Top 100 Channels From United States With The Most Subscribers

This list represents the top 100 YouTube video game-related channels rankings from United States based on the most subscribers. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelSubscribersLatest Video
1.United States PewDiePie110,000,000I've Become Enlisted..19:28
2.United States MrBeast61,700,000I Got Hunted By A Real Bounty Hunter14:21
3.United States Katy Perry40,500,000Katy Perry - Firework (Live from Celebrating America Inauguration Special)4:27
4.United States Markiplier29,100,000THE LADY AWAITS | Resident Evil: Village - Part 146:08
5.United States SSSniperWolf27,300,000Video Game Food in Real Life7:34
6.United States James Charles25,400,000holding myself accountable14:17
7.United States Ninja24,200,000How To Win A Game Of League As Quickly As Possible8:16
8.United States Dream22,000,000Minecraft Speedrunner VS 5 Hunters36:30
9.United States ZHC20,500,000I Spent 50 Hours Locked In An Art Store15:28
10.United States FaZe Rug19,000,000Try Not To Say WOW Challenge (ACTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE)10:03
11.United States FGTeeV18,900,000PIGGY FIRED my WIFE! FGTeeV Family vs. The Factory (ROBLOX Piggy Book 2 Chapter 6)17:14
12.United States MrBeast Gaming18,100,000If You Build A Lamborghini I'll Pay For It!10:24
13.United States EeOneGuy17,700,000ПЛАЧУ 20$ тому кто РАССМЕШИТ | ИВАНГАЙ8:48
14.United States SSundee16,900,000PENNYWISE Mod in Among Us14:43
15.United States Preston16,800,000ESCAPING 100 Layers of DUCT TAPE vs LEGO! *trapped*14:36
16.United States TheOdd1sOut16,700,000My Thoughts on Reality Shifting9:48
17.United States Guava Juice16,700,000Don't Pull Wrong SHARK Tooth!! (ft. Merrell Twins and Alex Wassabi)8:44
18.United States Brent Rivera15,900,000WE OPENED AN APPLE STORE IN MY HOUSE!!8:55
19.United States IGN15,400,000Andrew Garfield Returning as Spider-Man or Not? - IGN The Fix: Entertainment5:31
20.United States Alan Becker15,200,000Parkour - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep. 2217:16
21.United States FailArmy14,900,000Scare Fails! Fails of the Week | FailArmy8:19
22.United States Katie Angel14,800,000TODO LO QUE PASÓ TRASCAMARAS EN EL VIDEOCLIP DE HICIMOS EL AMOR 🎥 | Katie Angel7:54
23.United States Kwebbelkop14,500,000Stealing LUXURY LAMBORGHINIS as a BABY in GTA 5 RP!8:11
24.United States Ninja Kidz TV14,300,000JUSTICE LEAGUE NINJAZ!13:00
25.United States Apple14,200,000Shot on iPhone 12 — Everyday Experiments: Full Bloom | Apple3:02
26.United States Matt Stonie14,100,000MASSIVE Reese's Puffs Cereal CHALLENGE (6,000+ Cals)8:01
27.United States The Game Theorists14,100,000Game Theory: Minecraft and The Power of The Dead13:10
28.United States League of Legends13,800,000Arcane: Animated Series | Official Netflix Announcement0:19
29.United States Chad Wild Clay13,500,000WILL DANIEL JOIN THE SPY NINJAS?18:10
30.United States The Royalty Family13,400,000REVEALING Andrea's WEDDING DRESS! (BreathTaking) | The Royalty Family14:50
31.United States Rosanna Pansino12,800,000My Skincare Secrets For Youthful Skin!16:19
32.United States Dang Matt Smith12,700,000CAN YOU SURVIVE When CARTOON CAT CHASES YOU At NIGHT!9:00
