Top 100 Channels From United States With The Longest Duration

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from United States based on the highest total video duration on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelDurationLatest Video
1.United States SpeedGaming1222:18:44:37BP31 vs Dray33. Super Mario Odyssey Bingo Tournament 20221:06:46
2.United States Android & IOS Games1163:18:33:38🔴Impossible Mega Ramp Car Games - Car Racing Stunts 3D - Android Gameplay1:36:21
3.United States Love School957:23:48:17Monster School : - minecraft animation1:55:51
4.United States DSPGaming752:13:56:03Street Fighter Throwback Night: May 27, 2022 pt153:15
5.United States Onkarian's Twitch.TV Archives693:18:49:52Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker [Part 223]9:52:49
6.United States PUBG MOBILE Esports678:00:52:22💡Pro Tips from Lazarus KISEKI - ABOUT THE TEAM1:26
7.United States CohhCarnage666:06:55:46CohhCarnage Plays EverQuest In 2022 - Episode 1327:03
8.United States Purple Craft650:20:54:30Monster School : Emerald World - Minecraft Animation9:50
9.United States Vector Play645:10:58:02REALISTIC MINECRAFT - THE MOVIE ( 2022 )0:00
10.United States One Trick Replays540:15:39:14Jhin ADC vs Lucian - NA Challenger 17/2/7 Patch 12.9 Gameplay29:55
11.United States The Hood Of GamingX 🅥534:17:40:36Ps5 Horizon forbidden West preparing the final battle against the machine & Zinith may 21 , 20227:03:35
12.United States Beyond the Summit520:12:53:33DogChamp vs Osmium Game 2 - BTS Pro Series 11 AM: Losers Round 1 w/ rkryptic & ET1:00:16
13.United States Wanderbots499:10:13:31Charming Sci-Fantasy Action Adventure RPG! - XEL [Demo | Sponsored]35:30
14.United States IGN472:06:11:50Andor: The First Star Wars Series to Forego StageCraft2:25
15.United States Gaming Philosophy464:21:16:43Vampire the Masquerade: The Lost Tribe - Chapter 24:25:06
16.United States MonsterFox2012458:00:02:07GTA V Online: SxP Racing2:06:25
17.United States Zodd The Destroyer447:07:42:24Digimon World 2 Video 6531:07
18.United States SquiiddishGaming439:01:04:58[May 20 2022] Day 2- They have BLUE SWORDS6:30:51
20.United States Sports Gaming Universe428:20:41:07Houston Astros vs Seattle Mariners - MLB Today 5/27/2022 Full Game Highlights (MLB The Show 22 Sim)1:30:14
21.United States Jeff Hoogland425:16:13:51Marvel Snap Gameplay - May 27th, 20222:41:33
22.United States Wappen421:16:53:13Elden Ring Rune Level 1 - Part 5849:55
23.United States LUMAS EATER420:07:38:12MY PS4 NAME IS ANGELDAIGLE1 kinetica going weeeee48:02
24.United States SoCaLove419:13:19:05WARZONE: | 1 Night Stand w/AX50 | 4th All-Time In Big Map Wins | (5,129+ Wins)0:00
25.United States Raptor419:07:08:04Earth Recolonization | Surviving Apocalypse Rebuilding Earth in Tycoon City Builder | Cliff Empire0:00
26.United States The Gamer Society417:01:00:17[LIVE] HELL LET LOOSE | FIGHTING IN WORLD WAR II - ONLINE PVP - SERIES X - TGS STREAM - XXVIII - 28!0:00
27.United States Dark Fiber416:20:28:33Quake Live Live Stream!58:57
28.United States KingGeorge2406:13:56:58IM LEARNING | Consualte Full Game23:34
29.United States Bears Den404:09:33:36A Look at 248K mod for Factorio - Advanced Oil Refining & Cracking45:41
30.United States Lamar7Up Townsell403:22:10:28#SHORTS0:15
31.United States ZeroAbyss401:14:38:44#ZeroAbyssPlays - 04/19/22 #WoW 9.2 Raid, #PUBG, or whatever7:21:57
32.United States LobosJr397:01:24:22Elden Ring Item & Param Randomizer Run (Pt. 2)6:07:17
33.United States Keith Ballard393:13:16:02Let's Play Okami HD Part 3 (Patreon Chosen Game)36:32
