Top 100 Channels From United States With The Longest Duration

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from United States based on the highest total video duration on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelDurationLatest Video
1.United States SpeedGaming956:03:41:24The Super 16 #5 A race of 16 Super Nintendo games1:10:41
2.United States DSPGaming666:16:32:00Street Fighter Throwback Session: May 7, 2021 pt21:04:46
3.United States Vector Play650:23:51:27REALISTIC MINECRAFT IN REAL LIFE! - IRL Minecraft Animations / In Real Life Minecraft Animations18:06
4.United States Onkarian's Twitch.TV Archives580:10:35:45The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind [Part 13]10:00:01
5.United States CohhCarnage557:05:28:28CohhCarnage Plays The Binding of Isaac: Repentance - Episode 4729:03
6.United States Audiopedia481:11:42:24Local Government Act 20001:59
7.United States the Hood Of GamingX452:19:00:11Ps5 Resident evil village in the search of rose6:03:31
8.United States Wanderbots433:23:09:16The Most Adorable Roguelike! - Let's Play Patch Quest - PC Gameplay Part 131:48
9.United States Gaming Philosophy430:10:16:21What the Heck is ChernobyLite?8:22:00
10.United States IGN413:17:46:16Andrew Garfield Returning as Spider-Man or Not? - IGN The Fix: Entertainment5:31
11.United States Loleventvods - LoL Esports: VODs & Montages401:16:09:17PNG vs PSG - Mid-Season Invitational 2021 Stage 1 Day 2 - paiN Gaming vs PSG Talon52:16
12.United States NIGERIA MOVIES ONLINE - african movies 2020369:01:30:53DAMAGE MARRIAGE (JERRY WILLIAMS CHINENYE UBAH) nigerian3:21:49
13.United States The Strategy Professor367:18:32:535/3/2021 Rakan and Lulu Support -- League of Legends2:25:10
14.United States RabidRetrospectGames363:22:16:51LADY DIMITRESCU Boss Fight & Death - (Resident Evil 8 Village Lady Dimitrescu Cutscene)6:24
15.United States Zodd The Destroyer358:12:49:32Minion Masters 1551:14:18
16.United States Lamar7Up Townsell353:08:50:12FORTNITE With Lamar7Up's Live PS4 Broadcast Gameplay8:03:09
17.United States Jeff Hoogland351:12:28:58Top 5 Planeswalkers to add to Historic on Magic Arena7:42
19.United States Keith Ballard342:14:32:08Let's Play Portal Reloaded Part 2 - Time to Get Weird32:07
20.United States Dark Fiber340:09:11:34Quake Live Live Stream!4:34:59
21.United States LUMAS EATER335:10:37:04MY PS4 NAME IS ANGELDAIGLE1 mortal kombat 11 its a dead walking tesla coil2:10:54
22.United States LobosJr332:00:48:40Returnal Act II Speedrun in 13:55 IGT15:43
23.United States Chris Adams329:00:54:40Final Fantasy XIV (26)(Ninja)4:44:17
24.United States Bears Den328:00:39:19Surviving GT6: Take 2: Streaming Prep Work #19: Working on Pipes1:46:45
25.United States SuperMutant2099326:12:16:45Yakuza 4 Day 32:21:19
26.United States Wappen325:07:26:09Resident Evil Village - Part 21:00:33
27.United States MonsterFox2012320:11:16:36Gran Turismo Sport With Steering Wheel G292:56:44
28.United States Bacon Creepy318:01:19:22KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Pt. 5 | Im So Confused?!3:27:22
29.United States Rydo313:20:25:54🌝Virtue’s Last Reward (VLR) [Zero Escape: The Nonary Games] #32:59:55
30.United States ZeroAbyss313:02:59:23#ZeroAbyssPlays - 04/22/21 #WoW Raid, #PUBG, or whatever.6:26:48
31.United States PaleRider559308:01:56:16Assassin's Creed: Valhalla (Ep 52) :: PaleRider LIve3:14:01
32.United States JacksawJack307:23:45:39Wolfenstein Blade of Agony Part 51:17:27
33.United States MasterLL306:16:29:37「 NieR Replicant Ver1.22 (PS5) 」 HARD Playthrough Day 04 ~ "Five Years"5:32:33
34.United States PS2SPORTSINFOSTATION305:16:10:39Strat-O-Matic Baseball Community Update from PS2SPORTSINFOSTAION11:26
