Top 100 Channels From United States With The Longest Duration

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from United States based on the highest total video duration on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelDurationLatest VideoLiked
1.United States World of Longplays647:15:57:44PC Longplay [796] Orion Conspiracy2:31:1797.14%
2.United States DSPGaming497:08:05:16Super Mario RPG playthrough pt15 - The Finale! Taking Down Smithy (final)1:27:1940.00%
3.United States Audiopedia481:12:01:49Local Government Act 20001:5961.50%
4.United States Lord Rage353:16:53:56⚔️ Battlerite Royale - Free Weekend, Come Play /w Me - #Sponsored ⚔️4:10:5686.67%
5.United States CohhCarnage338:19:26:00Let's Play Pathfinder: Kingmaker (Fresh Run) With CohhCarnage - Episode 16929:3691.67%
6.United States RabidRetrospectGames289:11:35:43DOLLHOUSE Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Full Game No Commentary (#Dollhouse Beta)1:01:5594.12%
7.United States Tulus Hairston277:14:15:13Tulus Is Playing Tom Clancy 's The Division 2. Starting A New Character #32:35:38100.00%
8.United States JacksawJack271:11:37:29Let's Play Mafia 3 (Part 20)59:34
9.United States the Hood Of GamingX262:21:55:18Ps4 SEKiRO tough boss let's kill this son of a bitch1:18:38
10.United States Lamar7Up Townsell245:05:52:32I AM Lamar7Up4:21:5080.00%
11.United States Rydo240:01:33:24Hearthstone & Video Game News (HD 1080p 60fps)3:26:22100.00%
12.United States FilthyRobot239:23:26:02Close Game VS Solid Opponent MtGA #6629:29100.00%
13.United States Chris Adams231:16:27:40Red Dead Redemption 2 (04-10-19)3:34:35
14.United States SuperMutant2099229:04:21:214-14-19 Edition of edition of Sports Sunday Nights with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.4:46:15
15.United States Grahamtams224:20:49:05Final Fantasy XIV (PS4) 43 Blacksmith2:34:23
16.United States RotoGrinders224:18:03:59FanDuel MLB DFS Picks | The Daily Fantasy 6 Pack (4-10-19)9:2597.14%
17.United States Gaming Philosophy223:07:58:27Tropico 6: pushing to unlock the last mission!8:36:36100.00%
18.United States Lonewolf Brinstar223:01:51:43TENCHU: STEALTH ASSASSINS (Part 3) | BLIND PLAY AS RIKIMARU2:21:59
19.United States TWiT Netcast Network222:13:37:32Echo is Made of People6:4887.50%
20.United States The Strategy Professor216:04:05:36Lulu In-Depth Gameplay #33 -- Season 9 -- How to Win as Support -- League of Legends21:05100.00%
21.United States Keith Ballard215:22:08:11Let's Play Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime 4-Player Co-op Part 9 - I Hate Us33:26
22.United States Ninja Flips213:07:38:06Dragon Age: Inquisition Stream | Nightmare w FF/Trials | Stabbing Things7:01:2998.46%
23.United States ZackScottGames213:06:40:53Yoshi's Crafted World - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 19 - Final Boss! Ending!21:3397.30%
24.United States PaleRider559212:20:45:03PaleRider Live: Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Far and Wide3:57:17100.00%
25.United States iGameplay1337211:16:10:47Hello Kitty Lunchbox,Ever Run,Little Kitten Adventures,Strawberry Shortcake,Barbie,Thomas&Friends19:5687.50%
26.United States GaLm210:17:57:31[468] Tank Busters (Let's Play ShellShock Live w/ GaLm and Friends)21:47100.00%
27.United States crysknife007209:09:50:49Small Deep Fan Sounds for 12 Hours11:59:5883.17%
28.United States Bears Den201:22:50:04GT Classics 1.12 testing - Working on the Grinder4:06:13100.00%
29.United States Bacon Creepy201:21:37:48🔥 (LIVE HELLBOY DRAWING) 🔥Watch Me Draw Hellboy - The O.G. Ron Perlman1:42:12100.00%
30.United States FNTSY Sports Network196:03:38:33NBA Playoffs Preview, Masters Day 2 Recap, & MLB Injuries | Calling The Shots, Ep. 152:57:50100.00%
31.United States WifieAndHubster192:22:27:51Late night Apex Legends Gameplay - Victorious beeps!1:22:48
