Top 100 Channels From United States With The Most Subscribers

This list represents the top 100 YouTube video game-related channels rankings from United States based on the most subscribers. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelSubscribersLatest VideoLiked
1.United States PewDiePie101,000,000The WEIRDEST Camping Game.26:3198.28%
2.United States MrBeast24,700,000I Dumpster Dove 100 Dumpsters And Found17:0997.68%
3.United States Markiplier24,400,000BLAIR WITCH Part 6 --- (ending)41:4299.28%
4.United States Ninja22,300,000WHAT ARE YOU DOING JORDAN?! Fortnite Squads ft. SypherPK, Reverse2K & JordanFisher14:4897.45%
5.United States FBE19,600,000YouTubers React To Giving Strangers The iPhone 1113:0097.38%
6.United States SSSniperWolf17,100,000AMAZING REAL Miniature Food & Tiny Cooking12:0798.06%
7.United States EeOneGuy14,600,000IVAN - My Heart2:4691.44%
8.United States Guava Juice14,400,00010 Flamin' Hot Snacks You Never Knew Existed..10:2796.63%
9.United States Jelly14,400,000*NEW* INVISIBLE GTA 5 Car! (insane)15:1197.08%
10.United States FaZe Rug13,400,000WORST Reviewed Restaurant VS BEST Reviewed Restaurant!!14:4798.48%
11.United States SSundee12,300,000UNLIMITED RED STONE Farm in Hardcore Minecraft13:2199.15%
12.United States Machinima12,200,000Transformers: Power of the Primes | Official Trailer2:1292.35%
13.United States REACT12,100,000Guess The Wrong Answers Only Challenge #410:3396.03%
14.United States The Game Theorists12,100,000Game Theory: The Kindergarten Family Secret (Kindergarten 2)18:5498.41%
15.United States FGTeeV12,100,000SCARY TEACHER meets HALLOWEEN Goat Simulator! (FGTeeV Shawn has a Girlfriend? #4)16:2397.05%
16.United States Rosanna Pansino11,700,000How To Make A Disney Maleficent Princess Cake! - Nerdy Nummies13:5999.27%
17.United States Sky Does Everything11,600,000SKYDOESMINECRAFT VS MEGA VENUSUAR! - Complex Pixelmon19:3898.02%
18.United States Wassabi11,500,000Mom Caught Us Holding Hands!9:0298.33%
19.United States Kwebbelkop11,500,000AMAZING FERRARI SUPER CAR Restoration You Need To See!10:3694.25%
20.United States Netflix11,400,000Twista breaks down T.I.'s gift for sending rappers home | Rhythm + Flow: The Aftershow | Netflix27:3288.63%
21.United States Tfue11,300,000I'm the worst for using this pyramid trick...15:4597.32%
22.United States League of Legends11,100,000Making Of Phoenix | Worlds 2019 - League of Legends2:2095.74%
23.United States RiceGum10,700,000GIRLFRIEND TATTOOS MY NAME ON HER BODY!!!8:2095.59%
24.United States CaptainSparklez10,700,000I Used To Rule The World19:0498.97%
25.United States theRadBrad10,700,000GHOST RECON BREAKPOINT Walkthrough Gameplay Part 16 - MADERA (FULL GAME)23:3197.71%
26.United States Preston10,600,000I Let My TESLA Choose what I Eat for 24 Hours! - Food Challenge14:5396.50%
27.United States Apple10,100,000Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm — A Closer Look — Apple Arcade1:1195.54%
28.United States TED-Ed10,000,000Why should you read Dante’s “Divine Comedy”? - Sheila Marie Orfano5:1098.84%
29.United States BuzzFeed Multiplayer9,890,000The Hardest Challenge Of All Time For Minecraft RLCraft Pt. 123:0296.21%
30.United States Ray9,770,000FAT DAMON - My Life is Dope (Official Music Video)3:3741.00%
31.United States Rooster Teeth9,580,000Philip DeFranco Talks Fatherhood, Friendship, & Chips | The Chip Show3:3986.39%
32.United States Joey Graceffa9,430,000Colleen Ballinger & Trisha Paytas Speak Their TRUTH- Campfire Kiki1:18:5097.30%
