Top 100 Channels From United States With The Longest Duration

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from United States based on the highest total video duration on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelDurationLatest Video
1.United States HSNtv1420:14:29:43HSN | Big Birthday Deals. Little Time 07.03.2020 - 12 PM1:00:01
2.United States SpeedGaming742:11:40:07Mega Man 2 Randomizer Tournament 2020. Showcase Race 3. Pt2.52:21
3.United States DSPGaming596:19:45:34Retrospective Marathon: July 2020 pt4 - A History Of My YouTube Channels Over the Years1:11:32
4.United States Audiopedia481:11:54:12Local Government Act 20001:59
5.United States CohhCarnage452:22:44:23Let's Play Desperados III With CohhCarnage - Episode 2240:13
6.United States Loleventvods - LoL Esports: VODs & Montages390:11:27:23Dynamics vs SANDBOX Game 2 - LCK 2020 Summer Split W3D4 - DYN vs SBG G238:01
7.United States IGN385:03:30:54The Biggest Game Releases of July 20205:31
8.United States Vector Play385:01:52:43REALISTIC MINECRAFT - THE MOVIE ( 2020 )6:38:47
9.United States the Hood Of GamingX370:18:20:34Ps4 pro let play with th last of us part 2 the story of abby countinue5:21:12
10.United States Wanderbots365:11:25:08I Have A Thirst For Mushrooms, And I Cannot Be Sated! - Popup Dungeon [Demo]52:37
11.United States Gaming Philosophy357:21:57:19You smashed the like More SnowRunner!6:03:22
12.United States RabidRetrospectGames330:03:54:18BEYOND BLUE Full Game Walkthrough - No Commentary (#BeyondBlue Full Game) 20202:00:33
13.United States The Strategy Professor309:20:24:43Legendary Belegar Mortal Empires #10 (Dwarfs) -- Vanilla -- Total War: Warhammer 21:12:08
14.United States Washington Post301:19:23:31On Pride anniversary, police try to disperse protesters in New York1:37
15.United States Bacon Creepy297:22:50:37ALPHA 19 EARLY GAMEPLAY - 7 Days To Die New Update4:19:19
16.United States JacksawJack295:12:09:43Let's Play Monster Train (Part 1)1:22:45
17.United States SuperMutant2099290:04:16:27Persona 5 Royal Part 8940:09
18.United States Tulus Hairston287:00:09:03Playing Some Throwback Call Of Duty WW2. Happy Video Gaming All1:22:53
19.United States Keith Ballard285:15:41:20Let's Play Halo 2 Co-op Part 4 - Delta Halo & Regret1:05:53
21.United States HerpsAndDerps284:04:55:20ARK Survival Evolved - Or failure to survive evolved!5:10:50
22.United States Chris Adams283:07:59:33Chatting with TKKN June 20201:06:05
23.United States NeopantomIme281:14:49:042020 06 15 13 281:15:34
24.United States Bears Den280:08:39:47[Bears Den] GT5uBDE - Rubber Tree Farm & Bees4:51:18
25.United States PaleRider559273:11:25:41PaleRider Live w/Darslyn: Fallout 76: Wastelanders (Ep 19)4:53:20
26.United States C O B R A272:10:57:23SPLINTER CELL: DOUBLE AGENT (Xbox) part 13:07:16
27.United States Rydo270:11:53:24🎴Magic: The Gathering Arena & Video Game News2:31:50
28.United States Grahamtams270:00:02:43Final Fantasy XIV (PS4) 77 Dark Knight3:15:49
29.United States ZeroAbyss257:02:54:28#ZeroAbyssPlays - 06/19/20 #KingdomHearts Final Mix - Under da Sea3:13:48
30.United States PS2SPORTSINFOSTATION255:17:09:19New York Jets vs New England Patriots Madden NFL 20 Franhise Mode Reboot 2020 2021 Season Week 337:27
31.United States Lamar7Up Townsell251:07:56:10Make Your Next Million Dollars With Lamar7Up ( STREAMED LIVE ) ( #NationalOrangeBlossomDay )46:43
32.United States Wappen249:20:47:09Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin - SL1 Part 146:44