32.United States shenryyr2192:07:20:05Streaming on Twitch 9am Pacific Every Day!0:1392.55%
33.United States FSD2000191:11:30:47SEVEN KNIGHTS NEW WORLD- GUILD WAR & ARENA 4-7-1926:40
34.United States Marstead189:02:09:38Banjo-Kazooie (Episode 1) [Blind] - Start Playthrough4:05:09100.00%
35.United States FightinCowboy185:22:29:16Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Git Gud Guide: Mini-Bosses Part 315:21100.00%
36.United States NukemDukem185:07:56:15Mortal Kombat 11 PS4/Xbox One Unboxing Scorpion Mask Review6:1890.68%
37.United States TouchGameplay184:08:52:51Niffelheim - Ellada Games - Gameplay - PC25:0983.33%
38.United States Day9TV183:08:53:58MTGA - Bo3 Constructed w/ Handsome Rob - Jeskai Niv Mizzet Control P32:52:08
39.United States GameDojo182:13:16:38BIRTHDAY STREAM! // World War Z Zombie Game // wwz // Live Stream Gameplay3:36:0398.27%
40.United States ZeroAbyss182:05:26:35#ZeroAbyssPlays - 04/04/19 #PUBG, or something else.7:00:14
41.United States wappen4d178:20:42:46Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Part 8152:30
42.United States Jayclassics176:22:12:09Kingdom Hearts III Playthrough PART 18+FINAL BOSS & SECRET ENDING1:08:48
43.United States Arumba174:09:05:03EU4 Arumba's Assay Kongo Can't Go 729:3699.76%
44.United States SpraynPray1000171:20:41:00Yet Another Late Night FFXIV Stream: Anthem Edition3:21:04100.00%
45.United States Funky G170:13:15:43Let's Play Yakuza 0 (BLIND) Part 40: MIRACLE IN THE CLUB2:13:48100.00%
46.United States Easelm169:16:43:00COD Blackout Live Stream | PS4 GAMEPLAY | 677 WINS / Hot Pursuit Gameplay / Quads5:52:4396.70%
47.United States Michael Reinert169:01:18:34Let's play Assassin Creed Black Flag1:00:35100.00%
48.United States Easy Allies Plays168:14:08:10Damiani Plays Sekiro (Pt. 1) - I'm Bad at this Game. That's Okay.3:53:5087.62%
49.United States bisnap168:02:03:07Bisnap Streams Enter the Gungeon - Part 6141:15:30100.00%
50.United States Savage167:07:52:19Hammer Only WIN // ALCATRAZ9:5393.23%
51.United States Darth Xile166:19:55:01Vacation Simulator Highlights6:09100.00%
52.United States Adam The Great165:13:31:06GTA V RP: American Tycoon! Officer Jesse On Patrol!11:55:0196.05%
53.United States VGBootCamp165:11:14:46F@X 297 Tekken 7 - Daedalus X [L] (Armor King) Vs. Ludovic (Asuka) - T7 Grand Finals13:24100.00%
54.United States Tetsamaru164:06:34:24Tetsamaru Cheats Hard in Persona 5 - Part 9 (Modded)7:34:21100.00%
55.United States Br0ken163:04:01:40Criminality! [PC] Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay // #Gta #GtaV #Rp #FIVEM8:43:0470.59%
56.United States Kang Gaming162:11:41:00I'm Dropping my Twitch Partnership! | Returning to YouTube!6:03100.00%
57.United States KreekCraft159:23:06:33[FULL GUIDE] Jailbreak MAPLESTICK SECRET ALIEN CODE! ARMOR VEHICLE SKIN! | Maplestick Alien Invasion8:3498.08%
58.United States Benz419420158:16:15:13Sekiro:I Die More Than Twice Editon59:54100.00%
59.United States Sports Gaming Universe157:01:54:51Los Angeles Lakers vs Portland Trailblazers NBA Live Full Game Highlights | Lakers vs Blazers36:56100.00%
60.United States vegsmashed155:01:23:44Yakuza Kiwami Ps4 Chapter 5 Who is the father8:39:26
61.United States Firesnakearies153:03:41:44DARK SUN 5E D&D - The Shattered Crown with DM Scito - Josiah Plays! - Part 22 [Roll20] [Twitch]5:08:0075.00%
62.United States Sovereign Sage152:13:29:18WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate: The Demon Glitch Insta-Claims Hanbei & Mitsunari Upon Xu Shu's Death!0:07100.00%
63.United States Wolfpack Pro Gaming151:12:08:14📽 VALHALLA - ERMENEGILDO "LA HÍSTORIA" - CAPÍTULO 5 - ARK SURVIVAL EVOLVED34:0692.63%
64.United States A-DSplay101151:04:50:33The Rules, Nipsey's Death & Kodak Black24:05100.00%
65.United States rocksoldier97151:03:04:04official stream 25: ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN IN WCW [Pt. 4]2:01:16
