Top 100 Channels From United States With The Most Subscribers

This list represents the top 100 YouTube video game-related channels rankings from United States based on the most subscribers. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelSubscribersLatest VideoLiked
1.United States PewDiePie81,881,523My secret mission to stop Tseries...15:2499.20%
2.United States Dude Perfect38,427,593Dude Shaves Eyebrows | Overtime 7 | Dude Perfect21:5895.85%
3.United States Marshmello25,030,623India Welcomes Marshmello1:0998.55%
4.United States Smosh24,053,020Something's Coming...0:4498.33%
5.United States Markiplier22,998,218Five Nights at Freddy's w/ TOBII EYE TRACKER13:3599.27%
6.United States Ninja21,533,675NEW DRIFTBOARDS ARE AWESOME!!17:1996.74%
7.United States Logan Paul Vlogs18,806,123MY FIRST TIME MAKING OUT - CHOCH TALES EP. 15:4297.94%
8.United States FBE18,406,643YouTube Couples Try Not To Cringe: Cringey Couples13:5898.29%
9.United States MrBeast14,797,015Giant Monopoly Game With Real Money15:4398.15%
10.United States Good Mythical Morning14,049,7431 Star vs. 5 Star Tech Products Test14:2199.02%
11.United States EeOneGuy14,017,484IVAN - My Heart2:4691.49%
12.United States SSSniperWolf13,743,693FUNNIEST HAIRCUT FAILS12:3698.87%
13.United States Guava Juice12,924,55710 Safety Tips You Never Knew About at School..5:4895.48%
14.United States Machinima12,395,857O. YANG ON TAP featuring Alison Haislip14:4368.94%
15.United States Sky Does Everything11,605,554Sky Does Life Episode 2 : MY SONS FIRST CHRISTMAS TREE10:0899.04%
16.United States Lindsey Stirling11,432,649Kingdom Hearts - Lindsey Stirling4:2999.02%
17.United States The Game Theorists11,399,140How Subnautica Proved Humans Are Going Extinct! | The SCIENCE!... of Subnautica Below Zero13:4895.56%
18.United States Wassabi11,328,575Trying DOG Gadget On HUMAN!7:4399.14%
19.United States FaZe Rug11,084,366TRY NOT TO Slide Down The WRONG WATER SLIDE!!18:1298.22%
20.United States Rosanna Pansino10,843,258I Tried Following A Bob Ross Tutorial Using Frosting!18:0599.13%
21.United States RiceGum10,794,230IGNORING MY GIRLFRIEND FOR 24 HOURS8:3596.31%
22.United States Jelly10,634,755RUN Or Get CAUGHT By The BEAST! (Roblox)12:1597.19%
23.United States SSundee10,470,825TRIVIA BATTLE in Fortnite!21:0498.47%
24.United States League of Legends10,321,962Dev Doodles: Sylas | League of Legends4:1498.38%
25.United States CaptainSparklez10,009,162MINECRAFT FOX5:5999.39%
26.United States theRadBrad9,995,812FAR CRY NEW DAWN Walkthrough Gameplay Part 17 - HORATIO THE BOAR (PS4 Pro)19:0198.77%
27.United States Fat Damon9,960,162Is R. Kelly Going to Prison?23:3970.07%
28.United States FGTeeV9,918,554ANNOYING COOKIES vs CLAWS! Chase vs Duddz in Santa Claus invades Valentines Day (FGTEEV Skit/Game)17:5394.24%
29.United States Kwebbelkop9,754,213EPIC FORTNITE YOU LAUGH YOU LOSE CHALLENGE!10:0195.14%
30.United States Rooster Teeth9,600,830Apex Legends is Overrated - RT Podcast1:38:5264.30%
31.United States BuzzFeed Multiplayer9,313,302Scared Buddies Try Resident Evil 2 - Part 11:03:5995.90%
32.United States Joey Graceffa8,937,742Letting You Go - Joey Graceffa (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)4:1598.94%
33.United States Tfue8,443,509I Spent $1,000,000 In 24 Hours19:0898.06%
