Top 100 Channels From United States With The Longest Duration

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from United States based on the highest total video duration on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelDurationLatest VideoLiked
1.United States DSPGaming524:13:39:26Street Fighter Throwback Stream: August 11, 2019 pt21:25:1634.85%
2.United States Audiopedia481:12:01:49Local Government Act 20001:5961.50%
3.United States CohhCarnage367:17:51:46Let's Play Oxygen Not Included (Full Release) With CohhCarnage - Episode 2429:53100.00%
4.United States LoLeventVODs - LoL Esports VODs358:18:32:09KT vs SANDBOX Game 3 - LCK 2019 Summer Split W10D1 - KT Rolster vs SBG G31:10:31100.00%
5.United States Lord Rage353:16:53:56⚔️ Battlerite Royale - Free Weekend, Come Play /w Me - #Sponsored ⚔️4:10:5684.21%
6.United States RabidRetrospectGames304:17:42:52Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Full Game Walkthrough - No Commentary (#Bloodstained Full Game 1)5:57:3893.55%
7.United States the Hood Of GamingX291:15:55:33Wolfenstain young blood let kill more even nazis around paris3:59:54100.00%
8.United States JacksawJack291:09:55:50Channel Update 8/10/19 Impending Spine Surgery9:45100.00%
9.United States Tulus Hairston287:02:06:36Hi Family. Tonite We Are Playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate2:51:31100.00%
10.United States Lamar7Up Townsell281:23:44:09how to make money in gta 52:08:3085.71%
11.United States Gaming Philosophy262:15:21:32Builders paradise with SonusGaming - getting the magics9:35:16100.00%
12.United States FNTSY Sports Network256:18:37:28SportsGrid Night Block | August 12th, 20192:58:37100.00%
13.United States NeopantomIme254:19:45:13GTAV PC Part 221:29:48
14.United States Rydo248:06:23:56Hearthstone & Video Game News (HD 1080p 60fps)3:02:19
15.United States SuperMutant2099246:05:08:03God Of War (2018) Day 61:55:59
16.United States Grahamtams245:10:05:56Teslagrad (PS4) part 21:44:53
17.United States The Strategy Professor245:07:05:11Legendary Lizardmen SFO Mod In-Depth #8 (Mazdamundi) -- Mortal Empires -- Total War: Warhammer 251:26100.00%
18.United States Bacon Creepy243:14:08:45Grandpa's Adventure In Swordland10:48:5197.06%
19.United States FilthyRobot240:23:10:34Filthy's: 6 New Builds for Warriors of the North!19:4598.84%
20.United States L O N E W O L F239:11:37:26WOLFENSTEIN: YOUNGBLOOD2:12:47
21.United States Chris Adams236:16:17:35Chatting with TKKN August 201921:42100.00%
22.United States Keith Ballard234:03:35:47Let's Play Pillars of Eternity: Definitive Edition Part 14 - Raedric's Hold: Osrya1:08:04100.00%
23.United States RotoGrinders - Daily Fantasy Sports Advice233:07:31:49MLB DFS Picks & Lineup Strategy | 8/16/19 GrindersLive | DraftKings, FanDuel, FantasyDraft & Yahoo2:18:31100.00%
24.United States MonzyGames227:05:25:58RE3 Time!11:31:16100.00%
25.United States PaleRider559226:13:20:00PaleRider Live: The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone - Riddle Me This1:49:21100.00%
26.United States Bears Den225:14:39:38ABC's of Factorio 0.17 - Working on Tier 3 Circuits3:59:41
27.United States TWiT Netcast Network225:07:35:55The Real Link Between Video Games and Mass Shootings17:1753.85%
28.United States WifieAndHubster223:07:14:13World of Warcraft CLASSIC - Server choices and name reservations!42:38100.00%
29.United States ZackScottGames221:07:28:22Dr. Mario World - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 18 - Levels 181-190! (iOS)1:05:3495.33%
30.United States GaLm218:04:46:29[6] DerpCraft (Minecraft w/ GaLm and the Derp Crew)30:27100.00%
31.United States iGameplay1337215:19:17:40Talking Baby Boy, Talking Pocoyo 2,My Talking Puppy,Emma the Cat,Talking Tom's Bubbles10:0583.33%
