Top 100 Channels From United States With The Longest Duration

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from United States based on the highest total video duration on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelDurationLatest VideoLiked
1.United States DSPGaming429:17:44:58God of War (2018) playthrough pt1 - The Man Who Carries Trees14:2230.77%
2.United States CohhCarnage250:23:05:22Cohhmunity Clip Highlights - Episode 235:4799.10%
3.United States RabidRetrospectGames234:12:11:50Who is Kratos' Son? - God of War 4 (PS4 Pro) - God of War 20188:4694.12%
4.United States FilthyRobot222:00:09:39Filthy Favors the Fast (Two Off with guest Arumba- Part 4)1:09:07100.00%
5.United States iGameplay1337215:17:32:57Disney Beauty and the Beast Perfect Match (Beauty & the Beast)13:54100.00%
6.United States JacksawJack196:01:50:06Let's Play Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin (Part 6)1:12:13
7.United States shenryyr2192:07:20:05Streaming on Twitch 9am Pacific Every Day!0:1393.30%
8.United States GaLm192:02:18:58[27] Montana Mayhem (Let's Play Far Cry 5 PC w/ GaLm)32:54100.00%
9.United States ZackScottGames186:03:54:58God of War - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Kratos and Atreus! (God of War 4)1:05:1496.90%
10.United States NukemDukem182:21:25:29Rainbow Six Siege Lesion Elite Concept R61:2893.10%
11.United States Ninja Flips181:01:05:08Fallout 4 - Very Hard - Double Barrel Waster | XBox One X5:55:2688.89%
12.United States Chris Adams179:05:35:17Comic Book Talk Podcast (04-20-18)45:00
13.United States Shirrako177:00:02:00GOD OF WAR 4 - Kratos Tells Atreus The Truth (Ghost of Sparta Reveal)5:1196.00%
14.United States Keith Ballard170:01:15:33Let's Play Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth Part 31 - Home40:28100.00%
15.United States Arumba164:15:23:59Streaming Right Now on Twitch0:36100.00%
16.United States Kang Gaming160:22:07:07Frostpunk Preview! We Can Save Them! | 1st and 2nd Playthrough!6:28:24100.00%
17.United States GameDojo159:00:50:39PUBG HIGHLIGHTS OF LIVE STREAM! Poop Story Inside16:3996.30%
18.United States FightinCowboy154:11:36:07God of War - Let's Play Part 2: The Hunt25:2798.13%
19.United States Lega Play151:05:11:19GOD OF WAR 4 (2018) ► Прохождение, Часть 9 ► КОНЕЦ ИГРЫ (Финальный бой)2:28:2993.63%
20.United States SpraynPray1000150:23:14:27Assassin's Creed Origins: The Curse of the Pharaohs part 12 - Yebu Nome 446:33
21.United States Day9TV148:16:40:45Mostly Walking - Full Throttle - P12:01:21100.00%
22.United States wappen4d148:12:10:49RiME - Part 159:11
23.United States Grahamtams145:04:44:35Monster Hunter: World (PS4) Gunner Alt Siege Farming1:25:43
24.United States The Strategy Professor144:03:54:304/19/18 Stream -- In-Depth Support Games -- League of Legends5:31:1287.50%
25.United States A-DSplay101142:00:17:24Let's Discuss: Should I livestream at a later time?5:34
26.United States Skilled Apple139:08:38:38Alexramigaming Attacking Me With Alt Accounts. Continues Bullying, Please Respond YouTube.18:4585.00%
27.United States Bionicman138:23:52:22First Mission | Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Part 415:04
28.United States Darth Xile138:16:22:55🔴 Surviving Mars Session 83:15:15100.00%
29.United States bisnap138:15:18:05Bisnap Streams Enter the Gungeon - Part 1571:14:51100.00%
30.United States VertigoTeaparty133:16:06:50Let's Play Final Fantasy XV PC! | Part 8 | Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition6:18:25100.00%
31.United States Red's 3rd Dimension Gaming131:21:45:09Megadimension Neptunia VIIR English Opening Movie Scenes [PS4 Pro, Full HD, 60 FPS]2:2497.50%
32.United States Funky G128:11:49:11Let's Play Persona 5 (BLIND) Part 26: FORCING OUR HANDS46:59100.00%
33.United States KreekCraft128:06:43:23Roblox Jailbreak NEW UPDATE COUNTDOWN! NEW VEHICLE & NEW ESCAPE! | 🔴 Roblox Jailbreak Live2:38:1397.63%
34.United States MonzyGames128:03:41:42Fortnite: Save The World (Gameplay)5:18:4895.28%