33.United States Chad Wild Clay9,420,000SPY NINJAS vs HACKER PZ9! Competing in World's Largest Obstacle Course Bounce House to Reveal Daniel15:4795.79%
34.United States Alan Becker9,360,000Cave Spider Roller Coaster - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep. 147:3597.38%
35.United States How It Should Have Ended9,320,000Villain Pub - Return of the Palps (Star Wars Predictions)7:2699.09%
36.United States TrapMusicHDTV8,080,000Grand Theft Auto 4 (NVTE Trap Remix)3:0498.88%
37.United States SuperMarioLogan8,050,000Go Watch!0:0791.40%
38.United States UnspeakableGaming7,950,000ONLY ONE WILL ESCAPE! One Leaves16:3898.05%
39.United States Denis7,900,000Roblox GAVE AWAY SIR MEOWS A LOT to my fans!11:0798.41%
40.United States iDubbbzTV7,750,000Can you pay for a better meme?11:1898.30%
41.United States EverythingApplePro7,740,000iOS 13.2 Beta 2! New Emojis, Camera Controls & Animations!10:3297.95%
42.United States CJ SO COOL7,500,000Buying New Jewelry From Johnny Dang Ice Tray The Gang!16:2297.64%
43.United States AWE me7,480,000Spat, the Hydrodynamic Spatula - SpongeBob SquarePants - MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED14:4597.94%
44.United States Smosh Games7,470,000THE FIEND INVADES SMOSH GAMES | WWE2K20 Roster Reveal10:1993.82%
45.United States QPark7,400,000SENORITA - Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello - DANCE IN PUBLIC!!2:5698.39%
46.United States Fortnite7,370,000Fortnite Shorts - Bus Fulla Tomatoes0:4197.79%
47.United States Bratayley7,300,000How to Make Rainbow Lava Lamps! | Hayley LeBlanc & London Angel7:0398.60%
48.United States FaZe Clan7,220,000FaZe Clan Makes A Wish10:3899.02%
49.United States DemolitionRanch7,200,000YouTuber Game of Horse... With Guns (Donut Operator, Leon Lush)21:1498.76%
50.United States I AM WILDCAT7,110,000These are the BEST MEMES in FORTNITE SEASON X!16:0297.73%
51.United States DOPE or NOPE7,020,00010 of the World's Smallest Products That Actually Work!24:0098.72%
52.United States sWooZie6,930,000How I met JAY Z6:1198.36%
53.United States Daithi De Nogla6,820,0001 Video You Need To See To Believe? ~ Gmod Funny Moments!25:2798.73%
54.United States Corridor6,790,000World's BOUNCIEST Pogo Stick!1:4598.28%
55.United States FUNnel Vision6,770,000FUNNEL VISION TOYS in stores EARLY @ WALMART this WEEK!! (4 Stores Only)2:0894.92%
56.United States Vox6,680,000How American CEOs got so rich10:0895.09%
57.United States Screen Junkies6,660,000Honest Trailers Commentary | Spider-Man: Far From Home56:4097.91%
58.United States iHasCupquake6,630,000A Murder Mystery App Game! - Tangle Tower20:4199.63%
59.United States Nickelodeon6,600,000JoJo & BowBow Go Skydiving?! 🎀 The JoJo & BowBow Show Show! Season 2: Ep. 3 | Nick5:1590.06%
60.United States Smosh Pit6,600,000Shayne Faces His Worst Fear10:5699.10%
61.United States h3h3Productions6,590,000Cringing at Rick & Morty Memes w/ The Show's Creator Justin Roiland19:4697.84%
62.United States MrLololoshka (Роман Фильченков)6,570,000Lp. Юлик играет НЕ ПО ПРАВИЛАМ • Реальный Майнкрафт #341:0294.62%
63.United States Screen Rant6,500,000Breaking Bad Easter Eggs Hidden In El Camino5:3870.18%
64.United States Team Edge6,480,000Walk the Ledge of Punishments!!10:0298.88%
65.United States Philip DeFranco6,400,000RIDICULOUS! James Harden CNN Controversy, Blippi, Ellen Kristen Bell SLAMMED & Turkey Syria Worsens19:2697.89%
66.United States The Infographics Show6,270,000How Close Is Iran To Building a Nuclear Bomb?10:4084.47%
