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1. Ushi Gaming Channel69,411,648
2.Japan ゴー☆ジャス動画18,892,545
3. 【公式】ブレイブフロンティアチャンネル | Brave Frontier Official Channel17,210,032
4. Dabearsfan0610,286,294
5.Japan ZweiLance10,167,174
6. Proto & Nani Girl7,725,637
7.Indonesia Milko Gaming7,595,305
8. みささぎチャンネル2,298,977
9.United States Trey2Da1,797,861
10.Japan デネブログ1,624,651

Latest Let's Plays For Brave Frontier

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-08-16Peru Duel EvolutionDeck Mikanko |EDOPRO| Replays 🎮 + Decklist ✔️13:357,370
2023-08-14United States Flaccid EntertainmentDifferent uses of Dearly Beloved #shortsvideo #shortvideo #shorts #short1:0036
2023-06-01United States SparkyEel944War Hero Fen vs. Elpneumas Crest - 0:30 | Grand Summoners Global1:4375
2023-02-16United States KZXcellentCelebrating MD's 1st Anniversary with Pulls & Replays | Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel | KZXcellent Livestream3:15:52701
2022-10-31United States Best Games Ever!Bakugan Concentration (Memory Match Web Game) Playthrough3:3428
2022-08-30United States Im OP EverydayI tried to help new players get Awoken Rayas in Grand Summoners9:2218,299
2022-08-14Malaysia AriSuAncientgreymon vs Alphamon | Digimon TCG (BT9 Format)7:351,258
2022-08-10United States Rijan Archer Music GroupAge Of Ishtaria | HD | 60 FPS | Crazy Gameplays!!8:3924
2022-08-08United States Hayastantzi92Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire 📖 of the Rift Playthrough #113 Geomancer's Way - Snow 🌨️13:385
2022-06-10United States Harrison ChongAge of Ishtaria Playthrough: Path by the Sea - 1/49:0812
2021-12-06United States CryoVisionBrave Frontier Cave of Malice Gameplay ||CryoVision13:2323
2021-08-17 MomugiRin Plays: Alien Egg (Attack on Titan Final Season Collaboration!) JP51:1353
2021-01-28Philippines GMonoBrave Frontier Arena test... Still doable? (GMono Quickplays)1:2119
2020-12-28 EmptyblueSandalphon (Another) + World Ender Animations Showcase2:155,305
2020-11-30 Zechs MerquiseLet's play special anniversaire.13:59154
2020-08-17 Land MasterAR Replays #3230:3215
2020-08-01United States FlamingGnatsProject Babel Playthrough - 05 - Part 1, Chapter 6 + A Buttload of Gacha Pulls14:4232
2020-06-11United States DarkbitcoldAR D Anima Cavline 5 19 2020 Darkbitcold Gameplays15:1545
2020-05-02 Ryanto F2PBrave Frontier Global - Trigun Collaboration Event Various Gameplays Part 240:4345
2020-04-22United States HDTQW Luka v Miku v FreddyTrigun Event Brave Frontier Play-through & Summons II20:24875
2020-03-24United States King’s Entertainment ReviewsPanda Plays: Unison League, Guild Battle -- Oreo Overdose vs. Fresh Kale10:2139
2020-01-17France JantoniTvGUIDE-SAN VEUT UN DATE AVEC MOI 😳 ?? - Yu-Gi-Oh Saikyo Card Battle Let's Play FR - 0238:211,199
2019-08-07Indonesia Hafian RPG8 Rekomendasi Android Games Gacha di Playstore 20199:2633,898
2019-04-16United States AlexkilljoyBFLS: Trail of the Volpis2:472
2019-03-19 MikasotaAlpherg Trial of Arms39:5110

Latest Reviews For Brave Frontier

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-08-11Malaysia TOS H.TGNN Review: ALO Kirito & Asuna Virtual Rebirth Form Coming!!17:1969
2023-08-01Netherlands PlayToEarnGames. com🐜🎮 Get Tiny-fied! Fun in Tiny Colony - The Coolest Pixelated Playground on the Blockchain! 🎮🐜 Review1:5344
2023-07-08United States seujaiQuick Review for Narwhal's Daughter and Labelle banner! - Romancing SaGa: ReUniverse11:0120
2023-03-30United States Felinegato TOS[GNN Review] New black gold card! - The Ever-blazing Sol – Atum51:33113
2023-03-30Brazil NeN TVNiob de Deep Vale a Pena? (Review) - Atualização Saint Seiya Lendas da Justiça19:171,373
2023-03-04 levelengineLooking at and reviewing AI-generated Yugioh cards! [4] (and playing custom card Yugioh)2:22:0627
2022-12-24Thailand Nentis Gamer CH#ロマサガRS -JAPAN NEWS THREVIEW#1117:179
2022-12-02United States Travis 'Rudrose' PfeiferOpus XVIII Set Review Earth/Lightning/Water feat. Eureka | Final Fantasy TCG1:32:51886
2022-09-19Ukraine Masked LongplayerBrave Frontier (Android) - End Game Review54:50100
2022-08-15Mexico LesdanGer95Análisis Review al Feh channel de CyL26:1991
2021-06-25 SeraphisFailed roasting , here just to review the last 10% where i paniced37:327
2021-03-24 Theultimatechishop review + epic fail at the end16:53256
2021-03-19United Kingdom Yuna Young Team FFTCGFinal Fantasy TCG: Opus 13 Earth Set Review!31:36386
2021-01-01Canada Mantastic PAD[Review] Mystics & Spectres REM34:185,789
2020-11-09 Gjon Anime Gaming ChannelBrave Frontier Global - Saya Unit Review! (New Halloween Free Omni Unit)19:58119
2020-09-19 badatpadPAD Island (Beach REM) Returns! New 9*, Evolutions, and Buffs [Noob Reviews]22:18667
2020-08-21United States Iczel GamingGlory Emblem First Impression Gameplay Review - iOS Android Mobile RPG SRPG9:14309
2020-02-19 XMizuki: The blue Ninja! Review [Grand Summoners]10:19920
2019-08-13France ValmundSSCF : Re-review de "Pegasus God Cloth Seiya".15:36832
2019-06-28 ฮู้แล้ววBrave Frontier Review / เกมส์ที่ยังคงน่าเล่น 201921:11613
2019-04-22Mexico xXYoshiiXxDW Digimon - Gracenovamon Abilites Review W/ Genetics (ENG sub)4:222,326
2019-04-19 Ushi Gaming ChannelPlein Flair Auberi 1st Impression Review & Rare Summon Until I Get Her! (Brave Frontier Global)16:0322,727
2019-04-02 Umbra RaysUnit Review and Showcase CG Onion Knight14:392,908
2019-02-25 Cabbage ChannelMonster Strike (JP) - Marik Ascension Monster Review16:59546