34.United States Preston8,288,677I Used Security Cameras To Cheat in Hide & Seek (Funny)16:2997.24%
35.United States Eh Bee Family8,050,319SISTER SAYS YES TO EVERYTHING FOR 24 HOURS!!10:0396.16%
36.United States TheBrainDit8,009,328ВОЛГА. ЛОГОВО ДЕМОНА ● Metro Exodus #31:26:1998.65%
37.United States Annoying Orange7,897,134Annoying Orange - FROZEN 2 TRAILER Trashed!!2:5495.15%
38.United States Alan Becker7,468,620SkyBlock - AVM Shorts Episode 116:0398.12%
39.United States Smosh Games7,406,420FINALE - GRAND THEFT SMOSH15:1097.53%
40.United States Comedy Central7,398,940Liza Treyger Talks to Porn Stars at the AVN Awards3:4292.99%
41.United States Saturday Night Live7,347,506Halsey: Eastside - SNL3:4096.41%
42.United States iDubbbzTV7,217,206Bad Unboxing (STAR WARS) - Count Deku avenges Napkin Skywalker10:4498.94%
43.United States FUNnel Vision6,963,747FUNnel Boy Plushy Toy 4 Christmas! (FUNnel Vision Collectible)2:1594.69%
44.United States SuperMarioLogan6,876,860SML Movie: Cody's Favorite Game6:3890.56%
45.United States Denis6,859,704SURVIVE AREA 51 IN ROBLOX12:1597.57%
46.United States Bratayley6,773,568Nickelodeon Star (WK 423) Bratayley27:0497.80%
47.United States I AM WILDCAT6,760,336*NEW* INFANTRY RIFLE is AWESOME in Fortnite: Battle Royale! (Fortnite Funny Moments & Fails)15:0998.18%
48.United States EverythingApplePro6,651,494$60 Xiaomi AirDots Pro are actually dope!14:4897.41%
49.United States iHasCupquake6,558,956Zodiac CAS - Sagittarius Sims 45:0998.96%
50.United States UnspeakableGaming6,529,208OVERPOWERED MIRACLE LUCKY BLOCKS IN BED WARS!18:1798.44%
51.United States Daithi De Nogla6,512,152It's a me Homer! - Funny Moments11:0099.21%
52.United States sWooZie6,504,576My Blockbuster Video Stories7:2899.13%
53.United States CJ SO COOL6,383,340Surprising My Wife & Kids For Valentines Day!29:2898.67%
54.United States Philip DeFranco6,355,939THE $20 BILLION DOLLAR HOLIDAY?! Valentine’s Day $$$ Ridiculousness and Its Very Dark History…8:4796.31%
55.United States DOPE or NOPE6,268,45410 of the Most Useless Products We Found Online!24:0099.45%
56.United States Chad Wild Clay6,267,614VY TAKEN by PROJECT ZORGO! MISSING in TUNNEL (Trapped In Abandoned Hacker Escape Room Challenge) CWC14:4198.03%
57.United States h3h3Productions6,188,430Baby Gender Reveal!!16:3197.74%
58.United States MrLololoshka (Роман Фильченков)6,098,911Lp. #Истоки Майнкрафт #78 БОГ ПОДАЁТ10:0299.06%
59.United States EvanTubeHD6,075,862WELCOME TO APOCALYPSEBURG - LEGO MOVIE 2 Set 70840 - Time-lapse Build, Unboxing, Review!10:2891.78%
60.United States Bajan - Fortnite Creative & More5,952,116DOUBLE PUMP is nothing compared to this OP Shotty12:4791.01%
61.United States JesseAndMike5,931,898Surprise Roach In Candy!3:0879.94%
62.United States LispyJimmy5,707,587Fortnite Prisoner Skin STAGE 5..10:0187.62%
63.United States iJustine5,684,318MASSIVE TECH UNBOXING!!17:1398.08%
64.United States SeaNanners Gaming Channel5,601,172MOBILE HOME GAMING? - PubG Mobile5:2895.09%
65.United States Corridor5,559,864Secret Service Cat1:4698.48%
66.United States Vox5,463,678American segregation, mapped at day and night6:4985.77%
67.United States The Key of Awesome5,461,811THE LAST KEY OF AWESOME8:3096.53%