35.United States Sports Gaming Universe303:05:48:00Los Angeles Lakers vs Portland Trail Blazers | NBA Today 5/7 Full Game Highlights (NBA 2K21)1:03:16
36.United States SNVKE301:08:11:49Full Contra Warrior | SUPER C42:53
37.United States KingGeorge2300:12:08:37Should There Be a Console Pro League? | Villa Full Game22:10
38.United States NeopantomIme299:17:56:16Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid (PC / Complete Playthrough)2:17:58
39.United States Grahamtams297:12:13:00Akumajou Special: Boku Dracula-kun (Japanese Kid Dracula) (NES) Whole Game1:34:56
40.United States Unknown406293:07:46:20Resident Evil 6 Ada Wong Professional Part 4.2 (PS4) #REVIIIHype #REVillageHype #RE8Hype #RoadTo1.1k4:16:35
41.United States WifieandHubster293:02:20:19Trine 4 Live - Hubster and Kevian Troll each other whilst Solving Puzzles!2:16:42
42.United States Marstead285:15:03:16✔️️ Full Blind Playthrough (Hue)3:52:56
43.United States SweetEgor284:12:20:22B8 vs Empire Dota 2 Последний бой #Shorts0:37
44.United States Funky G278:19:52:03The Witcher 2 (BLIND) Part 10: KINKY BATH TIME1:00:25
45.United States FSD2000278:13:00:51YU-GI-OH! ARC-V TAG FORCE SPECIAL- JADEN YUKI VS. REGINALD KASTLE 5-7-214:45
46.United States Raptor273:14:15:52My Summer Car - Car Building Simulator Survival Adventure in Finland | Ep 4 | My Summer Car Gameplay5:42:16
47.United States SoCaLove273:06:53:36Call of Duty Warzone: | SCAV, BOUNTY, BOUNTY, FLAG, FLAG | Ranked #8 In Wins | (2,376+ Wins)9:15:15
48.United States Kismet272:08:01:41BSE 1101 P1 | Astroneer | 24 7 MEGA Server Launch3:59:37
49.United States Easy Allies Plays272:03:45:04Mike & Mike Play Resident Evil 7 (Pt. 3) - Almost to the Village3:32:38
50.United States Batista_Harpu271:21:55:35Middara: Unintentional Malum | 01 | The start of a grand dungeon crawl3:53:10
51.United States Vicious Destroyers271:16:06:08DESTINY 2 WHERE IS XUR MAY 7TH QUICK ITEM9:10
52.United States FightinCowboy267:14:35:20Hood: Outlaws & Legends Livestream - The Gang Plans a Heist4:49:24
53.United States ZackScottGames265:09:06:22Resident Evil Village - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 - Fly Daughters! (Resident Evil 8)59:12
54.United States MrLlamaSC265:06:13:55Diablo 2 - My Ultimate Grail Stash is Complete!! | Walkthrough13:31
55.United States DKT GAMING262:14:53:21Dkt Reacts Collected Miscellany - "Yanfei: Blaze of Legal Brilliance" | Genshin Impact7:56
56.United States DarkJake13261:01:15:42[Rare Replay] Perfect Dark (Series X) - Retro Live Stream Playthrough #27:42:43
57.United States VGBootCamp260:12:56:33King 2021 GRAND FINALS - Myran (Olimar) Vs. ESAM (Pikachu, Min Min) SSBU Smash Ultimate18:16
58.United States Cory Campbell259:17:47:06NBA 2K21 - Oklahoma City Thunder vs Golden State Warriors1:33:24
59.United States Day9TV257:13:11:16Witherbloom Pests w/ Daemogoth - Strixhaven Premier Draft | MTG Arena1:47:48
60.United States Tealaian255:03:20:19A quick one before work54:36
61.United States gtasthehunter254:11:00:16NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... - Part 184:30:05
62.United States Pudge007252:10:46:19Resident Evil Village (PS5) - Hardcore Difficulty | Blind Playthrough [Part 2]4:56:34
63.United States aulddragon251:11:36:19Metal Marines (SNES/Stream) — Session 5 - Retro Variety Stream2:56:08
64.United States Costin Gaming250:08:22:48World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic - Release Date, Pre-Patch Date Announcement Discussion15:33
65.United States Ray Narvaez Jr246:17:42:54Resident Evil 7: Biohazard | Jan/Feb/Dec 201754:16