35.United States vegsmashed127:14:10:15Middle - Earth Shadow of War! Live Stream #5 Enslaving Orcs Like A Boss2:22:36100.00%
36.United States FlamingGnats127:01:48:01Final Fantasy XIV: Defenders of Eorzea - 84 - The Great Divide48:33
37.United States Izzimus Prime, The Tenkaichi125:14:48:14Izzy Reviews: Warbanners49:16
38.United States Easy Allies Plays125:14:38:39Easy Allies 9-Hour Marathon to Get Better Stuff Before E39:00:1198.84%
39.United States VGBootCamp VoDs125:11:05:34F@X 246 GGXRD2 - KBnova (Bedman) Vs. Black Ace (Raven) - Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2 Winners Quarters4:30
40.United States HikePlays124:03:14:10Fortnite Battle Royale - OMG Moments w/ The Crew - Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay1:26:3496.86%
41.United States aulddragon124:02:27:39Final Fantasy V (GBA) Part 11- Steamed28:3587.50%
42.United States Sovereign Sage123:21:41:26Dynasty Warriors 9: Free & Story Modes: Wei & Jin -Wang Yi & Sima Zhao Gameplay -Livestream #48:25:34100.00%
43.United States SSoHPKC123:10:12:58The Walking Dead: A New Frontier - Ties That Bind (Part 2) Part 4 - Meeting Demands17:5295.70%
44.United States ArcadeGo.com122:12:41:31Run Sausage Run! NEW SKIN Super Hero vs Kick The Buddy Face of Spongebob Gameplay13:0481.97%
45.United States Giant Bomb122:11:24:55Breakfast 'N' Ben - 04/19/1849:4450.00%
46.United States MathasGames121:23:31:20OH GOD WE'RE POOR | Battletech Let's Play Gameplay #349:18100.00%
47.United States Duxativa119:07:30:09GOD OF WAR PS4 Modo Historia Audio Latino El Famoso Brook Parte 351:3690.91%
48.United States The Gaming Mole: Brad_Ry119:07:09:24Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time #2731:57100.00%
49.United States AginoEvolutionHD118:16:50:01Yakuza 6: The Song of Life - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 No Commentary (PS4)1:00:48100.00%
50.United States RockLeeSmile117:23:23:13Northernlion Live Super Show [4/12/18]3:04:31100.00%
51.United States AbdallahSmash026117:19:01:50ALL 200cc Grand Prix Gold Trophies! | Racing With Nintendo Labo Motorbike! [🔴LIVE]1:07:3996.18%
52.United States gocalibergaming114:06:04:58FINAL FANTASY AWAKENING Android iOS Walkthrough - Part 66 - Ch23 Elite, Ch13-Ch14 Nightmare20:4492.31%
53.United States Lorerunner113:17:18:23Rumination Analysis on Captain America The First Avenger1:06:3995.18%
54.United States Wolfpack Pro Gaming113:07:03:00🔴 EMPIEZA EL CAOS - GOD OF WAR - MAXIMA DIFICULTAD - PARTE 1!!!5:02:4996.23%
55.United States Thamriyell112:16:05:03【FFN】SPOOKY HORROR VR STREAM - A Chair In A Room (PC) (Virtual Reality)2:45:24100.00%
56.United States Easelm110:23:19:31🔵 PUBG #285 PC Gameplay Live Stream | 739 WINS! 7 WINS IN A ROW & 8 WINS IN TOTAL TONIGHT!6:51:0796.38%
57.United States Team Spooky110:19:49:13NLBC Super 2 - Dragon Ball FighterZ - Losers Semi - HookGangGod vs WN Lost Soul [1080p/60fps]15:2096.88%
58.United States DMacGaming84110:11:19:34Fortnite Dance Floors All Disco Dance Floor Locations Very Easy4:27100.00%
59.United States Tiegon109:06:50:28Endless Mode! Hand of Fate 2 Part 124:01:26100.00%
60.United States Michael Reinert106:22:09:24Live Streaming Destiny 1 with Michael Reinert Episode 584:50:49100.00%
61.United States The Rockier Podcast106:09:53:20God Of War | PS4 | No Commentary | Chapter 11:24:44
62.United States Team Koopa Gaming105:20:26:55TKG playing spelunky. Oh, Heck...5:40:47100.00%
63.United States GameHorder105:04:11:51Let's Play - Shadowrun (Genesis) - 61:00:23100.00%
64.United States theTIVANshow104:23:14:56Knob Creek event and meeting Walter from safety harbor firearms and giveaways7:47100.00%
65.United States Benz419420104:16:21:59God of War Ston Mason Unboxing 4-20 Live27:28100.00%
66.United States GamrInsanity104:15:42:53God of War 🔴 Let's Play Ep10. Onward to Jotunheim | PS4 Pro Gameplay 1080p 60fps1:18:24100.00%
