Top 100 Channels From United States With The Longest Duration

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from United States based on the highest total video duration on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelDurationLatest Video
1.United States SpeedGaming1709:18:54:11Crystal Roller Crew vs Ed Was Supposed To Carry Us. Finals 1 ALTTPR League Open S61:57:52
2.United States MagneonGames1265:20:04:26Outnumbered 100 Front Line Soldiers vs 400000 Trolls Orcs Ghosts Werewolves Zombies UEBS2 Call for T5:57
3.United States 2DOS3 Gamers1206:15:02:31Giveaway Shiny Eggs 6ivs, and free Shinys for Pokemon LGPE, SWSH, BDSP and PLA...0:38
4.United States PUBG MOBILE Esports1148:22:22:49[TR] 2024 PMSL EMEA H1G5 | Spring | HANGİ TAKIM ZİRVEYE ULAŞACAK?5:19:30
5.United States THEREALPAX953:02:47:20He ruined his car #shorts0:05
6.United States DSPGaming887:11:13:49CHILL Podcast, Then Hellblade II PREMIERES! May 21, 20240:00
7.United States Onkarian's Twitch.TV Archives879:08:31:24The King Of Fighters All Star [Part 485]1:46:49
8.United States Closed on Sunday864:14:00:44I am all the Sith ⚡️edit by @/sengalic13 on TikTok #starwars #edit0:25
9.United States CohhCarnage842:20:49:17CohhCarnage Plays Stellar Blade - Part 5132:13
10.United States Fanny Gaming737:16:59:29😘Fall Guys56:30
11.United States Dark Fiber703:21:49:32Quake Live Live Stream!0:00
12.United States Raptor686:19:00:51FINALLY!!! They Made a Sequel to this Detailed & Realistic Farming Simulator | Farm Manager World39:40
13.United States MVT entertainments655:11:40:53My Talking Tom Friends Happy Spring New Update - Gameplay Walkthrough p211:54:57
14.United States SoCaLove635:02:38:08👨🏻‍🚀THE PUSH FOR 50K SUBS👨🏻‍🚀 | #1 All-Time In Warzone Wins | (10,003+ Wins)8:41:16
15.United States LUMAS EATER616:03:33:40MY PS4 NAME IS ANGELDAIGLE1 warframe bad guys going weeeee5:44
16.United States Esports Arena593:19:21:11(24 HOUR STREAM) Series E Apex Legends, Microsoft Halo Sunday, AND MORE1:26:33
17.United States KwingsLetsPlays590:01:56:58Justice Served #shorts Superman0:41
18.United States Sports Gaming Universe579:01:16:44Denver Nuggets vs Minnesota Timberwolves - 2024 NBA Playoffs Game 7 Full Game 5/19/24 - NBA 2K24 Sim50:03
19.United States Petrenka578:00:27:57Petrenka - Organica Music Deep House Podcast1:05:46
20.United States One Trick Replays577:00:04:36Janna Support vs Renata Glasc - NA 0/3/15 Patch 12.20 Gameplay30:30
21.United States Wanderbots574:10:01:45We're (Almost) Competent Zombie Slaying Machines! - 7 Days To Die [Wholesomeverse | Part 6]4:40:06
22.United States Wappen570:07:21:52Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Part 346:21
23.United States RYG Game Animation570:04:44:14Live 🔴 AMONG US Animation0:00
24.United States KingGeorge2567:17:37:17I Didn't Play Kali | Chalet Full Game25:55
25.United States ZeroAbyss564:08:05:35#ZeroAbyssPlays - 04/03/24 #WoW, #Overwatch, #PUBG, #EldenRing, or whatever7:04:54
26.United States Jeff Hoogland559:18:20:57Namora Release day for Marvel SNAP0:00
27.United States MonsterFox2012558:23:08:47Enjoy ur view!!!!2:38
28.United States VGBootCamp556:08:52:55Japan's Best Bayonetta Can ALWAYS Find The Kill!0:32
29.United States Beyond the Summit555:16:58:45nouns vs Shopify Rebellion Game 3 - BTS Pro Series 14 AM: Grand Finals w/ rkryptic & neph53:04
30.United States AK Game555:08:13:54Among Us Animatoins Compilation0:00
31.United States Funny Moments Horror550:08:47:53Poppy Playtime: Chapter 4 3 2 & 1 Mobile Full Gameplay Walkthrough & ending No Commentary Part 131:21:56
32.United States SquiiddishVods546:04:05:47[May 14 2024] We are free from infinite Rose dialogue. We have won. We did it.4:27:10
