Top 100 Channels From United States With The Longest Duration

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from United States based on the highest total video duration on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelDurationLatest Video
1.United States Love School1958:19:12:48Monster School : - minecraft animation0:00
2.United States Android & IOS Games1484:13:39:35Moto X3M Bike Racing Games - Gameplay Walkthrough8:48
3.United States SpeedGaming1392:19:54:57Domirae vs goofbrush. Grand Finals Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer Tournament 20222:02:00
4.United States MagneonGames1006:12:54:17Gori: Cuddly Carnage (XB1, XSX) Demo Gameplay - 28 Minutes28:18
5.United States Alex Animation920:01:57:56Monster School : minecraft animation0:00
6.United States PUBG MOBILE Esports879:12:40:12Funny Moment #shorts0:32
7.United States DSPGaming809:16:15:37Dead Space Remake (2023) playthtrough pt18 - Down to Aegis VII! The Final Push of the Marker52:57
8.United States Onkarian's Twitch.TV Archives761:22:19:08Batman: Arkham City - PC Version - «Hard» Difficulty Run [Part 19]9:24:26
9.United States CohhCarnage737:07:17:56CohhCarnage Plays Dark And Darker (Alpha Test 4) - Episode 432:11
10.United States 2DOS3 Gamers659:12:46:57Call Of Duty black Ops Cold War Pasando el rato con amigos0:56
11.United States Vector Play646:13:41:33REALISTIC MINECRAFT IN REAL LIFE - THE MOVIE ( 2022 )0:00
12.United States Closed on Sunday616:03:06:28new cantina band (future release)0:18
13.United States Sports Factory591:16:33:19UFC 4 - Henry Cejudo vs. Marlon Vera15:26
14.United States One Trick Replays577:00:09:40Janna Support vs Renata Glasc - NA 0/3/15 Patch 12.20 Gameplay30:31
15.United States Beyond the Summit550:19:05:24SPAWN vs MAG Game 2 - BTS Pro Series 14 SEA: Groups w/ Kips & hairy_freak44:34
16.United States MonsterFox2012538:08:48:04GT7 : Daily Race : Deep Forest Raceway : Lets race :🌟🏎MonsterFox2012💨🌟:2:25:12
17.United States Airz537:04:33:58Minecraft Unbreakable Tree0:01
18.United States GamingX529:06:23:06Broadcast from my samsung SM-T210R with Live in Five23:54
19.United States Wanderbots525:04:06:34Slick Geometric Bullet Heaven With A Ton Of Potential! - Shape Shifter: Formations [Demo]38:54
20.United States Raptor522:19:25:14NEW - HITMAN WORLD OF ASSASSINATION - A VERY GOOD New Roguelike Stealth Game Mode for Hitman0:00
21.United States LUMAS EATER519:11:29:25MY PS4 NAME IS ANGELDAIGLE1 warframe bad guys going weeeee10:18
22.United States SoCaLove504:11:19:58WARZONE 2: | 500 DUB CLUB | (500+ Wins)0:00
23.United States IGN501:23:15:41Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania - Official Teaser Trailer (2023) Paul Rudd, Jonathan Majors0:31
24.United States Sports Gaming Universe498:11:14:37Texas vs Kansas - College Basketball 2/6/2023 NCAA Full Game Highlights - NBA 2K23 Simulation1:05:20
25.United States SquiiddishGaming487:15:26:54[January 22 2023] GUIDELESS- Quests, Bosses and Skilling with no wiki!4:47:11
26.United States Wappen478:01:23:40Persona 5 Royal - Part 10545:08
27.United States Dark Fiber474:20:04:01Quake Live Live Stream!1:38:31
28.United States Diana45251473:19:00:33xxsuperdianaxx's Live PS4 Broadcast4:59
29.United States Jeff Hoogland470:10:03:42Throwdown Thursday - Battle Mode with Twitch Subs in Marvel SNAP Gameplay Livestream Archive3:18:00
30.United States Zodd The Destroyer468:09:35:41Fort Triumph Video 933:45
31.United States KingGeorge2466:11:27:53SMG-11 Extended Barrel is OP! | Oregon Full Game35:06
32.United States Gaming Philosophy464:23:23:18Opening my first order from !Factor #AD2:09:36
