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We are a gaming community, We had our start on Brave Frontier, and now we are branching to more new and exciting games!

With this channel, we are looking forward to meeting other players, and share our gameplay experience with all of you.

Now we are 1 year old! Thanks you everyone, for your support! Please keep supporting us and help us improve and grow even more larger!

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Alchemy Summons! 5 Steps Valentine Special Emma & Tomas Summons. Give me My Girl!
Back to Alchemist, and it's Valentine! I hope you all have a great time with your couple or loved ones, and....Time to summon! I will be doing...
2019-02-14 4:27:42 AM ● 502 views ● 11:20 100.00% liked
Alchemy Summons! 3 Steps for Fury & Neun. Happy Chinese New Year!
1st of all, Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrate! I hope you all are flooded and loaded with lots of Red Envelope (I want some too)! And...
2019-02-07 3:33:15 AM ● 470 views ● 10:02 91.67% liked
Grand Chase Summons! Total 60 Pulls for JIN (2 Accounts) Is this Gonna be Something Unexpected?
Another arrival on new OP Tank! It's JIN! Time to get him! Let's Chase him to the end of the SR Gate! Chasssseeeee But the question is, will...
2019-02-01 2:22:50 AM ● 1,838 views ● 15:18 97.83% liked
Alchemy Summons! 5 Steps for Sieba... But, WAIT! RNG is telling me something else
I was gonna do the 5 steps summon for the new unit Sieba, But RNG told me something else... Thank You for Your Support! Social Pages: Facebook:...
2019-01-31 2:50:30 AM ● 771 views ● 9:28 96.77% liked
Alchemy Summons! 3 Steps Summons for Fairily & Cordelia. Is it a Good Day to Summon?
New Summons at The Alchemist Code, Fairily & Cordelia! I will only be doing 3 steps (from 5 steps) on this current banner, feeling pretty...
2019-01-24 6:24:10 AM ● 631 views ● 8:13 93.94% liked
Unit Review! Tethys Level 85 Max LB Review and 1 Step Daily Special Roxanne Summon
I heard a lot of good things about Tethys, let's dive in and learn more about her, and why she's good? But before that, let me do my daily special...
2019-01-20 4:40:13 AM ● 382 views ● 15:34 100.00% liked
Meanwhile at my Mom's House... Summon Happens!
I used to love the rain. Oh, how nice the cool breeze it brings, it makes my Coffee taste like heaven, and the dark clouds soothes my soul......
2019-01-19 4:43:18 AM ● 810 views ● 3:00 100.00% liked
Mini Daily Soul Summons, Daily Free 8 Summons, New Multiplay Tower & Free Gems from Quizes?
Just doing the 1st step of the 2 STEP Daily Special Summon, 8 Free Daily summons, exploring the tower. And also reminding about the new Gem Farming...
2019-01-18 4:45:51 AM ● 426 views ● 12:41 100.00% liked
Alchemy Battle! 6 Multisteps for Tethys! The Silent Dance of Victory?
New unit release, Tethys! Along with some returning Magni Historia Units such as Roxanne, Siegfried & Shion. And oh yeah, Battle Time! Ushi's...
2019-01-17 7:14:38 AM ● 1,471 views ● 12:04 95.12% liked
Grand Summons! YEY for LEY! 60 Summons for Ley (2 accounts)
It's time to Ley this girl on a bed of Roses! (assuming I get her) So okay, new her is released here for Grand Chase, and it's Ley, Gonna need...
2019-01-16 9:35:17 AM ● 1,092 views ● 12:49 100.00% liked