33.United States Marstead245:20:25:58▶️ Bone Voyage [Blind Quest Cape!] Old School RuneScape (Episode 54)1:27:39
34.United States ZackScottGames245:04:25:58Peach Tour Week 2! - Mario Kart Tour - Gameplay Part 88 (iOS)37:22
35.United States FilthyRobot242:14:11:01Greece | Old World | Stream Highlight15:42
36.United States FSD2000240:02:15:40SUPER MARIO WORLD (SNES) 6-28-2013:20
37.United States Funky G237:11:02:21Fortune Cookie Friday Episode 26-2: Alex Kidd & The Enchanted Castle (GEN)19:53
38.United States nbagleague236:19:41:29Tremont Waters' Best Plays of the 2019-20 NBA G League Season8:30
39.United States LUMAS EATER235:12:56:24MY PS4 NAME IS ANGELDAIGLE1 kingdom hearts 3 killing the lumas2:07:10
40.United States GaLm234:01:10:34I was put in a psych ward; Taking a step back from YouTube17:44
41.United States Sports Gaming Universe233:06:35:20Pocono 350 Full Race Highlights - Nascar Cup Series 6/28/2020 (Nascar 4)13:26
42.United States VGBootCamp232:06:30:15Naifu Wars 13 Grand Finals - SSG | Maister (Game & Watch) Vs. DA | Sinji (Pac-Man) SSBU Singles23:42
43.United States TWiT Tech Podcast Network231:13:01:24NASA's Pulse Warns You About Face-Touching3:19
44.United States Easy Allies Plays231:03:07:10Huber Plays Batman: Arkham Knight (Pt. 3) - Cleaning up Gotham2:09:24
46.United States iGameplay1337229:00:43:16Criminal Case Hidden Objects - Examine Clues - Gameplay Walkthrough (iOS, Android)11:59
47.United States Day9TV228:12:24:45Mostly Walking One Shot - AI Dungeon2:05:11
48.United States Kismet222:14:55:59BSE 875 | Fallout 76 | A Noob again & love’n it ❤️ Wastelanders #StartFresh6:58:06
49.United States Tealaian221:01:57:24I am home and ready to stream1:17:49
50.United States DarkJake13220:22:18:27Super Mario Maker 2 - Live Stream #38 (Featured World & Viewer Levels)3:48:00
51.United States FightinCowboy219:12:54:05The Last of Us Part II - Let's Play Part 28: Hostile Territory31:16
52.United States Vincent Edenel217:10:23:02Strife Delivery Service on a rise, kupo!|#Cloudforever| Lets chat & play DS [PS4]3:46:22
53.United States Br0ken216:13:27:17One Of My Final Streams // Donations Needed5:28:32
54.United States Tetsamaru213:04:39:38Pokemon Sword Armor of Isle DLC with Tetsa - Part 2 Finale3:16:29
55.United States MrLlamaSC212:04:17:57Diablo 2 - Paladin BIG CURSOR Speedrun! - Mobile Friendly :D2:13:37
56.United States crysknife007209:21:50:48The Deep Wind of Mars ( 12 Hours)11:59:59
57.United States Adam The Great209:15:42:23Escape From Tarkov | Beginners Guide To Shoreline48:15
58.United States Ray Narvaez Jr208:04:04:15Twitch Livestream | Halo: Master Chief Collection Fiesta w/Chat [Xbox One]2:59:56
59.United States KingGeorge2207:21:36:17STOP RUNNING OUT! | Kanal Full Game24:25
60.United States Batista_Harpu207:19:39:51Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate | 137:42:46
61.United States Ninja Flips207:16:40:05RAGE 2 | Nightmare 1st Playthrough | Eden Space Center2:35:03
62.United States Cyberdemon531207:12:00:37Halo 2: Anniversary - SURPRISINGLY AMAZING!!!! Legendary Cairo (1) | Lettuce Play #881:07:24
63.United States bisnap207:01:26:13Bisnap & mopioid Stream Terraria Master Mode - Part 3444:35
64.United States Pudge007206:08:11:02Resident Evil 2 - Claire A | Seamless HD Project2:38:29
65.United States Hadriex201:03:22:52184 Ultimate Challenge Challenges - Idling to Rule the Gods55:55
66.United States HypnotizdLIVE199:20:39:32The Last of Us Part II - Day 44:17:59