32.United States Ninja Flips213:15:01:15RAGE 2 | Nightmare 1st Playthrough | Eden Space Center2:35:03100.00%
33.United States crysknife007209:09:50:49Small Deep Fan Sounds for 12 Hours11:59:5882.52%
34.United States Marstead206:14:28:06CrossCode (Episode 4) [Blind] - Maroon Valley3:59:29
35.United States FSD2000203:15:00:16MEGA MAN ZX (NDS) PART 2- LOCATE GIRO27:02
36.United States Adam The Great202:07:02:52PUBG/Playerunknown's Battlegrounds: Come Join The Plebery!7:46:3986.84%
37.United States Michael Reinert202:05:39:36Let's play Disgaea 5 No copy rights music from game like FF7 Does! Weird right!!2:23:08
38.United States ZeroAbyss201:03:46:26#ZeroAbyssPlays - 07/24/19 Getting that Chicken in #PUBG, #GarrysMod, or something else.5:20:580.00%
39.United States Wappen198:23:48:37Metro Exodus - Part 23 [End]1:24:51
40.United States 5tat195:20:48:23How to End up in D'Uranus ( PUBG Funny Moments )13:57100.00%
41.United States Day9TV194:02:43:50[Highlight] What The Deck w/ Noxious | Ep 6: Trigger Happy | MTGA19:2698.73%
42.United States shenryyr192:07:20:05Streaming on Twitch 9am Pacific Every Day!0:1392.11%
43.United States VGBootCamp191:12:18:03Super Smash Con 2019 - VGBC | GimR interviews Justin W.6:30100.00%
44.United States TouchGameplay189:17:18:45Need For Speed No Limits - 25th Anniversary Day 1 - Live Stream1:14:1590.32%
45.United States Savage189:16:56:38Follow Me on Twitter @ Savage_2c | NEW CONTROLLER | CoD Blackout | black ops 4 | blackout live4:01:0797.30%
46.United States FightinCowboy189:16:40:37Cowboy Plays - Fire Emblem Three Houses - An Ocean View25:3996.12%
47.United States Easelm189:05:23:10SLR Is a Beast! Pubg PC10:30100.00%
48.United States Funky G187:14:45:35Let's Play Alundra (BLIND) Part 26: WORST NAMED DRAGON EVER1:21:17100.00%
49.United States Br0ken187:05:46:110.14 NEW UPDATE! NEW MAP! NEW MODE! Same Hackers #pubgmobile5:40:5192.31%
50.United States NukemDukem185:05:00:01Official Smoke Elite MVP Animation Outfit & Twitch Prime Skins Uniform1:2194.92%
51.United States SpraynPray1000184:01:28:10DNC Leveling, Then Roulettes || Raid Free Fridays3:38:28100.00%
52.United States Easy Allies Plays182:09:29:55Easy Allies Announces Phase 4 and Plays Wheel of Fortune2:38:2599.50%
53.United States bisnap182:01:39:39Bisnap Streams Enter the Gungeon - Part 7761:13:11100.00%
54.United States DKT GAMING177:16:10:43Smite Finding The Right God 43 Ps4 Solo Main11:02:1090.48%
55.United States Arumba177:07:11:06CK2 - What's New with You? (5)25:5099.50%
56.United States Wolfpack Pro Gaming176:07:20:20UN FORASTERO! - RESIDENT EVIL 4 - GAMEPLAY EN ESPAÑOL - PARTE 11:44:5097.23%
57.United States Tetsamaru175:13:57:30Fire Emblem Three Houses with Tetsa (Part 3)6:05:55100.00%
58.United States Ps4 Daily174:23:59:56Siege: Rank5:28:07100.00%
59.United States SuzyQ _3173:14:53:44🔴 [LIVE]#1 BRO & SIS DUO // APEX LEGENDS // PLATINUM TO DIAMOND!!!!7:34:0283.33%
60.United States Kismet173:05:20:20BSE 652 P2 | Satisfactory | MEGA Train | Day 51 Stream A Thon Mods to TwitchCon3:59:59
61.United States BrownMan172:07:16:56Twitch Livestream | Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Part 3 [Xbox One]5:00:24100.00%
62.United States HypnotizdLIVE170:07:46:50FTB Interactions - Day 476:56:0592.86%
63.United States Darth Xile170:06:29:57Xile Tries: The Impossible Whopper5:25100.00%
64.United States rocksoldier97166:14:56:19PS3 Gaming! Episode 1263: WWE 2K171:08:21100.00%
65.United States MrLlamaSC165:23:19:45Diablo 2 - MAGIC FIND COMPETITION w/ 3MOTH - DAY 2 - Holy Grail Sorc (08/08/2019)6:04:20100.00%
66.United States Pudge007165:05:00:44Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS1) | Blind Retro Playthrough - Part 53:10:4797.01%