34.United States HEAVENSARMY393:09:30:37PS5 Review (The 1st Review Is Supposed To Be Disorganized)1:01:23
35.United States RabidRetrospectGames393:01:17:51EVIL DEAD THE GAME Full Gameplay Walkthrough with MP - No Commentary (#EVILDEAD Full Game)5:41:01
36.United States The Strategy Professor392:05:26:335/27/22 Testing New Meta Supports! -- League of Legends3:59:54
37.United States Chris Adams389:17:45:46Star Ocean The Last Hope (3)4:25:57
38.United States chistine taylor381:14:38:10Sniper elite 53:30:34
39.United States Kismet377:19:55:30BSE 1547 | Surviving Mars | Martian Express | Revisiting Surviving Mars PC2:57:08
40.United States HAIDY CRAFT374:18:19:43Monster School: minecraft animation0:00
41.United States KwingsLetsPlays366:07:19:11IRON MAN Walkthrough Part 5 (PS3)0:00
42.United States SuperMutant2099365:10:26:345/26/22 edition of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Racing with TheGreatGQ3:04:08
43.United States Grahamtams361:06:18:57Vampire Survivors (PC) pt 3 (52/80 Unlocks)6:28:57
44.United States MasterLL354:18:48:33「 Eiyuden Chronicle Rising (PS5) 」 Final Day 05 ~ "Main Story Chapter 29-31 & Platinum Clear"3:35:03
45.United States PRO Replays353:05:46:21Gen G Peyz (Jinx) - 15/4/4 KDA GAMEPLAY22:52
46.United States SmiteVOD351:16:54:52SMITE Masters Day 5: Oni Warriors Vs Tartarus Titans2:05:24
47.United States Arcade Players TV350:22:52:15The King of Fighters 2003 ➤ Henrique12345 (Brazil) vs orochiaru (Brazil) kof200331:06
48.United States Kratos Aurion Plays343:20:34:40Kingdom Hearts 3 with Kratos Part 19: Winnie the Pooh World!35:38
49.United States VGBootCamp342:19:40:54Peanut. Doesn't. Miss.0:36
50.United States Batista_Harpu342:15:54:57SNES Super Side Quest - Game # 332 - Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen [2/?]3:51:10
51.United States LOL KR Challenger Replays342:11:21:10GEN Clid Udyr vs Nidalee Jungle - KR Patch 11.527:11
52.United States Cory Campbell340:05:55:21MLB The Show 22 - Colorado Rockies vs Washington Nationals1:18:06
53.United States Piggy - Minecraft Animations339:22:54:36CURSED MINECRAFT BUT IT'S UNLUCKY LUCKY FUNNY MOMENTS Scooby Craft Scrapy @Scrapy @Scooby Craft0:00
54.United States PS2SPORTSINFOSTATION339:12:19:29Central Michigan Chippewas vs Oklahoma State Cowboys - NCAA Football 23 - 2022 Season Week 148:50
55.United States PaleRider559338:10:14:02The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings :: PaleRider LIve0:00
56.United States Marstead337:06:23:16✔️️ Full Blind Playthrough (If Found...)2:10:24
57.United States TGWPIS333:23:27:57Chroma Squad Part 12:23:54
58.United States gtasthehunter333:08:23:37The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Part 64:56:01
59.United States Lightning Farron332:18:47:22.hack//G.U. Vol. 3//Redemption (PS5) Playthrough Part #2 (Stream Takeover)2:38:50
60.United States Vicious Destroyers329:11:59:14DESTINY 2 - XUR LOCATION STREAM!! WHERE IS XUR MAY 27TH? NEW DUNGEON LAUNCH!!5:26:53
61.United States LILY SCHOOL328:23:07:04Monster School : Barber Operation ( Dr. Noob ) - minecraft animation8:03
62.United States Zen Cult328:19:58:53Rainy Slumber 8 Hours Black Screen, Dark Screen, Sleep, Relax, gentle, light, soft, rain, ASMR8:00:14
63.United States Sports Factory328:15:09:29Baltimore Orioles vs Boston Red Sox - May 27 , 20220:00
64.United States FSD2000328:05:16:13FORTNITE (PS5) CHAPTER 3 SEASON 2 FLIPPED 5-27-221:36:18
65.United States JacksawJack327:12:18:34Brutal Doom II V2 Platinum - 41:08:34
66.United States Firepaw Bear326:08:08:03Fallout 4 - 31 Settlements 100% Happy (Raiders & Settlers)3:31:00