33.United States theRadBrad12,600,000RESIDENT EVIL 8 VILLAGE Walkthrough Gameplay Part 6 - BELA BOSS (FULL GAME)29:41
34.United States REPLAY12,500,000TikTok Filters, Fails, and Fun! Can You Watch Without Laughing?!11:24
35.United States CaseyNeistat12,300,000my brother Van11:51
36.United States Tfue12,100,000i returned to WARZONE and sniped EVERYONE.. 🎯8:25
37.United States It's Mamix12,000,000ЧТО, ЕСЛИ БЕСКОНЕЧНО НАКАЧИВАТЬ ЛОДКУ НАСОСОМ?22:08
38.United States Daily Dose Of Internet11,700,000Cat Realizes Its Owner Is Pregnant3:19
39.United States Piuzinho11,600,000A BAGUNCINHA ESTA D VOLTA !!3:13:15
40.United States Sky Does Everything11,300,000Returning To Pokemon in Minecraft!6:43
41.United States Unspeakable11,200,000FIRST To Build 100FT Bridge To ISLAND!28:26
42.United States CaptainSparklez11,200,000Minecraft But Everything I Touch Explodes #3 (Finale)29:29
43.United States Fortnite10,600,000FNCS Chapter 2 - Season 6 - The Halfway Mark5:37
44.United States UnspeakableGaming10,600,000MUTANT SUPER CREEPER vs 10,000 ZOMBIES!8:05
45.United States Vy Qwaint10,500,000HE'S HYPNOTIZING YouTubers & EX HACKERS18:58
46.United States RiceGum10,400,000My Ex Girlfriend Called Me... (We Picked up)5:39
47.United States Lil Wayne10,100,000Young Money Presents: Cory Gunz - Different (Official Video)2:41
48.United States emma chamberlain10,100,000HOW I MADE THIS SHIRT *EASY*18:24
49.United States PrestonPlayz10,100,000Minecraft, But Noob1234 Multiplies Diamonds...11:08
50.United States How It Should Have Ended10,100,000How WandaVision Should Have Ended7:19
51.United States QPark9,990,000CARDI B - Up, WAP, I like it, Bodak Yellow - DANCE IN PUBLIC!!10:55
52.United States BuzzFeed Multiplayer9,960,000We Played GTA V With Drunk Goggles10:48
53.United States Jaiden Animations9,920,000I played weird virtual pet games11:20
54.United States DemolitionRanch9,910,000World's Largest Man vs World's Largest Rice Krispy!!!17:02
55.United States Wild 'N Out9,680,000Most Watched Hood Jeopardy ft. Wiz Khalifa, Mikey Day, & More! 👀 Wild 'N Out20:06
56.United States CoryxKenshin9,660,0009 Million. The Home Stretch.8:45
57.United States Aphmau9,530,000Adopted By CUTE BEES In Minecraft!22:33
58.United States Vox9,520,000A sneak peek at Missing Chapter season two1:59
59.United States charli d'amelio9,500,000Get Ready With Me | Charli D'Amelio7:40
60.United States Joey Graceffa9,400,000DON'T CHOOSE THE WRONG MYSTERY DRINK CHALLENGE with iHasCupquake!13:22
61.United States Rooster Teeth9,320,000Who Was Asked to Be Part of an EXORCISM? - CHUMP | Rooster Teeth42:18
62.United States Fe4RLess9,160,000MINECRAFT OOF8:05
63.United States Denis9,160,000Sir Meows A Lot YOUTOOZ out now!23:55
64.United States Flamingo9,080,000Roblox is too disturbing for kids8:31
65.United States Tati8,890,000BREAKING MY SILENCE ...40:10
66.United States Michelle Phan8,860,000Sultry Venetian Rose Makeup7:21
67.United States Veritasium8,850,000This Unstoppable Robot Could Save Your Life14:30
68.United States FaZe Clan8,640,000Most Expensive Penthouse In The World - FaZe House Hunt12:09