66.United States aulddragon149:19:44:04Guild of Dungeoneering (Stream) — Part 4737:18100.00%
67.United States Chrises Face149:03:52:49PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds - Working on Skill for Charity Tourney - #believe5:36:5397.30%
68.United States HypnotizdLIVE148:15:59:22Outward - Day 43:56:15100.00%
69.United States Kismet148:02:38:19BSE 562 P2 Astroneer | MEGA BASE Move & Powering up5:07:24
70.United States Segata Ichigo, The Tenkaichi147:17:16:47Tenkai Project S: Masoukishin-The Lord of Elemental #20-Heathen29:09
71.United States Pudge007147:13:22:35Dr Disrespect MOD | Resident Evil HD Remaster (PC) | Hard Mode2:47:5597.01%
72.United States AbdallahSmash026147:06:51:28Cuphead - Preview Gameplay on Nintendo Switch1:21:2598.29%
73.United States FlamingGnats147:03:45:37Another Century's Episode Portable - Stage 2-56:35
74.United States SuzyQ _3145:11:07:20🔴 [LIVE] LEVEL 193+ // 2000+ KILLS // SEASON 1 // BRO & SIS DUO // APEX LEGENDS!8:52:39100.00%
75.United States VertigoTeaparty143:14:50:47Let's Play Yakuza 0 [PC] | Part 13 | Hard Difficulty Playthrough6:03:07100.00%
76.United States The Angry General142:18:21:19Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice | Blind Let's Play | Going for 100% Completion4:06:28100.00%
77.United States Skilled Apple142:17:53:32Slay The Spire 01 - Another Day, Another Card Game3:05:29100.00%
78.United States Worsnytmair ESO Life WorstNightmareGuild142:08:05:54Walking Dead Season 21:14:01
79.United States OneManCast141:06:01:43Tiana Plays DEATH END RE;QUEST EPISODE ?6:30:05100.00%
80.United States Cheswolf140:08:29:38Division 2 PS4 pt 322:50:13100.00%
81.United States Giant Bomb140:04:41:21Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (04/10/2019): Unfinished26:4984.47%
82.United States Henley139:23:44:22Solar Ascendancy ~ Electric boogaloo - Stars Without Number Revised | Week 093:39:5066.67%
83.United States Tiegon139:17:53:03Jungle Jump | Spelunker Party! Co-op with Amadeus484! Part 121:04:50
84.United States Hyper RPG138:21:31:28The Call | He Left It Dead | Volume 3 | Episode 42:25:22100.00%
85.United States DKT_GAMING138:07:31:44375+ Wins COD BO4 Blackout Live # 1293:51:10
86.United States Boomer138:06:44:09🎮 Satisfactory 🎮 Creating a Factory with Friends5:47:53
87.United States AwesomeMattG136:23:31:04Let's Play: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (071)1:07:44100.00%
88.United States Renegade Media Group135:12:41:31Renegade Game Time - Portal 2 (Now You're Thinking... With P0rtals)1:56:5391.30%
89.United States Hadriex134:20:23:24Fortune Summoners: Secret of Elemental Stone - First impressions1:22:00100.00%
90.United States Flapper134:10:17:23Pokemon Platinum | Stream #28:12:27100.00%
91.United States Red's 3rd Dimension Gaming133:19:25:06Nelke & The Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World Review (PS4, PS4 Pro, & Nintendo Switch)5:4177.78%
92.United States Supraboosta133:09:32:41notmycar? Whose is it then? - vechicle BR - Live Stream PC4:24:38100.00%
93.United States TheBrainDit132:16:22:13КРОВАВАЯ КОРОЛЕВА. ГДЕ НАЙТИ? ● The Elder Scrolls: Blades #433:2197.17%
94.United States Trone Hunter132:13:46:15Alien Isolation Walkthrough Gameplay Part 6 (1080p60FPS)24:43
95.United States SkyDemonAirPirates / SkyDemonCaptain132:10:00:17Spyro Reignited Trilogy: Spyro the Dragon (part 4)1:52:21100.00%
96.United States SnakeEyesBP1980132:03:56:58Minecraft World Part 17 / 4-8-201955:2966.67%
97.United States markeedragon131:09:03:49EVE Life - Skiff Fleet Build / Design - Giveaway - EVE Online Live5:32:2495.83%
98.United States EAST DAD131:02:05:50FOR HONOR Fury x931:14:50100.00%
99.United States MathasGames131:01:53:31Kenshi | Bounty | Let's Play Kenshi Gameplay Season 2 Episode 1142:3698.39%
100.United States Smight Stream Archive130:09:26:48Into the Breach - Hard Chaos rolls [streak 9]3:52:09100.00%