67.United States Awesemo DFS - Daily Fantasy Sports Advice325:02:51:54NBA DFS Picks 5/27 | Deeper Dive & Live Before Lock | Heat vs Celtics Game 62:31:47
68.United States Rydo324:19:55:13🎴Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel & Video Game News3:27:39
69.United States Bacon Creepy323:23:40:24Red Dead Redemption II Playthrough - Journey To Horseshoe Overlook - Part 2 Live Stream Highlights36:10
70.United States Funky G322:07:16:26Let's Play Xenoblade Chronicles DE Part 11: A HEROPON ALWAYS PAYS HIS DEBTS56:12
71.United States Atheenon321:19:49:20Halo: Combat Evolved - Legendary Mode - Pt. 14:58:46
72.United States FightinCowboy320:10:17:42V Rising - The Final Bosses - Finishing the Campaign and PvP (MTG after)5:23:04
73.United States Jaysos320:05:07:30monster hunter word Iceborne Elder dragons, hunting and co_op4:56:50
74.United States Easy Allies Plays318:17:53:21Ben's Pokémon LeafGreen Nuzlocke Day 7 - SS Anne-ime3:00:04
75.United States WifieandHubster316:16:23:31Game night with the WAH-FAM1:41:43
76.United States King Vic315:23:58:38Ray Liotta Has Passed Away At Age 671:23
77.United States Pixologic ZBrush312:23:12:00Sculpting with Andre Ferwerda - ZBrush 20222:20:08
78.United States jpmaximus308:14:46:44🔴COD CALL OF DUTY WARZONE LIVE WITH VIEWERS - REBIRTH ISLAND CUSTOM 40 PLAYERS!!!7:15:34
79.United States NeopantomIme308:02:18:42Live 5/23/2022 5:35 PM56:56
80.United States DarkJakeXIII306:05:31:47Persona 5 Royal - Live Stream Blind Playthrough #23 (Finale)6:18:09
81.United States MrLlamaSC304:20:26:10D2R Escort Mission!! Merc MUST STAY ALIVE2:51:32
82.United States FuturemanGaming VOD Archive304:20:00:43[2022-05-13] Futureman - Elden Ring7:40:10
83.United States SailorMoonRedRanger GODOFALLHEROES304:04:46:41ALL FIGHTING GAMES 20220:00
84.United States aulddragon303:02:38:47Breath of Fire IV — Part 16 - Journey to the West33:55
85.United States SNVKE301:12:50:58Full Contra Warrior | SUPER C42:53
86.United States Ultima395300:23:25:57Rune Factory 5 Part 19, Time to get Married2:33:42
87.United States That Bald Gamer298:19:52:56Shiny Reshiram (100+) Dynamax Adventure Hunt with Viewers - Pokemon Sword and Shield6:36:58
88.United States Nha Nguyen Dinh298:02:16:409D NFT #223 Gameplay - NgDinhNha1:17:12
89.United States JD Gaming297:21:08:24Wwe2k22 online jump on Lets play #wwe2k223:39:27
90.United States FlamingGnats295:19:54:21Super Robot Wars 30 - Stage 95, Az/Space (Cross Point)46:20
91.United States Applebread295:19:33:54[Applebread] Rogue Legacy 2 - The Sun Tower #52:37:16
92.United States ZGF Gaming293:19:17:20Kur Tales - World of Darkness E2 - Vampire Time1:33:31
93.United States Costin Gaming293:14:37:43World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic Preparation - Warmane Frostmourne Naxxramas 253:55:16
94.United States Pudge007292:09:43:17Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater - European Extreme | Part 33:47:40
95.United States Strippin291:05:24:00[Strippin] League of Legends : Copium Dangerously Low (Dec 28 2021)9:11:16
96.United States Day9TV290:09:58:21Monogreen Stompy - SNC Top Meta Standard | MTG Arena2:04:07
97.United States Hadriex289:16:56:4321 So, the Warlock wants to attack me directly now... - Xcom 2 Long War of the Chosen4:12:49
98.United States markeedragon285:21:42:14Null Life SOV Protection - EVE Online Live Episode 11210:00
99.United States audapostrophe285:14:12:39audap's ENG-Monster Hunter Rise SteamDeck P161:02:58
100.United States Games Done Quick284:08:12:51Community Spotlight - Mega May 2022 Part 23:25:17