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Channels With The Most Views

1.Norway Tempex182,206,641
2.Korea, Republic of makeUmove108,680,300
3.Philippines Monteblanco48,271,495
4.United States Bandoot37,667,876
5.Hungary Raider Reid30,147,218
6.United States PewDiePie27,015,550
7.Australia Naysy23,304,804
8.United States OtterWorldly18,847,979
9.United States Artemisblue16,775,448
10.United States SyrMatrix15,822,173

Channels With The Most Videos

1.United Kingdom zoetropik1,637
2.United States Cube Community612
3.United States Worlds Dumbest Gamers498
4.United Kingdom altrewin491
5.United States OtterWorldly469
6.Philippines Monteblanco388
7.Hungary Raider Reid335
8.United States Beat Saber Anime301
9.United States Krueger296
10.Germany Strofan276

Latest Let's Plays For Beat Saber

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-06-05United States Backseat Gorilla ProductionsBGP Plays Beat Saber | Eden6:3948
2020-05-25Romania Wicked GamingBeat Saber: Asuna plays Under the Sea (Little Mermaid)3:38171
2020-05-14 Alessandro MoriBEAT SABER - LET'S PLAY 15 MIN GAMEPLAY - PSVR13:577
2020-05-09Taiwan, Republic of China Alter Me VR[Beat Saber] Help Me - CLOVER OR3O (Expert+) (815/816) SS Rank3:15133
2020-05-08Brazil Felps LIVEfelps fritando MUITO no everything will freeze ­ | ­ beat saber4:1535,121
2020-05-05 Sanguine143Panda[Beat Saber] Marshmello & Halsey - Be Kind | Play Through (Expert)3:0713
2020-04-21United States Kz1nkHelp Me FC - Beat Saber - Clover3:28632
2020-04-21Australia NaysyMy MOM plays BEAT SABER!2:3735,093
2020-04-21United States VR MUSICAL GAMINGOr3o – Help Me || Beat Saber || Mixed Reality3:2471
2020-04-20Philippines Monteblanco[Beat Saber] Help! Oh Well - SomeThingElseYT3:58178,821
2020-04-11France PlayStation FrancePlayZONE | Waxx nous dévoile ses skills sur NBA 2K20 et Beat Saber (ou pas !)13:08112,602
2020-04-10United States PlayStation 4Beat Saber - FitBeat Trailer | PS VR0:46315
2020-04-10United Kingdom Grumpy Ageing Gamer PSVRBeat Saber FitBeat Release Trailer PSVR0:5555
2020-04-09 PlayStation EuropeBeat Saber | FitBeat Release Trailer | PSVR0:3527,919
2020-04-03United Kingdom WinterBlox GamingDetails about a Beat Saber Camellia Cup on Playstation Network!0:4123
2020-04-02 Xander Wood 2MY MOM PLAYS BEAT SABER | Beat Saber #42:383
2020-03-27United Kingdom altrewinBeat Saber | Culprate - Acid Rain [Expert+] | 92.2%3:26312
2020-02-21Ukraine PlayStation UkraineBeat Saber і Реальний Спорт. Репортаж (18+)16:55244
2020-02-20United States Jesse CulpBeat Saber by Jesse Culp Panic At The Disco DLC Pack34:454
2020-02-17Canada VaporTheGamerMOMMA VAPOR CRUSHES BEAT SABER!!20:358,053
2020-02-15United States NightBlue DestinyLet's play Beat saber (PS VR)1:22:1343
2020-02-03United States Play it Again GamesLet's Play W/ Guests! - Beat Saber - PS4 VR: E119:439
2020-01-29Germany mo fun VRBeat Saber / PSVR ._. Update 1.25 / 3 free Camillia Songs /lets play / deutsch / live34:212,880
2020-01-29United Kingdom Get To Da Choppa VRALL NEW SONGS - Beat Saber - Camellia New Songs - Expert Gameplay Playthrough17:5315,667
2020-01-24Netherlands Lady LunaBeat Saber - Dogma Resistance LP [Duality & Monst3r Mashup]6:451,074

Latest Reviews For Beat Saber

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-05-12United States UploadVRBeat Saber AR Concept From @Pushmatrix0:227,466
2020-05-09Hungary Raider ReidBeat Saber - YMCA Paradise - Ishuzoku Reviewers x The Village People (FullCombo - Expert)4:383,043
2020-05-06United States Michael GerryScore Review (single saber) - Beat Saber: Quest for the Leaderboards Ep. 214:4069
2020-04-18United States MarkieMarkBeat Saber - Ikouze☆Paradise | Interspecies Reviewers OP | (Hard) FC1:38670
2020-03-20United States NimbleThorSonic Cat - BEAT SLASHING MUSIC RHYTHM GAME FOR ANDROID & iOS (BEAT SABER INSPIRED) | MGQ Ep. 4747:39600
2020-03-04United States TZKUnitNothing but the Memes | Beat Saber49:2995
2019-12-21United States DJHeroMastaLive | Beat Saber | It's Been So Long Since I've Played!2:33:5937
2019-12-17United States PSVR Without ParoleVIEWER TAKEOVER | Beat Saber x Green Day | The Alternate History of PSVR & More30:464,067
2019-12-13United Kingdom Polish Paul VR Your PSVR dudeBeat Saber Green Day OST + 90 Degrees Tracks | PSVR Review3:462,341
2019-11-27Brazil Guilhermão LivePISTOL WHIP - Beat Saber com pistolas é Espetacular! REVIEW e GAMEPLAY (REALIDADE VIRTUAL)6:42820
2019-11-10United Kingdom EurogamerPistol Whip is IMMENSE! It's Beat Saber meets John Wick inside the Matrix - Ian’s VR Corner19:426,706
2019-09-25Canada VaporTheGamerBeat Saber Limited Edition Subpac M2 (Full Setup/Review)15:379,175
2019-07-16United Kingdom The VR RealmBeat Saber Review (Oculus Quest)5:241,546
2019-06-14Australia Good Game: Spawn PointWe Review Beat Saber & Journey To French Perth! | Ep 17 | 201920:211,050
2019-06-09Luxembourg mrorange+ Wave Circles + Like Beat Saber + GAMEPLAY / REVIEW + VR Music Dance +10:4682
2019-05-28 Words About GamesBeat Saber Review Impressions4:2111
2019-05-25United States Jonno PlaysOCULUS RIFT S REVIEW! First Time Playing Beat Saber + How to Fix Guardian Borders13:5121,376
2019-05-03Canada Shugghead GamingBoxVR PSVR Review: Beat Saber hits the Gym | PS4 Pro Gameplay Footage10:3019,959
2019-04-09United States GastolyReal Time Reviews: Beat Saber Monstercat Song Pack (Part 1)20:22120
2019-03-09Canada ReloadIs This a Beat Saber Replacement? Audica Review4:413,098
2019-02-07 zombiekillerhereBeat Saber psvr review22:3630
2019-01-10United States The Midnight ChannelBeat Saber PSVR REVIEW Feat. my sister11:2443
2018-12-19 davestation VRBEATS FEVER for PSVR Review + Giveaway - Not A Beat Saber Clone!4:411,684
2018-11-26United States SoloVisionBeat Saber | Review Discussion LIVE49:1165