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Channels With The Most Views

1.Norway Tempex226,898,777
2.Korea, Republic of makeUmove147,444,316
3.Philippines Monteblanco61,170,811
4.Hungary Raider Reid41,942,454
5.United States Bandoot41,570,330
6.United States ragesaq37,542,402
7.Australia Naysy36,452,355
8.United States PewDiePie27,631,327
9.United States Artemisblue22,751,765
10.United States OtterWorldly21,328,953

Channels With The Most Videos

1.United Kingdom zoetropik1,761
2.United States Cube Community751
3.United States OtterWorldly588
4.United States Worlds Dumbest Gamers569
5.United Kingdom altrewin511
6.Czech Republic Pavel Kostal479
7.United States VR MUSICAL GAMING392
8.Philippines Monteblanco392
9.Hungary Raider Reid391
10.United States Beat Saber Anime332

Latest Let's Plays For Beat Saber

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
3 days agoUnited States YuBTHE QUEST 2 IS OUT BOYS (beat saber multiplayer)14:5285,307
4 days agoUnited Kingdom zoetropikOH MY GIRL - Dolphin [Beat Saber Expert+ #5 Global FC (269)]1:4822
2020-09-24United States Cube CommunityBeat Saber | Coolpick | uma vs. Morimori Atsushi - FIRST:DREAMS [Expert] #1 FC | 96.83% 343.64pp2:002,866
2020-09-20United Arab Emirates Sakher AbusamraBeat Saber - What I have done LP - Expert+3:3639
2020-09-09United States VR MUSICAL GAMINGRay Volpe - Endgame || Beat Saber3:2330
2020-09-03 davestation VRLet's Play LINKIN PARK Beat Saber DLC on PSVR | Best Song Pack Yet?2:19:15505
2020-09-01 pitapatRem plays Beat Saber1:4555
2020-08-29 Z-ANESaberBeat Saber GenZ Song Pack - Full Playthrough [Part 2/3] (with Faded99 & Tall_Chilis_Boi)11:5860
2020-08-28Philippines MontieBeat Saber - Crystal Dolphin Song3:54163
2020-08-20United States PSVR Without ParolePSVR GAMESCAST LIVE | PlayStation 5 | Beat Saber Linkin Park DLC | Mortal Blitz Combat Arena Beta3:12:545,358
2020-08-18Ukraine PlayStation Ukraine089. PlayStation Україна LIVE. Linkin Park у Beat Saber, кооп Ghost of Tsushima, Наш День народження57:32162
2020-08-17 LilqbunnyKAGUYA SHINOMIYA plays Beat Saber3:4214,895
2020-08-17Brazil Felps LIVEfelps jogando Linkin Park no Beat Saber47:0944,924
2020-08-09United States Bang Bang PotatoBang Bang Potato Karaoke | Monster By Skillet | BONUS: Beat Saber Version Included!!8:1442
2020-07-29 Lil Miss JayA Dang Unicorn Plays While We're Young on Beat Saber (Expert+) (Full Body Tracking)3:22812
2020-07-10Canada Far Out Dude'Beat Saber' PSVR - OST Vol. 1 & 2 - Expert / S Rank - Full Playthrough43:3840
2020-07-10United States Beat Saber AnimeThe Helpful Fox Senko-san Opening | Beat Saber [Expert+][S Rank]1:57824
2020-07-04United States LSToastBeat Saber | Kill The Noise - Dolphin On Wheels | Expert Plus | FULL COMBO3:024,146
2020-06-30United States Random WordsBeat Saber! (GF plays)2:08:5453
2020-06-16India PoofNinjaHindi Songs in Beat Saber? Indian plays on Oculus Quest10:38308
2020-06-05United States Backseat Gorilla ProductionsBGP Plays Beat Saber | Eden6:3949
2020-05-25Romania Wicked GamingBeat Saber: Asuna plays Under the Sea (Little Mermaid)3:38217
2020-05-23United States Gaming ImperfectlyBeat Saber Workout| King Pigley's daily workout46:1199
2020-05-14 Alessandro MoriBEAT SABER - LET'S PLAY 15 MIN GAMEPLAY - PSVR13:579
2020-05-13United States You Are My TrapBeat Saber || SICK INDIVIDUALS & Sagan - Alpha [Expert]3:005