33.United States Bears Den542:23:10:02Race to Fusion GT5u.08BDE Sr's Perspective: Ore Washer4:06:26
34.United States IGN537:20:38:21Furiosa: How to Create a Wasteland Warrior | Mad Max8:30
35.United States Airz537:04:46:52BEDROCK VS 1 TNT #minecraft #shorts0:21
36.United States Diana45251536:08:58:59MY HERO ACADEMIA VILLAIN LEAGUE SKINS JUST DROOPED CODE XXSUPERDIANAXX #supportacreator #epicpartner1:14:16
37.United States Kismet531:11:51:01BSE 2263 | Fallout 4 | Dark Wanderer EP 16 | Next Gen Update with Creation Club Content | No Mods6:44:03
38.United States HEAVENSARMY528:19:51:19HEAVENSARMY Plays Immortals Of Aveum: E8 (Sandrakk Won)4:13:50
39.United States helphelphelphelphelphelphelphelphelphelphelp527:16:10:01GamingX is going live!0:21
40.United States LobosJr516:05:48:43Elden Ring GUN GAME MOD!7:40:27
41.United States Zodd The Destroyer515:05:00:29KARDS WW2 Video 1109:46
42.United States chistine taylor513:11:18:11space engineers3:19:54
43.United States Chris Adams512:12:06:33Balatro (3)3:08:36
44.United States Lightning Farron512:03:26:17Super Mario Maker 2 Endless Expert - 22,326 Clears | Ranked 19th Worldwide3:49:52
45.United States The Gamer Society506:23:45:37INSURGENCY: SANDSTORM | DESERT MILSIM ACTION - CXIX - 119!1:38:21
46.United States ZGF Gaming502:21:24:56Monster Hunter Rise - E7 - Advancing Ranks4:51:01
47.United States Arcade Players TV500:06:25:02슈퍼 스트리트 파이터 2 터보 ➤ Puulsar (France) vs cazeysan (France) Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo34:45
48.United States Kratos Aurion Plays493:21:07:03Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World with Kratos and Garcon Part 5: The Vanguard!39:12
50.United States LongplayArchive493:07:39:48Longplay of Crazy Climber16:56
51.United States Cory Campbell492:17:17:51NBA 2K24 (Next Gen) - (Eastern Conference Quarterfinals) Orlando Magic vs Cleveland Cavaliers Game 51:38:21
52.United States Atheenon485:01:21:58Long Dark ~ May 2024 Dev Diary Review18:47
53.United States FSD2000482:14:41:58YU-GI-OH! TAG FORCE DUELS (PSP) 5-20-24 #yugioh #tagforce #duelmonsters #cardgame46:26
54.United States Mouth Of the south481:15:35:46MLB The Show 24 Gameplay: Baltimore Orioles vs St. Louis Cardinals - (PS5) [4K60FPS]1:05:51
55.United States Keith Ballard477:15:03:18Let's Try String Zero - It’s Cold Out, but He’ll Keep You Warm~1:31:07
56.United States Grahamtams473:23:21:23Hitman: Absolution (PS3) Whole Game!8:50:55
57.United States Michael Reinert469:17:26:16Death Stranding Directors Cut episode 21:25:38
58.United States Stokastic DFS - Daily Fantasy Sports Advice469:02:11:00MLB DraftKings Pick 6 Plays🔥| Best DraftKings MLB Picks Today! Monday, 5/20/20241:00
59.United States Gaming Philosophy467:07:57:58It's Wizard Time! - First impression for Mind over Magic - Part 41:30:31
60.United States Games Done Quick463:11:00:19Blue Bulls - Express Lane - GDQ Hotfix Speedruns2:24:37
61.United States Akamatzu458:16:19:36Fallout 3 - Part 22 | Livestream VOD (PC)6:37:48
62.United States Batista_Harpu454:07:26:19SNES Super Side Quest - Game # 408 - Silva Saga II [1/?]5:40:11
63.United States Rydo454:02:59:19Tales from Candleforth New or Trending Game1:00
64.United States MasterLL450:22:37:57「 Honkai: Star Rail (PS5) 」Patch 2.2 ~ Final Boss & Cutscene34:11
65.United States Ultima395449:06:00:37Splatoon 3 Part 26, End of the World Splatfest2:04:43
66.United States Roman KOLLA447:03:02:46PUBG MOBILE NEW UPDATE RUSH GAMEPLAY3:14:59
67.United States RubyBadger223 Main Channel445:15:43:58Yoshi's Story and super smash bros melee2:00:55
68.United States Werglia442:17:24:54Diablo 4 - Loot Reborn Season 4 - Full Game Walkthrough - Part 88:45:51