33.United States Bears Den461:13:52:04Galactic Science Ep 3 Air Locks3:27:28
34.United States ZeroAbyss458:13:58:16#ZeroAbyssPlays - 12/11/22 [Drops] #PUBG, #WoW, #Overwatch2, or #ResidentEvil87:29:24
35.United States The Gamer Society455:20:52:38[LIVE] INSURGENCY: SANDSTORM | ONLINE MULTIPLAYER PVP - XBOX SERIES X - TGS - STREAM - LXVI - 66!0:00
36.United States KwingsLetsPlays450:00:41:19GoldenEye Remake Part 5 Final Mission! (Wii)0:00
37.United States HEAVENSARMY436:08:47:04HEAVENSARMY Plays Assassin’s Creed: E3 (Starting To Feel Bad For These Guards)4:19:13
38.United States Esports Arena432:04:18:00Series E: MultiVersus0:00
39.United States chistine taylor431:20:25:55Powerwash0:00
40.United States LobosJr428:05:08:58Dead Space Remake [Hard Difficulty] (Pt. 2)5:27:43
41.United States Arcade Players TV424:06:04:40Double Dragon ➤ IbeatSekiro (Usa) vs SirGritz (Usa) doubledr30:58
42.United States Keith Ballard422:13:29:48Let's Play The Jackbox Party Pack 9 Part 14 - Nonsensory: Jazz Baseball (feat. Illusory Wall)23:54
43.United States VGBootCamp418:19:50:02Zackray's Pit is the Definition of CLEAN!0:35
44.United States Kismet416:02:17:19Crazy Moo Moo’s Jazz Band | Kismet Highlight1:02
45.United States The Strategy Professor414:14:00:10NEW Legendary Durthu Immortal Campaign #7 (Wood Elves) -- Total War: Warhammer III1:10:51
46.United States Chris Adams409:16:15:07Monster Hunter Rise (8)6:18:02
47.United States RabidRetrospectGames404:22:40:20DEAD SPACE All Character Death & Endings 4K (#DeadSpace Remake Death Scenes)44:15
48.United States Kratos Aurion Plays402:02:56:15Tales of Xillia with Kratos Part 33: Charging onto the Battlefield! (Jude Path)40:03
49.United States Cory Campbell400:10:56:46Madden NFL 23 - (2023 NFL Pro Bowl) AFC All-Stars vs NFC All-Stars2:06:26
50.United States Grahamtams397:10:57:42Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP) Rushing a New Hunter pt 24:36:38
51.United States Lightning Farron394:16:52:35Sonic Adventure (PS3) Playthrough Part #10:00
52.United States Stokastic DFS - Daily Fantasy Sports Advice391:19:20:44No House Advantage NBA DFS Picks Sunday 2/5/23 | Pick Em8:40
53.United States SuperMutant2099390:19:12:47LEGO The Incredibles Day 2. Continue From The 9th Anniversary Marathon. No Mic. Not feeling up Fo2:26:11
54.United States MasterLL389:08:25:25「 Forspoken (PS5) 」 Day 05 ~ "Chapter 09 : Exploring"7:08:04
55.United States Batista_Harpu379:03:29:33SNES Super Side Quest - Game # 359 - Captain Tsubasa IV: Pro no Rival Tachi [4/?]5:15:47
56.United States Lamar7Up Townsell378:01:09:06"FortNite ChapTer 4 Live On PS5 Happy New Year6:28:35
57.United States PS2SPORTSINFOSTATION377:15:51:26Pro Bowl NFC vs Pro Bowl AFC - Madden NFL 07 PS3 Pro Bowl - Simulation 2/4/202356:33
58.United States PaleRider559376:07:04:27Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy :: GTA III (Ep 5) :: Flirtin' with Disaster3:22:10
59.United States gtasthehunter375:22:57:27Terraria (Android) Part 5 w/ KB & M2:23:21
60.United States SmiteVOD375:04:35:31SMITE Pro League World Championship Season 93:03:05
61.United States FSD2000373:07:32:26SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE (SWITCH) ROOM CODE 9S5T855:41
62.United States ZGF Gaming372:22:00:44Planet Zoo - E12 - In the Hole4:40:27
63.United States Atheenon369:19:45:32Escape the Pacific - Alpha 61 - Experimental Server - Cluster #426739 - Pt. 34:00:44
64.United States LongplayArchive369:00:01:35Longplay of Tom and Jerry in Fists of Furry30:24
65.United States Rydo368:16:33:50🎴Shadowverse CCG #2273:20:26
