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1.Brazil Felps LIVE6,082,012
2.Ireland jacksepticeye2,688,757
3.Thailand Bankgarmo2,512,123
4.United Kingdom UpIsNotJump2,267,235
5.Canada VaporTheGamer2,220,811
6.Viet Nam Dương FG2,069,468
7.United States Road to VR1,794,356
8.Russian Federation Шед1,666,725
9.Russian Federation Coffi Channel1,593,186
10.United States The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon1,547,988

Latest Let's Plays For Beat Saber

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
6 days agoUnited States Fatal CharadeFatal Charade Plays Beat Saber #457:1913100.00%
2019-05-08United States YuBrapping while playing beat saber19:5834,46898.70%
2019-05-07Canada 2 Left ThumbsBEAT SABER BUT WITH CUTE KNIGHTS | Let's Play Mace and Grace | Oculus Rift VR Gameplay14:5720194.12%
2019-04-30Poland DemonidiasZagrajmy w Beat Saber - NAJLEPSZA GRA na PS VR?!12:011,29296.00%
2019-04-15United States NathanomoreBeat Saber Gameplays - Part 3 - Play, Practice, Chat!58:492100.00%
2019-04-10Ireland Husii ShowReal Life Swordsman Plays Beat Saber #114:2759100.00%
2019-04-10 PlayStation TaiwanBeat Saber 酷炫光劍遊戲砍起來!6tan、葉子、心緹還要一起挑戰可愛VR同樂遊戲@PlayStation玩樂DNA第九十一集1:38:013,63896.55%
2019-04-02Australia Seraphim190CRAB RAVE - BEAT SABER - Hard - New FREE DLC21:43731100.00%
2019-04-02Germany mo fun VRBeat Saber / Playstation VR ._. free song: crab rave - noisestorm / lets play / deutsch / bodycam16:191,31098.55%
2019-03-31 Vincent CarsonBeanzeh's Playthroughs - Beat Saber42:300
2019-03-29 PlayStation PolskaPosłuchaj beatów z Sonią! | Beat Saber | Playstation VR5:583,08091.39%
2019-03-26United Kingdom Maxmus and LexterPS4 VR, Beat Saber, pt118:0919100.00%
2019-03-18Canada VaporTheGamerMONSTERCAT MUSIC PACK VOL 1 | Beat Saber VR Gamelplay (Expert FC) #117:468,56598.40%
2019-03-17Canada BATTLEFIELD INFIDELSSTAR WARS : Beat Saber VR - PlayStation VR Monstercat Launch Trailer PS4 PSVR 2019 (HD)1:3214100.00%
2019-03-12 zombiekillerhereBeat saber let's play part 21:18:1322100.00%
2019-03-11 CᴀᴛᴛᴀRᴀᴩᴩᴀBeat Saber - help2:4322100.00%
2019-03-08United Kingdom Paradise DecayAUDICA 1st Impressions - Beat Saber with Guns! // Oculus Rift + Touch // GTX 106043:2651888.89%
2019-03-05Singapore TEAM NOCNOC PLAYS: Beat Saber In Public?! (PSVR)7:4234,86796.85%
2019-03-02United States OculusBeat Saber | VR Playthrough - Part 2 | Oculus Rift Stream with Misses Mae32:242,35187.76%
2019-02-11 PandoryaBEAT SABER ✨ #TOBISINGEN ✨ Let's Play5:0337,69998.45%
2019-02-10United States Michael MacDonaldLet's Play: Beat Saber1:55160.00%
2019-02-10United States SpicyWaffleSLICING ALL THE BEATS! – Let's Play Beat Saber HTC Vive VR Game Part #1 (1080p 60fps)9:52195100.00%
2019-02-06France PlayStation FranceBeat Saber - Nouveau mode Expert Plus | Disponible | PlayStation VR0:181,31094.87%
2019-02-05United States PSVR UndergroundGC Plays Beat Saber PSVR on Expert & 150% (1080P60FPS)1:05:31204100.00%

Latest Reviews For Beat Saber

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
2019-05-03Canada Shugghead GamingBoxVR PSVR Review: Beat Saber hits the Gym | PS4 Pro Gameplay Footage10:306,18997.09%
2019-04-24United States PSVR Without ParoleFive Advanced Beat Saber Tips5:375,00297.78%
2019-04-09United States GastolyReal Time Reviews: Beat Saber Monstercat Song Pack (Part 1)20:2287100.00%
2019-03-09Canada ReloadIs This a Beat Saber Replacement? Audica Review4:411,01690.00%
2019-02-07 zombiekillerhereBeat Saber psvr review22:3623100.00%
2018-12-19 davestation VRBEATS FEVER for PSVR Review + Giveaway - Not A Beat Saber Clone!4:41560100.00%
2018-11-26United Kingdom The VR RealmBeat Saber Review (PSVR)5:36150100.00%
2018-11-25United States Seasoned GamingBitcast Episode 36 : Black Friday, Game Rumors, and PS VR w/Beat Saber Review44:5126100.00%
2018-11-20Canada THE VR GRIDBeat Saber | Review | PSVR/PCVR (THE ONLY REVIEW YOU NEED!)6:58448100.00%
2018-11-19United Kingdom Polish Paul VR Your PSVR dudeBeat Saber | PSVR Review4:292,63691.74%
2018-07-07United States GameHuntGuildBeat Saber Live! | Cutting up music like a fan! | GHR Twitch + YouTube2:05:3758100.00%
2018-07-04Germany VoodooDE VRNolo CV1 - Beat Saber mit einem Cardboard?! Tutorial und Review [Virtual Reality]17:331,17989.13%
2018-06-23United States UntitledGameShowLet's Review: Beat Saber5:3516892.86%
2018-05-12United States Atomic FacepalmBeat Saber: VR Game Review10:0856100.00%
2018-05-01United States Drop RateBeat Saber Review -- (Steam Early Access, $19.99)5:1232487.50%
2018-05-01Australia F4CEpa1m x_0LIGHT SABERS + EDM IN VIRTUAL REALITY | Beat Saber Review [Rift, Vive, WMR]4:343,37995.86%
2018-05-01Canada TarmackPlayer Movement In Beat Saber | Feature Focus10:0221,21998.13%