67.United States Kang Gaming163:17:20:07RIP Etika7:3299.21%
68.United States aulddragon162:06:16:30Breath of Fire II — Part 18 - Ingredient Hunt25:36100.00%
69.United States Sports Gaming Universe161:08:41:10Madden 20 Gameplay - New England Patriots vs Tennessee Titans - (CPU vs CPU) Madden NFL 2042:34100.00%
70.United States KreekCraft161:02:53:49ROBLOX UGC - Everything You NEED To Know! (Make Custom Hats On Roblox)10:0798.36%
71.United States Official VGM161:02:45:17Staff Credits Super Monkey Ball 2 Music Extended [Music OST][Original Soundtrack]30:0066.67%
72.United States ikanespeal159:17:40:19Minecraft 100% Survival Episode 2648:38:3881.25%
73.United States AbdallahSmash026158:21:40:59Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Part 16: "The Rose-Colored River" & "Lady of Deceit!"4:46:2197.99%
74.United States vegsmashed158:10:14:52Earth Defense Force 5 PC! LETS DO THIS2:49:59
75.United States Sovereign Sage158:04:17:26DOA5LR: Time Attack: Solo [Legend] Naotora Ii -I Really Like Eliot Surrounded By Flames!17:35
76.United States Segata Ichigo, The Tenkaichi157:09:40:26Let's Play Yakuza 0 #32-A Moment With Makoto53:15
77.United States Firesnakearies156:02:17:43Beneath the Yawning Portal: Dungeon of the Mad Mage - D&D 5E - Josiah Plays! - Part 23 [Roll20]3:43:03100.00%
78.United States GameDojo156:00:39:298 Frag COD Blackout WIN & PUBG! TWITCH Highlights From Viewer Clips! // PUBG & COD Streamed 8.13.1911:0489.29%
79.United States Hadriex155:17:57:0314 Masses of Ufos - The X-com Files6:14:31100.00%
80.United States Batista_Harpu154:21:37:23SNES Super Side Quest - Game # 155 - Magic Sword2:03:48
81.United States Boomer154:13:17:02ignore the haters #Positivity #DLove3:10:25
82.United States Chrises Face153:21:27:56Tomb Raider - Rise of the Tomb Raider Part 23:22:15100.00%
83.United States FlamingGnats153:11:56:51Project X Zone Playthrough - Chapter 28: The Realm of Overlords, Part 236:17
84.United States Tiegon151:11:55:11Extra Hard Monsters! | Terraria (With Mods)2:00:43100.00%
85.United States Flapper151:08:48:36Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime (DS) | Stream #26:12:52100.00%
86.United States A-DSplay101151:07:06:30MK11 Krypt pt533:53100.00%
87.United States Renegade Media Group151:02:00:03Renegades React to... JonTron - Are You Afraid of the Dark (Part 2)30:1398.80%
88.United States The Angry General148:05:57:06What do you get when the Pope, some Nazi's, and 1985 Mix?3:41:42100.00%
89.United States SnakeEyesBP1980147:21:06:15Yugioh Duel Links Part 53:45:3550.00%
90.United States Hyper RPG147:17:27:53Spider-man kills? More X-men than you can shake a stick at! - Comics & Coffee1:58:3295.92%
91.United States Tealaian147:16:42:37First time on Apex Legends!2:06:23
92.United States Giant Bomb147:03:24:12Rebel Galaxy Outlaw: Quick Look57:3085.90%
93.United States trixz2007147:03:15:36Dbd Mobile Livestream || Support us by becoming a member of TGS !sub0:04
94.United States AwesomeMattG146:23:27:29Let's Play: Satisfactory - Multiplayer (001)1:02:05100.00%
95.United States OneManCast146:07:04:56Taiji Shinohara 2 | Dark Rose Valkyrie | Trophy Hunt2:25:1360.00%
96.United States gtasthehunter145:16:42:04DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 - Part 214:41:34
97.United States markeedragon145:11:34:03Super Passive Rattlesnake - !giveaway - EVE Online3:22:4092.31%
98.United States Skilled Apple145:02:44:39MTG Arena - Grinding to Mythic [Currently Gold: 2]43:02100.00%
99.United States Trone Hunter144:17:14:08Wolfenstein: Youngblood Walkthrough Gameplay Part 6 PS4 PRO (1080p60FPS)35:11
100.United States SkyDemonAirPirates Gaming144:15:29:40Test Stream4:57