66.United States Marstead366:11:09:58This Chunk is a Candy Store 🔥 Bonfire Man #381:05:51
67.United States Mouth Of the south365:01:36:06Madden NFL 23 Gameplay: Pro Bowl - (Xbox Series X) [4K60FPS]1:35:57
68.United States Unknown406361:05:58:04Dead Space Remake Gameplay - Part 5 - PS5 - 1080p - 60FPS #DeadSpace5:09:56
69.United States FightinCowboy360:08:40:57Forspoken - Let's Play Part 27: The Final Showdown1:02:00
70.United States PRO Replays359:05:46:12으끄으끄 (Kalista) - 19/4/5 KDA GAMEPLAY24:55
71.United States Vicious Destroyers359:00:49:08Destiny 2 - GM's & Master Help Stream!! Hung Jury Help!0:00
72.United States Funky G354:20:55:47Celeste BLIND Playthrough Part 6: A JOURNEY THAT IS NEVERENDING3:11:32
73.United States TGWPIS354:11:39:02Company of Heroes Part 201:57:10
74.United States Ultima395353:14:32:22Fire Emblem Engage Part 3, Battle with Tiki2:47:18
75.United States Games Done Quick352:07:18:33Game Masters - Spirit of the North2:49:26
76.United States Easy Allies Plays351:15:10:48Huber Plays Darkest Dungeon (Pt 11) - Trying to survive5:06:51
77.United States Michael Reinert350:22:43:11Lets Play Live Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist: link evolution1:02:24
78.United States RubyBadger223 Main Channel350:04:55:002 4 23 51:42:52
79.United States FlamingGnats348:23:41:23Super Robot Wars T - Scenario 48 (Seekers of Despair)1:05:06
80.United States Piggy - Minecraft Animations346:17:09:55Minecraft : WHAT IS INSIDE CIRCLE HOLES 😱 - NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER vs GOD Challenge / Animation7:18
81.United States That Bald Gamer344:11:37:13Pokemon Legends Arceus *SHINY ONLY* Playthrough0:00
82.United States aulddragon343:09:52:08Lego Building — Downtown Flower and Design Stores (41732) - Part 13:02:53
83.United States LOL KR Challenger Replays342:11:21:10GEN Clid Udyr vs Nidalee Jungle - KR Patch 11.527:11
84.United States Pixologic ZBrush339:09:02:17Exploring Character Appeal with Layla Viscu - ZBrushLIVE2:33:59
85.United States FuturemanGaming VOD Archive338:07:44:49[2022-12-16] Futureman - Teardown5:35:58
86.United States Werglia337:04:03:25Dead Space Remake [2023] - Full Game Walkthrough - Hard Difficulty - Part 1[Ultra] [PC]5:05:46
87.United States WifieandHubster336:12:47:25We Made Out Like BANDITS!0:43
88.United States JacksawJack335:09:30:59Getting a roommate. Recording will temporarily change to No Commentary1:12
89.United States NeopantomIme332:07:47:05Live 2/5/2023 3:34 PM0:00
90.United States DarkJakeXIII332:05:08:44Goldeneye 007 (NSO) - Retro Live Stream Playthrough3:10:28
91.United States Firepaw Bear329:20:16:28Skyrim - Story & Trophy Run [pt 25] 82% done... Dawnguard DLC 🏆 (Vampire)6:12:19
92.United States JD Gaming329:14:03:43Wwe2k22 online #wwe2k222:16:53
93.United States Aaron Shack329:03:41:01Dead Space Remake | Part 2 | PC0:00
94.United States audapostrophe329:01:40:14audap's ACA Phelios Switch P21:04:17
95.United States Zen Cult328:19:58:53Rainy Slumber 8 Hours Black Screen, Dark Screen, Sleep, Relax, gentle, light, soft, rain, ASMR8:00:14
96.United States Akamatzu326:20:09:23Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Part 4 | Final Fantasy Marathon 2023 | Twitch Livestream (PC)6:49:01
97.United States Bacon Creepy326:04:26:30Horse Simulator1:54:32
98.United States MrLlamaSC325:21:11:05Hell Hardcore Necro Speedrun - Risky Edge Strats3:38:40
99.United States Applebread323:09:17:19[Applebread] Hi-Fi RUSH - Korsica My Beloved #23:01:44
100.United States Welcome everyone to Trek2m's World!322:17:55:50All Data was Corrutped so New Fallout 4 game play With Trek2m Day 40:00