68.United States Team Edge5,387,070Don't Get Dropped Off the Ledge! | 2nd Story Edition!!15:3395.54%
69.United States Nickelodeon5,313,594EPIC Pranking Skills w/ Cousins For Life | Nick4:19100.00%
70.United States QPark5,223,764JENNIE (Blackpink) - SOLO - KPOP Dance in Public!!2:3598.89%
71.United States FaZe Clan5,118,928FaZe Clan Makes a Wish10:1799.46%
72.United States JonTronShow5,100,588Dan Aykroyd's Crystal Skull Vodka - JonTron21:5998.73%
73.United States Nintendo5,087,081Overcooked! 2 - Ghost Town Games Developer Interview - Nintendo Switch2:0994.85%
74.United States TheAtlanticCraft4,805,635Minecraft - SUBMARINES! (NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER)18:4097.56%
75.United States FaZe Apex4,790,420RIP FAZE APEX10:0297.73%
76.United States gameranx4,774,8737 WORST Gaming Habits You Need To Stop Right Now11:3894.10%
77.United States XpertThief4,742,478HE BROKE THE GAME!! | GTA 5 THUG LIFE #20918:3698.80%
78.United States DramaAlert4,725,739KSI & Corinna Kopf ? #DramaAlert Jake Paul TRIGGERED! PewDiePie UNBANNED! Elle Mills SAD!10:1294.65%
79.United States Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper)4,725,038The GET OUT Lipoma22:0096.96%
80.United States DashieGames4,705,572ME AND TERRY CREWS CRACKING DOWN ON EM!! [CRACKDOWN 3]16:4298.28%
81.United States Fortnite4,671,395Fortnite - Driftboard0:3496.15%
82.United States boogie29884,579,959Loot Boxes ADD To Call of Duty Black ops 4 -Why Blizzard and Activision are Failing10:3897.21%
83.United States Rhett & Link4,531,231Rhett & Link’s Book of Mythicality: Now Available0:3194.72%
84.United States ESPN4,485,490Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder’s claims to lineal title due to Tyson Fury | Max on Boxing3:5297.16%
85.United States Rockstar Games4,412,428Red Dead Redemption 2 - The Highest Rated Game on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One0:3197.96%
86.United States Fe4RLess4,385,715"1v1 Me BRO" (Playgrounds Trolling)10:4599.08%
87.United States Aphmau4,315,194My Boyfriend Is A Vampire - [Parody]12:0998.44%
88.United States GamingWithJen4,298,282Roblox: SLAYING 1000 MONSTERS!!!34:4597.16%
89.United States Myth4,240,78134 KILL SQUAD GAME! TESTING *NEW* INFANTRY RIFLE16:2997.66%
90.United States The Infographics Show4,236,274Things I Wish I Knew In High School5:2494.91%
91.United States Cartoon Network4,082,403Craig of the Creek | The Melting Ice Pops | Cartoon Network2:2490.76%
92.United States Thinknoodles4,073,278THEY HAVE 24-HOUR SECURITY!! | Thief Simulator #1323:1498.81%
93.United States ScrewAttack4,059,778Mega Man Fight Sneak Peek | DEATH BATTLE Cast1:06:5998.51%
94.United States JOOGSQUAD PPJT4,041,193I Built Patrick Stars House From Spongebob (IN REAL LIFE)14:4298.86%
95.United States M3RKMUS1C4,037,048MY BEST GAME EVER! (Apex Legends)6:4397.91%
96.United States GamingWithKev4,032,810*NEW* ROBLOX JAILBREAK'S BIGGEST ROBBERY UPDATE EVER!!19:3397.89%
97.United States NoahJ4563,889,177Cizzorz Deathrun in 27 SECONDS!!! (Rage Quit Speedrun)13:3196.70%
98.United States LetsPlay3,860,609TINY TERRY AND LITTLE LARRY - Crackdown | Let's Play49:4394.31%
99.United States FRESH Movie Trailers3,801,065FROZEN 2 - 4K TRAILER (2019)2:3095.58%
100.United States ItsFunneh3,792,548Going into the FUTURE! The best Minecraft dropper map!12:2698.78%