67.United States bdcool213104:15:36:15Super Mario Odyssey Gameplay Walkthrough Part 15 - Sand Kingdom - Nintendo Switch Lets Play2:00:45100.00%
68.United States Chrises Face102:04:17:29NEW RELEASE || GOD OF WAR || First Look at Game-play || Episode 14:57:2499.44%
69.United States Karm VGMC100:21:07:55Ryoufuu no Melt: Days in the Sanctuary (2011) (PlayStation 3 Game Music)2:03:31100.00%
70.United States TGN Squadron100:06:57:46PUBG Trio with MFPallytime, Kiyeberries & Starbee | PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds1:36:4093.84%
71.United States SnakeFistExplosion99:18:31:26Now We're Hooked | Part 2 | Co-op with Chadwhynot | Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - PC coop Gameplay3:01:3195.45%
72.United States Paranoia's Dungeon98:13:33:03God Of War 4 Playthrough - Part 6 - World Serpent and Brok's Shop17:29
73.United States Time 2 Dota98:01:20:44GESC Thailand Minor 2018 BEST PLAYS SEA FINAL FNATIC VS TNC QUAL Highlights by Time 2 Dota #dota29:37100.00%
74.United States MMadd Minerr98:00:31:19ARK: Survival Evolved New World Day 5 (Pc) (mp) Ragnarok3:50:15100.00%
76.United States Machinima97:17:48:39Transformers: Titans Return | At the Last Second11:3873.37%
77.United States TmarTn296:20:48:38STOP THE SUSPECT - Playing as a Cop in GTA Online19:3296.79%
78.United States Sirlionhart96:12:34:26Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Playthrough Ep 23: The Shipwrights of Capstan41:0394.74%
79.United States Gaming Movie Database - IGMDb.org96:09:25:29Enemy Territory Jaymod: Fearless Assassins ETServer - RECRUITING XP SAVE - Lenovo 13:07
80.United States ballerscuba96:03:15:04Refreshed - Let's Play Stardew Valley Part 6823:08100.00%
81.United States GhostRobo96:03:14:59God of War 4 Walkthrough Part 3 - Lake of Nine - GOD OF WAR GAMEPLAY!! (PS4 PRO 60FPS)20:3797.35%
82.United States Seri! Pixel Biologist!95:19:33:50A Cat Has Her Priorities 🌹 Cattails: Heart of Roses - Episode #422:0998.94%
83.United States Game-Wisdom95:14:12:45An Ambidextrous Adventure -- 39 Days to Mars First Look36:32
84.United States Centerstrain0195:00:50:18GOD OF WAR | Walkthrough Part 4 "A New Friend"28:4396.55%
85.United States Gamer's Little Playground94:15:14:42GOD OF WAR All Cutscenes (PS4 PRO) Game Movie [2018]6:02:3998.92%
86.United States thesacredlobo93:23:42:28Let's Play: Blood Ties - Part 0516:26
87.United States DarkShadowRage293:23:27:55[3DS]The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask 3D[Part 2] Woodfall Temple & More! Live Stream archive3:27:48100.00%
88.United States Kenshin191393:08:46:25Let's Play Torneko: The Last Hope (part 6)21:58100.00%
89.United States AceBoogz Gaming92:19:10:57The Most Insane Jumpscare - Welcome To The Game 20:3195.45%
90.United States Volx92:08:56:12Don't Starve Adventure Mode Series - Wolfgang - Part 2 - [S4]3:36:33100.00%
91.United States Shandab3ar92:06:22:46God of War Full Play-through LIVE || PS4 Pro #12:03:3593.55%
92.United States Hadriex91:16:41:20Starcraft II Boot Camp2:20:54100.00%
93.United States BaerTaffy90:20:16:52Roundtable Live! - 4/13/2018 (Ep. 122)1:22:36100.00%
94.United States Funimation90:19:55:45Sakura Quest: Part One - Available 6/261:5897.08%
95.United States Savage90:15:50:067 Win streak! Rank 300 NA Player! 700+ Wins! PUBG! PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds! Duos! Squads! #3136:09:4796.61%
96.United States Boomer90:10:07:29Dead By Daylight 🔴Preparing for New DLC Release How to Farm BloodPoints and Pip 🔴 1080P 60FPS4:06:2596.00%
97.United States Green&Blue Walkthrough90:04:43:46Stonehearth Beta(Now Alpha) Episode 160 Let's play The Ascendancy32:58
98.United States rynogt489:22:09:38Let's Play Midnight Club - Part 7 - Manhattan Mayhem / Get Down to Win9:03100.00%
99.United States Insomnia Knights89:09:33:12Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom - Part 2 - The Kingdom to Come To Sky Pirates.1:00:54100.00%
100.United States Tigerfrost88:21:05:03Spyro: A Hero's Tail - PlayStation 2 - Elgato Game Capture HD Test33:21100.00%