13:44
92.United States audapostrophe243:04:08:12audap's You and Me and Her: A Love Story PC P544:12
93.United States Ultima395242:10:17:45Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Part 6, The Biggest Comeback Ever2:11:14
94.United States Omega Storytelling241:19:09:49BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE: i found my main already (First time playing)7:39
95.United States Flapper239:21:11:27Legend of Dragoon | PS1 | Stream #26:28:22
96.United States TWiT Tech Podcast Network239:09:05:04Rickroll Hits 1 Billion Views4:19
97.United States RAGEMONSTER238:19:29:47War Thunder 9.7 Russia RB Tanks T-72AV TURMS-T Gameplay LONG RANGE if good maps W/Frosty1:13:32
98.United States AbdallahSmash026236:18:14:54Learn How To Play As Pikachu in Pokemon Unite - ROAD TO RANKED!1:57:24
99.United States BrownieTime235:13:05:38Minecraft #letsplay #join48:57
100.United States ATA DBEST234:20:41:24Imagine Rockstar STILL Not FIXING Godmode In GTA Online4:09