67.United States LispyJimmy6,230,000*NEW* FORTNITE ITEM SHOP RIGHT NOW! (FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE)2:4791.31%
68.United States iJustine6,140,000Finally got the Nintendo Switch Lite!!!8:5597.77%
69.United States Nintendo6,110,000Killer Queen Black - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch1:2395.07%
70.United States Vy Qwaint6,100,000WE BATTLE HACKERS in WORLD'S BIGGEST BOUNCE HOUSE to REVEAL Secret Files of Daniel's Memory15:3695.83%
71.United States Fe4RLess5,860,000My RENEGADE RAIDER....10:4098.95%
72.United States videogamedunkey5,790,000Dragon Quest XI (dunkview)5:4097.88%
73.United States Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper)5,780,000Perfect Pete and Lumpy Lipoma16:4993.78%
74.United States JonTronShow5,760,000Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop - JonTron17:2999.17%
75.United States FaZe Apex5,700,000“1v1 Loser Shaves Their Head" - FaZe Jarvis vs. FaZe Apex10:5797.26%
76.United States SeaNanners Gaming Channel5,530,000Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Mobile Gameplay (PUBG Mobile) - MOBILE HOME GAMING?5:2895.01%
77.United States Binging with Babish5,370,000Indian Breads (feat. Floyd Cardoz) | Basics with Babish15:0298.72%
78.United States DramaAlert5,350,000MrBeast EXPOSED for being HORRIBLE BOSS? #DramaAlert (Footage)11:3195.25%
79.United States TheAtlanticCraft5,310,000Minecraft Dragons - SAYING GOODBYE TO MY DRAGON!28:2397.52%
80.United States gameranx5,250,0007 Crazy Things Developers Hid Inside Their Video Games10:1097.53%
81.United States WIRED5,240,000Researcher Explains Why Cats May Like Their Owners as Much as Dogs | WIRED7:4794.99%
82.United States GunVsGun5,140,000Nerf War: Gun BABY 15!4:1294.97%
83.United States The Voice Global5,120,000GLAMOROUS LITTLE DIVAS in The Voice Kids9:2297.80%
84.United States GamingWithJen5,100,000Roblox: UNLOCKING THE BEST EMOJI PET IN ROBLOX!32:1297.53%
85.United States JOOGSQUAD PPJT5,050,000FAKE POWER OUTLET PRANK!! (Airport Edition)6:4797.50%
86.United States XpertThief5,020,000lol, this actually happened | GTA 5 THUG LIFE #26514:1398.90%
87.United States CoryxKenshin5,000,000DASHIE AND I ARE NO LONGER FRIENDS AFTER THIS | Ghost Recon: Breakpoint #28:1198.33%
88.United States DashieGames4,970,000THIS WAS THE BIGGEST TROLL OF 2019! [SUPER MARIO MAKER 2] [#16]50:02100.00%
89.United States GamingWithKev4,950,000ROBLOX MANSION...never visit this place!15:0598.02%
90.United States ItsFunneh4,900,000The trolliest players in Roblox Flee the Facility!1:36:3798.34%
91.United States Rockstar Games4,850,000Red Dead Online: Legendary Bounties0:3796.16%
92.United States Sernandoe4,850,000Every death my CONTROLLER gets SMALLER in Fortnite10:0298.09%
93.United States Aphmau4,850,000Aphmau's Horse Goes To Heaven | Minecraft Hardcore Survival | Episode 626:0899.03%
94.United States InquisitorMaster4,780,000PumPkin Carving in Roblox...9:0497.83%
95.United States Ryan's Family Review4,760,000Ryan's 8th Happy Birthday Celebration Special!!!!16:4382.74%
96.United States DubstepGutter4,740,000Panda Eyes & Geoxor - Lucid Dream5:2898.98%
97.United States Unspeakable4,690,00010 INSANE LIFE HACKS THAT WILL CHANGE YOU!13:5097.90%
98.United States VICE News4,680,000Trump Supporters' Response to Impeachment? Make It Rain Money on Trump4:2281.61%
99.United States Thinknoodles4,680,000RAKRAWLA MATCHES MY KOALA HAT!! | Loomian Legacy | Roblox26:3497.79%
100.United States Sub4,670,000Minecraft NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER : PLANET CHALLENGE in Minecraft Animation!10:3194.48%