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We are a gaming community, We had our start on Brave Frontier, and now we are branching to more new and exciting games!

With this channel, we are looking forward to meeting other players, and share our gameplay experience with all of you.

Now we are 1 year old! Thanks you everyone, for your support! Please keep supporting us and help us improve and grow even more larger!

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Unit Review! Acht - Is she a Good Tank? (My 1st review)
I am still new to this game, and there is so much yet to learn, and I'm still swimming on the surface, So in order to understand more and make...
2018-12-18 4:57:34 AM ● 9 views ● 15:53 100.00% liked
Grand Chase! 9 Multipulls (2 Accounts) for Elesis! NO ELESIS NO GRAND CHASE!
Still f2p, and having fun, this game is so enjoyable so far. Now Here She comes! The leader of the Grand Chase, ELESIS! Let's dump all that hard...
2018-12-15 10:11:41 PM ● 2,478 views ● 12:49 96.67% liked
The Alchemist Code! My 1st EXperience. Trying out the Winter Holiday Time in Babel EX Dungeon
Been 2 months trying to get all of my units to 75, and now most of them bear fruit, and I will try to clear my 1st EX dungeon this time, with...
2018-12-15 4:15:38 AM ● 18 views ● 13:29 100.00% liked
Lifeboats are LIFE! 50 Builds for Graf Zeppelin & Z46 (2 Accounts) Let's Row!
Almost didn't realize that there's a new batch after the update, Graf Zeppelin & Z46 are now available for Build! Let's grab those Lifeboats!...
2018-12-13 11:07:44 PM ● 438 views ● 12:58 96.15% liked
Let's Transmute! 3 Multistep Summons for Vier. Never give up!
More HUGE Personality to collect, this time it's Vier! Let the Transmute Begins! Since I don't have enough gems for a lot, I can only afford...
2018-12-13 6:34:32 AM ● 568 views ● 10:02 100.00% liked
TRANSMUTE BATTLE! Ushi Vs Milko (Curse of the Lucky Fingers) 8 Multisteps for Acht & Vier
I finally amassed enough gems to do some multipulls on this current batch, now let's take it to Ushi's place and do some Transmute Battle! It's...
2018-12-06 5:23:07 AM ● 1,735 views ● 10:02 98.53% liked
Grand Chase! My Very 1st SUmmon Session. All for Progress on Content Clearing
I actually wanted to save all the gems for future Limited time heroes that may come again in the near future, but I am facing a wall right now,...
2018-12-05 5:45:43 AM ● 695 views ● 13:01 95.45% liked
Grand Chase! A new mobile RPG! To Chase or not to chase? 1st impression & Mini Review
A new game for the global mobile rpg market, Grand Chase. This video will be about my 1st impression and the feel I get from 3 days of playing...
2018-12-02 10:19:06 AM ● 633 views ● 15:50 100.00% liked
Epic7! 39 Summons for Diene! How bad is the summon in this game?
FInally I got enough to do some massive pulls in this game, Epic 7. Now the have released a limited time hero, Diene. Let's try to get her, well,...
2018-11-29 5:34:20 AM ● 2,291 views ● 21:06 84.09% liked
Azur Lane! Just Take my Heart! 30 Builds for Green Heart & Black Heart!
Same Batch, different rate up! This time it's the rate up for Black Heart & Green Heart, let's do some more and show some love for the girls!...
2018-11-29 2:51:31 AM ● 776 views ● 7:06 96.00% liked
Azur Lane (2017)