Latest Reviews For Beat Saber

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2 days agoUnited States Kellster101Beat Saber Multiplayer UPDATE REVIEW5:28131
5 days agoUnited States UrGamingTechieOculus Quest 2 Beat Saber Multiplayer Review | Fun But Some Glaring Issues16:393,724
2020-09-22United States Beat Saber AnimeInterspecies Reviewers Opening and Ending | Beat Saber3:23234
2020-09-09United States PSVR Without ParoleBeat Saber Platinum Attempt | PSVR Livestream1:10:532,404
2020-09-06Germany Wife ReviewsOnam Songs Beat Saber | Wife Reviews8:507,567
2020-08-09United Kingdom Get To Da Choppa VRBeat Saber Dual Bladed Saber DARTH MAUL style - VR Pro Saber Review and Gameplay4:01749
2020-07-30Canada THE VR GRIDPistol Whip | Review | PSVR - John Wick + Beat Saber = FUN!!!7:581,419
2020-07-26United Kingdom EurogamerPlaying Beat Saber (!) and More in Dreams VR Gameplay Review - Ians VR Corner21:3819,476
2020-07-17Canada Shugghead GamingAudica Review (PSVR, PCVR, Quest): This is not the Beat Saber you're looking for. | Gameplay Footage9:241,884
2020-05-12United States UploadVRBeat Saber AR Concept From @Pushmatrix0:2210,185
2020-05-09Hungary Raider ReidBeat Saber - YMCA Paradise - Ishuzoku Reviewers x The Village People (FullCombo - Expert)4:383,895
2020-05-06United States Michael GerryScore Review (single saber) - Beat Saber: Quest for the Leaderboards Ep. 214:4092
2020-04-18United States MarkieMarkBeat Saber - Ikouze☆Paradise | Interspecies Reviewers OP | (Hard) FC1:381,581
2020-03-20United States NimbleThorSonic Cat - BEAT SLASHING MUSIC RHYTHM GAME FOR ANDROID & iOS (BEAT SABER INSPIRED) | MGQ Ep. 4747:391,831
2020-03-04United States TZKUnitNothing but the Memes | Beat Saber49:29127
2020-02-08United Kingdom Curleyhairs & HotshotAUDICA Review - The Beat Saber KILLER? - Oculus/SteamVR5:511,666
2020-01-29 davestation VRBEAT SABER *Free* Camellia DLC OUT NOW | The Hardest Beat Saber Levels Ever Created36:47629
2020-01-02United Kingdom altrewinBeat Saber | A Year In Review (2019)28:20162
2019-12-21United States DJHeroMastaLive | Beat Saber | It's Been So Long Since I've Played!2:33:5939
2019-12-15United Kingdom HelixxvrBeat Saber - PSVR 90 Degree Mode | Origins - Expert+2:481,517
2019-12-13United Kingdom Polish Paul VR Your PSVR dudeBeat Saber Green Day OST + 90 Degrees Tracks | PSVR Review3:462,426
2019-12-02 Brain Man VRBrain Man VR Episode 10 Part 3 Review of Beat Saber Laser Tag & Time Machine16:168
2019-11-27Brazil Guilhermão LivePISTOL WHIP - Beat Saber com pistolas é Espetacular! REVIEW e GAMEPLAY (REALIDADE VIRTUAL)6:42867
2019-11-15United States Pankake101BEAT SABER... BUT WITH GUNS... | Pistol Whip (Review, Highlights, Fails, and Funny Moments)11:1032
2019-11-08United Kingdom SteveKnowsIt's Not Beat Saber or Superhot It's Pistol Whip - Oculus Quest Review8:035,743