67.United States SpraynPray1000198:19:02:55All My Homies Hate The Safari Zone || 🤡🌎10/10 Wouldn't Stream Again🤡🌎3:36:24
68.United States gtasthehunter198:05:03:51The Last of Us: Part II - Part 132:00:43
69.United States AbdallahSmash026197:12:54:27DS DK Pass - RMX Choco Island 1 - GCN Dino Dino Jungle T | Mario Kart Tour RANKED10:43
70.United States TouchGameplay196:11:48:20Little Orpheus (by the Chinese Room) - iOS (Apple Arcade) - HD Gameplay Trailer33:14
71.United States trixz2007196:05:40:37(Ep1) Detroit Become Human Live Gameplay1:17:00
72.United States T.A.P. Gaming196:04:48:59Fallout 4 Mods Mighty Clean Pocket Manor Blueprint8:56
73.United States 5tat196:04:20:32First DORM RUN - Escape from Tarkov Highlights #28:33
74.United States aulddragon195:14:58:30Albion (DOS) — Part 47 - Confrontations30:38
75.United States Draven Taylor194:21:27:47World Of Warships2:34:15
76.United States RAGEMONSTER194:18:53:13(Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)Mini Map WAAATCH also FUCK OFF UGLY GOLD GUN PLAYERS W/Rage Squad3:18:11
77.United States Serious Gaming194:08:22:34The Divison 2 - Let's Play Part 2: Fighting the Factions of Washington D.C. [PC][Max Settings]3:05:58
78.United States shenryyr192:07:20:05Streaming on Twitch 9am Pacific Every Day!0:13
79.United States Pixologic ZBrush191:19:27:14ZBrush Masters: Designing Jewelry & Accessories with Marveaux Clothing - T.S. Wittelsbach2:05:32
80.United States Darth Xile191:13:16:17Fallout: Tale of Two Wastelands Session 184:06:05
81.United States Gam3Streamer23190:14:10:51GAMER CLUB Live NASIR WILLIAMS vs KING PSYCHO Main Event1:14:55
82.United States rocksoldier97190:10:47:02Saturday Night Comedy Shack: Episode 6963:15:55
83.United States Applebread189:16:40:14[Applebread] Metroid Prime - Rock Monster #2 (Full Stream)3:16:30
84.United States Flapper188:07:44:16I miss my puff puffs ❤ | Dragon Quest VI (DS)6:59:41
85.United States NukemDukem185:22:12:54ICEYCAT25 Death GoFundMe Funeral Expense | FAMILY UPDATE!1:58
86.United States Wolfpack Pro Gaming185:16:42:41LA OTRA VERSION / THE LAST OF US 2 / GAMEPLAY EN ESPAÑOL / PARTE 63:12:44
87.United States markeedragon185:13:29:04Fighting for EDENCOM Fleet - EVE Online Live7:50:38
88.United States Arumba183:03:26:55Insane BUG (?) in Battlegrounds: Rafaam and Pirates2:04
89.United States Punfucius182:17:03:32Fortnite Fashion show LIVE Giveaway *REAL STREAM*8:46:15
90.United States Nintendo Addict181:15:07:40Super Worlds | Super Mario Maker 2 Live Stream (7/1/2020)2:29:30
91.United States Raptor181:14:18:51SimCity | Ep. 02 | Best Cities WORST Game Ever | Sim City 2013 MULTIPLAYER Gameplay2:29:58
92.United States Cory Campbell181:13:10:58Madden NFL 20 - Indianapolis Colts vs New York Giants2:02:29
93.United States Strippin180:09:53:21[Strippin] Dark Souls III : Three Boys and a Cinder mod3:28:21
94.United States SkyDemonAirPirates179:04:21:36Trying to Locate the Horned Hercules1:32:13
95.United States Luciola178:18:06:59Birthday Stream YURRR // Rainbow six siege livestream5:42:26
96.United States Giant Bomb178:07:33:05Trackmania (06/29/2020): Unfinished2:05:34
97.United States AntVan177:14:51:25🔴ПО ЖАРЕ И ЕВРОПЕ🔴ETS 2:MP🔴3:19:26
98.United States audapostrophe176:20:38:37audap's Infini Switch26:07
99.United States AwesomeMattG176:10:14:56Let's Play: Hardspace: Shipbreaker (003)1:04:27
100.United States Your Friendly Neighborhood Tenkaichi175:23:17:15Let's Play Digimon Adventure #11-Palmon's Raging Evolution!26:50