69.United States The Strategy Professor442:01:47:13Legendary Tamurkhan Immortal Campaign #11 (Nurgle) -- Total War: Warhammer III1:00:47
70.United States RabidRetrospectGames439:10:13:56FALLOUT NEW VEGAS Remastered FULL GAMEPLAY WALKTHROUGH No Commentary (#FalloutNewVegas Modded)17:22:43
71.United States PS2SPORTSINFOSTATION432:01:51:33Edmonton Oilers vs Vancouver Canucks - EA SPORTS NHL 24 - Stanley Cup Playoffs RD 2 Game 717:03
72.United States Unknown406 AKA GAMER4LIFE430:18:30:03Rise Of The Ronin PS5 Part 14 Continued | Unknown406_AKA_GAMER4LIFE2:25:40
73.United States FlamingGnats429:10:34:45Fire Emblem: Three Hopes GD Run - Chapter 11-7: Invasion of the Northern Kingdom33:13
74.United States Super Mutant 2099426:14:48:245/16/24 Edition of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Racing with @TheGreatGQ1:20:27
75.United States FightinCowboy425:14:47:33Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 Review - Beautiful but Bland12:41
76.United States Marstead424:04:37:05▶️ Wahrk - Riven: The Sequel to Myst [Blind] (Episode 3)3:01:51
77.United States gtasthehunter422:20:34:45Terraria (PS4 Co-op) Part 104:13:56
79.United States PaleRider559419:05:48:57Fallout TV Show (SPOILER ALERT) :: Review and Impressions :: While Playing Fallout 76 :: Live Stream2:43:55
80.United States That Bald Gamer417:01:48:57Type: Null Shiny Hunt (Over Odds) - FAST RESETS - Pokemon Ultra Moon #Shorts3:47:46
81.United States Funky G416:02:37:35Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (BLIND) Part 72: FINALE2:52:47
82.United States aulddragon409:05:15:42Final Fantasy Tactics Advance — Part 90 - Showdown with the Gertai Band51:23
83.United States SmiteVOD407:09:52:26SMITE Content Creator Cup Group Stages - W2D23:17:10
84.United States Vicious Destroyers404:18:36:37Destiny 2 Xur Location Stream! Where Xur May, 17Th Friday?? Trials Map Live??4:39:41
85.United States Da Drunk Gamer402:21:32:48-PS2- MINORITY REPORT: EVERYBODY RUNS Pt.2 (Gameplay) #DaDrunkGamer #PS2 #Retro1:18:55
86.United States Aaron Shack400:10:51:28Destiny 2: Into the Light | Onslaught w/ @AndrewAlliance | PC3:08:26
87.United States Welcome everyone to Trek2m's World! --no Fighting 396:07:15:05-_- Welcome everyone to WarFrame Unraveling its mystery and doing missions with Trek2m ._. day 44!2:09:33
88.United States TGWPIS394:11:05:00Syphon Filter 2 Part 61 | No Commentary14:40
89.United States meowmurai392:02:58:33meowmurai's Dom Rusalok PC P256:10
90.United States Easy Allies Plays391:21:14:41Huber Plays Minishoot' Adventures (Pt. 3) - Just shootin3:40:21
91.United States FuturemanGaming VOD Archive390:05:04:06[2024-05-09] Futureman - Hades 2 (1/2)2:42:30
92.United States Android & IOS Games389:13:45:53Bike Racing Game Motox3m - Android Gameplay11:11
93.United States NeopantomIme387:22:54:40RDR2O - 157:48
94.United States tametheark387:04:17:46Gamestop hit $80 Hedgefunds are going to PUMP DOGE to distract Retail out of GME to $1000:00
95.United States Gamer's Little Playground386:15:37:12HELLBLADE 2 SENUA'S SAGA All Faces/Tree Locations 4K Ultra HD28:12
96.United States Jabroni Mike Full Streams385:19:34:17A Small and Hard Look at Content Farm Slop6:28:08
97.United States The Bickering Bunch385:06:33:59🌍59 Imagine Bucketfish🌍【HELL DIVERS 2】3:52:18
98.United States Android Gameplay385:05:59:08Survival 456, Roblox, Bowmasters, Brawl Stars, Tom Fly Run, Hungy Daragon, Tom Jum Up, Going Balls45:05
99.United States Hadriex383:18:20:07Master of Magic new mod - More stuff!1:07:37
100.United States Maxon ZBrush381:02:58:27[JA] 3Dプリント用キャラクターの作り方 - Sakaki Kaoru - ZBrush 20242:59:27