69.United States CJ SO COOL8,610,000I Finally Found The Love Of My Life & Picked Up My Daughter Camari From The Airport!1:19:55
70.United States InquisitorMaster8,600,000Light FINALLY Confesses His LOVE To Charli!11:49
71.United States WiederDude8,540,000Minecraft: NOOB vs PRO vs GOD: POLICE STATION BUILD CHALLENGE in Minecraft / Funny Animation9:35
72.United States Howcast8,530,000Top 4 Lessons to Train Your Cat | Behave | Bathroom | Leash | Spraying8:35
73.United States Power Vision8,520,000Coca Cola and Giant Balloon #Shorts0:18
74.United States Watch Me8,480,000ЕСЛИ БЫ ФАСТФУД УЧИЛИСЬ в ШКОЛЕ! МАКДОНАЛЬДС, БУРГЕР КИНГ и КФС в реальной жизни!8:57
75.United States TeamYouTube [Help]8,380,000Content settings for families using supervised experiences2:25
76.United States EverythingApplePro E A P8,360,000NEW AirPods 3 Clone Unboxing! $49 Surprise!6:18
77.United States LARRAY8,340,0004 STRAIGHT MEN vs 1 GAY MAN11:26
78.United States HISTORY8,240,000The Great Depression & FDR's New Deal | America: The Story of Us (S1, E9) | Full Episode | History44:22
79.United States The Voice Global8,120,000BEST OF APRIL 2021 in The Voice Kids21:58
80.United States Power Rangers Official8,100,000Welcome to the Jungle - Part 1 | Power Rangers Jungle Fury | Full Episode | Power Rangers Official22:01
81.United States Screen Rant8,090,000Spider-Man: 8 Improvised Scenes You Totally Missed8:14
82.United States Rae Sremmurd8,010,000Slim Jxmmi, Rae Sremmurd & Ear Drummers "Nothing For Christmas" (Official Video)2:12
83.United States iDubbbzTV7,890,000"I am an anti-masker, and I am proud."14:58
84.United States FV FAMILY7,860,000FGTeeV Saves the World: a Day in the Life of Superheroes FeeGee (Skit)9:58
85.United States WILDCAT7,860,000Modern Warfare moments that feel like getting a crate dropped on your head...10:33
86.United States Nintendo7,820,000Nintendo Switch Lite Blue Unboxing + Color Comparison6:31
87.United States MrLololoshka (Роман Фильченков)7,730,000Lp. НовоеПоколение #29 ГРОМОВОЙ ДЕТЕНЫШ • Майнкрафт16:19
88.United States GeorgeNotFound7,720,000Minecraft, But If You Laugh You Lose REMATCH24:06
89.United States AWE me7,660,000Pure Nail from Hollow Knight - Tanner Saslow - AWE Me Artists Series11:38
90.United States WIRED7,650,000Mortician Answers Dead Body Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED14:09
91.United States Thinknoodles7,570,000NEW POKEMON SNAP!! | Fan Choice Friday30:05
92.United States ItsFunneh7,520,000Going to PRISON in Krewcraft!1:30:21
93.United States GamingWithKev7,520,000ROBLOX NOOB ARMY TYCOON...14:18
94.United States TechRax7,420,000What Happens If iPhone 12 Spins at 100 MPH on Wheel? - Will it Survive?4:11
95.United States sWooZie7,410,000Simpin' ain't Pimpin'17:15
96.United States DOPE or NOPE7,400,000Maze Inside a Rubik's Cube?! | 10 Puzzles That Will Melt Your Mind!27:49
97.United States Smosh Games7,390,000Clue: YouTubers Edition!19:21
98.United States Black Plasma Studios7,350,000Save the Village: BLOOPERS - Alex and Steve Life (Minecraft Animation)5:19
99.United States Bratayley7,300,000The End of an Era (WK 465) | Bratayley7:09
100.United States Technoblade7,280,000I Must Win MrBeast's $10,000 Refrigerator13:08