66.United States Atheenon246:16:37:41Long Dark - Streamloots Card Run - Pt. 454:08:37
67.United States iGameplay1337246:14:31:18Apollo - Android Gameplay Walkthrough Part 112:53
68.United States DooM Mallo245:14:52:47Merry Christmas! | Mallo WRLD RANKED #44 in the WORLD for WINS | Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 (PC)11:55:00
69.United States Pixologic ZBrush245:13:59:43#AskZBrushLIVE - Pixologic Paul Gaboury - ZBrush 2021.6.42:19:23
70.United States FilthyRobot245:01:47:03PAIN!!! Mythic Drafting | Magic: The Gathering Arena52:15
71.United States Applebread244:09:51:21[Applebread] Binding of Isaac - Dogma Has Awoken #133:53:50
72.United States Cyberdemon531243:18:23:53Rose McGowen Has Hilarious Transphobic Meltdown On Twitter Over People Who Give Birth19:54
73.United States VETV7 ESPORTS242:20:50:26PGG vs RNG [GROUPS][MSI 2021][07.05.2021]35:59
74.United States Fortunahusky Storytelling241:22:12:15BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE: i found my main already (First time playing)7:39
75.United States GaLm241:20:45:09Talking about my current life situation after being Detained and put through another psychward11:24
76.United States Tetsamaru240:03:00:16Girls Frontline With Tetsa Test Stream 31:57:53
77.United States KwingsLetsPlays239:17:29:49Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures Part 6 Kakariko Village is on FIRE!1:10:28
78.United States nbagleague239:14:57:34League Ready: episode 2 preview4:13
79.United States Hadriex239:10:00:083 Under the sea... - New POKeMON Snap2:22:26
80.United States Nitro Online239:09:28:23Red Zone RP/ Never Lackin RP/ GTAV RP / Big Drip Boss / Big Taco / Nitro Online5:45:27
81.United States T.A.P. Gaming239:04:30:08Fallout 4 - Chronicles of the Wasteland 2021 EP 137:12:23
82.United States markeedragon239:02:47:37DU Life - Dual Universe 1157:17:26
83.United States TWiT Tech Podcast Network237:22:44:10The End of Passwords?12:25
84.United States RAGEMONSTER237:16:17:33Sudden Strike 4 W/Rage Squad Also SuperRaging bought me this :]1:12:35
85.United States Punfucius237:01:04:08Fortnite Fashion Show LIVE NOW! TOON MEOWSCLES GIVEAWAY! 1 win = NEW TOON SKIN FREE!5:44:07
86.United States trixz2007236:06:34:08Phasmo Ghost hunting party | !discord4:21:31
87.United States JD Gaming233:21:53:02fortnite cause gavin said i have to3:26:06
88.United States Kratos Aurion Plays233:05:53:28Kratos and Menthe Stream Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Part 6: Darkness!4:59:43
89.United States AbdallahSmash026231:07:13:09📸 MARICOPIA BEACH ALL REQUESTS! NEW Pokemon Snap - 100% Gameplay Walkthrough Part 11!2:52:02
90.United States audapostrophe230:16:21:33audap's Step on me Lad... Resident Evil Village PC P152:12
91.United States Strippin230:15:01:38[Strippin] Hearthstone : Who am i (3/4) (Apr 20 2021)44:36
92.United States FlamingGnats229:04:47:30Mafia 3: Definitive Edition Playthrough - Part 456:44
93.United States Lightning Farron229:04:01:08Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of Elusive Age (Switch) Playthrough Part #52:06:37
94.United States Flapper228:20:51:29Pokemon Alpha Sapphire (3DS) | Stream #45:34:18
95.United States Draven Taylor227:14:53:16World of Tanks: Blitz1:25:25
96.United States Br0ken227:08:07:53Outriders - Devastator Seismic Shifter Build1:00:15
97.United States ATA DBEST226:04:34:30"Stream Sniping" In GTA Online 2021.. Imagine6:31
98.United States bisnap225:23:39:05Bisnap Streams Risk of Rain 2 - Part 4751:49:23
99.United States Ultima395224:18:13:56New Pokemon Snap Part 2, Tropical Snapping2:20:19
100.United States Darth Xile223:10:03:22Getting Medieval on the Wasteland Session 133:38:55